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Maiden of Happiness Liliana 1

This is the beginning of my magic lessons.
The lessons occur in my own room, I move over and set myself next to my desk. In front of me is Sirius-sensei who teaches while standing.

「Magic is the power of miracles. We, the humans were bestowed the power of creation like the God of creation. What is important in magic is a strong wish, in other words, desire」

I guess it’s, sired by desire huh. (Lili pls…)

「Afterwards, the amount of magical power that an individual has determines the outcome of the wish」

Speaking of which, Mina-chan also mentioned something like that.

「The time the Gods lived with the people is called the era of God. When the Gods hid themselves only the name Seirulen was left by the God of creation as his own name and the name of this world. Thus began the history of Seirulen, those who had strong faith in God received stronger power and were called the beloved children of God. These beloved children naturally attracted people towards them and accumulated power which founded the countries. This is what is said in the myths, are you properly remembering this?」

「Of course, Sirius-sensei」

Since I was hearing the myths for the first time, it was a very shocking experience. Especially the blessings of divine protection.

I was an atheist in the previous life.
Rather, instead of atheism, it was more like I accepted everything, like polytheism.
I celebrated Christmas, and also visited shrines.
After all, there was a belief that God resided in everything.
This is too different from my past life.

「In the case of those that weren’t beloved children, those with strong magical power came together and created or obtained a country. Compared to the common people, these people were the upper class, in other words, nobles. This meant that nobles had stronger power and those that were beloved children had even stronger power than those people. This created the situation that the higher your position, the stronger your magical power was. There are also those that are born randomly with high magical power but it is very rare. Magical power is mainly decided by inheritance. Now then, previously I have stated that nobles have stronger magical power, it is said that this Shelfreed kingdom has stronger magical power compared to other countries. Do you know why?」

The royal family of this country has more magical power than other countries? This is due to having a beloved child of god, which is why it makes sense if the King has strong magical power.

However, other countries should also have the same conditions, why does this country have stronger magical power compared to other countries?
Usually while time goes on, the royal blood is thinned, which would cause the magical power to weaken I believe.
What would need to be done in order to preserve the strong magical power?
That is, to prevent the blood from thinning. Making the royal family inbreed in order to prevent the power from weakening is the only thing I can think of.

「Is it inbreeding?」

「No, it is due to being demi-gods」


「What do you mean?」

「It is just like it sounds, in the era of God, the Goddess of beauty, love and fertility gave her divine protection to one boy. This beloved child and the Goddess had a child. That child’s name was Shelfreed, the person who this kingdom is named after. He and his descendants became the rulers of this country, he was a love child born between man and God…a Demigod 」

Love child between man and God!?
What kind of strange answer are you giving here!
That’s not the kind of answer someone would be able to guess.
There’s also the fact that the love child between man and God is the strongest.
There’s no doubt that they had more power compared to the other kingdoms.

「Being the child of God, would that not make Shelfreed a God as well?

Even though he is half human, with the other half being made of a God he should no longer be human right?

「No, Seirulen is the first God and the God of creation, he created the other Gods which are known as the second Gods. Those second Gods led to the creation of the Third Gods or in other words the spirits and humans. We are not Gods. Because the land Goddess of beauty, love and fertility is a second God, rather than being born a God he is a semi-divine human」

I guess there are also things that determine whether or not you become a God.
It seems very complex.

「Having the ancestor being a child of God, or a demigod is not something that can be researched and made certain. However, to become a king he may have needed to be a demigod. It is true that the king of the Shelfreed kingdom has the highest amount of magical power compared to the other countries」

I see.
If that story is true then it makes sense that the magical power is strong.
More importantly, I heard a specific word in there!
Do spirits still exist!?

There’s magic and there’s spirits Seirulen is amazing-desu!!

「Sirius-sensei! Are there spirits in Seirulen?」

「Spirits are everywhere in this world. While the Gods have left and gone into the realm of the Gods, the spirits are still allowed to exist with us because they are not Gods. Besides the God of creation Seirulen they are the only spiritual beings allowed to exist here」

I wanna see! By all means, I would love to see a spirit with these eyes!

…However, he said that they are everywhere. Even though within the eight years that I’ve been born here I have never even seen one?

