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Chapter 23 INN

—- I, Hiragi Seiichi was not liked by creatures on Earth.

Humans, of course, but even the dogs and cats (didn’t like me).


If I got close to cats or dogs, they would threaten me with erect hair, or bark like crazy. Most likely, it was because of my smell….. I wanted to think it was that.


But, such a reaction was fine until then, but when I got close and they fainted I still felt like crying a bit remembering.…… I even killed a Clever monkey with my odor.


Well right now Saria is following me happily, in short I was marked as someone to be hated by animals in the past. Of course I thought of Kenji and the guys as friends, they didn’t hate me…… Un, that’s what I want to believe.


Well, I could continue with how hated I was but, I basically loved cats and dogs. And I wanted to take a walk with them.


But because of that, I didn’t have a pet in house, so how could I dream that this request was to walk a dog around?

Just, I wonder why. The dream of walking a dog being realised, doesn’t make me happy.



“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”


—- Because, my idea of walking a dog is a bit different.

Right now, by a 5m large white dog…… By Milk-chan, I am being chased at full throttle.


…… Are? Weird……. Walking a dog means, following the dog that’s bind by a collar, no? what remains of that heartwarming scene? Me sprinting at my best? I wonder when the concept of a walk has changed radically without me knowing it?



“After all, it’s weird!”



Being chased by a dog is certainly not a walk! Furthermore, the one being chased is me!

Whatsmore Milk-chan cries are not of a dog! They’re a wolfs!


“Is Milk-chan really a dog!?”


It doesn’t stop running even if said so. If I stop my legs…… It will eat me!…… I got that feeling.


By the way, the place I am sprinting desperately right now is Adrianna-san’s garden, that’s why I am not going at max – in order to avoid destroying the place.


If I ran without thinking in Adriana-san’s garden, by now the garden would be full of craters.

Like this, I keep running, not forgetting to continue holding my hood so that it does not fall off.

The bustling movement, I continue to be earnestly pursued by Milk-chan while Altria-san is watching.


“That guy Seiichi…… Amazing speed”

“That’s your impression in this situation!?”


Don’t  you have a different impression!?


“That’s true…… You have endurance as well”

“I was an idiot for having expectations!”


Shit! Can you say something about what to do in this situation.

Well, Altria-san is my test supervisor, so I know I can’t ask for help.


“Gururururu …… Uon!”


When I was desperately running away while worrying about the garden, Milk-chan suddenly jumped.



I managed to avoid it by twisting my body, but I wonder why Milk-chan jumped at me?

……I don’t want to think about it, Milk-chan….. It can’t be, do you want to kill me?


“Gururururu ……”

“Waa …… It’s intimidating me……”

Her eyes are bloodshot. She’s growli~ing. Scary~y.


However, because I dodged her previous attack, she’s looking at me while maintaining distance.

Heck, is Milk-chan really a dog? That’s absolutely wrong, no?

Since such a thought crossed my mind, I activate [Advanced Appraisal] on Milk-chan.


“Snow Wolf Lv: 180”


“I knew it was a woooooooooolf!”


Adrianna-san you liar! Isn’t it completely a wolf! What’s more, with a high level!

Since walking a wolf is outside my predictions, I ask help from Altria-san.


“Altria-san, Milk-chan is not a dog you know!? It’s a wolf!”

“I can see that”

“You knew it!?”

“Of course. To begin with, does it matters whether Milk-chan is a dog or a wolf? It’s the same dog family”

“It’s completely different! It’s attacking me like crazy!  In the first place, isn’t it unreasonable to walk a wolf!?”

“It isn’t impossible.  And aren’t you doing it properly?”

“it’s a different from the walk that I know!”

“Try your best. Anything is experience”

“Quite the convenient words!”


The word experience I think is too cunning. Especially for beginners.

The result of asking for help, a decent answer did not come back.


“Oh I forgot, in the case you get eaten, protect your head”

“At that time, help me!”


To my tsukkomi, Altria-san wears a charming small devil-ish smile.

…… Wow so cute.

At first she didn’t smile at all, so like this that she smiled honestly make me happy. (TL: I see…. You sure you won’t make the receptionist Eris-sama your second heroine? This Maso MC…)


As I was having such a thought looking at Altria-san, Milk-chan who was looking at me took the chance and jumped at me,





Since she jumped so naturally, I was a second late to react, but I still managed to dodge somehow.


Well, even if it hit me its unlikely that it will do any damage but…… When you are avoiding things, make sure to avoid them well.  I will be in trouble if I get in a pinch and my body won’t react.


