Slave Harem – 107 – Raising Funds

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Raising Funds
(TN: Not to be confused with ‘Fundraising’)

Currently, I have one green magic crystal and one yellow magic crystal at hand.
The green magic crystal is the one I have been working on.
Because I have been accumulating magic in this crystal for a long time now, it will likely turn yellow by the auction.

The yellow magic crystal is the result of merging the magic crystals we obtained from Heinz’s gang.
I have no idea as to how much magic has been accumulated in this crystal because it belonged to the thieves.
It may contain magic equivalent to 200,000 monsters or it may contain magic equivalent to 900,000 monsters.
If I can accumulate magic in this crystal equivalent to 1,000,000 monsters, it will turn into white magic crystal which can be sold for a million Nars. Whether I can do that before the auction or not, there’s no knowing. It’s a gamble.

A guaranteed 100,000 Nars or a probable 1,000,000 Nars?
For now, I enter the enter the labyrinth with yellow magic crystal and start accumulating magic.
Should I change it?
Green magic crystal can easily be turned yellow before the auction and sold for 100,000 Nars but I’m not sure if I can turn yellow magic crystal into white magic crystal and earn a million Nars before the auction.

Not necessarily. I can merge the magic crystals into one.
If the yellow magic crystal doesn’t turn white by the auction, I can merge the crystals into one.
If I had just merged all the crystals into one and worked on yellow magic crystal, it would have turned white by now.

There are still some days left till the auction.
I can definitely earn more money.
If I can’t turn the yellow magic crystal into white magic crystal before the auction, I can just sell the green magic crystal turned yellow for 100,000 Nars. If I feel the need for 1,000,000 Nars, I can merge the crystals into one and then aim for white crystal.
There’s another option. Selling two yellow crystals for 200,000 Nars, that is.

The more the options, the better.
Which means working on green magic crystal is wise.
After the green magic crystal turns yellow, I should leave it as is.
If the yellow magic crystal doesn’t turn white before the auction, I can either sell it for 100,000 Nars or I can work exclusively on it. It’s better to work on it exclusively rather than selling it.

There’s one more problem and that’s skill.
Currently, I have my bonus points invested in experience based skills.
As a result, I had to neglect [Crystallization].
If I intend to earn more money before the auction by selling magic crystals, I have to invest bonus points in [Crystallization].

Auction is held four times a year.
If there’s a chance, I have to grab it.
And to do that, I have to make sure that I’m fully prepared.
I want to become an adventurer as quickly as possible but the situation demands otherwise.

The policy has been decided.
I replace [Increase in Gained Experience] with [Crystallization 64x].
I equip alba and challenge Haruba’s 15th floor.

If earning money is the objective, there’s one more option. And that is to farm whole fish on Bode’s 12th floor.
But there’s no need to go to that extent.
On 16th floor, the maximum number of monsters in a group will increase to five. To accumulate magic quickly in the magic crystals; the higher the floor, the better.

One monster will give me magic equivalent to 64 monsters.

Kaga Michio | Male | 17 years old
Explorer Lv42 | Hero Lv38 | Wizard Lv41 | Monk Lv41
Equipment | Rod of Offerings | Hard Leather Hat | Alba | Dragon Leather Gloves | Dragon Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Roxanne | Female | 16 years old
Warrior Lv26
Equipment | Estoc | Steel Shield | Damascus Steel Forehead Protector | Dragon Leather Jacket | Hard Leather Gloves | Hard Leather Shoes of Willow | Sacrificial Misanga

Sherry | Female | 16 years old
Master Smith Lv32
Equipment | Steel Spear of Power | Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat | Chainmail | Water Resistant Leather Mittens | Hard Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Miria | Female | 15 years old
Diver Lv31
Equipment | Rapier | Iron Shield | Strengthened Hard Leather Hat | Chainmail | Hard Leather Gloves | Hard Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Alba is a knee-length outfit.
An outfit that you can see a father in a church wearing.
And it’s white. It looks like I’m wearing an apron.

I try to fight with the alba equipped.
I finish Sarracenia in three [Fire Ball]s after having taken out Bitch Butterflies in five [Breeze Storm]s.
Because the number of attacks required has decreased, it has been ascertained that alba increases magic power.
It doesn’t make it easy but it does make it easier.

