Slave Harem – 105 – Round Two

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It seems we missed one skill name in the previous chapter, it’s been fixed now.

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I select [Lv99 Death] as well.
I have already confirmed that it’s a single target magic attack.
Single target magic attack can be used against people.

Round two.

“It’s alright?”

Roxanne took a few steps back, and then turned to look at the woman.
She looks at my expression, and seems to have guessed what I want to say.

“I don’t mind.”
“This match, it would become a draw.”
“That’s fine… isn’t it?”

I check with Sherry.

“There isn’t any problem, so it’s alright.”

After hearing Sherry’s answer with a doubtful look, I beckoned to Roxanne.
It’s better to make Roxanne leave it like this.

“Use this.”

A voice from one of the opponents party members calls out.
It seems to be Sabo.

“It’s okay. He didn’t give her a sacrificial misanga. Now you can have an honorable draw.
“Ah, but…”

What is Sabo saying?
What is an honorable draw?

“I did my best.”
“You did.”
“As expected of Roxanne.”
“It was great-desu.”

Something still seems to be happening, and Roxanne is paying attention without being negligent.
The opponent on the ground isn’t moving anymore.
This is how it looks when the match is over.
This is the end of it.

“I’m always watching Master fighting, and I was wondering if I was able to become a little stronger myself.”
“I see.”
“The results of being trained by Master.”

I don’t think it’s just that.

“The other party is giving up, do you want to end in a draw?”

Gozer comes closer and asks.


Roxanne answers, after glancing my way to see me nod.

“Is that alright for you too?”

Gozer goes to the opponents party and asks.
Sabo steps forward.

“There’s no other choice.”
“Then, this duel is a draw.”

After Sabo gives his answer, Gozer declares it.
Sabo comes forward.
He approaches the woman sitting down.

“You are a disgrace to the Baradam house.”

Sabo wields his sword.
He beheads the woman.


What the…
My voice leaks out accidentally.

“I handed her a suicide ball, and I thought she would use it rather than suffer defeat. For someone not willing to go to those lengths, we have no use for them in the Baradam household.”

Sabo disregards the dead woman, and makes a declaration.
The suicide ball is an item that does large damage to an enemy in exchange for your life.
Is that what he meant by honorable draw? A double K.O?

“What have you done?”

Gozer steps in.

“This is a problem for the Baradam household. This woman is under my control as the head of the Baradam house. There is no problem in this treatment.”
“I understand. I will check your intelligence card to confirm it.”

You understand it Gozer?
Gozer withdrew his objection easily.
Even if murder is performed in front of your eyes, it seems there is no problem if it’s a household issue.

“The draw is convenient. This is a disgrace against the Baradam house. We lost the duel, and it’s a great dishonor that the decisive blow was not given. For this disgrace I demand a duel with that woman.”

While showing Gozer his intelligence card, Sabo points at Roxanne.

“A rematch from a side that lost a duel can be refused. However, that isn’t the case this time because it was a draw.”

Sherry informs me.
So, a draw is no good?
There can be a rematch if it’s a draw.
It wasn’t good after all.

“Can we run away?”
“We’ll be a laughing stock if we do.”
“Please let me handle it.”

If you live, but are laughed at, it’s still better to escape.
That’s what I think, but Roxanne won’t agree.

“I’ve taken 50 doping pills by instruction. It will be good if you are prepared.”
“The theory says that he can’t get any stronger even if he takes more than 50.”

Sherry explains Sabo’s words.
The theory that doping pills raise your level but not your overall skills seems to be promising.
If he increased his level by 50, did he raise his level to 49 himself?

Is that how it is?
Is Roxanne stronger?
Roxanne would be stronger if you consider his Lv99 to be just Lv49.
If the attacks of a Lv29 could not touch her at Beast Warrior Lv6, then the attacks of a Lv49 might still not touch a Beast Warrior Lv32.

“Well, I’ll handle this one myself.”
“Um, well, Sabo’s strength is well known. It would be dangerous.”
“If Roxanne did it, it would be too easy a win.”

Would it be bad?
There’s the chance that his level was above Lv49, and some of the doping pills were useless.
Still, Roxanne might be able to manage it somehow.

