Takami no Kago Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


After I confirmed that my Shisho (temporary) would teach me magic, the remaining two parties enter the room. Lily and another Guild employee also enters the room. Their role is to witness and record everything that transpires here.

「I am Furon, the two behind me are Lev and Rye」

The third group is a three man Party, they are all Swordsmen. Compared to Lux’s group, their Levels are slightly lower. Furon is human, the two behind him are Beastmen.

「I’m Feyru. The girl is Copper, the other one is Aru, and the last one is Nico.」

The fourth group is a Party of all women. The leader Feyru is a very high Level Magic Swordsman.The other three members are a Monster Tamer, a Gladiator, and a Miko. Their Levels are low, though.

Their party contains two Job Classes that I don’t know. It only shows the name of their Job Class. I’ll ask Lux’s group about it. Perhaps, it is common for Adventurers to hide their Job Class. I can completely understand, I should be careful to not to reveal anything.

「Well now, what route are we taking?」

Furon begins to speak. The investigation method doesn’t change, it is decided that we will defeat the Monsters. In other words, they want all the rewards.

「Everyday all parties will meet and share information. Is that okay?」

Furon checks with Feyru, she replies. Are things really okay this way?

「Well this is the way things are. As you can see a Swordsman is taking the lead. If it were a Magician is would be even blander. Would you prefer a warm reception?」

「No joke, this is how a Party operates. Do you not divide the reward among yourselves?」

Feyru’s Party has the ideal number of members. It is straightforward, but is it really strategically?

「『Tri-Sword』 and 『Shakunetsu』 , calm down.」

Lux reprimands them. Tri-Sword is the nickname of Furon Party, and Shakunetsu is the nickname of Feyru’s Party.

Our Party is the only group who is not acquaintanced with the others.

「This is none of your business 『Fierce Blade』. Gives us your share and we’ll stop.」

「No way. That is no negotiation. Do you guys want to continue this pointless talk forever?」

「Then what should be done? 『Tri-Swords』 if I have to keep listening to your foolish bickering then I’d rather quit this mission.」

Lux drops a bombshell, and then smiles.

「『Annihilator』 do you also agree? Does everyone understand? What do you think Hibiki?」

「I feel the same way.」

Should I declare that I can’t work with idiots?
It can’t be helped, I should give some constructive criticism.

「What was written in the eye-witness reports? For the time being, why don’t we confirm what types of Monsters have appeared?」

We were not informed of what was written in the report. I was assuming Lily and them were going to brief us on the day of the departure.

The faces of the two who were arguing seems surprised. Are they really that foolish?

「Lily-san, may I take a look at the eye-witness report?」

「Yes, please wait a moment.」

Lily takes out several pieces of paper, and hands them to me.

「There are Monsters listed here that I don’t know, Lux can you tell me about them?」

「Ah, of course. I see, there are a lot of insect type Monsters.」

The insert type Monsters are known for their ability to propagate and multiply quickly, they can devastate the ecosystem. The eye-witnesses reported seeing insect type Monsters, that must be the reason why the investigation team is being mobilized so soon.

Based on the report, the Monsters that have been sighted is a swarm of: Shooter Bee, Armored Mantis, Poison Boa, and Fragrance Ant.

They had reported Monsters not native to this area.

「What are these species of Monsters doing here?」

I finally hear Furon ask a question about the mission.

「Our task is to find the reason.」

Furon’s face turns red, he realizes that he was the only person here who wasn’t aware.

「Since there will be a large number of Monsters, I propose that we divide into groups of two parties.」

Lux’s Party nods in agreement with my plan, but the rest are dissatisfied.

I guess I can’t get away with dictating our team’s plans. Must I compromise?

「How about this, Lux and I will team up, and you are all free to do as you please. The reward will be divided based on how many monster each individual Party has defeated, or based on how much work they accomplished.」

Those two idiots should be okay with these terms.
Their goal is to earn more rewards, allowing them to take independent action should satisfy them. It is a simple trick but effective.

Normally partnering up with another Party, and then dividing the reward would still be profitable. But the problem is they want to maximize their profits and monopolize the reward.

「Yea, that’s good.」

「Yea, no problem.」

「Well, what are you waiting for, let’s go.」

At last the members of the investigation team is departing.

Two days have passed since we had left town. So far we had only encountered the Monsters that are native to this area. We have yet to encounter any of the Monsters from the eyewitness reports.

Speaking of results, I have been practicing magic while looking for Monster companions to befriend.

I had explained that Ayla is a beginner Monster Tamer, and if possible, she wanted to try recruiting any Monsters we encounter. Not all the monsters we meet were recruitable, however, the current amount of Monsters that Ayla has befriended numbers at 10.

As for the Monsters that she has recruited, they are: 2 Shooter Bees, 3 Fragrance Ants, 1 Paralyzer Spider + 1 Armored Mantis, and 2 Sharp Wolves.

The Armored Mantis is especially useful in combat. While the Shooter Bee and Sharp Wolf is useful for scouting.

After the first magic practice I became able to sense the flow of Magic Energy. I decide to pretend that I was able to see Magic Energy thanks to Kuesu’s instructions.

The transparent crystal ball Kuesu presents allows one to see the various colors of Magic Energy.

「The color is a dull gray.」

「Is it no good?」

「That isn’t true, you’re a Double.」

The crystal ball has analyzes my Magic Energy, and had determined that this is my color. When two or more attributes overlap the color becomes mixed. And thus I don’t know if my magic affinity is any good or not.

