Alice Tale ~ Chapter 34 ~ Glimpse

Jammerg55 here, this chapter was mostly translated by Fairy tlced by Sol and Pandaant and reedited by yours truly. They did a good job and I hope they continue to do more in the near future. The old English was difficult to work with but we managed.  Anways Enjoy!


Chapter 34: Glimpse

Til was standing still on the water and closed her eyes waiting for me.

She was standing on water hardened by blizzard.
Ice magic has more practical use than I thought.
Can I do it?
If I can adjust it well, it’s not like I can’t do it with lightening magic.

Right now, I’m not releasing all my powers in one go to fly. However, it seems that I could do it too if I were to regulate my powers carefully.
Although I cannot make footholds in thin air, if it’s on the water…

「It’s okay. Before the right leg sinks in, you have to step out with your left leg」

What the. Isn’t it easy?
Is it easy?

「Alice sama, Please try your best!」
「Do your best!」

Voices of encouragement can be heard as I was hesitating at the river banks.
Their encouragements cheered me up but also added more pressure on me.
I unintentionally tried to turn my back towards them.

「Alice-san, is something wrong?」

Curious expressions surfaced on their faces.
After looking at both of them, my stiffened face relaxed.
I felt the burden on my shoulders lessen.
Therefore, it’s amazing.

I think I can do my best.
I stared at Til who is standing on the water once again.

「Alri~ght!! I am coming, Til!」

After proclaiming to Til, I stepped out my right leg
I regulate Thunder on my feet and gently stepped on the water.

It’s before my battle with Til, therefore I felt my nervousness reach it’s peak.
After stepping on the water, I carefully applied my weight on it.

――I can do it?

Once I felt that it can withstand my weight, I took my next step in 1 go.

「Wah wah!」

As I thought, maintaining your balance is difficult!

My feet are unsteady.
As my body falls , I naturally stepped out my left leg.
And I put in too much magic power.
I stepped forward as if I was jumping.
In panic, I stepped forward again with my right leg.
This time round, it was too weak.
I felt that I was sinking.
Therefore, I hurriedly step forward with my left leg again.

「Teh, I will simply run with all my might!!」

However, I cannot stop.
Once I stop, I will sink

「Til!! Let’s start the test!! Immediately!! Now!!」

As I ran towards Til who was standing quietly on the water, trying to appeal her to start the test.
It might just end before the test starts!

「Thou are a noisy lass.―― Blizzard」

Oh my!!
It becomes too much all of a sudden?!
As Til sleepily chants the spell for blizzard, my surroundings began to hail.
That range!!

The blue ice became sharp bullets and bombarded the area around me.
But, is it still in the range of lower class magic?
Thanks to my magic defense, I can withstand it.


Immediately, I received a strong feedback and jumped back.
I retreated out of the AOE as the attack was too strong.
I had moved according to my instinct.
The opponent isn’t a thief….

「What’s wrong? Aren’t thou far away?」

Tillbell Einsaura (Tln: This makes the most sense)
The witch of ice and snow huh…

「…. I will say it frankly. My body is not listening to me. It’s terrifying.」

I tried saying it frankly.
Well, it really is like that.
As usual, I confess while increasing the distance by running away from Til.

「Thou art honest. However Alice? Thou art going to be working as an adventurer, dost thou not believe thou shalt not meet an opponent stronger than thyself?」

「As thy opponent is me, it’s impossible. After giving up, will thee turn thou back to me? Sure enough, it is just a forgivable rosy situation no?」

Once more, I face toward to the river bank.
During the crucial moments, I hate myself for being unable to protect the people I want to protect.

「Will it be okay if I go at you seriously?」
「Kufu, Thou art afraid I might die?」
「It was a foolish question」

I kicked the water surface and jumped.
During the duration of the flight, I invoke my offensive magic.
Like Til, as I am unable to double cast, it is inconvenient.

「Descend from heaven a blade of light!! Become my sword and tear the darkness! Lightning!」

From my right hand, I release my intermediate tier magic at Til.
Hesitating against Til is ridiculous.


In my lightning’s line of fire, Til erects countless walls of ice.
My lightning was stopped by that wall and disappeared before it could reach Til.

「Hou?? You destroyed eight of them huh…」

After looking at the shattered ice walls, Til called out to praise me.
―― However, I was too preoccupied to listen to her.
My strongest attack.

「Careless of me……」

My attack has been blocked.
My attack has been block by Blizzard?
That low-tier magic…
No no. Although it is my impression, but it can also be use for defense. What an all purpose magic.


I paid attention to my landing and used magic to reduce my falling speed and stand on the water.

