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Chapter 2: Wind, Fire, and…
四.五話 幼なじみ美少女エルフといちゃいちゃ

Episode 4.5: Making Out with My Pretty Childhood Elf Friend (幼なじみ美少女エルフといちゃいちゃ)

My childhood friend, and housemate Lucie has strong sexual desires.
She is a short, but cute, and pretty blond-haired elf girl. She is usually tidy and very neat, but in the middle of the night while I feign sleeping, she is masturbating in secret.
Of course, today, I noticed that she is masturbating.

「Cyril… Cyrilll~」

The the characteristic sound of くちゅくちゅ[Kucha Kucha] resounded, while Lucie called out my name.
Her voice was stifled, but the sound still leaked out.

For a long time I pretended not to notice it, but I had already reached my limit. The girl I was in love with was masturbating next to me while calling out my name. Not taking advantage of this opportunity would not make me a man.
I carefully stand up without making a sound and approach Lucie’s futon.
Lucie is still masturbating and is in a daze[Daze], so she doesn’t notice me approaching.

「……. nnn, ahh….. .. nfu… Aaaaa, no….. unnnn….」

As usual, Lucie was stirring the inside of her vagina with her fingers.
Her voice has a gloss to it, I was shocked since this is a side of Lucie I have never seen.
I was fascinated that Lucie during the day didn’t seem to show much interest in the opposite gender, and yet right now…

To suppress her voice Lucie buries her face in a pillow. While looking downward, her waist is becoming unsteady.
Her body is hidden under the futon, but I could tell she is dizzy with pleasure, and was trembling a little bit.

「aan…. nnn, even though I said no, doing this, someday, Cyril will find out, but, ah, nn more…」

The movements became noticeably more vigorous.

「nn, nfun,…. aaa, it feels so good…. nn… ahfu….. just… just a little more..」

Looks like Lucie is very close to cumming soon.
I put my hand atop Lucie’s futon and strip it off completely in one go.
Lucie’s upper body still had her pajamas on while her lower body was completely naked.
She has yet to grow any public hair over there[Over There], her love juice gleamed and shined.

Lucie’s vagina that has yet to know a man closed without gaps, it gave off a lewd feeling.
I swallowed hard.

「Cy, ri, l?」

Like a machine not making any awkward movements, Lucie slowly raises her face from her pillow, from lying face down to looking up at me.

「uhh, mornin Lucie, since you were calling my name I just happened to wake up.」
「wha… wel… umm, Cy… Cyril.. it’s not…! This is not what you think! ummm, this is, nothing at all!」

Her face was bright red, and she wasn’t even bothering to hide her important place[Place]. She was repeatedly saying “it’s not what you think!” with her hands swinging all about.

She is completely in a panic.
I ignore Lucie and cover her with myself, I put my right knee between her legs so she couldn’t close her legs.

「Its nothing to be ashamed of, you know. We’re teenagers so it’s natural for us to have these kinds of urges.」
「It’s not what you think, I… I’m not that kind of naughty girl, it was only by chance. That, I did not want to try that by chance.」
「You’ve been doing it about twice a week, aren’t you…」

After hearing that, Lucie’s face gets even redder like a tomato.

「I already noticed it, you know. But I thought it would have been rude to call you out on it, so I remained silent.」
「uuuu, that’s cruel, you know. Why didn’t you stop me? You could have stopped me from the beginning? And even pretending not to notice it in such a way….」

Certainly it is as Lucie says.
I was intending to do that from the start. But I couldn’t, my patience was at its limit.

「Lucie, you didn’t cum yet, right? I can help you do that you know.」
「You can’t! Grandma, she said until you’re married, you can’t do anything naughty!」
「Don’t worry, it won’t be naughty I am going to just help you feel good.」
「Just help me feel good..?」
「yeah, it’s not sex if i’m just helping you feel good, that’s why it’s not a bad thing.」

I gently stroke her head and give her a smile.
And then, using my leg that was between hers, I gave her a subtle stimulus.

「Only going half-way must be painful right? Here, I’ll help you feel good…」

I put my right hand in her clothes, and grab her small breast. While I embrace her I gently massage it, rolling her nipple in the palm of my hand.

With my hand on her smooth white skin I could tell it was about a C-cup in size; a little bit of it overflows out of my hand. The small core and firmness of her breast is more than enough to trigger my animal desire.
With my left hand, I reach out to Lucie’s vagina, and slowly insert my middle finger.

