Slave Harem – 111 – Disappointing Mermaid

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Disapointing Mermaid.

From Bode’s adventurer’s guild, we warped to Zabir’s labyrinth.
My emotions became depressed, but we hunted demons and recovered my MP.
The labyrinth of Zabir is just a relay point, we left it and went to Palmasque.
We appeared in the adventurers guild in Palmasque.

“It looks like this your first time in Palmasque, Miria.”

Miria stands curiously looking out at Palmasque for the first time.
Her cat ears are standing upright.
It’s so cute.

“It is white, desu.”
“The buildings are white and beautiful.”

I put my hand on Miria’s head.
While patting her head, I lightly touched her cat ears.

“Sea, desu.”
“That’s right, was Palmasque supposed to be an island?”

Can you hear the waves, do you smell the water?
Maybe it’s something only a Diver can notice.
Or… can you smell the fish?

“Yes, desu.”

Roxanne tells Miria off.
We should tell her we came to buy mirror’s, not fish.

“I’ll leave it to you.”
“I understand.”
“We’ll take care of it.”
“Yes, desu.”

I send off the three of them.
I return to Zabir’s labyrinth to recover my MP.
The amount of MP consumed for [Warp] seems to have increased because the amount of party members increased.
I didn’t notice any difference using [Warp] to nearby places, but the difference was made obvious when we came to Palmasque.

How will we get home?
Going straight from Palmasque to the house would probably be bad.
A relay point might be needed.
I need to avoid the mirrors getting broken in a fight, so should I use the recovery medecine?

I returned to Quratar to fill in time.
Quratar’s 13th floor can be used to replenish my recovery medicine, but I don’t go there, because it’s scary.
Instead I fought the Spice Spider boss on the 3rd floor.
There’s not much danger there if I use Durandal.

The pepper item that is dropped by the Spice Spider is indispensable in my rich eating habits.
There might be a better hunting ground for it, but I don’t need it that much.
After filling in time for a while, I used [Warp] to Palmasque again.
When I arrive in the adventurers guild of Palmasque, the three of them were waiting.

“Sorry, Did you wait long?”
“Don’t worry about it, we just got here.”

They have a mirror each.
It seems they got them with no problems.
We went to Zabir’s labyrinth.

“I’ll use medicine to recover before we return to the house. We have mirrors, so we shouldn’t look for any demons.”
“I understand.”

I stopped Roxanne, who was about to look for prey.
After leaving Zabir, we went to our home in Quratar.

My feelings aren’t too depressed.
It was the right choice to make a stop at the relay point.
I can tolerate this much.

“The raw gemstones sold at the usual price. The mirrors were the usual price as well.”

After putting the mirrors in the store room, Sherry gives me the details as she passes me the money.
I thought that the uncut amber wouldn’t sell, so I had given them money for the mirrors.

“Good. I wasn’t worried, because Sherry is a good negotiator.”
“There are also two orders for amber necklaces.”
“For two?”

I’m happy to get orders.
The amber necklaces have a considerable profit margin.
And I can sell two of them.
I might not even need the white crystal anymore.

“When the bosses wife goes out for meetings, she puts on her amber necklace, and it seems to have attracted attention.”

A walking billboard.
I sold her a good quality necklace.
If you sell a good item cheaply, you will attract more orders.

“As planned.”

Sherry’s eyes seem to be looking at me a little coldly, but things have gone as planned.
The plan has shown a good outcome.

“One order is from a lady who serves as a representative on the council committee. She isn’t worried about the cost, and wants one of the highest quality. She seems to be quite an influential person and will pay a lot for something of high quality. The bosses wife says she’ll pay 35 gold coins.”

To even find out the amount of money for the sale…
Sherry is truly excellent.

“I understand.”
“The second one is an order from the bosses wife’s friend. She’d like a similar necklace to the bosses wife, with a price of around 25 gold coins. I think we should prepare a necklace slightly inferior to the one the bosses wife has.”
“We shouldn’t prepare one the same price?”
“I told the bosses wife hers was at a special price when I sold it. It would be bad for her if we brought one the same quality. Just slightly inferior should be good and shouldn’t cause any problems.”

