Shinka no Mi – Chapter 21


This chapter has contributions from just about everyone from RTD, so I’m just going to credit RTD.


I suddenly heard voices behind me, so I turned around in order to confirm their identity.

Thereupon, three evil looking men start smirking with a smile, and they were looking at me.  

“………Do you need something from me?”

For the time being, I question them while staying vigilant.

To this response, for some reason Eris breathed a sigh, and Gusser had a bitter expression.

Just who are these……three people? I don’t know the meaning of their reaction….

Of those three people, one of them who looks like the leader said to the confused me.

“You, you seem to be taking a test right now aren’t you”

“Yes, well……”

“In other word, you’re a beginner right?”

“Something like that.”

…….Not good. I have no idea what’s going on.

I’m confused since I have no idea what their intentions are, but the leader looking man smiles even more.

This is…….the so called “Rookie Crusher” isn’t it? It appears frequently in fantasy novels, it’s the kind of thing where they find a fault with the  protagonist and beat them up.

No matter how you look at it I’m in that so called protagonist position……and in this case, they didn’t like how I’m with a beautiful girl like Saria when I’m just a rookie.

To me who is pondering this and that, the leader looking guy suddenly said.

“You……come with us a bit.”

Yup, it came—! Just like the template! I knew it.

However, I completely don’t understand their motive. At least, I wish they would tell me a clear reason why.


Since there’s no other choice, I end up asking them. I don’t particularly want to follow them when I don’t even know the reason why.

However, to my question, the man’s reply was outside of my expectation.

“Well……I can’t really say it here.”


Wait. What are you planning to do to me? Are you going to take me to a place where there will be no witness? And then you’ll beat me up, right? That’s really scary you know.

No matter how much I retort in my mind, the atmosphere says they won’t leave. Well, since I didn’t retort out loud, of course they won’t leave.

However, since it seems troublesome I decide to refuse.

“Um….sorry, but I will decline your request.”

“You bastard, you don’t have the right to refuse.”

Huh? This is weird…. I didn’t think that I will be swiftly denied of my human rights. Where have my own rights gone to?
Since it doesn’t seem like I can do anything about the current situation myself, I decided to ask the guild master Gassur for help since he was here.

“Um… Gassur this situation, somehow…”

“Give it up!”

“That’s fast!?”

Why is it that when I ask for help, I was immediately shot down and was told to give up. I don’t quite understand.

“Aren’t you the guild master? Do something!”

“I don’t have that authority!”

“This dude is damn useless!!”

Useless-! You are a freaking guild master and yet you have zero authority? Quit completely you bitch!

Eris! Please do something! I’m a newcomer!”

As it can’t be helped, I decide to rely on Eris’ position which seemed higher than Gassur’s.

However Eris’ reply was merciless.

“Although I’m sorry… please give up”


What did she say!? Why has everyone given up!?

Besides there must be someone who would help, turning to face the inside of the guild, some were still immersed in their own world and there were people who were watching me, signalling with their eyes “It is pointless…… just give up.”

What the fuuuuuuuck! Who on earth are these 3 people!?

Eris advised me who didn’t understand what to do at all.

“Though at the start it is painful…… before long it will feel pleasant.”

Is that a new door opening!?

I’m becoming a masochist! Once the pain turns to pleasure I’ll be beyond cure!

I rapidly get tired of following the men before my eyes.

However I calm down to think about it

I thought to myself on the assumption that I was to be beaten up, first of all is it because of my status? Perhaps, but even if they attack me with all their might I am confident I would come out unscathed.

At the very least, my current status is beyond expectation.
Understanding that, and not wanted to bother Saria…I guess i’ll have to follow him.

He also doesn’t want to be in this area, and I want to avoid doing anything that’ll stand out…wearing this robe may already be making me stand out though.

“……I understand. Follow me”

“That’s what I wanted”

“M, Me too”

Saria wanted to come with me, but i stop her.

“Saria you wait here with Gassur and Eris-san. It will be over fast”

I try to use the most calm voice I can.

However, Saria still had an anxious expression.

“Bu, but”

While being thankful to Saria for being so worried for me, I try to convince her again.

Well is not like i don’t want to be involved here. Of course I have confidence in my ability to protect her and if she transforms into a gorilla her battle prowess is tremendous, so it should be fine, it’s all right……

That’s what I am thinking, while trying to open my mouth the leader of the men opens his mouth and says.