I thought to myself as my legs stabilized

「It’s cold, it’s cold!!!」

Before I was aware, the water surface froze completely and my legs has been lodged in the ice!.

「This time, try receiving my magic.」

I am unable to run away?!
What an S!


This time, a single aim!
That amount of power must be huge.
It’s bad!
As long as it’s similar to the previous AOE, I do not have the confidence to endure it.
I can only rely on simple magic to defend…… *Stabbed*!

「I hate pain!!」
「What the.. If you are a girl, things like this will happen. 」

So you endure it?!

I mean, this has nothing to do with that!
Let’s go let’s go says Til whose magic is still dancing in her palms as she threatens to proceed attacking me.
So skillful!!

「In the worst case if I don’t heal up ―― Instant death 」

and so I try to surrender

「 -ait, wait wait!!」

My pleas were in vain and blizzard was released.
What a slow speed.
For now, let’s use this chance?
My opponent has not even moved a single step and she cannot escape from my attack, but even my strongest attack has been blocked.
Despite the hopeless difference in ability, must I move forward and fight?

「――The answer is YES!!」

It’s just that my stance looks uncool.
I can only try what I can only do.
Til’s Ice magic is terrifying.
However, I have a feeling that my magic is able to break her defense
I gazed at the looming Ice hammer and adjusted my breathing.

「*Break the limit* Light Enchant!」TL: I really want to put bankai

On Til’s ice sword, I forcefully enchant it with thunder element.


This is my last trick!!


My thunder magic struck the ice bullet.
The ice bullet which was struck by my thunder magic slowed down quickly
However, do not think that that’s the end, Til!


I will force back Til’s magic!
It’s heavy!

*clenched one’s teeth*
Link to the expression

This is the place I will win!

「――Kuhhh.. LIGHTNING!!」

Consecutive invocation
Thanks to the ice foothold, there is no need for double cast!!
My intermediate tier magic has been unleashed and finally the bullet was repelled and was heading toward Til.
However, Til did something like a jump and the bullet was easily avoided.
Til who was floating in the air.

「This much of a chance is over! 」

At any rate, I have such great admiration for Til, no matter what amazing thing Til does is more than I can imagine.
If that’s the case, she can naturally cope with such unexpected situations.


I did not just attack in a straight line.
I caste Thunder around Til who is escaping in the air.
However, I must try my best against Til who can build ice walls in any direction.

It’s not over yet

The image I have of Til, will not lose to this kind of standard!
As I could not remove my feet from the ice, I fly towards Til together with the ice.

「How about close combat! Til!」

I clad my palms with lightning and thrust towards Til forcefully.

Thunder palms. TL: wtf.

Let’s use my trump, I thought to myself. Once

「――Kufu, I don’t hate it.」

The smiling Til struck my arm from below as I was thrusting out my palm and diverted the strike.
My stance was destroyed perfectly
Leaving that aside, consecutive invocation has caused me to use magic beyond my limit and I went headlong into the river. Til was really not holding back.

「0 guard huh? Wake me up before the preparations of dinner」

Conversely, I was fondly struck by Til’s palm in the stomach and lost consciousness.

「Alice-sama? Have you awakened?」
「This place is……」

I dazedly confirmed that I regained conscious.
It appears that I am in the tent.
I more or less understand the situation.
For some reasons, I was sleeping on Ilya’s knees.

「Haaa…. How long did I sleep?」

Til is too strong……
From my experience, I felt that no matter what I did, it will be fruitless.

「Because it is just after the sun set, it hasn’t been that long.」
「I see. Where are Til and Saira?」
「Oshishou-sama has set out for a bit. As for Saira, she is preparing the meals.」

I see, I must thank Saira later.
Even though the practice had begun in the evening, it’s as they say, it really didn’t take that long.


Ilya tilted her head curiously as I called out to her.

Ilya is cute.

「Did I look uncooll?」

She laughed!?

「Did you not notice? When Oshisho-sama and ojousama were fighting, she was very happy from beginning to end. 」

It wasn’t the case of me being too desperate.

「Additionally, when we saw Alice-sama our hearts burned with expectation. That Ojou-sama will definitely succeed Oshishou-sama someday. I strongly hold that belief.」
「I do not have thoughts like Ojou-sama being uncool and so on. Please have more confidence, my lady.」
「Uuu.. Such smooth words from Ilya made me troubled.」
「Oh? FuFu, is that so?」
「Yes, it is.」

As I am someone who can be easily cheered up, this is troubling.
However, I myself want to try to live up to that expectation.
I want to be a disciple that Til can be proud of.
I do not want to make Til regret.
That much, I strongly swear in my heart.

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