I see.
That sort of thing.
As expected of Sherry.

“It might be difficult to find.”

We need to satisfy the pride of the bosses wife who gave us this business, as well as satisfying the customer.
It will be tough.

“It will be alright. All the amber necklaces are high quality unique items. The colour and sizes are all slightly different. Two that are the same don’t exist. We can spin the description of the item however we want.”
“Ah, you think so?”

Dark Sherry.
She’s very reliable.

Going to buy the amber necklaces after we sell a mirror will be good.
They might not have anything else to sell me yet, but it’s possible some goods have arrived.
It’s worthwhile.

30% discount is only effective when I buy multiple items, so I’ll buy both at the same time.
I can’t expect him to have uncut amber every time I arrive.

We hunted until evening came, and then left the labyrinth.
I ask what everyone wants for dinner as we shop.

“For dinner, I’d like to make pot-au-feu with Miria.”
“Pot-au-feu? That sounds delicious.”
“We won’t need soup then, I’ll make a stir-fry.”
“Okay. I’ll also make a dish.”

The pot-au-feu that Roxanne makes is meat and vegetables slowly cooked, and is considerably delicious.
If there is pot-au-feu, I’ll be happy.
It gives me a chance to make a japanese-style soup.

It probably won’t go well the first time.
Even if I fail it will be alright if we have pot-au-feu.
If it goes well, we can include it with the pot-au-feu.

After returning to the house, I make the japanese-style soup.
I boil some water and stew clams in it with a pinch of salt.
It’s a seafood soup seasoned with salt.

I’m supposed to make it with seaweed.
I don’t know what to use instead.
I’m just making it from salt and clams.
I stew it carefully over a low heat.

“Well. This should be alright.”

It’s only salty, but it’s refreshing and a good result.
It’s not bad.
I’m using the dropped ingredients, so there wasn’t much preparation required.

We don’t have a wooden bowl, so I put it in a cup.
I place it on the dinning table.

“It’s very delicious. As expected of Master.”
“I haven’t tasted this before.”
“Tasty clam, desu.”

Even though the soup is only salty, the opinion of it is alright?

“Hey Miria, if we cook fish with this as well, do you think it will be delicious?”

As well as clam, it should be good to stew other seafood with it.
It’s like cooking in sea water.
Miria’s cat ears react with a twitch.
They turned towards me to make certain she heard my comment.

“Yes, desu. Delicious, desu.”

Miria answered without needing Roxanne’s interpreting.
Trying this with a whole fish might be nice.
I’ll make that next time.

The next day I sell a mirror.
In the morning I go to the duke, and then reach the 16th floor boss room after that.
There’s a room with only a door to the front and back.
It’s the standby room.

“The Clamshell boss is the Oyster Shell. It has a rough shell and it’s offensive power is greater than the Clamshell.”

Sherry gives a description.

I prepare Durandal as I listen to Sherry.
We head into the boss room.
Smoke gathers and two demons appear.
Clamshell and Oyster Shell.

The Oyster Shell is another bivalve demon.
It’s one size larger than the Clamshell.
It’s shell is quite rugged.
It would be painful to be hit by that.

Roxanne rushed up to the Oyster Shell right at the start.
Sherry and Miria also surrounded the Oyster Shell.
The Clamshell is my opponent.
I move past the Clamshell to take it on from the other side.

The Clamshell might shoot water.
I can’t let it face in the direction towards the others.
I attacked it with Durandal, and it focused it’s attention on me.

Since we are fighting a boss, I’m using [Fourth job] with Explorer, Hero, Monk, and Warrior.
Actually, I’d like to try without Wizard and [Plating] from Alchemist. I want to fight using Knights defense.
Can I get some breathing room like that?
Will it be alright even on upper floors if we get in a difficult fight?

