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Child Prodigy Liliana 2
Who came to my home as my tutor is a expressionless young man, who was like a sculpture.

[I am Sirius Leo Dole. I am to serve as the young miss’ tutor from today on]

[How do you do sensei. By which should I call you, Leo Dole sensei or by Sirius sensei?]

He gives off a strict atmosphere, so he seems the type to be called from his family name. Sensei is a 25-year-old young man with raven black hair, his pupils are a deep indigo like the ocean and has a cold expressionless face.
He’s a person who would look good in glasses. Unfortunately there are no glasses in this world. Still the level of beauty in this world seems quite high.

[Leo Dole, please, Madam]

As expected.

[I’m Liliana. Please take care of me from now on, Leo Dole sensei]

Though I’m interested in what the teacher did to make him run away from the Royal Capitol, but he may not want to talk about it. Even though he gives a cold impression, I don’t think he is a bad person.

[Leo Dole sensei, I’m ashamed to say I know nothing, about the world or anything.]

[The young lady understands that she is ignorant. To say so shows courage. Not knowing but behaving like you know is the act of a fool.]

[Saying is it is only a temporary shame, not saying it is shame for a lifetime](Liliana) (TL:The translation was a little sketchy, but from multiple sources this I believe this is the quote the author used here or something similar.)

[Those words…?](Sirius)

The sensei asked. Curiously.

[It means that it’s embarrassing to say that I do not know it, but is shameful not knowing it for life.]

[Indeed, that is true. Madam Liliana, please take a seat and lets begin your studies. First of all let me tell you the myth about how the world came to be.]

God grieved.
In being alone in this world.
When a tears ran along God’s cheeks and dropped, a Goddess of Earth and a God of Water were born.
At that time God learn of creation. By combining imagination and power with a wish.
At that moment God wasn’t alone anymore.
God continued to create.

He created the God of the Sun that gives light to the world. The Goddess of Night that gives peace to the world.
So that the Gods would not be lonely, the God of Creation made it so the Gods and Goddess’s could have children, allowing many Gods to be born.
The God of Creation also created plants and animals in the world.
Before long, The people who were modeled from his own appearance were created.
However, the existence of that which is man was weak and fragile.
To such weak man God of Creation granted him the power to fulfill wishes.
That is Magic.

The people worshipped the Gods and the God who created them and the God’s loved the people like their own children and helped them.
The person that has the favor of a God has deep and strong power and that person was called Beloved Child of God.
The People gathered around the beloved children of the gods, and created countries. And many countries were created on the continent.
With the God’s love they granted divine protection to the founding countries.
However the people with their greed demanded more land and power and a war broke out with the Gods.

God of Creation grieved.
For that his children were fighting each other.
The God of Creation loved his children, both Gods and Mankind equally.
The God of Creation forbade the God’s from descending down and intervening on the world.
He forbade the people from fighting across their borders.
God placed sanctions on those that broke these laws.
The God of Creation took back the magical powers.
That meant the disappearance of magic and divine protection.
The people’s wish did not come true, and the world and the people became devastated.
Mankind repented their deeds.

And then mankind prays again.
Days are once again spent peacefully on fertile lands.
The prayers reached the heavens, the God of Creation gave mercy.
Thou shalt not repeat mistakes.
If you do not, you are promised divine protection once again.
However if you repeat your mistakes, chaos will once again descend upon the world.
Thou shalt not call the name of the Gods.
As for the Gods, it is possible to give divine protection to the earth and the people, But the people are not allowed to sway the hearts of the Gods.
Mankind may invoke the name of only one God.
My name, Seirulen, the God of Creation.

[l Seirulen scripture, the unwritten law and Gospel]

[In this way, a name of gods was concealed. There is divine protection of the respective gods in each country, and we can use magic by protecting the teachings of God.]

Power to grant a wish is too great.

After all, Magic is required.