It’s unbelievably hot from her own session from earlier. It’s already drenched and sloping, the inside of it tightens intensely around my finger.
I lightly take it out and from just that, Lucie raises her gasping voice.

「Is this really, not naughty…? Won’t Grandma get angry?」

Her eyes are drowsy, I could tell she had lost a decent amount of her ability to think straight.

「Ah, It’s not naughty you know, it’s just like when you’re using me to help you feel good[Imagine], and anyway it’s only masturbation, it’s not anything bad.」
「If that’s the case, it’s okay. Cyril, please make me feel good! I’ve been wanting this for so long… It’s all because i’ve always wanted to be together with you.」

While saying so, she puts her hands around my neck.
While I still stimulate her breast and vagina, I slowly close in on her and kiss her.
I was always only touching, but I insert my tongue without mercy.

「unn, shyam~, nnn..」[Shyam~]

I entwine my tongue around Lucie’s.
Her subtle breath gives me the urge to investigate her erogenous zones further.

Tracing her weak spots, breasts, tongue, and also her vagina. Little by little I begin to further understand how to better stimulate her.

「nnn, ちゅぱ[Chupa]

The stuffiness interrupted our kiss.[Kiss]
While pulling our tongues away the saliva pulls into a string.

「Lucie, does it feel good?」
「yes, amazing, th, this, is the first time. even doing it myself for a long time, this feels gooood.」

Lucie returned my answer, while I was torturing her with my fingers.

「Well that’s good, cause I’m about to make you feel even better, kay?」

Until now I was only testing the waters and was being considerably gentle, but if I stimulate her like this… It’s going to give a stronger reaction right?
Her clothes were interfering with me massaging her so I lifted it off in one go, and revealed her cute breasts and white skin. I drunk in Lucie’s surprised face.

I gradually move more vigorously, reaching the brink of it changing to pain I apply more strength.

「hi~ anyan~ hssss! uhn, so somehow, strange …. it… voice, I can’t take it anymore. Ahnn uahn…!」

Tormenting her weak spot vigorously, Lucie’s voice rapidly got louder.

「it’s only the two of us, it’s ok to let your voice out, you know.」
「hsss, n~no, I can’t, tha~t kind of thwing is embawaassing! No~! Tha~uhnn, fwom, hsss~ Ahaa, an~aaAhn!!」

She was trying desperately to answer, but only her voice leaks out. She was so cute it was unavoidable.
I do a light kiss with our lips only touching, then I lick her cheek and nibble on her ear.

「Cyril, the ea… ears~ are, No~…! You can’t~! Not ther…~ahnsss tiwckles. noooo~!…」

I ignore Lucie’s pleas, and continue to nibble on her ear.
Nibbling on her soft cute ears puts me in a happy mood.
After enjoying a bout with her ears, I lick the back of her neck and and trace her collarbone down to her breasts. Massaging her breasts I suddenly change to the tip of her nipple and with my lips I bite.

「noo~, stop, Cyril, is like a baby.」
「I may not be a baby, but sucking on a girl’s breast is a man’s dream, you know. And anyway, sucking like this feels good, right?」

In addition to nibbling with my lips, I roll my tongue around her nipple. And then to change it up, I lightly bite with my teeth to provide a modest amount of pain.

「hyaa~nn, N~noooooooO!!」

Lucie lets out a noticeable scream and bends backwards.
On the brink of cumming. I look at Lucie in that state and with my hand that was on her vagina, I further accelerate my movements.
Normally such vigorous movements would be painful, but the mood Lucie is in now must be making it feel real good.

びしょびしょ[Bisho Bisho], The drenching sound was like a loud sound of water thrashing about. Lucie submitted to her shame, giving in made her feel better doing so.

「inshide me, shtirring me up with your fingers, it’s dwriving me mad. ahnnn, hyaan~hsss, ahnn, unnn…」

Is she already at her limit? Lucie can’t even suppress her voice, her gasping breath continues to rise.

「Lucie is so cute right now, here… It’s ok… Do it whenever you want…」

The inside of her vagina was vigorously convulsing. My fingers were getting invited deeper and deeper inside it.

「hiii, nku, …….ahnnn… hin, aaahnaa, too~ intense, nnn, ahna, ahaAhN!!」

Lucie keeps rising toward her limit.
She is getting ever closer to cumming.
Her skin still overlapping, Lucie’s clitoris was exposed. I flicked it with my finger.