“The next stage of chasing, is the combat……”


There is not a trace of the walk I know. Walk going wherever. I think this killer walk should not exist.


Moreover, this unfair battle where I am caught dodging in a one-side tag game. If I attacked Milk-chan…… Let’s stop thinking about it. What happens after that, everyone will be happy if they don’t know it.(TL: This is about the Slime trauma.)


As I had an stiff expression, with cold sweat flowing out, Adrianna-san came to the garden.


“Seiichi-san and Milk-chan sure are having fun!”

“You are joking!”


Do you see this situation as fun!? You should go to the ophthalmology!…. Ah this is another world. There is no ophthalmology……


“Altria-chan, I brewed tea, want some?”

“Oh, I will help myself”

“It can’t be Tea Time!?”


Even though I am desperate here!

I couldn’t do my dreamed walk! And the collar you gave me at the start is useless!


“Daa ah ah ah! If it come to this…… I’ll be your opponent with my all! Come, Milk-chan!”

“Gururururu …… U~ooon~tsu!”


I threw away the collar that was in my hand, and spread my hands as if to accept Milk-chan.

Then, while I was like that, milk-chan jumped at me. そして、ミルクちゃんはそんな俺に対して、飛び込んでくるのだった。




“Huh, huh, huh!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”


Milk-chan and I  were lying down in Adriana’s house garden.


I who became desperate, played with Milk-chan at my best. That’s why; I ignored the request to walk her.


Being chased by Milk-chan, dodging or parring her attacks, without realizing it, the sky turned red.


Thinking it really carefully, I don’t think this was a game at all between I and Milk-chan. Because it was me that is proud of my monstrous stats, I could treat it like a game, but normal people would die.


But, as a result of the exchange between I and milk-chan that from the perspective of others would be life threatening, surprisingly, in my heart appeared a feeling of having fun.


Of course it is not an M constitution, it was like the freshness after you’ve genuinely enjoyed sport.


“Oioi…… Seiichi, you, what type of physical strength do you have……”

“Truly, When I made the request, I didn’t think that you could stand toe to toe with Milk-chan”


Se,seriously….. Furthermore, that’s not something that Adrianna-san should say.


“To begin with……. I got confidence in my stamina…..”


I somehow answered it even while breathing errantly.


“No, even so it’s weird …. Milk-chan attacks, you have been parrying them?”

“…… Survival instinct had been …… Fully activated”

“…… How  …… desperate were you.”


You girls be prepared!…… That’s what I thought, but they didn’t come from my mouth.


Whatsmore, I was so impatient in order to not let my status know. Being appraised is a direct OUT.  Such stats were no good.

But exactly by being so desesperate, I was able to cheat Altria-san


“Well, it’s fine, thanks to Seiichi-san, a  Milk-chan enjoyed it so much”


So said Adrianna-san with a smile.


She sends such a smile that is filled with poison,and Milk-chan that seemed to recover, approached me.

Then, she licked my face thoroughly.


“Uwa~tsupu! Wai-!” (TL: This is Seiichi trying to said wait while having his whole face licked by a 5 meter wolf)


It was surprising to be licked suddenly in the face, but I somehow held the hood that was about to come off.


“My, my! To Milk-chan to open her heart to someone other than myself…..”


Looking at me with a face sticky with drool, Adriana-san spilled those words.


“Please wait a minute. Then, what about the people who had been taking care of Milk-chan until now …?”

“They did not open her heart at all. All the people didn’t come the next day…. So I wonder if they got hurt?”


No wonder! I think they definitely got hurt!


“Dead or serious injuries didn’t come out, it’s all right!”

“No, no No, no! Please give more thought about the employees!”


They were betting their life!


While feeling sympathy to the people that I do not know the face, the fact that I have been liked by the dangerous Milk-chan gave me a sense of accomplishment in secret.


Depending of the request and the effort, both the sense of accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment will be different


I, realising something obvious,  asked the thought I just had.


“Thinking about it…… Where did Milk-chan and Adrianna-san meet?”


Milk-chan is strong and high level. That’s why, it seems strange that Adrianna-san who is a normal person to have her in this place as a pet.

To my question, Adrianna-san told me the answer with a smile.


“It isn’t that big of a story. Due to my husband’s work we went to a certain snow country. While we were in that country, I met the puppy Milk-chan wounded…… She didn’t have parents, so after treating her injuries we took her back.