“Woman. Stay out of it. You will be in the way after all”

Listening to the speech of the man, I couldn’t hide my surprise.

H, huh? Normally bringing the normal girl Saria together will be more convenient no?

Or is it that they want to show her my completely beaten body? As I was thinking so, isn’t it normal?

I didn’t understand these men’s objective, the men without minding the dubious me,

then started walking to the door.

“Oi. come on”

“Ah, wait”

While I follow the men confused, Gassur who didn’t say anything opened his mouth.

“Get yourself together. You have Saria after all. Don’t get your mind broken…….!”

“What are you saying!?”

Letting out a final retort, I left the guild

“He went……”

“Gassur, shouldn’t you stop them?”

“I didn’t have any other choice…… it was to protect my chastity……!

“……Truly you are the lowest”

“Hahaha! My muscles stopped me!”

“ I don’t get the meaning…… For the time being at least search for an appropriate B-rank or higher Adventurer”

I didn’t know this exchange happened in the guild after I left.


“This place should be fine.”

The place the leader of the men brought me while saying so is an alley a considerable distance from the guild.

This is surely the flag for beating me up. There are hardly any signs of life.

I use the skill 『Enemy Search』for confirmation, but there really isn’t anyone else for the time being.

Though I increased my wariness, the men surround me in that time.

“Now then…Do you know why we brought you here?”


Though I don’t know the reason, the purpose is surely to beat me up. 

However, these men have made just one miscalculation, my true strength is monster class.

I don’t lower my guard while thinking this way.

And for some reason the men smile when they hear my reply.

“Is that so…that makes this conversation quicker. Incidentally, all of us are the type that get more fired up outside than in a room.


What are they saying? Is it the fact that it’s better to beat up an opponent outside than it is inside?

But why is outside better than in a room? … I guess the reason is that it won’t fall into the public eye. It’s the reason a place without any sign of life was chosen.

While I was contemplating the meaning of the man’s words again, the leader suddenly takes off his leather armour and begins undoing all the buttons on his jacket.

The remaining two men take the chance to strip to the waist.

Is this…showing their so called seriousness. No, because their equipment was taken off they must not intend to use weapons…

Also, if this is the seriousness of men that temporarily don’t use weapons, why face a newbie opponent seriously?

Whilst a question mark flies in my head, the men’s leader seems to sense my thoughts and his expression becomes amazed.

“What…didn’t you understand?”

“Eh? Y,yes”

“Good grief…can’t be helped huh…”

As the leader says so his face suddenly becomes serious and propositions.

“Want to do it?” (TL: “do it” in the sexual meaning.)





That’s strange… Did I mishear? I feel like I misheard 『Want to do it?』from the man in front of me.

HAHAHA! Surely this is my misunderstanding! That’s right, it’s settled!

Whilst my cold sweat doesn’t stop, the man says ‘dear me’…and unbuttons his shirt with one hand.

“Want to do it?”


My misunderstanding was riiiiiiiiiiiiight!

No good…these guys are no good! As expected of members of the pervert hangout!

Though I boasted overwhelming stats, my expression was flooded with fear.

Then more misfortune followed as the man adds

“I’m a man who doesn’t mind eating heterosexuals”


Someone…someoooooooooone! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I cry out desperately for help.

But nobody being in these outskirts was the worst.

“Calm down. It hurts at first. After that…right?”

“Stop iiiiiiiiiiiit! I’m completely normal!!”

“Everyone says so at first…but, they are only hiding their true character! Like these guys!”

““Hehe! What a great ass!””

“Are you victims!?”

These fellows are no good, there is nothing that I can do……! Guild headquarters, is there no limit!?

I have to leave this place quickly! I don’t want to be in this place anymore!

Probably in the guilds of other countries, there will not be so many perverts!

……Hell that doesn’t even matter! Right now running away from this is top priority!

As I was searching for a way of getting away, the men keep getting closer while waving their hands side to side, they get closer while drooling, they get closer while moving their hips…… this is horrific!

While moving back while flinching, at some point i have been cornered against the wall.

“It was wrong of you to come along willingly……. Give up now!”


What to do……. what should I do!?

There is no need to think…… this place…… there is no choice but to forcefully break free from here!

I made up my mind and released the power that was sealed until now all at once!

My looks and the atmosphere didn’t change. Even so, the status showed to the opponent should be low.