「Aren’t you lucky Ayla-san, Hibiki is a “Double”, you sure do have a good Party.」

「Ah, that’s too early to say, I haven’t even properly learned any magic yet.」

My magic attribute is then confirmed. I have affinity for Fire and Water. Well that certainly coincides with the magic I have already acquired.

While walking, I am tasked with operating the flames of our lamps and controlling the water in our canteens. My training was very tiring. It would’ve been dangerous if it weren’t for Ayla’s Monsters scouting ahead.

Kuesu is unexpectedly Spartan.

Three days after we had left town an incident occurred.

Halfway to the location of the Adventurer’s town, in the middle of the forest, we encounter the main force that belongs to the swarm of insect Monsters. Several types of insects seem to be working together, some are breeding while the others are collecting food. At a blistering pace; they hunt their prey, and lay their eggs. This cycle of incubation repeats, continuing over and over again.

A short distance away and atop the hill, the scene of Monsters overflowing from a crevice in the forest can be seen.

「What is this, that is an unbelievable number of enemies.」

「This is more serious than I thought.」

「This is bad, really bad, they’re heading for Bureto. 」

For a swarm of this magnitude, how was it overlooked? For now we need to go to the Adventurer’s town and inform them of the swarm of Monsters heading for the town of Bureto.

「Hey, there is no time, we have to hurry and inform everyone.」

It took us three days to get here, it we hurry it would take at least two days to reach the town of Welburg.

With our numbers our marching speed will be considerably slower.
It can’t be helped, we need to take proper measures to insure our safety.

「Let’s return.」

Furon of Tri-Sword announces.

「I’ll be honest, the odds are unreasonable. We would lose half our numbers before we reach the town of Welburg.」

That is certainly true for the Tri-Swords. All their member are swordsmen, they have no healer. They wouldn’t be able to sustain the onslaught. It is the same for my Party, although, we do have Ruby.

Ruby can freely pass us, potions and herbs, during battle.

In addition, my Party has acquired more Monster companions. If my Party members are in danger they would immediately defend us.

But unlike us, only Tri-Sword has the mobility to quickly traverse.

「Furon can I depend on you?」

Lux confirms with Furon. Furon is a skilled Adventurer, he knows his limits. There is no need to apologize for quitting.

「Ah, don’t worry about us, if things get dicey we’ll run away.」

Adventurers prioritize their own live, over the mission, unlike knights who have sworn an oath to their country.

The motto, among Adventurers is that oneself is the most important. While some Adventurers may choose to become Knights, the opposite also does occur.

This motto doesn’t change even in such a situation such as one’s town is being attacked.

「I don’t want the town to disappear, please do what you can.」

Furon walks away without answering, he merely waving his hand, while leaving Lux flustered.

I went to check on how Lux was doing.

「What are our order, Sir?」

「It is impossible to engage such a large force from the front.」

「As it stands, there is no one here capable of resisting those numbers.」

Feryu has a surprised expression, after she overhear our conversation.

「Are you guys going to pick a fight with that swarm?」

Lux shrugs his shoulder. His expression would’ve made a great painting.

「For the time being, we need to gather information. 」

「This is no joke!! If we are founded, we are finished.」

「I understand. We won’t engage them, and I won’t ask for anything unreasonable.」

I took the chance to scan our surrounding, as the two argue.

I take notice of the types of Monsters in the area. It seems that they had not only preyed upon other Monsters, but had also committed acts of cannibalism on their own species.

「Lux, is it normal for Monsters to prey on each other in such a manner?」

「Eh? No, such things normally do not happen. Monsters do not attack each other unless it had encroached into another’s territory. For example, Shooter Bee merely circles around its nest, and doesn’t like to leave it.」

「So why is it they have gathered, and are now preying on one another?」

「It can’t be… impossible, a Brain Insect!!」

「Brain Insect?」

「When a Demon amasses a large quantity of Monsters there needs to be a leader to control those Monsters. In this situation that would a “Brain Insect”.」

Demon? An existence with the ability to control the Monsters.

The Brain Insect is being used to bring together the “Unified Monsters”, and then a Demon is using it as a relay point to transmit orders to the swarm, or horde.

Instead of directly command the swarm, the Demon appoints a Monster leader that can act as its proxy to direct the “Unified Monsters”.

「And that is how it is possible to manage such a large quantity of Monsters.」

「Perhaps, that is the case.」

「So, this Demon is the one who is manipulating the swarm.」

Lux faces us, and grumbles.

「Maybe, the 『Maou』 is reviving?」

It’s seems that a Maou exists in this world. Lux believes that everything is too well organized to be a coincidence. The Maou is the ruler of the Demons, its revival calls forth the unification of Monsters. As for whether or not it is the former Maou that is reviving is uncertain.

A demon that breaks the seal can evolve into the Maou.

I’m told, that if the Maou is reviving the church will send an oracle to search for a Hero. Two influential Shinto Priest will be given the right to appoint a Hero. If the person is a true Hero, they will be given a 『Divine Protection』.

Because a Shinto Priest has the right to appoint a Hero, they are treated well. The Church officials do not like it and are constantly trying to sabotage one another.

「If you have any Monster companions it is best not to let them get close to the swarm.」

If we encounter the minions it will be alright, but if it is the leader we won’t be able to run away.

「… that’s right, we need to stop investigating and head for Welburg already.」

「As I have been saying since the beginning, we need to escape!」

The leaders of each Party agreed to take a detour in order to avoid the Monsters. We head off towards Welburg.

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Did you know that on aho-updates this story is updated under “Is Heaven Supposed To Be Like This?” instead of “Raising the Dead”? I can only figure that it’s because you have it tagged under english works for some reason. Just a heads up…


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