The being called monsters, if they are touched by human kindness they can befriend humans.

This fact,I wonder if is the Bellfille teachings that Altria-san was talking about?

Well, even if it isn’t, it just worked in reality.


“Then, with this my request is done…… Now, to get the reward”

From her purse, Adrianna-san passed me a heavy bag, I used both my hands to receive the gab feeling its weight and answered fast.




It may be rude, but I instinctively checked the inside of the bag, and muttered that.

That’s because, a large amount of silver and copper coins are packed in the bag.


“Th, This is……”

“Like I said, the reward, take it please”

“Eeeeeh!? Isn’t it too much!?”

“Is fine, this.  Furthermore, Seiichi-san worked hard this time. My evaluation was very good, so please take this”


I intended to return the large amount of money, but Adrianna-san refused it.


Iya, certainly I worked hard……But isn’t it a bit too much? Are there around 90 coins of both silver and copper?

As I was confused by the ridiculous amount, Altria-san said to me.


“It’s a reward given by the customer. Don’t you think that rejecting it is rude?  So take it”

“If, if you say so…”


As Altria-san said so, and it’s rude to return it, I will obediently receive the reward.


“Fufufu. Being obedient is nice. In addition, when I do the request again, at that time can I count on you?”



In response to my answer, Adriana-san was all smiles.



Upon exiting from Adrianna-san house, we headed to the orphanage in order to go to pick Saria.


“I am glad Seiichi. Didn’t you just make one customer”

“A customer?”

“That’s right, For a adventurer who did a good job, it’s possible to the customer to appoint it personally.  By that way of making a relation of mutual trust, it’s possible to get a stable income.  That’s why the customers are an important stat of a first class adventurer”



The things that Altria-san said are really a great help. Altria-san also said that to get a daily income, it is important to do other works besides being a adventurer,


“Then, we arrived but……”


While having such an exchange, we reached in front of the orphanage.

Then, Altria-san entered the church without hesitation.

When she entered and called, the ones that appeared are the director of the orphanage Claire-san and the apron wearing Saria.


“Ah, Seiichi!”

“Ara Altria-san.  Is Seiichi-san’s job done?”

“Yes, it is finished.Then, we came to get Saria but……  How was Saria?”



To Altria-san question, for some reason Claire-san closed her eyes.

That look, as if saying “Such a stupid question” I wonder why.



“Perfect! Excellent! Too excellent!”



To the suddenly high tension Altria-san and I were stunned.


“The snacks she made for the children were delicious, she chose the best to position to see and made sure the children didn’t get hurt when I was cleaning. She made sure to scold the children if they did bad things and she is very popular with the children!”


To make a point to Claire-san, a lot of children came from inside the church.


“Saria onee-chan play with me!”

“Ah, unfair! This time play with me!

“Look look!  A drawing I made!”

“Saria-oneechan toileeet!”

The children began to flock to Saria as soon as they come.


Amazing……She is truly popular. To my side Altria-san was stunned.  Furthermore, Saria is not a toilet.

To us two that were surprised in front of our eyes Saria said to the children.


“Koraaa! There are visitors you know? First is greetings no?”


While saying with a gesture like a mother, the children said cheerfully hello to us, how do I say it she seem like a mother or a teacher of the nursery school and kindergarten.


“And, sorry, for today I have to say byebye to all of you”



At Saria voice the children raise a sad voice.


“It’s fine!  I will come play again……ne?”


To those words the children made a dissatisfied face but somehow understood.


“It’s fine!  I will ask again for Saria in the next request!”


Then, Claire-san said so to the children.  It seems that somehow Saria managed to make a customer too.

Then Claire gave a small bag of funds like Adrianna-san gave me.

Only, this is not such a big bag like mine, it was large enough to fit in one hand.

“This is the work reward,. Sorry, I wanted to give you more but this……”

“It’s fine!  I got to meet everyone and played with all of them!  There is no better reward than that”


Claire-san was thrilled from Saria words. We did not leave for a while,and that showed the child-like appearance of Saria.  But, well I think I have a childish side as well.


“Thank you Saria-chan! And, when I put a request again can you take it again?”

“Of course!”


When Saria answered cheerfully to the words of Claire-san, we left the orphanage.




“Look, this is the reward for demolishing the building”


When we return to the guild surrounded in chaos, Eris-san was giving the reward to Altria-san.


As expected, the more dangerous the job, the better the money you receive, I am lucky to have received so much money from Adrianna-san no matter how dangerous that was.


“Hahahahahahaha! The first request……  It seems you did it well!”

