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Chapter 19

After Yesterday’s fiasco, we returned to our room and I fell asleep while being embraced by Ayla and Amy. Those two said nothing about what transpired yesterday, the following morning I was also greeted by silence.

“Good morning. Master, how are you feeling today?”

“Good morning. If you’re not feeling well, would you like me to compound some medicine for you?”

It is possible such situations will happen in the future, but I don’t want to get used to murder. I’m happy that these two are concerned about me. Thus, I don’t intend to stay depressed forever. It is common in this world, to take another person’s life. It was only natural for me to defend myself.

“I was only a little bit tired. As you can see, I’m fully rested now.”

I embrace both of them, once more, holding them close I lightly kiss them. I’m safe, as long as we are together, I will be fine.

In the morning we return to the Adventurer’s Guild, to inform them that we had killed Ganford in self-defense. The head guard asked a few simple questions, such as the reason, the time, and the location it took placed. Shortly after we were let go.

Although, the head guard asked a variety of questions, he didn’t seem to be too concern that a murder had taken place downtown.

The ranking of an Adventurer in this town is probably considered low priority, perhaps because, one never knows when an Adventurer will suddenly die.

Since we had finished reporting earlier than I had expected, we decided to have Amy teach me how to use the Magic that I learned yesterday.We exited the town in the opposite direction of the gate from where we had fought against Ganford.

This way if someone was following us, we would know.
I don’t think we needed to be so cautious, though.

In front of me, there is a candle lit with fire.
And a bucket with water.

“I wonder, what is going to happen.”

While looking at the flame, I noticed a red aura enveloping the candle’s fire. The aura around the fire doesn’t seem to be actual fire. I noticed that every time I concentrate an aura appears around the fire. When I focus my eyes, I can see an aura around the two girls. Ayla’s aura appears flicking orange, while Amy’s aura appears pale green.

“Is this supposed to be magic energy?”

“I think it is, although I can’t see magic energy.”

“Is that so?”

I point my right hand at the candle. What makes a Mage a magic user is the ability to control magic energy. Although, ability seems to dependent on the individual. I recall from the Anime and Manga I have seen, that the most important part to controlling magic is how one imagines the magic.

A blackish colored aura is drawn from my body and directed to the area around the candle. I slowly move the black aura away from my right hand. When the black aura comes into contact with the red aura it momentarily becomes a blackish aura, but then it all reverted back to red.

I make the aura sway back and forth like I imagined it.

Next I imagine the fire growing bigger. It only grew a little in size, it was about the same size as the aura I released from my hand.

I pour more of the black aura into the candle fire. In the next moment the fire on the candle has grown to about 2 meters in height.



Ayla, is surprised and falls down. In a panic, I extract the aura from the fire, and the flame gradually returns to its former size.

“Was that possibly, caused by Master?”

Amy asks.

“Probably, I tried adding the aura we talked about earlier, to the fire. Sorry for surprising you.”

“No worries, but if you are already capable of this much, there is no need for the candle anymore.”

So, will I be able to use fire without anything there? It would be troublesome if I had to use a candle every time I wanted to use Fire Magic.

“In that case, do you know how to use fire without any aid?”

“You already know how to control the image of the fire right. Don’t you just use the same Image that was used to control the aura, and use it to convert your magic energy into Fire Magic?”

To control my magic energy like fire, you sure are saying something difficult.

“For now, why don’t you try out various things?”

“You’re right. This isn’t something that can be perfected in a day or two.”

After the first day, I understood that magic energy is necessary to use Magic. For instance, my magic energy acts a pipeline that connects to the candle, which I can then manipulate. In order to create fire where nothing exists, one must use magic energy as a replacement for the fire and then continually imagine it heating up.

It is the same for water. The method of control is up to imaging your magic energy changing into more water, flowing through that pipeline.
For things to go smoothly, you have to imagine the moisture gathering together. This method of imaging would be impossible for a person without knowledge about the concepts of science. Other Magicians probably use a different image for the use of magic.

In one day, I was able to control fire and water. Amy watches while looking surprised.

Ayla, doesn’t seem to understand why it is amazing, her puzzled expression is cute.

Magic List                                       MP 202/315
Fire Magic ★

Water Magic ★

“Well, it doesn’t seems to be at a level where it can be used in battle.”

