Tran Sexual Online Chapter 20

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It’s Haru~ I think this might be the last chapter for a bit.
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Chapter 20 Choosing a Uniform

「Eh, a uniform?」

「Yes, where would I buy something to wear as a uniform for a store?」

After finishing the Jelly I brought, I asked Mira-san about it.
Mira-san put her hand on her chin and let out a small “hmm” with a furrowed brow.
I wonder what’s wrong.
I wonder if there’s some kind of problem.
Or is it that I’ve said something bad?

「Well, there is a clothing store in Gaia」


「Yea, that’s the only place to buy clothes in this city…well, it should be fine, since Haru-chan is a girl anyway」


I am a boy on the inside though.
Well, there’s no meaning in telling that to an NPC like her.
Following that, Mira-san said that she would show me the way and we both head out to the clothing store.

It is a few minutes away from Mira-san’s store
『Merrill’s Clothing Store』is written on the sign before the store.

Merrill’s Clothing Store.

I wonder if Merrill is the shopkeeper’s name.
Or if Merrill means something else in this world.
I wonder what kind of person it is.
The number of people I know in this city will be numbered at four.
Sig-san, Mira-san, and Rei-kun were all nice people, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

The fact that Mira-san has had a worried and unpleasant face for a while has been bothering me though…

「Are you here, Merrill?」

Mira-san called out after opening the door.
Somehow my heart’s starting to pound…
I don’t have anything strange about me right? I wonder if it’ll be okay…
After lightly grooming myself, someone comes out from the back.

「Ara ara, If it isn’t Mira, this is rare, did something happen?」

「Yea, I guess so」

E-e-e-e-ears!? She has pointed ears!
What was it, what were they called!?
I’ve seen people like this in a western movie before!

It seems like this person is Merrill-san.
She’s a lovely person.
Her white uniform emphasizes her pointed ears.
She’s a lot like Mira-san and has an image of being neat and clean.

「Merrill, this child is Haru-chan…today we wanted to see some clothes for her」

「Ara, well, isn’t she cute, nice to meet you」

「N-Nice to meet you, I’m Haru-desu」

「Merrill is the shopkeeper here, and as you can see she is from the elf race」

Ah, that’s right, it’s elf.
It’s a character that appears often in fantasy type anime and movies.
Wow…I can even meet these types of races.

「And then? What type of clothing do you want?」

「Ah, umm, I’m about to open my own store, so I would like a uniform for that…」

「Hmm…is that so」

Eh? What…?
For some reason Merrill-san is staring at me while examining me from top to bottom not leaving a single detail missed.
I wonder if she’s thinking about what kind of clothing suits me.
It makes my heart pound if you stare that hard though.

「You are…a girl right?」

「Eh, uh umm」

「I wonder what it is, your behavior and speech is very boy like」

「I-is that right!?」

Amazing power of observation.
It’s true that the inside is male, so if seen by a perfect women it may feel a bit off.
I wonder if I should act more like a girl. (personally I think you’re cute enough)
However, referring to myself femininely is embarrassing. (Japanese when referring to oneself I (Male) = Ore/boku, I (Female) = Watashi)
I mean, I’ve been a man since I was born.

「Well it’s okay, let’s see, what type of uniform would be good」

Merrill-san smiles and laughs while picking out my uniform.
Nevertheless, there is quite a lot of clothing here.
I wonder if all of this is handmade by Merrill-san.

「Hey, Mira where’s Rei-kun today?」

「In charge of the store」

「Ara, tell him that he can come over to play any time」

「I refuse, it’s a pain when you use my brother as a doll」

What on earth did she do…?
Could it be, magic?
Could this person use that type of magic?
Then turn Rei-kun into a doll!?
Isn’t this person, a scary person…?

「Ara, isn’t it fine? Rei-kun has a pretty face so if you put on a wig and skirt he looks just like a girl」

「You know…you should really stop that strange habit of yours, once you find a child of your preference you really go crazy」

「That’s because, don’t you just want to dress up cute kids in cute clothing. Ah, how about this outfit for you Mira?」

「I refuse, I won’t wear clothing with such an open chest area!」

Umm, so you meant as a dress up doll.
I see, so Merrill-san is that kind of person.
I’m a little relieved.
So that’s why Mira-san had an unpleasant face before.

「Hey, Haru-chan, how about this maid uniform?」

「Huh, this!? Isn’t the skirt a bit short?」

「Ara, isn’t it about just right! I think it really suits cute tiny little girls like Haru-chan! Try this one out too!」

「Huh, Wait!? 」

Merrill-san makes me try out this and that trying to put together a uniform for me.
I wonder if it’s my imagination that somethings that have nothing to do with a store uniform has been mixed in!?

「Haru-chan, seems a lot like a boy! This is becoming really fun」

Well, I am certainly a boy though?

―Several hours have passed since then.

I never expected that looking for one outfit would take so long…

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so the girl play as male char will crossdress as a girl
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I think it was stated during Mana’s visit a few chapter’s ago

Same town name; same character name; same personality; and most of all, only one clothes store in the town. With these and the knowledge that they’re playing an MMO it can be inferred that they’re both the same shop and character, since it’s be confusing for the players if there were multiple towns with the same name.


Female shopping is always that long.
Thanks for the chapter.


For some reason this novel is making me feel complicated


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