Takami no Kago Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


A few days have past since I have learned to use Magic. I have started to feel a little better.  There has been an increase in the number of Monster subjugation request downtown.

Today I’m searching for a Guild request, and as usual I process my jobs via the receptionist Lily.

「Hibiki, can you wait a moment?」

「Is it about a good job request?」

「Well you see, um, I don’t think it will be too difficult.」

Lily show us a job request, it was about investigating the forest.
There is information from several eye-witnesses that claim to have spotted an unusual Monster in the forest near town.
The request is asking for someone to investigate these claims.
I decide to take the request since coincidentally we were planning to go into the forest to hunt Monsters.

「But, isn’t it impossible to investigate the whole forest with only a few people?」

「Yes, that is why I have also asked other Parties to accept the request. Besides your Party, there are perhaps five to six other Parties participating.」

The area to the east of the forest is known as the『Demon’s Wilderness』.

The eastern part of the forest is the boundary that separate human territory from the Monsters. The Monsters that live in the『Demon’s Wilderness』are said to be tougher and more ferocious. Adventurers who can handle the『Demon’s Wilderness』are considered top class.

In addition, nearby the『Demon’s Wilderness』there exists a town called Welburg, it is known for being a town for Adventurers.

The request states that the participants must submit their report of the investigation to the Guild in Welburg, and if possible, subjugate the Monster.

If it becomes necessary I must consider whether or not I will participate in the subjugating the Monster.

「Hibiki, if you choose not to participate in the subjugation part, you can use that opportunity to return back here.」

「Is it possible to receive the reward over there instead?」

「It should be okay, but do you not plan on returning back here?」

Lily appears worried.

「I do not, I plan on traveling to the Adventurer’s town. I thought it would be a better place to make more of a profit.」

This time the investigation request and subjugating the Monster have separate a reward. So, if I want more of a reward I will have to help with the Monster subjugation.

「There aren’t as many variety of items available here in Bureto. And even if there was, I don’t think I have enough money.」

「I see, well it has been fun having you here.」

The team that is being sent to Welburg is scheduled to leave in two days. Those who are participating will gather in the morning at the scheduled time. Tomorrow I plan on making preparation for our departure the day after.

For the time being at the Inn I consult with Amy as to which Items should be sold.

「With the material on hand, what can be made?」

In the Inn, I unpacked my bag, and asked Amy for her input.

「Let’s see, I could make a few Accessories. Perhaps, I could make some Magic Potions for us to use.」

「Accessories? I would like some Accessories, what type can you make?」

「By using Sharp Fang as a base material I can make an Accessory that while equipped can make a person move faster.」

I see, Agility-Up.

「With the Demon Ore I can make a ring that can slightly recover fatigue.」

Does it recover physical stamina or does it recover fatigue as a Status Ailment?

A Demon Ore can sometimes be found after defeating a Monster. At the Adventurer’s Guild it is a well-known Item, but it is not worth much. The Item is said to be used by Alchemists as material.

「For now make as many as you can.」

「Yes, but first can you tell me the Demon Ore Attribute?」


「That’s right, because now that you can use Magic, I can add an Attribute onto the material.」

While commenting Amy hands one to me.

「First should I try putting my Magic Energy into the Demon Ore?」

「It is worth a try, it is said that the quality of a Demon Ore depends on the quantity and attribute of the Magic Energy inside.」

「Then is Fire Attribute good, it seems more useful than Water Attribute.」

「That’s not right, a ring with Water Attribute can be used as a source for water, but the problem is when the Magic Energy runs out it can’t be used anymore.」

「Although it is convenient it is a consumable item, huh?」

「No that is incorrect, a user of Water Magic can resupply the ring with Magic Energy.」

It seems that the main source of income for a Magician, who is not an Adventurer, comes from transferring Magic Energy into Demon Ores or other precious gems.

Hiring a renowned Magic User to supplies Magic Energy is unexpectedly expensive. These exclusive Magic Energy powered Accessories must be something mostly nobles have equipped for self-protection.

「By the way, a ring with 100% Fire Attribute, is it able to use Fire Magic?」

「Yes, the Magic that a Magician includes can be used until it runs out of Magic Energy. I also think that there will be a slight resistance to Fire Magic.」

「Can I choose the type of magic instilled, such as an offensive or defensive?」

「It should be alright either way, as long as the Demon Ore and Accessory is high quality. Everything dependents on the amount of Magic Energy amassed in the Demon Ore, anyways.」

It seems that the quality of the Demon Ore itself is neither good nor bad.

「Then will you be alright with, 2 infused with Fire Magic Energy and 1 infused with Water Magic Energy?」

「What are your plan for the Fire Magic, is going to be offensive or defensive?」

「For Ayla Fire Magic Resistance ring, and for Amy an offensive Fire Magic Attack ring. For me a Water ring, since I will be able to bring forth more water.」

Because I can control my Magic Energy it will be my role to support those two. The Fire Magic Resistance ring will be the most useful to Ayla since she fights in the front lines. And thus giving Amy, who is protecting the rear, a Fire Magic Attack ring as a trump card it will balance out the Party’s battle formation.

After I had finished instilling my Magic Energy, Amy creates

『Water Ring of Honor +4』
『 Fireproof Ring +4』
『Fire Ring of Honor +4』

It was very difficult to control the transferring of my Magic Energy into the Demon Ore. It felt as if there was no limit to how much I could transfer. I tried to stop at about 100 MP per Demon Ore. After it was over my Magic Energy was mostly depleted.

With the Sharp Fang as the based material『Swift Attack Earrings +4』were created. I kept 3 pairs for us to equip, the remaining pairs were sold for funds.

The shopkeeper kept repeating, “this is good”, and suggested that if I have any more I should return back here to sell.

There must be something like a merchant skill, that can appraise the “+4” of the equipment, perhaps that is why I got an appropriate selling price.

After receive more funds, I thought about upgrading our equipment. But Ayla rejected the idea, saying that it is too early to upgrade our equipment and that we first need more experience. So, I bought a few arrows for the short bow and we left the shop.

I store our food and equipment that we had just bought inside Ruby. It took a while to store everything away because I had to explain to it, what every item was.

However it was worthwhile, Ruby was able to understand what everything was. I let it eat a Demon ore as a reward because it wanted to try some.

「I’ve been told that the Demon Ore is the solid form of a Monster’s Magic Energy. And that a Slime Monster is a lump of Magic Energy, perhaps that is the source of its life-force.」

「Will my Magic Energy also work?」

「I do not know. The Magic Energy of a human and the Magic Energy of a Monster are generally different. But perhaps it may be alright?」

I try putting my Magic Energy into the Demon Ore Ruby has yet to eat.

「Ruby spit it back out if anything goes wrong.」

I feed Ruby the Demon Ore after I knew it understood.
I determined that there is no problem after observing Ruby digesting the Demon Ore little by little.

「Ruby says that the Demon Ore was delicious.」

While petting Ruby Ayla interprets for it.

「If a Slime amass more Magic Energy will it become stronger?」

「Yes based on the place where the Slime goes to breed, at the Fountain of Springs. That probably means a Slime is a type of Monster that can store up Magic Energy.」

「Normally people wouldn’t notice because Slime tend to quickly become food for other Monsters.」

「Well, there is a fairy tale from a picture book that depicts a Gigantic Slime conquering a Castle.」

「I wonder when we will have an amazing Ruby like that?」

「Because Ruby can adjust its size, it is alright for it to get bigger.」

「This guy sure is convenient.」

I also pet Ruby. I praise it for eating the Demon Ore, it jiggles, it seems happy.

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