「Sirius-sensei, what do you need to do in order to see spirits?」

「Spirits come from earth, water, fire, wind, darkness, light, etc. and exist in a variety of places. However, they cannot be normally seen. They can only be seen by a person that has received a blessing. Just as God has given blessings to people, spirits can also bless and protect people. This blessing provides protection as well as strengthens and assists in the use of magic」

「Sirius-sensei, I also want to be blessed by a spirit. What do you need to do in order to receive a blessing?」

Spirits are everywhere, this is definitely the thrill of a fantasy.
I want to receive a blessing, and see the spirits.
With that said, the spirits are a lot like the belief that God resides in everything.

「The way to receive a blessing is not well understood yet. However, those that do get blessed tend to do great things and leave their names in history. This is both good and bad, the theory behind blessings is that spirits are very fickle in nature and will only bless those that will entertain them」

Entertaining the spirits seems pretty difficult.
Also, to provide entertainment to the degree of leaving your name in history, it seems too troublesome.
If the degree of difficulty was lower, I would’ve liked to try to get the blessing and see the spirits.

Of course, that plan is now abandoned.

「What a shame, I wanted to see the spirits」

I deflated onto my desk.

「Don’t be too disappointed, while you may not be able to see the spirits, you should be able to feel them. When you use magic you will be able to sense the changes in the air, and the spirits will change as the air changes」

I raised my body from the desk.

「Then, that means if you don’t use magic and the air changes then a spirit is nearby?」

「That is correct, however in your case Liliana-sama, you should be naturally blessed when the time comes」

I don’t need that kind of comforting.
Even if you say that, I won’t get a big head.
I know my current place.
Thus, I shall put all of my efforts into sensing the spirits.
In my previous life, feeling a chill go up my back like a ghost was there scared me. I wonder if it is something like that?
Anyone can get that kind of feeling.

Well, I think it would be bad to put ghosts and spirits in the same category.

「I’m just wonder but, when did you get your seals removed Liliana-sama? I always feel the presence of magic flowing out of you…」

Seals? What is that??

「Magic is the power that grants wishes, it is your desires. When you are an infant, you are a bundle of desires yet you have no ego yet. Since you do not know what is the difference between right and wrong the magic can go out of control. The higher the magical power of the child, the larger the damage. The seals were created in order to prevent this problem」

「The certainly sounds like a dangerous situation」

Being a child, you get hungry and sleepy. A mass of the three great desires. (Food, sleep,sex)
If something like that used magic, it would be way too scary.
In my case though, I get frustrated thinking that if I had been able to use magic then I might have been able to avoid that shameful era of diapers.

Don’t remember it! Bury your dark history, Liliana!!

「Seals tend to be in the form of daily accessories, once the baby grows in body and mind the seals will be removed when they learn to control their magic. Those who still use their magic unconsciously or can’t control it keep the seals on for their entire life」

「Ah, you mean like the earrings mother and father wear?」

Since those two are always lovey dovey, they have a pair of matching earrings.
The stone in each earring also matches the others eye color, you can tell that they are custom made. Being poor nobles they always wearing simple clothing, causes those earrings to always stand out. Well, the earrings really do suit those two, it is more like the simple clothing that is out of place.

「Those are not seals. Those earrings are a sign of marriage, each side gets one part of a pair in order to represent their marriage」

I guess it’s like a wedding ring from my past life.
Even in this house of poverty, I guess father spent quite a bit of money on it.

「Seals will be accessories other than earrings, such as necklaces or bracelets−」


I’ve remembered!
When I had become a newborn, after I had passed out in surprise there was a necklace place on me.
Once I became 7 and was able to properly speak, I remember mother saying something like ‘Liliana-chan doesn’t need this anymore’, and took it off.
I just thought it was pawned off in order to pay off a debt.
However, if that was a seal, then it was removed before I even learned how to control magic.

If I took one wrong step, wouldn’t it have been a disaster!?


I understand that you are a playful person, but I don’t think this is at the level of just playful.
It’s been a year since it was removed.
Well done staying safe, me! Good job!

「I have an idea of what it was, I had a necklace when I was little. It was removed by my mother when I turned 7. I was given no knowledge of magic, isn’t this dangerous? Sirius-sensei??」

Sirius-sensei had a surprised face for a moment but then went back to his normal stoic face.

「……This was something your mother did, I’m sure there was some reason for it. Well done on staying safe for a year. It would be good to learn everything about magic as soon as possible」

Since sensei had been silent for so long, I assume that this is definitely important.

It is the top priority to learn magic for my own safety.

「Sensei, thank you for your guidance!」


We talked about demigods, spirits, and seals, yet we haven’t touched anything about magic yet??

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