“What! How dare you say that!”
“Sabo is probably considerably strong. He is quite famous among the wolf tribes. I can’t put Master at risk. If anything should happen…”
“It’s alright Roxanne. Your Master is not that weak.”
“Ah, yes.”

Roxanne tries to convince me, but I ignore it.
I don’t want to lose Roxanne.
I can’t take the risk.

He killed that woman.
If there is a chance for him to win, Sabo will not hesitate to kill Roxanne.
I can win, but it isn’t certain.

“The other party appears to be strong. I won’t be able to go easy on him. Even if he is killed there won’t be a problem?”
“It’s alright.”

Sherry and Roxanne gave their approval.
There isn’t any problem?

“You accept the duel?”
“Is there a problem if I fight myself?”
“The side who received the duel request can pick a person to represent them. Their representative cannot be denied no matter who it is.”

I speak with Gozer after he came over.

“I will have to kill him, because I can’t afford to take it easy.”
“That’s always an expected outcome in a duel.”
“As I said, no matter how strong you are, I won’t lose.”

Sabo shouted.

“I don’t need a representative. After fighting the assistant instructor, it’s time for the master of the dojo to step forward.”
“I don’t understand your reason.”
“I don’t want to risk Roxanne. If you don’t want to die you will stop now.”
“I don’t need your bullshit.”

I gave you a chance to stop, and you won’t stop?
This is not just a threat.

“It’s best not to anger me.”
“That’s my line!”
“I didn’t sleep much last night, but I’m in my usual condition today. I don’t even need sleep to fight you.”
“Let’s hurry up and start.”

It’s no use.

“Then, if there are no objections, shall we begin?”

Sabo yells, and I nod.
I don’t pull out Durandal.
I’m not sure if I can win by fighting head on.
I should plan an alternative.

I can use [Overwhelming], and medicine to replenish myself.
The opponent might try to use the suicide ball, and might use items.
I can use the [MP Full Release].
I can win.

“Both of you, come forward.”

Gozer begins the duel.
Sabo charges in.
Is discussion useless?
I use [Lv99 death], and indicate Sabo as the target.

There is no visible change.
Sabo is still approaching.
[Analyze] no longer shows sacrificial misanga in his equipment.
[Lv99 death] seems to have been effective.

I charge forward and use [Lv99 death] again.
Sabo swings his sword down.
I use [Overwhelming].
Everything becomes slow motion.

[Overwhelming] isn’t used for fast movement.
I use it to avoid the sword.
My movements are good.

I grab Sabo’s arm, which has already lost it’s power.
I pull his arm while being careful not to touch the sword.
I move my leg.
I was able to move his center of gravity without much effort.

The effect of [Overwhelming] ends.
Sabo is on the ground.

“It only just began.”

Roxanne and Sherry call out to me as I came back straight away.
Even Roxanne doesn’t seem to be able to work out what happened.

“It’s over.”
“It was amazing. I saw you move your feet and grab his arm, but I don’t understand what you did.”

She saw everything.
I didn’t really do anything.
Still, Roxanne seems to have seen everything.

“Defeating him with such swiftness, without even drawing your sword…”
“Wow, desu.”

Sherry and Miria give praise.

“He is most certainly dead.”

Gozer confirmed Sabo’s status.
Gozer probably doesn’t understand what happened either.
[Lv99 Death] seems to be an incantation that gives death to someone if they are Lv99.
At least they don’t explode like [MP Full Release].

“I heard that Sabo is extraordinarily strong. Nobody from the Baradam house will be able to act up now. To defeat him so easily. As expected of Master.”
“Well, I wonder. Roxanne might be stronger.”

I wasn’t able to understand how strong Sabo was after all.
It could be said that I didn’t really need to understand it.

“But… Sabo was…”
“That woman who fought against the young lady was certainly strong, but for someone to exceed Sabo…”

Sabo’s party members are surprised as well.
The remaining party members are now four people.

“I, Gozer of the Harz duchy’s order of knights, testify that this was a fair duel. There may be no retaliation for this outcome.”

Gozer instructs Sabo’s party members.
Should I say something?
The follow up is important.
I don’t want to worry about them coming for revenge.

“The circumstances were unavoidable because it was a duel. Please don’t hold a grudge against me.”
“Ah, yes, I understand. I don’t intend to cause a dispute with someone who defeated Sabo. But, the equipment.”
“The equipment?”

