Slave Harem – 110 – Cat’s Eye

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Cat’s Eye

I wake up pleasantly fatigued.
I’m languid on this fine morning.
There’s residual passion from last night.

I must make a correction.
It was main course, not dessert.
It has been a long time since I last activated Sex Maniac.
Because it was main course, I couldn’t help it.

I doze off for a while to soak the sweet aftertaste in.
Eventually, the pink haze fades away.
At the same time, Roxanne kisses me.

N-Not good.
Even though it took so long for the lingering scent to go away.
Even though it’s an every morning thing, it’s not good this time.
Last night, I drifted off to sleep without cancelling Sex Maniac. I want to push her down right now.

Roxanne’s soft lips and smoothly moving tongue both are sweet.
It’s stimulating my sensuality.
I desperately endure the desire for sex which is overcoming me.

But I hold out.
Followed by Roxanne’s, I endure Sherry’s and Miria’s lips.
I’m a man of steel.

“Good morning, desu.”
“Good morning, Miria.”

I let go of Miria and get up.
Because I said that I would eat them, is that why it feels awkward?
Oh well, it’s not like we don’t do this every morning.

“Yes, desu.”
“Not good.”

Miria brings my clothes over as usual.
I decide to cut off the temptation and get dressed up.
There are things to be done today.
I throw my feelings aside. It’s a new day.

After having dressed up, we move to the labyrinth.
We seem to have gotten accustomed to Haruba’s 16th floor.
The number of attacks received has decreased. Things have settled down.

Although I said ‘decreased’, it doesn’t mean ‘zero’.
Because the duration of battles is longer, it’s still difficult.
The three in the front take on a group of monsters.
Roxanne exchanges an attack with a monster. Sherry thrusts her spear. Miria stabs with her rapier.

I cast spells from the back.
Three Clamshells drop down with sixth [Sand Storm].
When you take out first batch of monsters, it becomes easier afterward.
Everyone surrounds the remaining Bitch Butterfly and finishes it off.

Next group comprises three Bitch Butterflies and two Clamshells.
It is unusual to have more Bitch Butterflies.
I use wind spells to take out Bitch Butterflies whose weakness is wind magic.

“Here it comes.”

Roxanne’s voice resounds.
The Clamshell spits water.
Roxanne dodges it with ease.

To be honest, ranged attacks are not that big of a threat.
Roxanne dodges all of the attacks from the front.
Unfortunately, the long-ranged attack of Clamshell isn’t considered a magic skill, so the casting delay is non-existent.

Monsters approach from the front.
Three Bitch Butterflies and a Clamshell.
There’s another Clamshell in the second row.
Orange magic formation appears under a Bitch Butterfly in the front.


Sherry pokes her spear into the Bitch Butterfly immediately after I call out to her.
She cancels its skill with [Incantation Interruption] skill of her weapon.

“Here it comes.”

Roxanne tilts her neck immediately after announcing that.
While tilting her neck, she takes on the Bitch Butterfly’s attack with her shield.
Water gushes in from there where Roxanne’s head was supposed to be.
When the water breaks off, Roxanne straightens her neck and moves to the right, and exchanges an attack with the Clamshell.

The attack seemed to be from the Clamshell in the second row.
While confronting two monsters in the front, she fended off the attack from the Clamshell in the second row.
Roxanne is terrifying as ever.

I take out the Bitch Butterflies in six [Breeze Storm]s.
It may have become easier but that doesn’t mean we can drop our guard.
That said, it’s rare for us to receive attacks in case of two monsters.
Without much trouble, I finish the two bivalves off with a [Sand Storm].

“I’ll be using sword now.”

Because my MP has decreased, I pull out Durandal and instruct Roxanne.
Since I don’t cast spells when I use Durandal, any combination of monsters is fine.
I haven’t changed the style of my swordfight.

To take out a monster, I can simply use spells until the monster closes in and then finish it off with sword.
Inflicting some damage using spells is better than doing nothing.
Also, I’m prioritizing crystallization over experience at the moment.
Therefore, I should complement Durandal with magic.

As to why I’m not doing so is because I have already issued instructions and it will get confusing if I modify the instructions.
When I use Durandal, the efficiency of acquiring experience drops.
Considering the efficiency of acquiring experience, it’s better to use Durandal only for the purpose of recovering MP.
[Rush] is quite useful nevertheless.