Only an upgrade alone doesn’t reduce the duration of battle.
I must be grateful that an equipment which is not even a weapon was able to, albeit little, increase my magic power.

“I look totally like a wizard now.”
“That’s right. I will have to be more careful with guiding to the monsters.”
“Isn’t it useless to use rod now?”

You don’t see many adventurers and explorers wearing an alba.
I should better be careful.
I will have to depend on Roxanne more than ever.

“Priests and monks wear it, too.”

Like Sherry said, I can deceive people as a priest or a monk.
As long as I don’t encounter Gozer or other members of the order of knights, there will be no problem.
I should better not head outside of the labyrinth with the alba equipped.

Alba is light and can be tied around the waist with a strap. It doesn’t hinder movement.
Even if I use Durandal with the alba equipped, there will be no sense of incongruity.

“Although a monk using a sword looks odd, a monk fighting as a vanguard is fine, right?”
“Yes. Because the more the firepower in attack, the better.”

Roxanne confirms.
That party size is restricted to six, it is not a good idea to reserve a place for healer.
Even a monk can go berserk with a sword, no?

I try staff, too. As expected, the effect of [2x Increase in Intelligence] skill isn’t much different from my Rod of Offerings.

We shortly reach the boss room of Haruba’s 15th floor.
Because the duration of battle has shortened?
Or because of Miria’s enthusiasm?

“So, what kind of monster is Bitch Butterfly boss?”
“Madame Butterfly. It’s basically stronger version of Bitch Butterfly. The chance of paralysis is higher, so we need to be cautious.”

Sherry briefs while we enter the boss room.
Because we never broke through 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth, this is our first time fighting against Bitch Butterfly boss.


Roxanne translates it to Miria.
Teaching her one word at a time is taking long.
Miria has to get familiar with Brahim quickly.

When we enter the boss room, two monsters appear.
A Bitch Butterfly and a Madame Butterfly.
Madame Butterfly has a large eye pattern on its wings.
It looks more like a moth than a butterfly.

There is not much hair on its body.
However, there’s long hair growing around the eye pattern. It looks like eyelashes.
The eyelashes are fascinating. Just like a ‘madame’.

Also, there’s distinct bluish-black eye-line.
Truly a ‘madame’.
As far as the eye pattern is concerned, it looks really like a ‘madame’.

Because it’s a monster, however, it must be pushed down.
I take the accompanying Bitch Butterfly out swiftly and join the attack on the Madame Butterfly.
I attack it cautiously.
I will get paralyzed if I receive Madame Butterfly’s attack.

Well, there’s no way for Roxanne to make such a blunder.
I carefully connect it with Durandal from behind.


Madame Butterfly swings its large wing.
Its wing covers the entire area.
I lower my head to dodge it.
Because I was careful, I was able to dodge it.

Miria seems to be fine, too.
There’s no need to be worried about Roxanne.
Sherry nudges with her spear from a distance, so she should be fine as well.
Everyone seems to be safe.

We switch back to attack.
Our group of four takes the monster out.
Madame Butterfly drops down.
It turns into smoke and dissipates.

“Magic crystal, desu!”

Miria cries excitedly.
Is there really a magic crystal?
I can’t see it but [Appraisal] shows a magic crystal. Miria runs to the magic crystal.

Miria grabs the magic crystal, not the dropped item, and brings it over to me.
It’s a black magic crystal.
How did she notice something that appeared out of nowhere?

“As expected of Miria. Well done.”
“Yes, desu.”

I lightly pat Miria’s head.
It’s unfortunate that I can’t play with her cat ears because she has a hat on.

“Which reminds me, we previously found a magic crystal in a boss room. Are magic crystals easily found in boss rooms?”
“In a boss room, the position where a boss appears is fixed. Also, boss monsters possess more magic.”

Sherry explains.
Respawn point is fixed, indeed.
Because respawn point is fixed, the place where the boss collapses is nearby. It helps the magic to build up at the same point.

The magic of boss monsters is more, huh?
I was of the idea that the rate at which the magic accumulates in a magic crystal is same for every monster but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
Should I undertake another experiment?

“Can we fight against this boss once more?”

