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17th Floor

On Haruba’s 17th floor, the next group we’re up against is that of a Bitch Butterfly and Kettle Mermaids.
I take the Kettle Mermaids out, whose weakness is earth magic, in seven earth spells. After which, I finish the Bitch Butterfly off in three [Breeze Ball]s.

“Although the duration of battle was long, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with this combination.”
“Yes. Kettle Mermaids and Clamshells both are weak against same attribute of magic, therefore, it will be easier to shortlist the combinations of monsters. If you can take out Kettle Mermaids and Clamshells, there will only be one or two monsters remaining at the end.”

Honestly, I think Roxanne becomes whatever you want her to be.
I cast [Meteor Crash].
The Kettle Mermaids collapse in just one [Meteor Crash].
Like I conjectured, [Meteor Crash] seems to be effective against monsters whose weakness is earth magic.

[Meteor Crash] is a magic attack where you shoot a scorching meteorite.
If it possesses earth attribute, too, it won’t be absurd.
It works against monsters whose weakness is fire magic, and equally against monsters whose weakness is earth magic.
If it weren’t special, it wouldn’t be a bonus spell.

“This much trial is enough.”

We seem to be able to fight on Haruba’s 17th floor without any trouble.
It’s time to kick the exploration off.

The next group we encounter comprises three Kettle Mermaids and two Clamshells.
Although there are many monsters, all of them are weak against earth magic, so there’s no problem.
I cast [Sandstorm].
In the middle of the attack, a Kettle Mermaid suddenly comes to a halt.

“Here it comes.”

Unfortunately, a blue magic formation appears under the feet of the mermaid.
Nope. Tail, not feet.

“Water magic, huh?”

The Kettle Mermaid spits water from its hyottoko-esque mouth. (TN: Hyottoko
It’s more of an archerfish than a mermaid.
Roxanne maneuvers the upper half of her body and dodges the water.
At the same time, a Clamshell in the front opens its shell.

“Here it comes.”

The Clamshell spits water, too.
When there are many monsters, such things happen.That’s why it’s difficult.
Although Roxanne was in a difficult position, having already dodged the water magic attack of the mermaid, she twists her body splendidly to evade the bivalve’s water.

As expected of Roxanne.
If I were there, I would have surely received it.
Actually, forget the second attack, I’m not even sure if I would have dodged the first one.

While enduring the [Sandstorm], two Kettle Mermaids and a Clamshell line up in the front.
Roxanne, Sherry and Miria take on a monster each.
The Clamshell in the second row seems to be waiting for an opportunity to spit water.
The Kettle Mermaid, that used the water magic attack earlier, joins the Clamshell in the second row.

Is this so because it needs time to construct the magic formation?
The Kettle Mermaid requires magic formation to use its water magic attack.
Therefore, it requires time.

It’s likely that the water magic attack of the Kettle Mermaid is stronger than the Clamshell’s.
It’s not like I’m not gonna volunteer myself to test it.
There was no opportunity for the monsters in the second row to spit water. All the monsters drop down with next [Sandstorm].

We continue to hunt on Haruba’s 17th floor and leave the labyrinth when it was time for breakfast.
I decided against moving to Bode’s 12th floor.
Because tartar sauce is required for fish fry.
Even if I catch a whole fish, I won’t be able to do anything with it.

Miria understands that, too.
Which reminds me, It’s about time I visit Quratar’s 16th floor.

“Let’s go to Bode’s 12th floor after breakfast.”
“Okay, desu.”
“I wanted to clear Quratar’s 16th floor but I have decided to do it tomorrow, early morning.”

I talk it over with Roxanne and company.

“I have no issue with early morning.”
“The monster native to Quratar’s 17th floor is Ma Bream.”
“Go, desu.”

Says Miria without needing Roxanne to translate.
She must have caught the word ‘Ma Bream’ from Sherry’s conversation.
Well, if we can catch whole fish on Quratar’s 17th floor, there’s no need to go to Bode’s 12th floor.

“Alright then, after breakfast, let’s grab the map and head to Quratar’s labyrinth. I’ll ask of you three to prepare the meal while I’m out to sell the mirrors.”