It’s logical to recover MP using Durandal and use that MP to cast spells.
When I use Durandal, the duration of battles lengthens.
Consequently, the experience acquired in a given time decreases.

So far, I haven’t been using magic along with sword but now, I have to obtain a white magic crystal before the auction.
Still, it’s better not to change instructions every time.
If she asks for the reason, it’ll be hard for me to explain.

Next is the matter concerning jobs.
Four jobs is the limit while using Durandal and [Crystallization 64x].
If possible, I want to use three jobs.
While using sword, I can cancel Wizard job and activate Warrior.

In short, I can’t use magic while using Durandal.
Durandal is for the sole purpose of recovering MP.

“Understood. This way.”

Roxanne guides us to next location.
We normally walk while traversing through the labyrinth but break into a run when we spot monsters.
If we wait for too long, we might receive a ranged attack.
Since I’m not using magic at the moment, the group of monsters comprises two Clamshells, a Bitch Butterfly and a Sarracenia.

Roxanne slants to her side and rushes diagonally, and slashes at a Clamshell.
Taking the enemies on from the centre is riskier.
Whittle them down from the wings.

I invoke [Rush].
I receive a body slam from a Clamshell and return the favor with a strike.
Roxanne and Miria take on a monster each, too.
Sherry is nudging with her spear from the back.

The Clamshell opens its shell.
Its mouth opens wide. There’s no sign of water.
It bites me.
I barely evade it.

When it opens its shell, you have to first be careful of water and then evade its bite.
Even though its movement is excessive while biting, it’s not easy to deal with.
It feels like a feint.

I invoke [Rush] again and take the Clamshell out.
Next is the Sarracenia.
This one is troublesome because it uses digestive fluid.
I use [Rush] in rapid succession and finish it off nonetheless.

Using [Rush], I take the Bitch Butterfly out.
I attack the last Clamshell, which Roxanne was confronting, from behind.
Roxanne is terrifying.

The Clamshell opens its shell.
Roxanne maneuvers the upper half of her body and dodges the water.
Brilliantly dodged.
All the party members surround the Clamshell and finish it off.

“I have fought a lot of Clamshells yet I’m unable to understand the pattern of its attack.”
“I know, right?”
“When it opens its shell, I don’t know if it’s going to bite or spit water.”
“Umm… when it spits water, it opens its shell like this; when it bites, it opens its shell like this.”

Roxanne explains.
Therefore, it’s impossible to understand.
I look at Sherry. She’s puzzled just as well.

“Can you distinguish between different attacks of a Clamshell, Miria?”
“She can try next time to distinguish, she says.”

In other words, she doesn’t know.

“Try best, desu.”
“I see. That’s great.”

Rather than giving up on her, I raise her spirit.
After returning from the labyrinth and having breakfast, I take out the amber necklace.
It has been a long time since I last took it out.

“Amber, desu.”
“Do you know about it?”
“Miria rarely found it where she used to live but when she fished in the north sea, she often caught it instead of fish. Everyone except Miria used to get excited upon catching it instead of fish.”

But Miria gets more excited upon catching fish.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
“Beautiful, desu.”
“If there’s one that suits Miria, I’ll buy it.”
“Buy, desu.”

She seems to be pleased somewhat.
But not as pleased as she tends to be upon the mention of fish.
Choosing which fish to buy used to be cumbersome.

“Are we going to Palmasque?”

Sherry immediately realizes what I intend to do.

“That’s right. I have received an order for three mirrors.”
“Well then, Roxanne.”
“Yes. Thank you very much.”

I put the necklace around Roxanne’s neck.
The amber necklace is shining on Roxanne’s chest.
So much so that I want to grab it.

Just like you grab a white peach.
And rip your finger into its soft pulp.
Just like I did last night from the side of the apron.

This sexual desire is due to Sex Maniac.
I wonder if it was a bad decision to keep it when I went to sleep.
Usually, I’m not this desirous of sex. Surely. Probably.

I put Sherry’s necklace around her neck and head out.
First up is the amber merchant in Bode.
I jump to Bode’s adventurers guild.


When I enter the building next to the adventurers guild, there was an old man with cat ears.
The same old merchant.

“Sorry for bothering you.”
“Not at all, not at all. I have been waiting for you.”
“Can I get some amber ores?”
“Of course, it’s available now.”

He seems to remember me.
And amber seems to be available, too.

“If there’s an amber necklace that suits her, I’ll be buying it.”