[By the way , this Sheffield Kingdom in which we live is a country that is protected by Goddess of Beauty, Love and Fertility . More people seek refuge in this country compared with other countries , this country is blessed with many beautiful people , and bountiful crop yields.]

So beautiful people is a national characteristic sensei!? No wonder everyone is so beautiful. One mystery was solved.

[For an easy to understand example, in another country the divine protection of the Goddess of Wisdom, Industry, Arts and Science gives people high intellect, but lack physical strength. The divine protection of the God of War gives strong physical strength and power, but lacks intellect. Also there are many other countries with a variety of blessings. Young miss, do you have any questions?]

Yes sensei the development of the story is too fast. If I was truly 8 years old, I’d most likely would not be able to keep up and understand.

[Leo Dole sensei, is there a map? It’s difficult to see the relationship position between the countries when I can’t see them.]

[That is so.]

Sensei takes out a familiar thing from a box with various teaching materials and places in front of me.

[It’s a globe of earth. No this is Seirulen not Earth, so globe of Seirulen. Should be fine since this world is round so should be fine to call it a globe?]

After taking a closer look the world and the continents are a different shape. And the continents are unnatural large as well. Other continents are probably not recognised because they haven’t been seen.

While thinking about this, sensei Leo Dole grabs my shoulders.

[Why do you know the world is a sphere?]


Knowing that the world is a sphere,… Is strange.
The world is a sphere.
Probably has not been shown that world of Seirulen is round.
Since there is no proof that it’s a sphere, people probably think the world half sphere or flat.
Well since the national characteristic is beauty, is that not strange or maybe the shape of the world is strange.
The tone of sensei’s voice was strange, is it because of this?

[Why did Leo Dole sensei think the world is a sphere?]

[When you approach land from a ship, you can see the top of a tall mountain, and you can’t see the foot of the mountain until you get closer.
Also, the moon being hidden is a sphere. Therefore, I don’t think the world is a half sphere. I’m convinced that it’s a globe.

[The moon being hidden?]

The moon suddenly becoming hidden……

[This happens only around one or two times a year, but it is the phenomenon that the moon becomes hidden in a black shadow. Sometimes it’s partial but sometimes it can hide it all.]

[Ah! A Lunar Eclipse]

[Lunar Eclipse?]

[What sensei said, the phenomenon of the moon being hidden. The world Seirulen orbits around the sun at the center on an axis, but its Seirulen position that cast a shadow on the moon when they line up in a straight line with the sun.]

It can be said the it’s round if the world is seen from space. You need a spaceship to see it but there are no spaceships in this era.
And it can be said that it’s a sphere for certain by the contents of what sensei said.
Sensei is great even if I explained it though it sounds easy and is unexpectedly difficult.

Sensei slowly let’s go of my shoulders.

[……The Copernican Theory? that is the cause I explained to the King.]

[Copernican Theory, and that is why Leo Dole sensei left the Royal Capitol?]

[According to the myth, the universe revolves around Seirulen. Seemingly otherwise the world would fly off its foundation and come to a stop so I hear. Making me out to be a traitor to God.]

It that so?, sensei is–

[I can say with confidence that Leo Dole sensei is pioneer]

Indeed many pioneers, the world from the start everyone would not recognize them and laugh at them.

But sensei is not a person to be laughed at.

Because what sensei explained is correct.

[Leo Dole sensei. People, can accept what is a few steps ahead of them. But, because what is beyond them is not understood, and people cannot accept it. A pioneer goes against the flow of the world in order to remove it and create a new flow. As the era advances, and technology advances, sensei will be proven correct.]

Therefore I know the world is a sphere and that the planet’s orbit around the sun at the center.

[It was good to have Leo Dole sensei come as my sensei. I am glad when I think that important person such as sensei can teach me lots of things. The people who don’t understand the value of sensei at the Royal Capitol are fools, serves them right because I get the privilege to monopolize sensei]

Sensei is gaping.

