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A number of people have gathered near the Dobu river.
Seeing from a distance, everyone was dressed quite shabbily.
For sewage cleaning, several slaves have been gathered.
Even the slaves from around the neighborhood have been gathered as well.

No, shouldn’t that be natural?
A well is located a short distance away.
Even just fetching water is already a hard job.
Everything’s good for me however, since I can just get water by using water wall.

Society seems to be hugely affected by the restrictions in technology.
If you want to live a bit luxurious with the technology of this world, a slave really would be essential.
The hierarchy between the ones who live a good life and those who support them can be seen clearly.
There are many houses that have a slave employed.

There’s also the case of science and technology restricting society.
There’s no such thing as forensic science in this world.
DNA test, fingerprint system, even the blood type is not even known.

What would happen then?
The investigation that the knights do can’t really be called investigation.
If someone is doubtful just from asking questions, he’s already proclaimed as the criminal.

In this world without forensics, there isn’t such a thing as evidence either.
Because there’s no luminol, identifying the murder weapon is impossible too.
A confession or testimonies from eyewitnesses are all that can be relied on as evidence.
If there’s a strange person in town, that guy would be blamed as the criminal if anything ever happens.

I lived in a different world and have completely different customs with my neighbors; I don’t even remember their faces.
A sociable environment isn’t really formed in this world.
Even if one is established temporarily, in case something happens, it would collapse at once.

Quratar is a city where a lot of explorers are gathered.
It’s originally the town where most people are strangers.
For this world, the companionship between neighbors isn’t much either.

Nevertheless, one still needs to attend a minimal amount of regional activities.
It is troubling for those weird people in case something happens.

What happens in case a robbery or murder occurs?
If there is a guy who did not attend the regional activities, he will be branded the culprit.
They are tortured until they confess.
So that one is not unnecessarily accused, it is necessary to attend the activities.

This is what I understood from the things Sherry told me.
I was completely persuaded to not be truant.
It is a necessary skill to live in this world.
It is the reason why I made Miria participate in the cleaning of the Dobu River.

Of course, one can refute in case of accusation of being a criminal.
A trial will be held.
A trial of ordeal or a trial of battle.

A trial of ordeal, that is to say, a trial based on God.
The defendant is made to pick up a pebble that is put in boiling water.
If the defendant is able to pick it up successfully, then the defendant is innocent, if he fails, however, he is found guilty.

There’s also having the defendant’s hand and feet bound by ropes and then dropped onto water, the defendant is innocent if he floats and guilty if he doesn’t.
Poison is also drunk, and the defendant is proven innocent if he survives.
As for those who are guilty, it already goes without saying.

In the trial of battle, one must fight the accuser, the witness/-es and all else who has testified.
Winning will prove innocence, losing will prove being guilty.
It also saves the trouble of executing those who are guilty, so its two birds with one stone.
I would never want such a trial.

It can’t be helped since technology for investigating is underdeveloped.
There isn’t any other way of determining criminals.
Even an alibi is uncertain in this world where field walk exists.
It is extremely common as well to decide the culprit by way of lottery.
A person was killed in a certain residence.
There are no traces of anyone coming from the outside.
The suspects are the six people who live in the house.

If it’s in a TV drama then this is when an excellent detective will make its appearance, in this world’s case however, this is when an excellent dice will make its appearance.
Visually, it’s a toy, but in fact it’s actually God’s representative.
The dice determines which is the culprit using God’s intention.

Of course, if five people’s testimonies match telling on to the one remaining guy, he will be considered as the criminal.
Then, it becomes a five-on-one battle to prove the sixth man’s innocence.
Because it is only disadvantageous for the accused and not those who testified, the difference in the number of people is not considered a problem.

I have three slaves who are all beauties.
It is likely to have already caught people’s eyes.
I try to be as discreet as possible, blending in with the surroundings to live properly and brightly.
It is another skill necessary to live in this world.

「Master, a messenger sent by Luke has arrived. He seemed to have gotten a successful bid on a slime monster card.」

Immediately after having sent off Miria, a messenger from Luke has arrived while I was still at home.

「Which skill can be acquired from the slime monster card, Sherry?」
「When applied to protective gear, Physical Damage Reduction is applied, it is possible to fuse it as well with a kobold monster card to further the effects, but it isn’t necessary to go that far.」

It’s possible to reduce physical damage?
A slime is really a slime it seems.

「What would be good to put it on? For the time being, should we go to the merchant guild for shopping? 」

We went to the center of Quratar and bought vegetables and the monster card.
If it’s put into the hard leather jacket, it would become something only for my exclusive use.
Because there’s already Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat and Waterproof Leather Mittens, would shoes be the next one?