「AHNnnn…..! Aaaahaaaaaahn, my head, inshide… it’s all white, I dwon’t, I dwon’t know, thissh, I dwon’t kn~ahn, hu, Annahn, AUHNNNN..!!!」

Her whole body convulses and she screams.
Using up all her strength her eyes become listless with her body still convulsing.
It’s probably the first time she’s reached the top of that mountain[Mountain].

「looks like you properly came, huh?」
「yes, it was unbelievable, this, it’s the first time」
「if that’s the case, how about you help me feel good next?」

While saying so, I grab both her legs and forcefully close them.
Her thighs and arse perfectly come together.

「Lucie it’s ok to just stay still. I’m just going to use you to make myself feel good.」
「um wai.. Cyril, that? what? what are you planning?!」

Rather than answer Lucie I feel like only giving a smile, I thrust my dick between her thighs.
The feeling of her smooth thighs feel real good. I then stroke the surface of her pussy.

「Cyril, this is not what you promised! Even though you said you wouldn’t do anything naughty…」
「It’s not naughty, you know. Look see, I didn’t insert it right? I am just stroking it between your thighs and on top your pussy. I’m just using you to help me feel good, so it’s not sex.」
「It’s true right? It’s true that it isn’t naughty right… so it must be okay, right.」

With Lucie giving her approval I move my hips faster.
This feeling between her thighs this is nothing but the best.
Lucie’s love juice and my pre-cum fluid start to mix and get slimy.
On Lucie’s shallow part of her vagina I stimulate her clitoris, it must be feeling good for her too.

「Cyril, Cyril」

It must be unbearable just getting only halfway[Halfway] there.
So I stroke her pussy with my dick to more strongly rub her clitoris.
With that I remedy that situation and she also begins to rise.
Lucie is being too cute and is ecstatic, she probably can’t wait much longer.

It seems I might ejaculate soon.

「Lucie, I am about to cum」
「Cum, Cyril also, is going to cum?」
「Yeah, I am going go at it a bit harder now!」

So as I say so, Lucie turns over and takes a pose on all fours.
This makes it easier to slam my waist.
This is exciting, it’s like we’re animals. Lucie’s cute butt reflects in my eyes.

「Lucie, clench your thighs a bit more, kay」
「*nod* okay…」

Lucie clenches her thighs with the perfect amount of power.
I grab onto Lucie’s slender waist, and slam my waist with full force.
My head is hot from too much excitement, I feel like I am about to lose my mind.
That hot stuff starts to well up.

Then on the verge of ejaculating, Lucie’s body topples over returning face up while holding her legs.
And then I reached my limit.

「Lucie sorry, but it’s coming out!!」

And then I forcefully ejaculated.
My white semen, is thrown all over Lucie’s stomach.
I can’t feel any energy returning to me from the exhaustion. It was the first time since I became Cyril that I violently ejaculated this much.

Without any strength left, I collapse on Lucie.

A little while passed, we were both exhausted and dazed. Then we casually looked at each other and exchanged glances. It somehow felt like medicine for the both of us and we laughed.

It felt calming in a variety of ways and a bit refreshing, then the mood changed to it becoming embarrassing and then somewhat funny. Both of us shared the feeling.

「Thanks, Lucie, I feel a bit refreshed from that.」
「Yeah, that felt really good. For Cyril to be good and do it like that… We should help each other feel good from now on.」
「If Lucie says it’s ok, it will be my pleasure. I kinda want Lucie to depend on me for it.」

Since we both can’t have sex until we’re married, we end up doing it like this helping each other feel good.
We don’t do it that often, at most every 2 days.
Since I am not putting it in, it’s not sex.

And with that being decided, we did every possibly play except insertion, but all that is another story.

Editor Note(s):

Kiss: Closeness of breath/suffocating

Translator Note(s):

Kucha Kucha: kucha kucha or sound of a sopping wet vagina.
Daze: Orgasming or working on it.
Over There: Says あそこ(over there) but essentially is implying her vagina.
Place: Vagina… yes that important place.
Imagine: He is referencing about her imagining him rocking her brains out…
Shyam~: She was trying to say shameless there…
Chupa: Chupa *kiss/sucking sound*
Bisho Bisho: びしょびしょ bisho bisho wet sound of her vagina…
Mountain: She orgrasmed… You really needed this metaphor explained to you?
Halfway: halfway to orgasming…

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