Such an expression doesn’t suit sensei’s beautiful face, while thinking that, sensei puts both hands on his stomach, and in a “く” position starts bursting out laughing all the sudden.

Seeing an expression other than a deadpan expression for the first time.

I was surprised and flabbergasted.

[Young lady has a sharp tongue. Though its first time that I laughed so much.]

I puff my cheeks and glare at sensei.

[You don’t need to laugh that much. It’s just that I said what I honestly thought.]

His laughter finally settled, and incredibly corrects his posture and as if the laughter awhile ago was a lie, stares at me.

[A foul mouth young lady, certainly need education. As it’s not possible for me to return to the Royal Capitol for a while, seems we will be having a relationship for a long time now. So please call me Sirius, not Leo Dole.]

[Sirius sensei, then please call me Liliana not young lady]

[Ms. Liliana, it is then.]

I held out my right hand to sensei with a smile.

[Sirius sensei, please take care of me in the future.]

Sirius sensei holds out his right hand and grasps mine.

[Ms. liliana, please take care of me in the future. And Thank You.]


Sirius, Traitor to God
My name is, Sirius Leo Dole

The World is a fool.

I am from a port city in the Kingdom of Sheffield, I was born a male of 5 siblings of the Leo Dole House.

From the earliest recollections, I was obsesses about the mystery of this world.

Why is there a night and day?
Why, Does the sea wave?
Why can the stars shine in a night sky?

Even if you question the adults you get, God of the sun takes a rest and the Goddess at night gives the relief, because the God of the Sea is moving, because the Goddess of the Stars likes to stand out so on and so forth, those were not the answers provided me the satisfaction I was looking for.

I was fond of reading books.
Because they are overflowing with knowledge.
The answers from the surrounding adults is mere child’s play, there is nothing there.
I, was able to memorize the books after reading it once.
The scriptures on which myths were written, was recited from memory word-for-word with no mistakes, the Priest’s and adult faces were a sight to see.
Why can you remember, I was asked,it enters my head naturally,there is no way to explain why I can memorize it.
I don’t show interest in anything the other kids are interested in, when I ask questions people would become annoyed, the adults often ignore my fault-finding.

I’m not a cute child.

That I’m, expressionless.
That I’m, callous.
That I’m, unfriendly.

In addition my relatives said, All the elements of love have been forgotten since my mother gave birth.?????.
Even though there is no such thing in particular, because I do not care, I continue to live my life.

Because the answer is I want to learn.

My intellectual desire increased with age.
However, father is a sailor, merely a poor common person.
As a sailor, it’s unlikely for 5 sons to receive an education that amounts to much.

I think about my own future, I was a child in despair.

I want to know the answer, but it seems extremely unlikely I will obtain it for all eternity…….

However, an opportunity arrived when I was 13 years old.
A famous scholar is staying in this port city.
I, Immediately visited and asked the scholar.

[I beg you to teach me, will you grant me this?]

[I don’t have the answers you seek. However, I will give you the opportunity to learn the answers you seek. Little researcher.]

From that day on, I became a scholars apprentice.

Master, granted all the knowledge he had to me.
However, my intellectual desire never subsides, it went to an even further height.

I again, was working on the mystery of the world.

When I turned 25 years old, I explained a certain theory at the academic conference in the Royal Capitol.
It’s the Copernican Theory in which Seirulen and the moon revolve around the sun.

However the theory, is considered a rebellion against Seirulen religion.

The Seirulen religion, is the religion of every country on the continent.
The Creation God in the center of Seirulen religion, divine protection and magic, it is the teaching for the purpose of giving thanks to daily life.
The devout believers say, because of Seirulen Creation God created the sun in mythology, it is not possible for the world to revolve around the sun.
Since the beginning of the mythology of Seirulen, Seirulen is the center of the universe.
Scriptures support that the sacred beast is the pillar of the world, it is written that the seawater is flowing down like a waterfall at the end of the world.
Therefore, Seirulen is not a globe, and we are on a plane.
It is said only the mythology is correct.

