Alice Tale ~ Chapter 36 ~ Royal Capital Sentoria

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Royal Capital Sentoria

On the fourth day in the afternoon, we reached the Royal Capital
Although we had reached our destination in three days, we arrived late at night and the day was unfortunately over. Especially, as it is said that no one enters the city in the middle of the night.
Nevertheless, the Royal Capital is splendid as expected.
Even the gate stands out from the road.
The huge fortified city is being surrounded by castle walls as far as I can see.
This doesn’t mean that the residential areas in and out of the city walls are completely divided.
Those people staying out of city walls seem to be those who work primarily in the agricultural sectors or the primary sectors.
There is not much worth in sightseeing in the rural landscape other than the moving waterwheel and the feeding livestock. If you see the scenery as you travel towards the castle walls, you will understand. The residential areas out of the city walls are also surrounded by a wooden fortress. It’s not really a complete castle wall though.
But, it resembles the towns I have visited.

By the way, it is possible to travel to all the way outskirts of the castle walls for free. However, if you wish to pass through the castle walls, it is a must to pay the passage fee.
It costs 100 rook per person.
It seems to be under the pretence of the castle walls’ maintenance.
We received the 1 month free entry coupon,
I better make sure not to lose this, little by little our expenses are….

「Ojou-sama. This is the Aluceid kingdom royal capital. Sentoria」

As usual, Where am I?
As if she expected my question, she explains to me without me asking anything.
As expected,the origin of the name comes from a special product.
As expected, the red light district is still flourishing.
The streets were filled with the largest crowds i have ever seen in this world
The neatly lined up buildings, made of stones and bricks, many of them are of refined and graceful taste.
Even so, as I thought, building made of wood makes up the majority of the buildings though.
But, the street is laid firmly with rocks.

「Alicee, Choose that lodgings over there. I will go and sell the horses and the carriages.」

Til pointed to the lodging signboard as she speaks.

「Eh!? You are selling them?」
「Aren’t we going to be setting down in the royal capital for a little while? If that’s the case, it is better to have lesser baggages. In addition, taking care of them is going to be troublesome.」
「I… I see.」

I unintentionally look at the horses.
It’s round eyes seems really cute.

「I see. The next owner will also love you too.」

I caress the two horses whom I have made friends with.
After which, I gave each horse each one of the remaining rinnals.
*munch munch* as the horses stuff their cheeks.

「You seem really lively. Tarou, Jirou」
「……They have names now?」
「I just gave them.」
「That’s right. Ojou-sama’s naming sense is very unique.」
TL: this is a very polite sentence from IIya.

Although it is regretful, I took only the necessary luggage from the carriage and sold the rest.

「Don’t you worry.I will not mistake the selling place.」

Til smiled bitterly at the worried-looking me as she answered.


I am really okay, I guess?
I clasp my hands together to wish for the well-being of the horses who are being pulled at the reins by Til.
So after that, I immediately chose the lodgings and brought the luggages into the room.
As one would expected there are no rooms that can fit 4 person. Therefore, I chose 2 twin rooms.
The lodging expenses is 200 rook per person.
Well, the Royal Capital is a little more expensive as compared to Rufin. But, it can’t be helped.
The segregation of the rooms is me and Saira.
IIya and Til.

By the way, how’s everyone relationship going?
When we were resting in our room respectively, I suddenly became concerned.

「Say, Saira? How do you find Til?」

Since IIya calls her that, it become like that huh.

「She is an elf. Although this is my first time seeing, I am really thankful for it.」

Saira whose eyes were sparkling answered lively.
I see. It seems like there are no problem at all.

「So, what about IIya?」
「Ehh!? Erm… Sometimes she looks terrifying nya.. The cutlery in the bar… 」
TL note: IIya stab through the gaps of the guy’s fingers in the bar when he tried to pick Alice up.

Did such a thing happen?

「It’s.. It’s different. Really different! I find that she is a great person. However, I find it difficult to approach her. She is just too perfect.」

IIya, hard to approach huh..?
Certainly, she has the feeling of a flawless beauty, however…

「Fumu. Certainly, that girl has her malicious moments. Therefore she probably needs some scolding..」
「No. I believe that’s is only reserved for Alice-san. Basically, IIya is kind.」

What’s the meaning of this malicious intents primarily targeted at me.

「Eto.. Uhmm. Alice-san.. I… love you nya.」

Hu… Huh?
It seems like I am being confessed by a girl….(ED: beginnings of a Yuri harem?)

