Slave Harem – 109 – Apron

And finally, here’s second Slave Harem chapter for the week.
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I put on the apron, which I bought from a clothing store in Quratar, and fry the whole fish.
It’s called ‘apron’ but not a shred of ‘cute’ can be found. It is focused on practicality.
As long as it’s I who puts it on, it’s alright.

After I carry the dish to the table, we start eating.
As always, the whole fish tatsuta-age is amazing.

“It’s boring to eat the same thing every time we celebrate breaking through a floor.”

When Roxanne translates it, Miria looks at me with sorrowful eyes.
No tears?
I opted to start this topic when there was enough whole fish tatsuta-age in the dish.

“I-I didn’t mean it like that. It is certainly delicious but it won’t remain delicious if we eat it all the time.”
“…Bread crumbs, desu.”

After pondering over it for a while, Miria speaks.
Fish fry?
If I remember correctly, I made it back when Miria joined us.

“That, huh? Then how about whole fish fry on next celebration?”
“It will be good, I think.”
“Yes, I look forward to it.”

I obtain Roxanne’s and Sherry’s agreement.

“Eat, desu!”

Miria’s eyes brighten up.
Now livened up, she bites into the tatsuta-age.
She looks really happy.

Even though we have agreed upon what to make on next celebration, Miria still droops her shoulders after eating last piece.
That’s not enough to make up for this, I guess.

Next morning. After having breakfast, I head to the merchants guild alone.
I ask Roxanne to do the laundry and cleaning.
I don’t want to go to Luke now but I have to.

Can’t I just say that I’m far away and can’t come back? No, this excuse is not valid for this world.
Because adventurers can use [Field Walk].
It’s arguable whether it’s a convenient ability or not.
And then there’s the question of where is this place I currently am.

I jump to the waiting room of the merchants guild and call Luke.
I was praying for him to suddenly fall ill but he appears right after.
It didn’t work.

“Here is the Butterfly Monster Card.”

I was led to the meeting room and shown the monster card.

“Indeed. I want to fuse it simultaneously with Kobold Monster Card. Is Kobold Monster Card still not available?”
“There’s nothing to buy at 4,000 Nars. If you want to buy it right now, the price can go as high as 5,000 Nars.”
“Okay then, Kobold Monster Card for 5,000 Nars.”

Someone appears and places a purchase order for Kobold Monster Card.
Previous price was 5,200 Nars, so it seems to have gone down.
Because there’s no immediate need for [Wind Resistance], 5,000 Nars is too much.

“Understood. Lately, there are many people looking for Kobold Monster Card. Do you know why? Because of [MP Absorption]. We have received many orders for Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card. The price of Kobold Monster Card will most likely go up, so it may get difficult.”

Which reminds me, Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card was quite expensive when I came here for the first time and placed the order. There has been no news ever since.
[MP Absorption] skill is acquired by simultaneously fusing Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card and Kobold Monster Card.
Did that person, who placed the order for Kobold Monster Card, intends to attach [MP Absorption] skill to their weapon?

“Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant, huh?”
“It was exhibited the other day and sold for quite high.”
“But the price of Kobold Monster Card fell. Is Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card a waste?
“In the auction, many Kobold Monster Cards are exhibited but their use is restricted. Other monster cards can be used readily, so master smiths buy them immediately.”

I see.
Many Kobold Monster Cards appear but not all of them are bought.
They should exhibit same number of Kobold Monster Cards as Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card.

Whether Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant Monster Cards are more or less, people will try to get their hands on them.
Therefore, if you exhibit limited cards, it will stimulate demand.

“I get it. It’s not wise to go for Scissoresque Carnivorous Plant at the moment. For now, I’ll just wait-and-see.”

I have yet to find a Damascus steel sword with empty skill slots.
I’ll first test the effect with a steel sword.

“Very well. Also, there’s a summon for you from the order of Harz knights.”

There’s a summon after all.

“…Now that you mention it, have you heard any rumors about a certain family?”

I nod slightly and try to change the topic.
I believe that I didn’t have an unpleasant expression about my face.
Because I had made up my mind beforehand.
So it’s alright, hopefully.