Really the world, is a fool that doesn’t understand.

Then, how do they explain it.
To perfectly prove the Copernican theory, it’s difficult with present technology.
However, the world can’t be a plane.

What of the shape of the moon and the sun?
What of the hiding of the moon?
When I’m aboard a ship what is it I see?

Above all, if the universe revolves around Seirulen, a complicated orbit is drawn.
However, when I think the world is orbiting around the sun at the center, the track is regular and clean.

I can arrive at the answer naturally.

However, their theories are fantasies based in myths.

I do not want position and honor.

If it is not possible to understand, then you do not need to understand.

After all, because I who demanded understanding from a feeble-minded person was a fool.

Seirulen believers who protested me, say I must withdraw my theory, I would not withdraw it , they seem to be complaining to a cardinal that I should be put on trial.
Everyone, seems to say that I am a traitor to god.

I can do nothing but be disgusted.

Master, left the Royal Capital before it was too late, As one of the disciples of master, I was introduced to a person who was my fellow senior disciple.
One of the few senior disciples, is nobility who holds the position of Earl.
Only once before, before he was appointed a title of nobility, I had met that’s person at the Royal Capitol.
It’s rare for the Earl to approve but he’s not a foolish person.
Teacher said, that person seems to want to ask me to be a tutor for his daughter.

Lessons to a brat……

I don’t like children.

Ridiculously stupid, it’s annoying, it’s a troublesome existence.

However, I don’t have any choice but to accept the request.

Well in fact, I don’t know if it’s the best choice for me.

[Long time no see, Mr. Sirius. It has been 12 years since the last time I saw you. You’ve grown up, havent you.]

That person……Earl Oliveira, invited me to his office, and welcomed me with a smile.
When we met before, he wasn’t a person who smiled like this.

[Earl Oliveira also seems to be happy and in good health. At this time, I will accept your request to tutor your precious daughter.]

I face the Earl, I make a fist with my right hand, put it on my left of my chest and bow.

[Mr. Sirius, My daughter is special.]

What did he say so suddenly… …Earl, you seem to have become very fond of your daughter.

[Parents are biased and believe that, is it not so. She’s truly special. As for that, I think that when you meet my daughter you will understand.]

If it’s the child of the Earl and the Countess, it will certainly be said that she is special.
However, it’s foolish to say I would understand.
By his statement and behavior, it may just be nonsense.

The reason for this, I can’t handle most people I talk to specially idiots, the Earl is a rare one. (TL: I tried my best to translate this sentence. Got a couple hints from other translators, but still. (Raw:だからこそ、伯爵は私の稀少な両手にも満たない馬鹿ではない人物の1人なのだから))

[My daughter, wishes to live a calm and ordinary life. So for that child, I hadn’t taught her anything about the world. Until she demanded to be let out of the mansion. I thought she had been happy not knowing. She, was like a bird in a cage…….]

The Earl smiled wryly when he said so.

[However, I’ve noticed that I know nothing. When I heard your story from sensei, I thought you could understand my daughter. I request you look after my daughter.]

The Earl says at the end, and gives a bow of the highest honor to me who has no peerage.

[Master said, when the Earl Oliveira received territory, all hope had been lost. But, you the Earl of Oliveira are more brilliant than the old you.]

The Earl, when his head was raised, his face had a full and gentle smile. After everything was all said and done, I left the Earl’s office.

[That is, the finest praise for me. Mr Sirius, help my daughter with her loneliness.]

Consequently, I did not hear those last words.

[I am Sirius Leo Dole. I will serve as the young ladies tutor from today on.]

In front of me, whom they say is the Earl’s “Special Daughter”.

Well their daughter is very adorable.
Her amethyst eye’s take after the Earl’s and lustrous silver hair after his wife’s.
Surely in the future, she will become a beautiful woman.