It’s already good enough if I’m in the rear, If I’m in the front however, I would want to equip it.
Replacing shoes is difficult.
Replacing gloves can be done, though troublesome.
As for equipment I can change easily, it would be the hat.

Though there is still an empty skill slot on the Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat, I’d rather not attach the skill there.
Since the equipment having skills has not yet been publicized.
Once it’s known that I applied multiple skills, sooner or later everyone else will be able to do so as well up to some degree.

I handed a leather hat and the slime monster card to Sherry.

It was a hard leather hat to be applied with the skill physical damage reduction.

「I did it.」
「As expected of Sherry.」
「Well done, Sherry.」

Sherry fuses the monster card casually.
Because that was the equipment left by the thieves, there was only one empty skill slot.

I immediately equipped it and went to the labyrinth.
We don’t need to help with the river, and there is no reason to wait in the house.
Three people: I, Roxanne and Sherry entered the labyrinth after a long time.

It was all right to go even to the 13th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.
Though it can’t be said that there’s not really any problems.
I had to receive a lot of blows coming from the demons.
It’s good to have made the Hard Leather Hat of Endurance

Because the vanguard role was left to three people including Miria, the burden on me this time is huge.
Because they appear before I can employ Durandal, I wasn’t able to weaken them first.
I was able to do this properly before Miria came.
That’s what I recall.

I barely dodge the rush of a Pig Hog.
I stared at the pig hog’s eyes and cast water storm.
Two pig hogs fall.
An enemy has disappeared in front of my eyes.

It was safe however, the one remaining Grass Bee was being kept occupied by Roxanne.
I drove a breeze ball next to the side of Roxanne who was playing with the Grass Bee with quick movement.
I killed it without difficulty.

Roxanne guides us to the next opponent, a pig hog and two Grass Bees.
Sherry hits the Grass Bee casting a skill with the spear with incantation interruption.
With that, I confronted the Pig Hog.
The Grass Bee emitted a mist of poison
There’s no other way, I left the Pig Hog for later.
It was a long battle, but I was somehow only able to receive just one attack throughout all that.

The following group was one Pig Hog together with three Grass Bees.
Roxanne received the range attacks of the Grass Bees using a shield with ease.
While keeping an eye on the bees that came out front, I cast Breeze Storm.

I dodge the charge attack of the Grass Bee
The bee which attacked from the back has its skilled delayed and was forced to fight out front.
It’s also necessary to take caution of the Grass Bee’s Roxanne’s fighting.
I glanced at it from the side and confirmed that it wasn’t aiming at me.

It’s safe.
The Grass Bee saw me shifting my vision and took it as a chance to attack.
I twisted my body in a panic, but was still hit by its charge.

I cast a fifth breeze storm in revenge.
Three Grass Bees fall.
At the same time my body was flushed and felt painful.

I seem to have receive poison from the charge attack of the Grass Bee earlier.
Is it because I haven’t worn the Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat?
Probably because it’s my second time receiving poison, I was incredibly calm.

It physically hurts.
My chest tightens.
But still, the priority is to defeat the demon.
I threw a Breeze Ball towards the demon.

No, it’s wrong.
The opponent is a Pig Hog.
I made a mistake.
I’m actually calm enough to realize that I made a mistake.

I threw a water ball.
My body really hurts.
How much more should I throw?

I threw another water ball.
I can still count how many I threw.
Calm down.

Sherry came in front of me.

The antidote.
The antidote pill.
The mouth-to-mouth feeding.
I try to comprehend the situation.

I embraced Sherry, giving in to my desires, I pressed onto Sherry’s lips.
Sucking strongly, the sensation of soft lips is indulged.
On this occasion I should already be satisfied.
I should decide calmly.

I swallowed the antidote pill received from Sherry’s mouth.

I chased Sherry’s tongue sticking onto it.
Our tongues were intertwined.
The tongue of Sherry was gently responding to my advance.

I am relieved of pain gradually.
The heaviness felt in my body was gone.
My mind also seems to have cleared.

What am I doing?
I should probably just enjoy it as it is.
No. What happened to the demon?
Sherry released my mouth, flustered.

It was good.
The opponent seems to have been annihilated already.

「Thank you, Sherry. I’m already okay.」

I breathe deeply.
Preparing a glass, I poured water using water wall.
I ask Roxanne for mouth to mouth feeding of the water.
After spending ample time, I caught my breath.

The labyrinth is dangerous.
Only one person is missing and the situation became completely different.
We shouldn’t overwork ourselves.

We returned to the house earlier than usual.
We’ve already done a lot of things.