I thought there might be problems, but there won’t be a grudge?
Leaving them the equipment is better than causing them to want revenge.

“The equipment of someone defeated belongs to the winner. However, they don’t often take it. Some people challenge others to duels to get equipment, especially if there are strong emotions from having equipment taken from you.”

Sherry tells me.

The equipment belongs to the winner.
Therefore there are people who duel to get equipment.
To show that I am not like that, I should leave the equipment.
It seems a little confusing.

“Roxanne, what do you think?”
“I don’t really have a grudge.”
“We don’t need the equipment.”

I informed the other party members after hearing Roxanne’s answer.
Though Sabo had equipment with skills, this is for the best.
There might be retaliation if I take the equipment.

“Thank you… we’ll take the equipment and intelligence card home, we leave disposal of the remains to you.”
“I understand.”
“Thank you very much.”

The party members thanked me, and spoke to Gozer.
The remains are unnecessary?
Thinking about it, not even bones are left when you die in the labyrinth either.
It’s common thought to just let it fade away.

But, they are taking the intelligence card with them.
It’s better proof than a lock of hair to show that someone has died.

I thought about being appointed village chief Lv1 by a knight so I could check the hand, but I don’t need to do it.
Maybe when they check the intelligence card they can see what happened in their mind.
Maybe show the fight, but I don’t think that’s possible.

“Ok, this way.”

Gozer leads us.
The leftover work is for the order of knights, and we are led into the castle.

“Master, I’m sorry.”

Roxanne apologizes when we arrive in the lobby.

“It’s alright. It’s my fault for wanting the draw.”
“It’s fine.”

Maybe Roxanne is just as shocked as I am today.
It’s not something we should worry about.

“I was quite surprised Michio. What did you do to the opponent? Even I don’t understand it. The opponents sacrificial misanga was cut, so there must have been at least two attacks. I didn’t think you were just an average adventurer, but that was quite something.”

Gozer is amazed.
Not an average adventurer, I’m not even an adventurer.
I seem to be admired?

“He was a formidable opponent. If I had done any less it might have become dangerous.”
“That woman, Roxanne, also made a show of overwhelming ability. Before the other party comes out, please leave early for today. I was here by chance, but the duke is away today. We will have a detailed discussion about this next time.”

I’m not looking forward to next time.
There’s no way out of it.
For now, I go home.

“Roxanne, are you alright?”

As soon as we arrived at the house, I spoke to Roxanne.
Roxanne is probably in the most shock.

“Yes. I’m alright. Um, what that woman said, don’t worry about it.”
“About the weak man? I’m not worried about that.”

Things like that happen.

“That. Well. About me leading a man around by the nose.”
“I don’t mind.”

I say so, and smile.
It’s a false accusation, though it might be true that the eyes of men looking at Roxanne change.

Roxanne also smiles.
I watch her face.
Are you alright?

That night after going to bed, I heard Roxanne.

“I’ve probably caused trouble for my aunt’s family.”

As the four of us lay there, Roxanne mutters.
Roxanne was a burden for her aunt’s house.
That woman prevented income from going to the aunts house.

Are you worried after all?
It’s not something you should worry about.

“Forget about today.”
“When my uncle approved of me becoming a slave, he added a condition with the slave trader that I could not be sold to members of the wolf tribe. Even though he was a mean uncle, that was to protect me I think.”

If that woman was annoyed with Roxanne to the end, she probably would have bought Roxanne after she became a slave.
Though the uncle reluctantly sold Roxanne, he took strategic precautions.
This may have been the circumstance that Alan the slave trader mentioned.
If there is a condition for not selling to the wolf tribe, you can’t sell her at an auction where anyone might buy her.

“If I think about it, I should express my gratitude to that woman. Without her it wouldn’t have been possible for me to buy Roxanne, so my thanks to her. So don’t worry about things too much.”
“Yes. Thank you.”
“You and I just have to be happy. It’s the best revenge against that woman.”

That’s a proverb from somewhere in Spain.
Living happily is the best revenge.

I lightly embrace Roxanne with one arm, and draw her close.
Roxanne silently lays her head on me.
Her head is on my shoulder.
While feeling the weight, I fell asleep.


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Chapter 104 has been revised.




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