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Chapter 21 Monster Companion

「Now then, where do you want to look first?」

Kuroa says this while turning toward me with a refreshing smile.
I guess this is that.
You could say it is a so called “date”.

「…What is it, Mana. You’re making that face again…」


I open my arms and wink just like before.
Kuroa makes the same fatigued face as well.
Well, if you actually embrace me, I’ll freak out though.

With that said, all of the people around are glancing over here every now and again.
I wonder why.
I wonder if it’s really that weird, these clothes…

「…You’d stand out no matter where you go…」

「Un? Did you say something Kuroa?」

「…Iya, it’s nothing」


When I looked over my shoulder I could see a crowd of male NPC characters cheering 『Oh!』
Is this? Could it be…?



As I thought, smiling devilishly at full power brought out a reaction.

「…Please stop, Mana…」

「Eh, ah, wait! Why are you pulling me from the neck! It hwurts! My clothing will stretch!」

「It’s fine, let’s go」

I was pulled around just like that.
I wonder if Kuroa’s jealous…
Well, I think that’s impossible.
I’m a man anyway.

While going around various stores, we decided to take a break at a coffee shop.
I’m my hands is a drink that tastes like an Italian blend, “fuu”, I blow on it to cool it down.

「As I thought, this city is huge…there’s a 『General Store』and『Skill Store』、as well as an『Item Synthesis Store』and『Magic Shop』. There is also a large『Training Field』and even the『Guild』is large…」

The General Store mainly sold Items, while the Skill Store mainly sold skills.
The Item Synthesis Store allowed you to create various items by combining two different items.
The Magic Shop, like its name says, sells magic. (I question whether or not we needed these explanations)
The Training Field allows you to test your skills and magic on actual monsters.

「The stores we haven’t visited are…the『Arms and Armor Shop』『Blacksmith』 and『Bookstore』which is all that is left」

「Bookstore? … ahh, speaking of which」

Hearing Kuroa’s words I open the item window.
And I pull out a book called『The Book of Darkness ⑤』

「Ahh, that’s a piece of a『Grimoire』it is one of the things mainly drop from monsters」

「Un, it was dropped by a haughty like monster called Witch… If this is used then can【Darkness】magic be learned?」

…Well, no matter how much I struggle I have the constitution that I can’t use any magic.

「Iya, you cannot learn magic from only a piece of the book. You see the number written on the back right?」

「Ah, yea. ⑤ is written there…」

I flipped book over when asked by Kuroa.

「It varies based on the book but the【Darkness】Grimoire pieces number from ①~⑳ in total. Once ①~⑤ have been collected you can go to the『Bookstore』and learn『Beginner Dark Magic』」

「Ahh, then with ①~⑩ you learn『Intermediate Dark Magic』, and ①~⑳ you learn『Advanced Dark Magic』or something like that?」

「That is correct. Of course you can also buy magic from the Magic Shop, but they usually just sell『Beginner Magic』and at a high price as well. 」

Certainly, when I browsed quickly through the Magic Shop, it seemed like if you bought everything one by one the price would start to pile up…

「It is more cost efficient to collect the grimoire pieces dropped from monsters, you can even learn beginner magic using just 5-7 pieces of the spell books」

「I see… by the way, does that shop sell complete『Grimoires』as well?」

「Yea, however even『Beginner Magic』is an absurd sum of 100,000G alone」

「100K! As I thought, it’s expensive…」

In the end I guess delving in to the dungeon and exploring for treasure while collecting pieces is way more cost efficient.
More like, does a『Dungeon』even exist here…

「Come on, we should probably move on to the next place」

「Ah, sure」

Once Kuroa stands up, I quickly chug the remainder of my coffee and follow.
This place’s coffee tasted pretty good.
I should register it in my favorite shops.

「Yo, well if it isn’t Kuroa, welcome」

Heading out of the coffee shop we arrive at『Zegaru’s Blacksmith』
Coming out of the shop was—

「Tiny old man!」

「…Oi oi Jou-chan, don’t start pointing out my sore spot right from the beginning…」

「Ah…I’m sorry…it just happened…」

It was an old man that was about half my height.
More like, he’s obviously not human.

「Zegaru is from the dwarf race, I’ll introduce you two. This person is『Mana』I am currently having Mana rented my apartment」

「Ah, that vacant house, it’s good that you found a resident. Nice to meet you, Mana-jou-chan」

Zegaru-oji-san says this while returning a carefree smile.
More importantly, Jou-chan…
Oh well.
I’m dressed as a woman anyway.

『Boss! The materials have already arrived—――AAAaaaaaaaah!!』

A sudden yell from the back startles us.
More importantly, this voice is…?

「What is it? So noisy, there are customers you know, Dzura-cchi」


In front of me the thing that was shaking and trembling was…
The monster I met the most in the beginning.

『Damn you! You’ve come here 100 years too early! How dare you kill my precious friends! Or more importantly their wigs!(dzura) Ah! I said it was a wig…』

He seems to be excited.
The pale green body of the Dzurime gradually turns red.
More like, why is a monster at a blacksmith…?

「Ah, that’s right, could you buy the item drops I have?」

While ignoring the outraged Dzurime, I walk to the counter and begin to place item after item.
【Crown of the Hagedzura】 【Full Metal Hagedzura】 【Uncommon Hagedzura】
【Unusual Hagedzura】 【Immortal Hagedzura】

『Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!』

The items arranged in a slime(line), were slime drop items.
The dzurime turns completely red, and trembles angrily making squishy noises.
Isn’t this nice, Dzura-cchi?

『The…the wigs of my companions are…! The wigs that are more important than our lives…! AAaahh!』

「Kakaka! You’ve collected quite a lot Jou-chan! Alright! I’ll buy it all!」



Dzura-cchi’s voice and mine synchronize at the price.
More importantly, isn’t this too cheap!
How much do you think I’ve collect!

「Haha, aren’t you two just the perfect match」

Kuroa laughs with a refreshing voice from behind.

「Right! It seems like it is fate! Gahaha!」

Zegaru-oji-san laughs heartily.

『Boss…this isn’t a laughing matter…』

「Well, isn’t this fine, Dzura-cchi. Since you’ve ran away from your companions and came to me, isn’t it pointless if you start caring now?」

『W-while that may be true…』

「Ah, then are you a stray dzurime, or is it a cast out dzurime?」

『I don’t want to be a cast out dzurime! It sounds really bad!』

Dzura-cchi begins to reject the name dramatically.
At some point the red body returned to begin green.

「…Hey, Dzura-cchi. It’s been a few years since you’ve lived here. Isn’t it about time you served a different master?」


Dzura-cchi and I synchronize once more.
I have a really, really bad feeling—

「The reminds me, Mana doesn’t have a『Monster Companion』yet」


What is this…? The flow of this conversation…
Please stop.
I don’t want to…

『Ah, please wait a bit Boss! There are still things I want to learn from you―』

「Quit it Kuroa! Zegaru-oji-san seems to be trying to push a troublesome dzurimes on me too―」

『Who’s a troublesome wig(dzura)! Ah! I said wig again!』

「Hey! Don’t throw around strange green liquid! Ahh, mou! It’s gotten onto my white shirt!」



Talking at the same time, neither of us could hear the other…

「Haha, isn’t this nice Mana, you guys match each other perfectly」

「Alright! From now on you are Mana’s《Contracted Beast》Gahaha!」


And so I—

―had a strange dzura pushed onto me―

USER NAME: Satsuki Manami
SEX: Male?
PARTNER: Dzura-cchi
LOGIN TIME: 0037:00:24

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