“Thank you for your work”


Eris-san and Gassur-san, came to the place we were. ……That bastard Gassur, is he working properly?


“When it comes to adventurers, the hunting type are more famous because of the high reward. But, this time you guys took one of the chores as your job. So did you get this time’s request?”




To Gassur’s unexpectedly serious words, Saria and I answer readily.


It can be an ordinary work, but it’s still admirable. Thinking it is useless because it is ordinary is bad……  No matter what the job you got is its very important to do it seriously.

To our immediate answers Gassur-san opened his eyes for a second surprised, before speaking with a gentle smile.


“I see!  If you got it is fine!  My muscles are happy!”


As always I don’t get it.

Even though we finally got a rare serious atmosphere, in the end we returned as always.

As I was surprised by Gassur, Eris-san was passing me and Saria a palm sized white plate.


“This is, a provisional Guild card, for the people that are not fully registered. Though it is provisional, it works as an ID card, so please don’t lose it, ok?” (TL: They are registered but I think the author know well the pain in the ass that are memberships, you are not properly a member until you don’t get the “card” so that’s what Eris-sama means the register is done)


Looking at the white plate I received, in the front ‘Provisional Guild Card’ is written in simple style..


“Then, now that your chore quest is done, how about tomorrow you start with a collection quest?”


“N? What happened?”


After answering to Gassur words, I realized one thing.


“We, don’t have a place to stay……”

“So it’s like that…… So want to come to my place then?”


It’s a first class Inn with reasonable price, security is good, and the food is delicious”

“Let’s stay there”


We accepted Altria-san invitation immediately. It’s not because the delicious food it’s not! Ah, it’s the result of thinking about safety!


While thinking such a thing, Eris-san and Gassur-san ere looking at Altria-san, with eyes wide opened, Why?


“Nja, Then let’s go fast. I am tired……”

“Eh? Ah……please wait a bit!”


While thinking , I was tilting my neck in doubt, when Altria-san went out of the guild.


If we get separated here then we don’t know where is the inn, so I and Saria exchanged greetings with Eris-san and co. and dashed after Altria-san.


“Eris-kun. Altria-kun invited them to the same inn”

“Y,yes…… If it is the same Altria-san then she would have them introduced to an inn, in another place…… Did something happen?”

“Umu……Well, this is going in a good direction. My muscles are happy”

“Well, let’s work”

“Are?  Lets?”


We had no way of knowing it, that such such an exchange occurred after leaving the guild.



“Here is the inn I stay at.”

“Oh ……”


The place we were lead to was an inn, which has a tag with “Tree of Peace”  written.

It doesn’t look flashy, and is in a good position –  the distance to the guild is perfect,


“Go rent a room, hurry up”

“Ah, yes.“


When we enter the inn, it’s very lively inside.

It’s not very wide, but it got the just perfect feeling for a lot of reasons.

As we were looking the surroundings, a lone woman approached us.


“Ara? Welcome back, Al-chan”



Al, Al-chan? I wonder if is a nickname?

While we were tilting our necks from the woman words, she seemed to notice Saria and me.


“Un? And these people are?”

“These are rookies that I was the supervisor of the exam.  Prepare a room for this two”

“Maa, that Al-chan. Right now we are full and only have just one two-person room…… is that fine?”


Even thought sharing a room with a girl is bad in many ways, When we travelled to Telvier we slept together all the time, so I don’t really care.

That’s why, Saria and I express or agreement.


“It’s not a problem”

“I am okay!”

“Then how many days are you gonna stay?”

“Let’s see…… For the time being rent it us for a month”

“I understand, then, that will be 50 silver coins, is that fine?”


At this time, one month is fine, it seems there is not really any difference in the moon based month here and the earth. Wait, wasn’t 10 silver coins enough to live for a year according to god’s knowledge? 50 silver coins should let me live for around 5 years.


It’s the knowledge got from something in the past? (TL: Let me explain. This idiot here is in the IMPERIAL CAPITAL in any other manga or novel the source of corruption and place from nobles, so its common sense that in the capital everything is more expensive,just pick any game, novel, manga, and in the capital the inn is always more expensive.)

……Anyway, since I am completely fine financially, I take 50 silver coins from the item box.


“Ah, it’s completely fine. Here”

“Yes, I received it. Ah, my name is Fina. This place is managed by my husband, daughter and me us three.  It’s a pleasure?”