If I take the three of them with me, I can deliver the mirrors in one go but I won’t do it.
It’ll be bad for the Duke seems to have taken interest in Roxanne.
And there’s a possibility that Roxanne will blurt out things that should otherwise be kept secret.
Therefore, I’ll go by myself.

I jump to Bode with a mirror.
I deliver it to the working room.

“Michio-dono, did you come here alone?”

The Duke asks after I deliver the mirror.
I knew it. Not bringing Roxanne here with me was the right decision.

“Yes, I did come here alone.”
“N-No, I just wanted to hear about that affair from her. There’s no motive I should have guilty conscience for.”

The Duke makes an excuse in a hurry.
This is bad.
I might have subconsciously glared at him with bloodlust.

“I’m already married to Cassia.”


He has such an outstandingly beautiful wife.
If he ever tries to ogle Roxanne, I’ll take the matter to cassia.

“Oh well, anyways.”
“The price of this one is 10,000 Nars.”

Gozer takes out a gold coin.
Gozer must really be having it tough under the Duke.

I receive the coin and return home.
After having breakfast, I make mayonnaise with the help of Miria.
Because we have already had the meal, I decide to use whole eggs this time.

“Miria, can you blend it?”
“Do, desu.”

Because blending it is difficult, I leave it to Miria.
Miria blends it hard.
Blending it really is difficult.

After a while, Miria’s hands slow down.
Still, her hands are not that slow. Because it’s for the fish, perhaps?

“If it’s not mixed well, it will not be as tasty as the whole fish tatsuta-age.”
“Do, desu.”

When her hands slow further down, I remind her.
Making fish fry won’t be as hard a work as this.

“The more you blend it, the tastier will the whole fish fry be.”
“Blend, desu.”

If it’s not blended, it’s not mayonnaise.

“Alright, it’s done.”
“…Okay, desu.”

All this blending seems to have drained all her energy.
I’m sure that she will demand fish fry soon after all this hard work.
Having made mayonnaise, we move to Quratar’s 16th floor.

“Let’s warm up a bit because it has been quite some time since we were last here.”

I instruct Roxanne.
I has been a while since we last visited Quratar’s 16th floor.
Warm up is a must.

We hunt monsters under Roxanne’s guidance.
Ah, I remember.
You mostly need wind spells on Quratar’s 16th floor.
It was an easy floor. I remember.

Regrettably, it isn’t as easy this time as it was last time.
Oh well, it can’t be helped.
Our equipment have upgraded and I have alba this time. But that’s about it.
Our levels are essentially the same as last time.

My emphasis is on crystallization for the time being, due to which, the speed of leveling up has dropped.
This is probably the reason.

“Is this much enough?”

It’s time to finish warming up and start exploring.
Only, this time around, we will explore per the map of Quratar’s labyrinth.

“This way. But there’s a group of Bitch Butterflies and Fly Traps on the way.”
“Whatever, let’s proceed.”

I can’t be picky about the combination of monsters now that I’m following the map.
I have to take care of whichever monster I encounter en route.
There’s no bypass marked on the map.

However, it’s unusual for Fly Traps to be on 16th floor.
Actually no, it’s not unusual.
Fly trap is native to Quratar’s 13th floor, so it’s possible to encounter it on 16th floor.
Roxanne was avoiding it when we were here last time.

Quratar’s 16th floor doesn’t house only those monsters that are weak against wind magic.
In other words, it was all thanks to Roxanne.

“As expected of Roxanne. I knew Roxanne would be a big help.”
“Eh? Ah… yes, thank you very much.”

Even though the person doesn’t understand, the feeling of gratitude has been conveyed.
Now that there are monsters that are weak against different attributes of magic, I can use Durandal instead but my MP isn’t particularly low.
I’ll be using it in the boss battle anyway.

We advance through the cave.
We come across a group of one Bitch Butterfly and one Fly Trap.
I cast [Breezestorm].

Ideally, I should first take the Fly Trap out because of the poison but the Bitch Butterfly is resistant to fire magic.
So I can’t use fire magic which is the weakness of Fly Trap.
Using wind magic, which is the weakness of Bitch Butterfly, I first try to take the butterfly out.

The monsters close in. Roxanne and Miria take them on.
Sherry positions herself behind the two, holding her spear with [Incantation Interruption] skill in her hands and keeping her eyes on the monsters.
I position myself to Sherry’s side, casting spells. This is our formation.