“A certain family?”

It’s not confirmed to be Baradam family yet.
So there’s no need to mention the family’s name.

“They seem to be in financial crisis, so a lot of equipment with skills are flowing into the market.”
“Is there any particular equipment you’re looking for?”
“I was just informing you. I have already purchased some equipment.”
“Thank you and be careful.”

After Luke sees me off, I leave the merchants guild.

Next morning. We return from the labyrinth as it’s about time.
I always visit the Harz duchy at this time.
There’s no choice but to go.

“I’ll head to the Bode castle now. I ask of you three to prepare breakfast.”
“Please be careful.”
“Okay, desu.”

Luke must have already told the Duke that he has conveyed the message.
Therefore, I can’t afford to not go.
Also, even if I delay it, I won’t be able to get away with it.

Actually, if I delay it, the Duke’s memory may fade.
So then, should I go tomorrow?
Or the day after tomorrow?

“Are you not going?”

Sherry asks the indecisive me.

“I’m just preparing myself.”
“Is that so?”

Somehow, her voice felt cold.
No, her eyes. Her eyes felt cold.
Sherry understands my predicament.

Damn it!
Because I have to go, I said that I’m going.
Now that I have said I’m going, I can’t but go.
I [Warp] through the wall of the living room.

“Are the Duke and Gozer-dono there?”
“They’re inside, I think.”

I jump to the lobby of the Bode castle.
When I inquire a member of the order of knights, I receive a hopeless answer.
Well, I didn’t expect them to not be here in the first place.

The knight makes way for me to enter.
They don’t seem to be wary enough of a stranger.

It’s because of the Duke, I guess.
Since the Duke has permitted me to enter.
Well, it’s better than the tradition of not allowing an adventurer to enter the throne room.

I halt in front of the working room.
I take a deep breath in.
I make up my mind and knock.

“Michio here.”

Comes Gozer’s voice upon which I enter.
The Duke is sitting on the chair while Gozer is standing in front of the desk, fiddling with some papers.

“Oh, Michio-dono? I heard from Gozer about the affair from the other day. Great victory it was.”
“Not at all.”

Right off the bat, eh?

“To win without even using a sword — incredible.”
“As expected of the person I rate highly. Even gozer couldn’t see your movement.”
“Yes. Although I know you did something, I have no idea what you did.”

Because Gozer isn’t Lv99, I can’t show it to him.
But I can’t say that.

“Oh well, why don’t you show it to Gozer?”

Such pressure.

“I have heard about your opponent, too. Sabo Baradam is quite an expert. Although people’s opinion of him as a person isn’t exactly good, he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to ability.”
“But you took him out just like that. You should be proud.”

I can’t but withstand this.

“But I want to hear as to exactly how you defeated him. Well, it shouldn’t be a secret, right?”
“I’m sorry.”

Because I was being patient, the Duke tries to take advantage.
It’s time to put my foot down.

My assassination art is a secret, hereditary art.
No one but the chosen one can know about it.

“Like I thought. Oh well, it can’t be helped then. Only a fool would show his cards.”
“It’s a matter of course for top explorers and adventurers.”

Gozer joins in for some reason.
I’m glad.
In this world, revealing your techniques is considered foolish, it seems.
If others copy it, you’ll become weaker.

What your techniques are, only you should know.
Even when you impart it, you impart it to your children or a selected few disciples.
It’s common sense in this world.

“I also heard that the woman who fought before Michio-dono was tremendously strong. Did you teach her your techniques?
“Of course. That she was able to fight like that, it’s only natural for her to have learned Michio-dono’s arts.”

So Roxanne is strong even in Gozer’s eyes, huh?

“Not at all.”
“Now that you mention it, her fighting style was to keep the opponent close.”
“I see. So it was like that.”

‘You learn, without realizing it, from what is around you.’
However, it’s different.

“She is special.”

The Duke becomes interested.
Not Roxanne!

Absolutely not!
It’s impossible!
Even if you offer Cassia in exchange… it’s impossible!
Not Sherry, too. Miria, neither.