I put my hand on Miria’s shoulder.
It’s not wise, however, to expend unnecessarily now that the auction is close.
But I can’t afford for only Miria to not have a necklace.

If I can sell amber ores and mirrors, the profit can offset the cost of the necklace.
So it’s fine.
And there’s a possibility that the magic crystal will turn white.
I am hunting with [Crystallization 64x]. I’ll manage it somehow.

“Certainly. Here, have a seat, please.”
“Thank you.”

The old man with cat ears urges the four of us to sit.
The old merchant brings the amber.

“I can provide you with twelve amber ores of the same quality as last time.”
“I’ll buy all twelve.”
“Thank you very much. And here is the necklace.”

The old man brings amber necklaces.
Woah! So many.
Because I have already done business with him in the past, is that why he thinks I’m a valued customer?
He puts some in front of Roxanne and Sherry as well.

No, don’t.
Roxanne and Sherry already have theirs.
Roxanne doesn’t seem to be enchanted.
Sherry is just appraising the product. Is that it?

“Wow, desu.”
“There are too many necklaces, I think.”
“Beautiful, desu.”

It’s good for Miria to be excited but…
The three of them are staring fixedly.
They are checking the necklaces out.
Will it be alright?

“Miria likes this one.”

Ah, Roxanne has come back to her senses.
She puts the amber necklace on Miria’s chest.
It’s fine as long as she doesn’t put it on her chest.
It was a good idea to have had them put their necklaces on beforehand.

“What’s best about this necklace?”
“She has a keen eye. This is one of our prided necklaces. It boasts the amber jewel of the highest grade.”

Asks Sherry. The old merchant answers.

“It’s clear and radiant.”
“It’s rare to obtain such an amber. It’s the best we have received in past couple of years.”
“There’s a tint of red as well.”
“People get their hands on such an amber once in a decade. Furthermore, there are multiple jewels of such an impeccable quality in this necklace.”
“Then it must be quite expensive.”
“Not at all. This one costs around 70,000 Nars but we can offer you a discounted price of 69,800 Nars.”

It’s expensive. Very.

“The one which is a bit mild will suit Miria more, I think.”

Sherry puts the necklace back.
She’s well aware of the objective.
She wasn’t having a friendly chat with the old merchant.
She seems to be in her senses, too.

“That’s right. Then how about this necklace?”

The old man takes out another necklace.
Rustling sound could be heard from behind the counter.

“There’s more?”

If it were there, he should have shown it when I asked for a necklace.
I’m sure he lined up those necklaces on the table in front of Roxanne and Sherry to force a sale.

“Red, pink, yellow, white; this necklace comprises amber jewels of various colors. When it’s put on, it resembles a cat’s eye. Therefore, I would like you to buy this one for this catkin lady.”

Was that a pun?
The old man passes the necklace to Miria.

“Beautiful, desu.”

Well, the necklace is indeed an interesting one, with amber jewels of different colors.
Not bad.
Miria puts it around her neck.

“Doesn’t it look good?”
“I does look good.”

Roxanne and Sherry approve.

“Because it’ll be in care of someone from catkin tribe, I’ll give this to you for a discounted price of 45,000 Nars.”

Is this price reasonable?

“So, what do you say?”

When I ask Miria, hoping for her to decline, she was hesitating.
Her expression tells me that she likes it.

I confirm Sherry’s expression as well.
The price of 45,000 Nars is same as the price of her necklace.
Is Sherry fine with it?

“Then I would like to buy it.”
“Thank you very much. Including the amber ores and considering the fact that there’s a lady from catkin tribe with you, the total amount to pay shall be 38,200 Nars.”

Isn’t that the same excuse from a while ago?
The reason he gave for 30% discount is same as the reason he gave for the original discount.
So, was 45,000 Nars really a reasonable price?
Or did he foresee 30% discount and quoted higher price from the onset?

It’s not inferior to Roxanne’s and Sherry’s necklaces in the slightest.
Such a thing, huh?

“It’s good, isn’t it, Miria?”
“Yes, desu.”
“This small case for the amber ore, made in Talem, is a gift for our dear customer.”

I pay the amount and receive the goods.
Because I was the one who gave him the idea of using cases made in Talem, he gifts one to me.

“Miria, keep the necklace on.”
“Okay, desu. Thank you, desu.”

Miria bows.
She seems to be pleased with it, so it’s money well spent.

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