The fire is at the level of a candle’s flame, the water is at the level of a cup of water, it isn’t enough.
If I try to put any more magic into it, it begins to burst out and explode.
Not to mention the range is no good either.
And it also fizzes out after merely 5m.

“Most Magicians only focus on just one type of Magic. Court Magicians and other greater Magicians, have multiple attributes, it seems.”

“Yeah, in front of other people you should not use magic.”

“Is that so, normally one would inform the Party they join that they can use magic. A swordsman should play the role of a swordsman. And since you’re a swordsman you should hide the fact that you can use Magic.”

“I understand, I won’t rely on my Magic.”

If I keep practicing, someday it will be suitable for battles. I remember the Magician from Ganford’s Party also had the Skill 【Fire Magic ★】. Perhaps, it can be used for combat after all.

Now then, I have learned how to use Magic, Ayla has also trained Ruby in various types of combat practice.

When Ayla blows her whistle, Ruby goes into battle mode.

It seems Ruby method of attacking, is flinging a portion of its body at the target.

It doesn’t have a direct method of attacking, its method is to wear the opponent down with its sticky mucus. That is about all it is capable of doing.

But every time Ruby flings its mucus, it grows smaller in size, this method of attacking has a high consumption rate.

Ruby can eat anything.
It can eat Monsters, corpses and people, not to mention even metal.

“It really can eat just about anything.”

For Ruby’s lunch, to make up for its lost energy, I gave it the poisonous plants I’ve gathered.
Amy was going to hand me some poison recovery Potion, however I said it wasn’t necessary, and put it back into the leather bag.
Something such as poison is indeed unpleasant, but Ayla properly listens to my request and there was no problem.
Now then, it is time I check Ruby’s 【Storage ★★】and confirm any changes.
In my opinion, this is a very helpful Skill to an Adventurer.

“Ayla, I have one more thing I need Ruby to do.”

“Alright, what is it?”

“I want to store this Potion in Ruby’s body.”


“Un, Ruby has a Skill, you see.”

“I understand.”

Ayla talks to Ruby.

To me, having a【Monster Tamer】such as Ayla is helpful. If I had the Skill, perhaps I could communicate with Ruby also.

“It said that it is alright with, storing things inside its stomach.”

“Can things be freely retrieved?”

“Yes, it seems.”

I hand over the Potion to Ruby.
Ruby receives the Potion.
To a certain extent, I put my hand that was holding the Potion into Ruby’s body. The Potion effortlessly when in.

“I want to try retrieving the Potion from Ruby.”


Ayla and Ruby, exchange glances and then Ruby, spit out the Potion.
The potion that was ejected out, may be wet but it is still intact.

“Exactly how deep is its stomach?”

“It seems as if its stomach is endless.”

“Is it painful?”

“It is not painful at all. Although, it has consumed 5 whole Goblins nothing has happened. ”

Afterwards, Ayla tried out various things. It seems it is possible to store variety amounts of different items. The capacity seems fairly large.

There doesn’t seem to be any problems with Ruby after storing various things inside. Ruby can comprehend what is inside its stomach, and can knowingly retrieve it.

Also, it is able to separate Items that are stored, from things that are its meal. From now on, I can keep a reserve Potions and Herbs.

Furthermore, Ruby will consider the Storage as a separate part of its body, it must be thinking about things as well.

“Sure is a convenient Item Box ability.”

“Yes, similar to an Adventurer’s Bag.”

Is that how it appears? Well, an Adventurer’s Bag is something similar, however it seems Merchants and Nobles are against it, though.
Of course, mostly Adventurers use the bag, but it is very expensive.
Supposedly, an Alchemist can create the bag, but Amy has yet to create one.

“In the first place, she doesn’t have the materials. The method to create an Adventurer’s Bag is among one of the Alchemy Guild’s most guarded secrets.”

“I see, now I’m even more grateful that Ruby is with us.”

“Is that so, as of now there are hardly any Monsters nearby. Now would be a good time to hunt some Monsters.”

Ayla and Ruby, seem excited.
Ruby is purring in Ayla’s arms.

Although, there are no Monsters around to greet, nonetheless, it was a fun day.

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