But the power of my monster job which was being suppressed was unleashed using [Advanced disguise].

“I will have you let me run away at full speed”


I ran up the wall behind me.

Fight? I don’t feel like I can win. I wonder why.

So I chose to run away at full force. In addition I will be troubled by rumors if I beat them.

As i was running away along the wall, I noticed something.

……Wow….. I am running across the wall……

I took my specs that lightly.

As I was thinking with a light mood, I heard the voices of the men behind.

“That leg strength…… it will be useful for a lot of things”

“That body…… is ouuuuuuurs!·

“Don’t let him run! Cha…… Chase hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!”

Yes, I hear it, let’s forget it and all the events of a little while ago, I’ll forget it. That’s a good idea.

I moved along the roofs while making sure not to be seen and quickly returned to the location of the guild.

“So while I once again returned to the location of the guild……”

But now that I’m in this country, to come across this situation is absolutely troubling. Will I not find peace while I’m here? 

“Ah … … I hate it ……”

There’s no helping me if I say it unintentionally. Because I’m a “heterosexual”. All I can say is, I’m normal. I want to believe it.

Being close to the guild it can’t be helped that I feel depressed like this, I pulled myself together and entered the guild again.

Hereupon, as usual the guild is in chaos.

Because Gassur was still at the reception I was inwardly disgusted as I moved to the reception.

“Hmm? Oh! Are you ok?!”

“It was fine……”

As soon as Eris and Gassur saw me they had an expression of deep relief and cheerful smiles.

“No, well somehow… Gassur. I understand the reason you told me to give up.

“That right? By the way because those guys do that whenever we get a newbie adventurer visit you better be careful in the future.”

“No, stop it.”

“It’s been stopped many times… But ya know? common sense doesn’t work with those guys. Though it seems you returned safely did you not experience it? I can’t beat those guys.”

I experienced it. I did not think I was able to win at all. More than that I did not want to fight. …It seems like they would touch me here and there in the middle of a fight…

Although it’s certain I would win with my overwhelming stats, the mental damage is dreadful. If the opponent was a normal man I think I would have the strongest fighting power.

“I have to be diligent too…if I pin them against the floor they twist about under my muscles!

“Well…do your best”

I could only react by smiling bitterly under my robe. Suddenly, someone tugged at my robe.
Saria worriedly looked in my direction.

“Are you ok, Seiichi?”

“Yeah. I worried you.”

I pat Saria’s head for some reason while saying so. The sensation of Saria’s hair was silky and felt good.

As I was stroking Saria’s head, I answered her question which made Saria smile pleasantly.

……Wow. I just thought with all my being that Saria is cute. When I am with Saria, I feel like speaking fondly of my sweetheart unconditionally.

Well, after that scary memory, just being together with Saria heals me.

While there is a flower field blooming around Saria and me Eris speaks.

“Seiichi.  About the matter of the previous test…..”

“Ah, yes.”

“Now, I tried to look for B-class adventurers that are in the guild, but……”


I’m puzzled by the strange things Eris is saying. I wonder what is wrong?

While Saria and I are confused by Eris’ words, Gassur tells us.

“Erm…….  I wonder if Seiichi and Saria recently came to this country?”

“Eh?  Yeah”

“Right now, other than you, there is only one adventurer of B class or higher.”

“Then that person is fine. What’s the problem?”

“Problem…… it’s not to that level…… Eris”

“that’s true…… there is not much we can do about this”


AS we don’t understand Eris and Gassur’s conversation, Saria and I tilt our necks. Just who are they talking about?

Wa! They won’t say that they are those homo guys from before no!? If they are……. then I’ve made the decision to run away from this land with all my might.

As I was making a frightening prediction and trembling, Gassur called the name of that person.

“Altria!  Altri-a!”

So Gassur called to the guild.

Until now, I just saw adventurers that drowned in their own desire like the homos from before, so I stopped my movements at once.

And, all those present directed their sight to the same place.

I also followed everyone’s gaze to see that person.

What was there was a girl with shoulder length silver hair with a wild cut, a short sleeved white shirt equipped with breastplate of unknown material and gloves, standing in front of the quest board.

After hearing Gassur’s call, the woman directed her line of sight to us.



After looking at the face of the woman called Altria, Saria and I were both fascinated.