[Nice to meet you, sensei. Should I call you either Leo Dole sensei or Sirius sensei?]

Why, is it necessary to call me by name.

The answer is obvious.

[Leo Dole, please young miss]

[My name is Liliana. Please take care of me in the future, Leo Dole sensei.]

Though I heard she was 8 years old, she truly is the daughter of the Earl.

To be able to perform courtesy such as this.

[Leo Dole sensei, I’m embarrassed to say I know nothing. Either About the world’s origin, and just about everything else.]

[The young miss, understands she is ignorant. And to say that is courageous. It’s foolish to act as though you know but don’t know.]

To recognise that one is ignorant, it is difficult to admit.
It is a virtue to be able to admit it.

[Saying it is only a temporary shame, not saying it is a shame for life.]

[Those words……?]

First time I’ve heard those words.
I’m amazed, I questioned instinctively.

[While it’s shameful to hear that your ignorant, it’s a shame being ignorant for life, is what it means.]

Just like, my master’s words.
Exactly on point.

[Indeed, you have a point there. Lady Liliana, please have a seat. Lets start studying. First of all, lets talk about the myth of the origin of the world.]

The myth that caused me to come to the Earl’s territory, it’s ironic to tell it.

[Thus, the names of the gods were kept secret. There are divine protection of the respective gods in each country, people can use magic by following the teaching’s of God.]

She’s listening with sparkling eyes.
Every time I say the word magic, she leans forward on the desk.
She seems to have been intrigued by magic.

[By the way, the Sheffield Kingdom in which we live in is the country protected by the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Fertility. Compared to other countries divine protection, there are more beautiful people here, in addition crop yields are abundantly rich.]

Even, she is wide-eyed.
Looks like she was shocked by the handing down of divine protection.
To say this is a country of love, I do not say.

[For an easy to understand example, in another country the divine protection of the Goddess of Wisdom, Industry, Arts and Science gives people high intellect, but lack physical strength. The divine protection of the God of War gives strong physical strength and power, but lacks intellect. Also there are many other countries with a variety of blessings. Young miss, do you have any questions?]

She seems to be thinking about something.
At any rate, I understand now why the Earl says his daughter is special.
But, it feels like the young lady is unusually calm for her age.

[Leo Dole sensei, Do you have a map? It’s difficult to see the positional relationships between the countries when I can’t see them.]

[That is so]

From inside the box of teaching materials, I pull out the map I created and put it in front of her.
The map, was made for my theory that the world is spherical, this is the only map of the world.

[It’s a Globe of Earth. No, because the name of this world is Seirulen, It’s globe of Seirulen? However, because the world is a sphere it’s ok to call it a globe?]


Doesn’t change that the world is a sphere?

What does she know?

I’m surprised, I unconsciously grab her shoulders.

[Why, do you know the world is a sphere?]


It was natural for her, She didn’t seem to feel a sense of incongruity in the world being a sphere.
Since I don’t know for sure, if I can accept it.

But, that is not the case in her reaction.

That’s a reaction from knowing the answer.

[Leo Dole sensei, why do you think it’s a sphere?]

Is this a test? is this a trick?

[When I approach land by ship from offshore, from a distance you can see the top of a tall mountain, but you can’t see the foot of it until you get closer to land. And then, the moon being hidden is a sphere. Therefore, I don’t think the world is a half sphere. I’m convinced that it’s a sphere.]

[The moon being hidden?]

She doesn’t understand the hiding of the moon, I tilted my head to the side.
Because the Earl said he did not teach her anything.
It might have been needless anxiety.

[This happens only around one or two times a year, but it is the phenomenon that the moon becomes hidden in a black shadow. Sometimes it’s partial but sometimes it can hide it all.]

[Ah, Lunar Eclipse]

[Lunar Eclipse?]