After arriving at 16th floor, we retreat back to 15th floor.
When I checked my backpack, the green magic crystal had turned yellow.
This green magic crystal turned yellow in just one day.
As expected, the effect of [Crystallization 64x] is considerable.

Or perhaps it had already accumulated enough magic until now?
With [Crystallization 64x], I will have to kill just 157 monsters to accumulate magic equivalent to 10,000 monsters.
At this rate, white magic crystal doesn’t seem to be a far cry.

“It’s yellow already. As expected of Master.”
“Thank you.”

I put the black magic crystal, which Miria found, in my backpack and put the yellow magic cystal in my Item Box.
I put the newly formed yellow magic crystal carefully in the innermost part of the Item Box.
I have two yellow magic crystals. They may appear same but they are completely different.
I don’t want to make a goofy mistake of forgetting which one is which.

I reduce [Crystallization] to 32x and defeat the boss again.
As to why I didn’t keep it at 64x that’s because there are two monsters to take out in the boss room.
After I take the accompanying Sarracenia out, we finish the Madame Butterfly.

I drop my backpack and check the magic crystal inside.
The crystal had turned purple from red.

“Purple magic crystal already? It’s absurd as always.”

Sherry is surprised.

“Like Sherry said, the boss seems to possess more magic.”
“I did say that defeating one boss is equivalent to defeating many monsters but to get a purple magic crystal by defeating just one boss…”
“It’s to be expected of Master.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“Well, this much is nothing.”

I grab the straw provided to me by Roxanne.
Although I defeated two monsters with [Crystallization 32x], it accumulated magic equivalent to 100 monsters.
It means a boss possesses over twice the magic of a normal monster.

If we assume that Madame Butterfly possessed twice the magic of Sarracenia, then it should have accumulated magic equivalent to 96 monsters with [Crystallization 32x].
However, if magic of 4 monsters was already accumulated in the black magic crystal, which Miria found, then it’s possible for it to turn purple with magic of 96 monsters.

Further investigation will be bothersome.
I can do it but not now.
As to how much magic Madame Butterfly possesses compared to normal monsters, it can be accurately calculated.
If magic equivalent to 100 monsters can be accumulated, I can keep on killing boss monsters until the magic crystal turns white.

Wait a minute. When you kill 100 monsters, does the crystal turn blue or purple?
There is no such level as 30 monsters or more.
Even if there is, I won’t bother testing it.
In any case, turning the yellow magic crystal into white magic crystal before the auction seems to be possible with [Crystallization 64x].

“So, which monster appears on Haruba’s 16th floor?”
“Ah, umm… the monster native to Haruba’s 16th floor is Clamshell. It does not use poison attack but its attack may inflict paralysis. It also splashes water as long-range attack. It’s not water magic, however. It’s considered physical attack. It also has digestive property. It’s resistant to fire magic. Earth magic is its weakness.”

Sherry briefs with dissenting expression.

“Shell powder, was it?”

The item dropped by Clamshell is shell powder.
I won’t have to buy it from now on.

“They are resistant to fire magic like Bitch Butterflies. This is 16th floor, however, so we have to avoid Sarracenias. Roxanne, search for places with few monsters.”

I ask of Roxanne to guide us.
Fire magic is the weakness of Sarracenias while Bitch Butterflies and Clamshells are resistant to fire magic.
If there are more Sarracenias, we will have to finish them first but that will make things difficult.
Because Bitch Butterflies and Clamshells are resistant to fire magic, the overall battle will be longer.

Onward from 16th floor, the maximum number of monsters in a group is five.
Ideally, there should be no more than two Sarracenias in a group.
Roxanne can take on one of them. Because there will be one more, there’s a chance of receiving attack.
But the duration of battle will be shorter.

However, Sarracenia is native to 14th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth. Because there’s a difference of two floors, there shouldn’t be too many Sarracenias here.
Even if there are Sarracenias in a group, they should be in minority.
We shouldn’t face much trouble.

“Umm… Pig Hogs are resistant to earth magic.”

Sherry points out.
They are?
We encounter a group of three Clamshells and two Pig Hogs.

It’s my job to consider various combinations and appropriate magic.
Similarly, Roxanne’s job is to guide us to suitable locations.
Roxanne’s job is difficult.

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