The Duke grins.
I glare at him.
I don’t want this topic to go on any further.

“Err… Michio-dono, the Palmasque mirrors, which we purchased from you, we have gifted to two influential figures of the territory. Their opinion of the mirrors was quite favorable.”

Reading the mood between the Duke and me, Gozer tries to change the topic.
As expected of Gozer.
The man of the world. (TN: Someone who is highly experienced/wise.)
He must be struggling under the Duke.

“That’s great.”
“And we have already decided to gift one more mirror to someone.”
“That’s right.”

Gozer nods and the Duke confirms.
They don’t tell me who that someone is, though.
Well, it’s not like I particularly want to know.

“We would like to keep using Palmasque mirrors, decorated with frames made in Talem, as gifts. Therefore, we would like to replenish three mirrors which we have already dispensed. Can you please do it?”

So the reason I was called for was Palmasque mirrors?

“Thank you for your patronage.”

I accept the order.
I need money for the auction.
There’s no reason to decline.

“There’s no rush, though. You can bring one mirror at a time like you did previously. Also, we won’t mind two or three mirrors in excess.”

They didn’t pursue the matter of the duel any further and placed the order. That’s already good enough for me.
‘The fear of danger is more than the danger itself.’
This is such a world.
I return home in pleasant mood.

I didn’t go to the amber merchant, nor Palmasque. I went straight to the Imperial Capital.
It was the day agreed with the clothing store in the Imperial Capital.
I went there a little before the evening.
I received the aprons and returned.

“It looks great. Thank you very much.”
“It’s very well made.”
“Lovely, desu.”

When I arrive at home, the three of them receive their aprons.
They frolickly check their aprons out.
They seem to like the aprons.

The apron tailored by the clothing store of the Imperial Capital is generously frilled. It looks lovely.
The hem of the silk apron is delicately laced.
Also, although there’s no lace in the apron made of ordinary fabric, it looks pretty nonetheless.

“Wear this while cooking. The food will be even tastier.”
“But it will be bad if it gets stained. It’s silk after all.”
“Silk apron is not for use in the kitchen.”

I answer the rational Sherry’s concern.

“Then where do I use it?
“Silk apron is for use in the bedroom. It’s a tradition there where I came from. You wear an apron when you cook. Therefore, in the bedroom, you will wear nothing but the apron and serve me the ‘food’. I want all three of you to do that.“

It’s not a wrong interpretation of the apron. I think so, at least.
It’s a tradition.

“Oh, is that so? Then I’ll try it tonight.”
“Nothing but the apron?”
“Do it, desu.”

Roxanne and Miria seem to be up for it.

After having dinner, I wash their bodies with warm water and head to the bedroom.
It feels like the wedding night.
While my heart was aflutter, the door opens.

Even though I washed their bodies just now.
Well, that is that, this is this.
There’s always another stomach for dessert.


Dessert, indeed.
When they enter the room, I let out such a sound subconsciously.

“How does it look?”

Asks what appears to be Roxanne’s figure. I can see her body yet I can’t. ‘Don’t cover your head and leave your bottom exposed.’ Her big breasts are concealed yet they’re not. ‘Genius displays even in childhood.’
The volume of her mounds pushes the apron from underneath, and expands the gap between the apron and her skin even further.
Although the top of her chest is covered with the white apron, the swelling which is pushing from the sides is emphasizing the size of her chest.


One word is enough.

“Thank you very much.”
“Sherry looks great, too.”

The force of the apron covering Sherry’s petite body is tremendous.
She looks just like a child wife.

“I’m a little embarrassed.”

This shy expression of hers is the best!

“It looks great on Miria, too.”
“Yes, desu.”

I would like to see the place where this bluish tail is coming from.
The apron’s compatibility with cat ears is preeminent.
The contrast between the frilled shoulder straps and the laced hem is irresistible.

I want to eat them!

“Umm… Master, please eat to your liking.”

Now that Roxanne has said so, how can I not eat?
This world is a paradise.
The promised land flowing with milk and honey.

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