「I.. I see. Thank you. I am really happy. 」

However, when I was cooling off my head a little from the girl-to-girl relationship. But to say that you hold some feelings of attraction to me.
No matter what, by my guys’s feelings, I am completely captured so I am not trouble.
「Em.. Embarrassing nya. 」
「Although there is nothing to be shy about.」

I caress her head and her neko ears.
What a blissful touch.
After I enjoyed that feeling for a while, I finally released Saira.
Saira collapsed onto the bed faced down and completely hid her head under the pillow.
I guess I played with her too much.
For now, I sat down on the chair in the room and tried taking out the money from the leather bag.
Even though buying a house is unreasonable, i must lease a house for lodging fees are expensive.
Within the 8 gold coins I posses, there are some bronze coins.
It seems like I have spent almost 3 gold coins.
Travel expenses and clothes are purchases that are necessary, therefore, it can’t be helped.
However, we have become a large family so just like that 1 gold coin seems to vanish.
In a family of 4, it’s normally unreasonable to spend 3 gold coin in a year.
Circumstances have been fairly tough.
Hypothetically speaking, with your own house, if one does not travel a lot, and not eating out everyday and save by having home made meals… Well, personally, I do not dislike it but … now it has become a must.
Of course, luxury goods are unjustifiable.
Also the loss of 1 gold coin is painful but as expected if I have 8 gold coins, it will be alright for now.
Let’s go and save it up in the guild.


If I were to win, I will gain a sizeable sum of money.
From what I had heard the opening period is about 1 week.
During that period, I must gather information.
Firstly… the guild??

「Saira, I will be stepping out for a bit. Saira can also move around freely till evening. 」


「Are you carrying money?」
「I am okay. i am carrying a bit」
「I see, let’s meet up at this room in the evening. 」
「Please take care! Alice-san」

I lightly wave back at her and left the room
Okay! What shall I do now?
After being with me for a while, Ilya is also tired and wishes to stretch out in the bed.

As I knocked on the next door, Ilya immediately came out.

「Ojou-sama , where are you going? 」
「I am thinking of going to the guild. Although I had told Saira, but Ilya is also free to move about till evening. 」
「If that’s the case, I will also be with Ojou-sama. Is there anything you don’t understand?」

I think I seem awfully unreliable.
No less than than Onee-chan’s excessive care?
One thing or another, as Shion-san let me go out to the street alone.

「It’s okay! I am also Til’s disciple. I will not be defeated easily. 」
「No, It’s not about that. I say that Ojou-sama has a little too much openings… Thanks to your feminine charm, I am worried for you.」
「It’s about that!?」
「There are various kinds of danger in the city, Ojou-sama.」
「It seems like you are preaching to a kid!?」

My self awareness of being a female huh…
If my feminine side grows, my masculine side weakens. Therefore my spirit seems to be collapsing.

「At any rate, I am moving alone today. Is that okay, Ilya?」
「*Kusu*, yes my lady」
TL: *short laugh*

I guess she was alerted and quickly concedes to my request.

「… Is Ilya going anywhere? I will pass you some money in advance.」
「I see. I guess I wish to check out the current situation of the royal capital. On the way here, there are some troubling reports. 」

About war huh..
It certainly cannot be disregarded.
If Ilya checks for me, it will be a great help.

「As I don’t have any loose change, I will pass u a gold coin in advance.」
「Ojou-sama trusts me too much that it’s dangerous.」

Ilya smiles bitterly at me as she took the coin.
「If anything happens, my eyes will get cloudy. Please help yourself.」
「……Ojou-sama, sometimes you say things that made me startled」

I reflexively reach out my hands towards the slightly blushing Ilya’s beautiful face
I cupped her glossy cheeks with my outstretched hands.

「……If you betray me, I will punish you, you know? 」*love*
「I am looking forward to it a little.」

Although it’s regretful, she replaced me and left the house.
After that small incident, the atmosphere seems to become weird.

―――― and the incident escalated quickly after I left the left the room moving towards the guild
Ahhh, Ilya is going to be mad….

「Hora!! Please hurry! THE THIEF IS ESCAPING!」
「Ehhh.. Okay.」

Why is it that even though I was not requested, I still chase the thief.
I reach out to the girl wearing a expensive looking dress with a eye catching characteristic pink hair.
Her hair done in a bun to the side.
How should I say. From my one-sided knowledge of present times, that girl certainly.. a noble?
This development is indescribable.. but for now.

「Hey. i am Alice. May I know you name?」
「I am sorry. My name is Francesca Will.. Ahh, No. It’s Francesca 」
More suspicious than a thief.
「Francesca sama? Nice to meet you.」

「It’s okay to address me normally, Alice. Well, please take care of me」

As it is, I can’t understand the situation at all. In order to chase the thief, we ran through the back alleys of the royal capital.

At that time, curiously I felt that it is not a smart move…

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