Beautiful golden coloured sharp eyes reminiscent of a beast and her skin is not white like Saria and Eris, it is a healthy tan colour. I don’t know the exact height because we are far from her but she is quite tall for a woman.

And more than anything, the breast that is repressed and cramped in the breastplate. I think her proportions are tremendous.

In conclusion, the woman that Gassur called is a brown beauty.

That woman is approaching us.


From the words she said, I feel a pain in the ass atmosphere.

But Gassur doesn’t mind the woman and keeps speaking.

“No, this times Guild’s newcomers exam I want you to be the supervisor……”

“Hmm that, it doesn’t have to be me it can be someone else, you or Eris can do it……” (TL: Orekko kitaaaaaa! for those that don’t know an orekko is a female that speaks like a boy saying ore trying to be manlier or stronger, in anime  manga etc it usually ends in the girl being cute and feminine or tsunderes)  

“Um…… That’s true but……”

Amazing, this is the first time I’ve seen a woman referring to herself as “I” (ore). Well it’s good because it matches the atmosphere…… Heck, knowing it what will it be useful for?

“Don’t say that? Currently you are the only B-class adventurer that is here and we can’t give the Guild card to them like this”

“As I said, just wait until some B-class come back. There is no need to choose me purposely.”

“But you know……”

As Gassur is murmuring, Eris continued.

“Unfortunately, apart for you the others B-class are working in other countries, the closest one will need at least a month to come back…… Furthermore, there doesn’t seem like there will be anyone rising to B-class”


The woman falls silent at Eris’ words.

Then, after a while, she turns her line of sight to me.

“Oi, bastard. You don’t want me to be your test supervisor no?”  

“Eh? Why is that?”

This is baaad…… the story is progressing so much i don’t know what to say. Why should i think that the woman in front of my eyes is no good?

But, because my answer was unexpected, the woman made a surprised face.

“Bastard……Are you sane?”

“No….. Sane or whatever…… yes?”

“That’s true!”

I tried waving to Saria, but she too doesn’t know why she is no good.

Looking at me seriously, Gassur said to the woman.

“He just came to this land, so is normal that he doesn’t know about Altria”

“But you know…… I, am tentatively A-class, I thought I was recognized but……”

“Don’t mind the small details! Take the job Altria!”

“As i said———-”

“What’s more, he could be fine with your constitution?”


Hmm? Constitution?  I don’t understand what it is really.  And so, Saria and I continue to talk freely.

“……On what grounds would you say such a thing”

She said in an incredibly low voice, but Gassur didn’t mind it and smiled cheerfully.

“That thing…… what can it be apart from my muscles! My body is the absolute reason! There is no other reason better than this!”

I am sure there are. Rather, isn’t there too much which is troubling? That means you have no reason apart from your muscles.

While having my eyes half opened, I retorted in my mind. 

However, after the woman saw Gassur’s serious expression, she turned to us.

“…… I understand. The exam supervisor. I will do it”

It seems that the woman will become our test supervisor.

For starters, as i was breathing a sigh of relief, the woman introduced herself.

“My name is Altria Grimm.”   

Then, with a sad expression while smiling—-

“Altria of ≪Disaster≫.”
—- I was told.  


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true i hate this kind of mc the most, its good for every then or now but when the time come, he should just do what he must do, evenmore when he have the power, if you dont like yout environtment, change it, you know its wrong but you still keep following it, thats why the bullied always still get be bullied, you dont have the guts to change your situation when youre weak even when you have the power to do it easily. get your head a little high man, get more pride on your self more, get more… Read more »

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For everyone that think this WN goes bad … i am gonna said one thing ( count as spoiler)
Already read up to chap 60 :>




What´s wrong with the author? Forcing this comedy all of a sudden, the last two chapters were so painful to read, this is getting so further away from the fantasy and just get annoying, this all just seems too forced and i can´t help but to think there is no need for all this introduction from those weirdos as they are all filler characters.


thx thx thx


Thanks for your hard work translating this guys 😀

But this author is just throwing away what he did until now in the story, the MC is super OP and he have fear? WTF!?. Oh well… also yep is comedy, but surely in Japan they have a pretty distorted concept of comedy as this is too forced (at least in the last 2 chapters).

Again thx for the translation 😀


Soooo Altria the girl who doesn’t know how to hold back? Or like to wreck everywhere she wants?

Albedo's Ahoge

Thank you. Fun chapter~
Hot-tria looks like a tsundere.