Takami no Kago Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


In the morning, of the next day, we went to the Adventurer’s Guild. As soon as we entered Lily called us over to the receptionist’s desk.

「Welcome. You sure are lightly packed. It normally takes about a week to get to Welburg, will you be alright?」

「Yea, Amy has an Adventurer’s Bag, our supplies are stored there.」

Yesterday at the Inn, the three of us decide on keeping the Slime’s, Adventurer’s Bag like ability, a secret. The alibi that we had agreed upon was that Amy had obtained an Adventurer’s Bag.

「Isn’t an Adventurer’s Bag supposed to be very expensive? It must’ve been quite a good purchase.」

「Ah, it is second-hand and somewhat worn-out, but because of that we were able to buy it for cheap. Although, we still do have several payments to make.」

My acting was unnatural, I tried shrugging my shoulders and making a pose.

Lily whom is watching me, smiles.

「Perhaps, did you buy the Adventurer’s Bag for this excursion? Well, it certainly would be helpful.」

「Ah, don’t you think that on the previous escort request, we obtained a large amount of materials?  Who knows what will happen this time.」

「I see, an excellent Adventurer has all sorts of worries.」

Lily smiles as she says this.

「Leaving that matter aside, have the other parties arrived?」

「Your party is the second to arrive. Can you wait in the back room? Two more parties will be arriving later.」


We were guided to the Guild’s waiting room, inside we saw four people of the same party. Aside from a Swordsman, there is a Magician and Shinto Priest. The party is balanced and they all have high Levels.

The Swordsman is a young man wearing leather armor. He seems to be a southpaw fighter who uses a buckler in his right hand.

The other member, is an older man who is covered head to toe in full-plated armor and equipped with a large shield. He gives off the feeling of being a reliable person.

The Magician is a feminine looking woman wearing a black robe. I check her Status, it says she is 16 years old. It appears that she is a Fire Magic user.

The final person, the Shinto Priest, is also a woman. She is 18 years old. Are the clothes she is wearing, perhaps, the church attire of this world? On Earth a Sister’s attire is more of a simple color. The attire she is wearing is an eye-catching red.

The one-handed sword user approaches us with a friendly simile.

「It is a pleasure to meet you, Hibiki the『Annihilator』, right?」


「Huh, am I mistaken? I’ve been looking forward to this request because I wanted to meet you.」

「That’s not it, although it is true that my name is Hibiki, but what’s up with the annihilation part?」

「It is your nickname around here, rumor has it that you annihilated all the Monsters in the neighboring forest.」

After he told me, I was shocked. When was I founded out?

「Well, it seems that ever since your party started to participate, coincidentally the number of Monsters has decreased. And now everyone has taken an interest in you.」

We didn’t notice there was a rumor about us going around, even though it is at the level of just persistent gossip. There is no conclusive evidences, yet.

「The rumors are definitely not truth. I would also be troubled if there are no Monsters around.」

「If you say so, but this town’s Guild will still consider you the『Annihilator』, as to whether or not it’s true, I don’t know.」

「Although, you may already know about us, we’ll introduce ourselves anyways. I’m Hibiki, my Party Members are Ayla and Amy.」

「Ah, nice to meet you.」


Ayla and Amy introduce themselves, the one-handed sword user greets them with a polite smile.

「It is a pleasure to meet you too, I am Hylux, a Swordsman, everyone calls me Lux. That old man is Gary. The person spacing out over there is Kuesu, she is a Magician. And lastly that is Baara, she’s a Shinto Priest.」

The three that were introduced greet us with a nod.
Gary walks over to Lux, like a complaining old man, he asks about us.

「Nice to meet you,『Annihilator-san』, I’ve heard that you’re strong.」

「Nice to meet you too, Gary-san. I’m nothing special, I’m just your average newbie.」

「No need to be humble, I’m expecting great things from you.」

Gary gives a broad simile. It seems, Ayla and the others are also chatting with everyone.

「You girls must be members of the『Annihilator’s』Party. Are you also strong? Anyways, it is a pleasure to meet you all.」

「No, no I’m nothing great.」

「Th, there’s nothing special about me either.」

The two being watched by Gary, shy away.

「Gary, do not bully the young girls.」

Baara who couldn’t bear watching the scene anymore interrupted him.

「Don’t scare them, when you’re trying to talk to them.」

「Your face is scary, even if you’re not trying to be, you’re troubling them.」

Baara while talking to Ayla and the others, gave them a gentle smile.

「Sorry, his face is scary but he isn’t a bad person.」

「It’s okay. I’m fine, but Amy how are you feeling?」

「I’m okay now, sorry Gary, I was a little afraid of you.」

「No worries, my face has always been scary.」

Thanks to Baara, those two seem to be getting along with Lux’s Party Members. Unintentionally, I began to worry about, Kuesu, the person who is sitting on the chair doing nothing.

This is my second time encountering another Magician. The first Magician I meet was my enemy and it ended with a hostile engagement.

I should try asking about Magicians.

「She hasn’t said anything this entire time, is there a reason why?」

「Ah, that is her usual self. She isn’t asleep or anything, if someone asks her something she will respond.」

「Hmm, well I’ll try talking to her then.」

「By all means you welcome to if you don’t have a problem talking to a strange Magician.」


「Yea, normally one wouldn’t try to start a conversation with an unfamiliar Magician.」

Oh, and yet again I’m doing something unusual. Well, I can’t turn back now.