No. Am I putting the cart before the horse?
Entering the labyrinth, getting experience and becoming stronger, the purpose is to earn money.
I want to get more bonus points so I can add them to [Increased Experience] and [Increased Crystallization].
I don’t need to fight against anyone too tough.

I use [Rush] on the Clamshell.
The shell moves.
The Clamshell opens it’s mouth and prepares to sandwich me.

I withdraw, and manage to avoid it this time.
According to Roxanne, the way the shell opens when it’s going to shoot water, and when it’s going to sandwich is different.
I can’t tell the difference at all.

I finish it by using [Rush] in rapid succession.
I joined the seige on the Oyster Shell.
I attack it from the side because Roxanne is handling the front.
Miria is to one side, and Sherry is slightly back to the other side, each attacking.

The shell of the Oyster Shell moves.
It tries to sandwich Roxanne.
Roxxane dodges with a half step.
She blocks it’s charge with her shield as well.

It feels peaceful when Roxanne is the opponent.
I attack from the back, and the shellfish stops it’s movement.
I use [Rush] and drive in Durandal.

The Oyster Shell’s body shakes.
It falls to the side.
Smoke spouts from the demon.
It seems that I gave the decisive blow this time.

When we surround a boss with everyone, it’s not certain that I’ll be the one to give the final blow.
When we surrounded the Clamshell before it was Sherry who gave the final blow.
It’s the same thing.

The fact it has a large amount of HP doesn’t really matter.
The ratio of HP that I do compared to the other three is what’s important.
If I simplify it, if those three combined do half the damage of Durandal, then the probability of me delivering the final blow is 2/3. If the other three can do the same damage as Durandal, then the probability of me giving the final blow becomes half.
Later on, it might not be worth using [Increased experience] and [Increased crystallization] against bosses.

If I think about it, is it a good thing?

The smoke disappears and an item is left behind.
The dropped item from the Oyster Shell is volley TN: ボレー
Is it bird food?
I thought it would be an oyster because it’s from an oyster.

“I thought an oyster would be dropped.”
“The oyster is a rarer item, there’s no helping it if it doesn’t drop.”

Sherry teaches me.
So there is an oyster?
The volley is the usual drop, and oyster is the rare drop.
I should have used Cook.

I didn’t use it, so there’s no helping it.
If it’s similar to the clam and I need 4, I’d have to do this fight dozens of times.
That might be hard.
We obtained the volley, and continued to the 17th floor.

“Sherry, what demon is on Haruba’s 17th floor?”
“The Kettle Mermaid. It occasionally uses water magic, and has a resistance to water magic. It’s weakness is earth magic and there’s a chance of being poisoned when it attacks you.”
“It’s element is the same as the Clamshell? That’s good. Roxanne, please find one.”
“Um, I think there is a group with both Clamshell and Kettle Mermaid nearby. I don’t think there are many, is that alright?”

Roxanne asks.
As the floors go up, the maximum number of demons increases as well.
Does the chance to find a single demon on a floor also become more difficult?

“I understand. Roxanne freely use your judgement in the future.”
“Thank you”

Roxanne guides us.
She guides us to a group of one Kettle Mermaid, and one Clamshell.
I use [Sand Storm].

The Kettle Mermaid is a disappointing mermaid.
Even though it’s called a mermaid. The face and chest of a beautiful woman… is not there.
It has a long mouth and a distorted clown face.
So, it’s a kettle?

It becomes a fish straight away below the neck.
It’s more of a human faced fish than a mermaid.
With the face of a clown.
It doesn’t walk, but instead swims towards us.

It’s sickening.
Also, it has poison.
I use earth magic again.

The Kettle Mermaid and Clamshell are defeated with seven earth magics.
The combat time went smoothly.

Author’s note:
The Light Novel for this will be released December 21 2012.
『Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World』 heroic home edition.
Some events have been changed to make the book.
Anyone interested in it can find it in a book store.
Also, there is no plan to delete this as I make the book.



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