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

[What sensei said, the phenomenon of the moon being hidden. The world Seirulen orbits around the sun at the center on an axis, the moon lines up straight with Seirulen and its shadow is cast on the moon, the brightness was lost.]

She said that she knew nothing.

Actually, When I talked about the known myth which even a child of a farmer would know, she was surprised.

But, without knowing the words of the moon being hidden, she created new words “Lunar Eclipse”, she then explains the phenomenon.

What I explained in the capital, are the things she finds fault in, others take for granted.

My hands that were gripping her shoulders were slowly released.

[…… The Copernican Theory. I explained, that’s why I’m not able to stay in the Royal Capitol.]

[Why can’t Leo Dole sensei live in the Royal Capitol for explaining The Copernican Theory?]

While I believe in the Copernican Theory, no one else is convinced, Is not everyone’s reaction understood.

[According to the myth, the universe revolves around Seirulen. Otherwise, I heard the world would fly off its foundation. Making me out to be a traitor to God.]

Who is she?

Is she special?


This is not special.

It’s heresy.

I’m heretical.

Words that are different but similar.

Each person is either regarded as special, or as a heretic.

In the world, I’m called a traitor to god, and recognized as a heretical existence.

Then, She……Liliana Oliviera?

[I’m glad that Leo Dole sensei came as my sensei. A valuable person such as sensei, I’m happy when I think that you will teach me a lot in the future. People who don’t understand the value of sensei in the Royal Capitol, they suck. However, because sensei can be monopolized, is a perk.]

The Earl said.

I would understand.

To be born in this world, as a heretic and to never be accepted.

She who is special, who seemed to totally see the future…… explains the theory as a fact.

We are birds of a feather.

Each other’s savior.

This, I cannot help but laugh.
Put my hands on my stomach, I became the “く” character and roared with laughter.
Staring at me, she pouted, and puffed her cheeks.

[Young lady, has a sharp tongue. But this was the first time I laughed so much.]

When was the last time I laughed like this?

[It is not good to laugh that much. I, just said what I honestly thought.]

I was not able to remember when I even laughed before. She seemed disappointed that I laughed, with puffed cheeks she glared at me.
I straighten my posture, and stared at her.

[The young lady has a sharp tongue, it is certainly necessary to educate you. Because I can’t return to the Royal Capitol for a while, We’ll have a long relationship. Therefore, please do not call me Leo Dole but Sirius.]

[Sirius sensei it is. Then, please call me Liliana not young miss.]

[Ms. Liliana, it is then.]

She held out her right hand to me with a smile that looked like a blooming flower.

[Sirius sensei, in the future please take care of me.]

I hold out my right hand grasp.

Taking back what I said.

She will become known.

However, not for her appearance and lineage.

But by her nature.

I do not know whether it’s by being special or a heretic.

I will be sure to see.

This is an oath.

[ Ms. Liliana, in the future please take care of me as well. And, Thank You.]

I will likely find the answers being by her side.

At that time, I had a sincere smile.
Later the historian’s say.
The life of the great man Sirius, by the chance encounter with the Earl Oliveira’s daughter Liliana, greatly changed his life…….


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I wonder why the author decided to use Copernican theory even though Copernicus is from Earth.


Alternate translation to Copernican Theory, The Heliocentric Theory. I only chose Copernican from the the 2 ways that can be used as a translation for it because well I just like that one more, but if people would rather have it Heliocentric then I’m fine with that.


I would rather have it as Heliocentric since Copernican does not make sense in the context of the alternative world.


Copernico? In other World?


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I have to say most reincarnation or time travel novels/stories seem to always have a holy church theme but this one comes right out of the bat with a roman catholic galileo theme which I don’t particularly like so much because it throws back the whole, people who believe in the judeo-christian faith believe the world revolves around us, which of course is not true the roman catholics believed that. Most cultures that worship the God of abraham do not. Also when I say believed I do mean believed as in past tense because they no longer do. Because of… Read more »