I will heat the bath firsthand.
I poured in water carefully as not to spill it.
I took a bucketful of water from the bath tub that was filled using water wall and set it aside.

Since there might be a little more time before Miria comes back, I heated the water some more.
It will be just us three for a long time while Miria still hasn’t come back.
What should we do in such a long period?
I guess it should be the usual.

「I’m back, desu.」

When it was over, Miria came back.
She was covered all over with mud.
Though it was just clothes taken on a bargain from the slave trader, she returned with it all soppy.

「I’ve told Mira to take off her dirty clothes. You’ve already prepared the water, and I’ll wash her off.」
「I want to wash her myself.」
「Is that so, that’s fine. Because Sherry and I already received some affection.」

The acknowledgement of Roxanne who was fussing over her was obtained.
「Miria, sorry for the trouble today. I have already heated up the bath, let’s enter together.」
「Bath, desu」

Miria entered the bath.
I washed her whole body beforehand before entering the bathtub.
I washed all her places thoroughly. Without exception.
The whole body of Miria got covered in bubbles as I wash her thoroughly.

After rinsing her with water, Her hair was washed.
After her head, her whole body was washed again.
I washed her twice, just to be safe.
TN: Sure, to be safe..

「Miria, I’m sorry for putting you to work today.」
「Dinner, Fish, desu」
「Fish Want, desu」

Though we converse while washing, the conversation naturally shifts because Roxanne is not here as an interpreter.
There seems to have been no fish in the Dobu River.
Sherry and Roxanne came late, and also washed before entering the bath.

「You planted plants?」
「Yes! Desu.」
「Licorice, a plant often planted in the bank of a river. The licorice has poison in the root, flower as well as the leaves, because of that animals don’t come near it. The bank is then prevented from collapsing from the burrowing. Besides, the poison comes off when washed off with water so when push comes to shove, it can be an emergency supply of food.」

Sherry explains to me about the so called plant.
The wisdom of life.
There is such a convenient plant in this world.

Diver Lv31, Village chief Lv 1, Pirate Lv 1, Villager Lv 5, Merchant Lv 1, Explorer Lv 1, Warrior Lv 1, Herbalist Lv 1, Swordsman Lv 1, Monk Lv 1.

Miria hasn’t been able to acquire the Farmer job.
Even if you plant that poisonous plant, is Farmer job not acquired?
Or is it not to plant, but rather you should be the one to harvest?

「Sherry, please go with Roxanne and prepare soup, I’ll be cooking.」

Sherry left the bath with Roxanne.
Miria and I remained in the bath however.
We’re continuing.
TN: Scene change go!

「Please tell me if you want to eat anything, Is shrimp okay? What does Roxanne want to eat?」

Preparing for supper, I asked Roxanne.
The pan was put on the earthenware stove that’s like a charcoal stove. Olive oil is then warmed.
I prepared ingredients and arranged it on the table.
Fish, Shrimp, Sausage, Ham and various vegetables.

The powder that was made from slime starch and shell powder was put into flour, lightly melting it in water then adding egg.
The ingredients were then deep fried.
Sprinkling the powder onto the shrimp then turning on the heat afterwards.

「I , like master, also would like to eat shrimp.」
「I would like the ham.」
「Fish, desu」

Naturally, it would be the fish for Miria.
I add more coating to the shrimp, sliced the ham and deep fried them together with the fish.
In other words, this would be tempura.
I applied a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar before serving it.

「Is it good?」
「The food that master makes is always the best」
「It’s delicious」
「Amazing, desu」
I’m the only one that can use chopsticks.
I continued deep frying.
This shrimp tempura can be said to be the same with the tempura from my world. There’s a crispy texture with chewy insides.

「Would you try the vegetables next?」
「Thank you.」
「I’ll try the mushrooms.」
「Fish, desu」

I used a mushroom which seems to be the same as my world’s shiitake mushrooms.
Though I haven’t deep fried it, it should taste ok.

「How about the sausages?」
「I like what master likes.」
「I’ll eat more shrimp.」
TN: Eat your goddamn sausage.
「Fish, desu」

「You guys should also eat the fish before it runs out.」
「Thank you」
「Then I would like one fish as well.」
「Fish, desu」

Before Miria could finish all the fish, I took one and tasted the deep fried fish.
It’s crunchy.
The deep-frying went considerably well.

If gluten had formed, the food wouldn’t be this crispy and crunchy.
Good thing I used the Slime Starch to reduce the gluten.
Furthermore, Shell Powder that was the equivalent of baking soda was also used.
This would be the art of deep-frying.

TN: Apparently the kanji/symbol used for deep-frying is the same as tempura. I used deep-frying instead because I can’t imagine a fish tempura or a mushroom tempura.

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