The Fly Trap splits its head open to trap Roxanne in it, but she shifts to her left and dodges it.
Miria slashes at the Bitch Butterfly.

I take the Bitch Butterfly out with next [Breezestorm].
We surround the remaining monster, Fly Trap.
I cast fire spells from there where it can’t attack me directly.
Sherry pokes her spear from a distance.

Roxanne dodges the attack of the Fly Trap with ease.
I shoot a [Fireball] at the Fly Trap.
Sherry and Miria stab their spear and rapier into it, respectively.
The Fly Trap collapses under the attacks of all the party members.

In the end, it was engulfed in the flames of my [Fireball].
The Fly Trap falls down to the side.
It finally turns into smoke and dissipates.


When the smoke cleared away, what remained was a card.
A monster card.

When I used [Appraisal], it said Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card.
Is it, really?
Fly Trap surely has a split head.
Just like a pair of scissors.

“Yes, desu.”

Miria picks it up and passes it to me.
Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant, huh?
Although I instructed Luke the broker to not actively search for a Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card, I get one myself.

“[MP Absorption], right?”
“That’s right.”
“What if I don’t use it simultaneously with a Kobold Monster Card?”
“If you fuse it with a weapon, the weapon will acquire [MP Shave] skill. When you attack with the weapon, you recover a bit of MP.”

Sherry explains.
Bit by bit, huh?
I wonder how big or small is that bit.
It can’t be big, surely.

“Is it good?”
“I’ve heard good things about it. Wizards carry it as a substitute for amulet. It would look funny, though, if a wizard were to use their staff to hit.”

So it works as a substitute for an amulet. It’s still better than consuming pills.
I shouldn’t have high hopes, though.
So, should I try it?

“If I fuse it with shoes, can’t I recover a bit of MP with every step I take in the labyrinth.”
“It’s impossible.”
“What if I stab the sole of my shoe into a half dead monster?”

Why is it not possible?
If I can’t recover a bit of MP with every step while I walk, I should be able to recover MP if I pierce the monster with the sole of my shoe.
Or should I try attaching knives to the soles of my shoes? Just like skates.
Even if it recovers MP just once, it’s not a bad deal.


Sherry looks at me with cold eyes.
A pioneer is never understood at first.
She will understand with the passage of time.

“Since wizards and monks use it, it’s probably better to fuse it with a wand. I can hit the monster with the tip of the wand or when I walk, I can hold it upside-down, so that its tip touches the ground. Ah! Whenever I use area of attack magic, I can keep hitting the monsters with the tip of the wand until the attack cools down.

Oh time, catch me if you can.

“L-Let’s move on?”

Roxanne urges me to proceed.
Mostly, we proceed per map but when we spot monsters in the vicinity, we take them out.
We can afford to wander around because on Quratar’s 16th floor, the combinations of monsters that require only wind spells are many.

On the way, I pull out Durandal and recover MP.

We fight Madame Butterfly.
Because we have fought Madame Butterfly many times already, there’s no problem.
We finish the seductive-eyed boss off.

I add fifth job and activate Cook before moving on to 17th floor.
It’s funny that I had four jobs during the boss battle but five after the battle.
Oh well, Cook is necessary, so it can’t be helped.
Because I’m not familiar with 17th floor, Monk is needed, too.

On 17th floor, I cast [Meteor Crash] all of a sudden.
Ma Breams Lv17 drop down but Bitch Butterfly Lv17 doesn’t.
So I can one-hit Ma Breams, huh?
[Meteor Crash] is undoubtedly effective against the monsters that are weak against earth magic.

Out of the three Ma Breams, one dropped a whole fish.
I finish the remaining Bitch Butterfly with a [Breezeball].

“Whole fish, desu.”
“To get one at the first attempt is definitely a good omen.”

I receive the whole fish from Miria.
Thereafter, we continued to hunt until we had two whole fish.

On Quratar’s 17th floor, you mostly need earth and wind magic.
Due to Ma Breams, whose weakness is earth magic, 17th floor is more difficult compared to 16th, where only wind magic was required, but it still doesn’t seem to be that difficult.
We seem to be able to fight on Quratar’s 17th floor without much trouble.

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