“I am called Seiichi. Etto…… It’s a pleasure to meet you”

“I am Saria desu! Please take care of me”

“Seiichi-Kun and Saria-chan. Then lets me explain the inn briefly. There are 3 meals a day. The time is not fixed, When you are hungry, my husband will make a meal, the  dining room is empty…… So let’s have you meet everyone. Darling!  Can you come here for a moment!?


The husband…… I wonder what type of person he will be? A bearded man or maybe an ossan?

Although my concept is biased, that image is strong in my mind.


Then, Fina-san, is a very beautiful woman, Un?….. I wonder if inn keepers being beautiful is common sense?

Either way, at this point I completely imaginated Fina-san husband as a total Macho.

However, my imagination was shattered in an instant.


“Did you call?”

“Ah,there you come, this two are the ones that will be stopping at our inn for a while”

“I see…… I(boku) am the one in charge of the meals Lyne. Pleased to meet you?”

“Eh? Ah……Yes. Etto…… I am Seiichi”

“I am Saria!”


The Husband that Fina-san introduced—— It’s a refreshing ikemen.

Wearing an apron, he was the very image of an ikemen in earth.

Who was it? That decide that the inn husband was an ossan? Isn’t Lyne-san a complete ikemen?


“Seiichi-kun and Saria-chan too, when you are hungry do tell me ok? By the way, 3 meals are included but if you want a four you got to pay it. Be careful ok?”


I see. I am happy being able to eat anytime I want.

Heck, everything Lyne-san do is refreshing.Ikemen are unfair.


“Yes yes, there is no bath, but if you want to clean yourself with a towel ask me, the same with cleaning and washing clothes, tell me and I will do it”


As I was getting jealous of ikemen on my own, Fina-san said so. (TL: just look at a fucking mirror!)


That’s amazingly inconvenient. But, I got the Life magic “wash” so I should be fine.


“Then, here. The room keys. When you go out please give them to me. Now my daughter will lead you”


Fina-san give me the key, a 301 was written it.


“The room next to mine”


So, Altria-san said in a mutter.


“Well, if you had any trouble come to my room”

“Thank you so much!”


Un, Altria-san is a good person.

As I was impressed by Altria-san kindness, a single girl came from the back of the inn.


“This child is our daughter, Mary”

“The new visitor’s yes!? Best regards!”

“I  am Seiichi. Regards”

“I am Saria! Nice to meet you.”


Mary has green hair tied in a pony tail and red eyes. As expected from Lyme-san and Fina-san child she is an amazing bishoujo.


Age wise she seems to be like me…… but it’s true, a child born from a marriage between a pretty man and a pretty woman, will be pretty as well.


“Then follow me! I will lead you”


When we are following Mary, Mary stops suddenly, and pointed to a certain location.


“This is the dining hall. Dad is always working here, when you are hungry come here ok?”


Mary continued easily explaining  about the inn .

Certainly it is easily explained, I understand everything easily.

There shouldn’t be much age difference, but Mary is properly working.

Thinking about such a thing, at some point we stopped at a certain room.


“This is Seiichi-san and Saria room”

“This is……”

“ Mom should have explained about the inn, but if you don’t understand something feel free to come and ask me! Then, I got more work to do so byebye”



I say so to Mary, and Mary went away with a smile.


“Then, it’s time I go back to my room and rest. Good night”

“Ah, good night”



Altria-san gave a yawn as an answer, and went to the room next to ours”

“Well, let’s enter our room as well”



When we open the door with the key, and enter inside a big space open our eyes.

There are properly two beds, there are chairs and tables too.The facilities are pretty good.

Looking around, Saria who was beside me made a big yawn.



“What’s wrong? Tired?”

“Well…… A bit……”

“But we still didn’t have a dinner”

“I don’t have the stomach…… for such a thing”

“That so…… then let’s sleep?”



Saria while rubbing her eyes, went to a bed and fell dramatically to the bed,.

After a while a quiet sleeping breath is heard.


“…….  She was very tired”


I certainly had been running around all the day, but Saria too against the kids it’s tiring in a lot of ways.

I who is worried about Saria that fell dramatically.

Took a blanket and used “wash” on her before covering her.




Saria who call my name sleep, calmly, but very clearly said it.


“Seiichi……I love……”


That murmur, I heard it and went deep red to the ears.

You, go as far as to dream with me……


That fact couldn’t be more embarrassing, but the feeling of happiness couldn’t fill more of my chest.


“……good night, Saria”


I muttered finally, and went to sleep without even having a dinner.


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Past One/ Hikari to Kage



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