「… an eccentric Magician, what sort of stereotype should I expect?」

Based on the knowledge of my former world, in manga, Magicians are a bunch of stubborn weirdos.

「Aha, ha, your right. A Magician that isn’t strange is strange in itself. 」

I can’t stop laughing, Lux is also giggling. Kuesu takes a glance at us but doesn’t saying anything.

「It is a pleasure to meet you, I’m Hibiki. Kuesu, how are you doing? Are you okay with talking to me?」
Kuesu, looks towards me.

「Are you the『Annihilator』? You don’t look strong.」

「Ah, that is what they call me, but I really don’t know why.」

「Is that so. Why do you carry a sword?」

「Well, I am a swordsman, you know.」

「Swordsman? Ah, a Magic Swordsman, right.」

「No, just an ordinary Swordsman.」

I was startled by Kuesu’s questioning, however, try to not let it show on my face. I answer her questions as vaguely as I can.

「In that case you may not have noticed it yet. There is a vast amount of Magic Energy inside you.」

「Magic Energy?」

I listen to her, and try to act surprised. A few days ago when I was trying to learn magic, I saw the Aura of both Ayla and Amy.
I guess that means my Aura is also showing, and Kuesu can see it.

「Yes, Your Magic Energy is large. Come with me right now to register at the Magician’s Guild.」

「That sounds troublesome.」

If she is serious, then I don’t want to go. An unsociable place such as the Magician’s Guild is place I don’t want to join.

I asked Ayla, Amy, and Lily about the Magician’s Guild. I heard that in order to change one’s Job Class to Magician it requires that the person is selected by the Magician’s Guild. And among those people the Magician’s Guild only chooses a few of them.

Although, the Magician’s Guild is a big organization, Ayla didn’t know much about them.

Because I know Amy who is an Alchemist, I have somewhat learned about magic, and thus I already knew I had amazing potential as a Magician.

I was informed by Lily about Magicians that become Adventurers. She said they tend to not stay long with a single Party.

Anyways, it isn’t good for me to think too much about this topic, it seem pointless.

「I do want to learn magic, but I like my current lifestyle, I don’t want to join the Magician’s Guild.」

「So, as expected you hate the Magician’s Guild.」

「I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hate it. Kuesu, if it is possible during this mission can you teach me some magic?」

Even if I fail, at least it could turn into a funny story, so it is worth a try.

「Sure why not, from here to Welburg and back is about 2 weeks. During that time, I will teach you as much as possible.」

「Is that alright, I requested quite an absurd favor.」

「I don’t mind, presently, isn’t your Magic Energy apart of our team’s resources? So why shouldn’t I help you learn to utilize it.」

Normally, isn’t a Magician’s craft supposed to be a hidden secret that is passed down between family members, or clans.

「Good for you Kuesu, you acquired a pupil.」

Lux overheard our conversation. He seems overjoyed that Kuesu had gotten along with someone else.

「Hibiki, you sure are lucky. You see, Kuesu just happens to be looking for a disciple.」

「She was searching for a disciple? Sorry but, I have no intention of become a Magician.」

「Ah, don’t worry about it. All you need to do is be approved by the Magician’s Guild.」

「A certification?」

「Yes, all you need to do is register at the Magician Guilds, there is no need to inherit anything from Kuesu.」

「I’m currently a Grade – 2 Magician.」

「Grade – 2?」

「Hey, Kuesu. Hibiki doesn’t know anything, I’ll leave the explanation to you.」

「Yea, I’m ignorant about Magicians.」

「Grade is the rank of a Magician, this includes the Magicians that are not members of the Magician’s Guild.」

「Kuesu, what does it mean to be a Grade – 2 Magician?」

「A Grade – 2, is one rank down from Grade – 1. Grade – 5 and below are for Magicians in-training.」

「I don’t understand what’s a Grade – 5?」

「All Magicians begin as a Grade – 6. The highest rank is Grade – 1. A Grade – 1 Magician is a person who has made some sort of achievement, but at best it is just an honorary position.」

「A Grade – 5 Magician is capable of utilizing magic for battle. No need to worry『Annihilator』, your Magic Energy is already at Grade – 5.」

「I prefer to be addressed as Hibiki. Do I only have to register with the Guild?」(Hibiki)

「Can it wait until we return from Welburg? Right now it would be impossible for me to register with the Magician’s Guild in this town.」(Kuesu)

「You’re right, with incomplete magic it is dangerous.」(Gray)

I didn’t lose anything. It was Kuesu who willing approached me about teaching me magic. This situation is too convenient.

「Accept my invitation to join the Magician’s Guild, then I’ll stop pestering you. 」(Kuesu)

「Everything will be fine, the Magician’s Guild is quite introverted, they have their principles. The members are free to come and go as they please, the Guild won’t chase you down if you decide to quit.」(Gray)

「Is that so, will they request anything from me?」(Hibiki

「Nothing in particular. Maybe your body.」(Kuesu)

Doesn’t that sound erotic? Well, Kuesu is a beauty, it makes those spoken words seem highly dangerous.
Everyone in Lux’s Party appears to be good-looking. Although, Gary has a scary expression he still has a handsome face.

「I understand, I’ll be in your care Shishou.」(Hibiki)

「Yes, please to meet you too, pupil number 1-san.」(Kuesu)

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