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1st Volume, 1st Chapter 【The Otherworld, Iris】

I have finished writing it…
I’ll be glad if you read it. (Author’s Note)

I died. I suddenly died.

How? I’m ashamed of saying it.

‘I died protecting my family,’ would have been a cool thing to say.

Accidental death. It was an accidental death.

Not interesting, right?
Yeah, but I wasn’t interesting in the first place, so what’s the big deal?

I was cocky. I know it was wrong, and I regret it now.

After all, I had finally overcome the university entrance exam, albeit barely.
Wasn’t it my right to be even a teeny weeny bit happy?

Yet I was run over… by a truck.

『Such a handsome guy. To think he’s dead.』

Good development it would have been had that been the case, but it was not.
You would need outrageous luck to remain handsome after getting run over by a truck. I was not that lucky.

Fu~n, the bumper of the truck… became a food processor. That’s how it felt.
Those who are eating at the moment, I apologize.

After watching such a miserable me for a while from the sky, I seemed to have migrated to the realm of afterlife.

Overcome by a strange floating sensation, engulfed in a pure white space, I was in front of what resembled a municipal office.

Is this the realm of afterlife?
Nope, there’s something written on the gate.

『Reincarnation procedure, here ↓』

It’s that, right? That stereotypical reincarnation? Yeah, I know.

Currently, I was sitting idly on a sofa looking at the reception desk which had 『Earth』 written on it.


(I did die back there, didn’t I? So, what now?)

While I was thinking that with my head downcast in gloom, someone called out to me.
It was gloomy here, yet that voice was contrastingly bright.

「Aww~, you died, right? That’s awful.」
「Well, I’m sorry that I died. And who might you be?」
「Oops, I’m a staff member of Reincarnation Control Centre. Well then, have you decided on the destination world after you reincarnate?」
「Well, I have yet to understand things.」
「You do? Okay then, which world did you come from?」
「Japan, Earth…」

Upon my words, the male staff member 「I see~」 nodded his head. He was a difficult-to-understand type of person. His age seemed to be… about 20 years?

「Earth is quite popular. Furthermore, Japan’s acceptance rate is pretty high~. By the way, how about a world other than Earth?」
「Eh? Is there such a world?」
「There is~. Of course there is~. So, are you interested?」

Am I interested? Of course I am… but this man doesn’t seem to be serious. Will it really be alright?

「Nah, if I can be reincarnated, I would like to go back to Earth, I think.」
「What did you say!? It’s an otherworld! A world of swords and magic! A fantasy world!」
「R-Really? Hey, think about it. Isn’t a world of swords and magic really dangerous to live in? In Japan, if you can secure top position in occupations ranking, you can become a 《Public Servant》 which can provide you with financial stability in such an era as this.」
「Don’t! Don’t say anything. Even if you do, there’s no use~ the quota is fixed. Quota.」

Quota? Like filling?

「You understand that there are many worlds, right? Every world has a fixed quota in respect of the number of people in order to maintain balance. Also, it’s about time for the change of shifts. Do you know what would happen if they found out that I couldn’t handle even one person? Terrible~.」

While lamenting, he peeked at me through the gaps between his fingers.

Why do I smell a lie?
Exactly what kind of a god would behave like that?

「N-No… 「Then how about a special service? You will receive one skill of your choice as a present.」 …Eh?」

While I was trying to say something, he shut my mouth with his index finger.
Well, I’m interested in this otherworld anyway.
It does sound interesting.

「I can hear your story… at least.」
「Thank you so~ much. Guide this gentleman, ple~ase.」

Suddenly, a man grabbed my arm and pulled me.

The man took me to another reception desk. 『Iris』 was written on that reception desk. Which reminds me, 『Earth』 was written on the previous reception desk. So, is Iris the name of this otherworld?

「Have a seat, please. Let’s start right away. First, your special service present.」
「Here’s the keyboard. Type whichever word you want. I’ll give you the description of the skills in the search results. Feel free to use it, please.」

Why is there a keyboard!? And why is there a Liquid Crystal Display!?

「Ah~, it materializes as something which is easy-to-recognize for you. Don’t pay any mind to it.」

Does it? So, if someone from another world were here in my place, would it materialize as a crystal ball?
Alright, let’s set that aside and search something. I’m grateful for the fact that it’s easy-to-use.
Stereotypical fantasy world, here I come.


It is.

I lightly typed the words in and clicked the search button.
–O-Oh! The page is full.

・Fire Magic Lv1
・Water Magic Lv1
・Wind Magic Lv1
・Earth Magic Lv1
・Dark Magic Lv1
・Light Magic Lv1
・Origin Magic Lv1
・Spirit Magic Lv1
–It went on and on.

Oh well, it was something that I only knew of. I had never seen it.

「Excuse me, what does this Lv next to the skill name indicate?」
「Ah yes, all the skills start with Lv1. In your life in the otherworld, you can level it up. Like any ability, you can train a skill until you reach its peak. Lv1 is Basic, Lv2 is Intermediate, Lv3 is Advanced, Lv4 is Expert, Lv5 is Superhuman.」

What- Superhuman!?

If I…

「Umm, this service allows me choose just one skill?」
「That’s right~ it’s special, you know? You’re the only one who’s receiving this service.」

Stock scam phrase.
Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.

「This service let’s you choose one skill. However, the skill someone possesses is decided by their birth. In other words, it depends on their race. Even if you choose a skill, it’s not necessary that you’ll get that skill.」

Fumu, is there no skill in this world which let’s you gain other skills?
I should stop being double-minded.

After all, a true man is always straight.

Alright, next.

『Martial arts』

I typed.

・Sword Arts Lv1
・Spear Arts Lv1
・Axe Arts Lv1
・Archery Lv1
・Body Arts Lv1
・Stick Arts Lv1

It went on and on. The problem is, I have to choose only one.


・Abnormal Status Resistance Lv1
・Mental Disorder Resistance Lv1
・Fire Element Resistance Lv1

…Un, I’m so troubled. I can’t decide on one.

Thereafter, I typed in numerous keywords but found nothing of interest.

Then, should I give up on it?

While I was thinking that, I unintentionally-

『 』

-Searched a blank.

・Thief’s Godly Skill Lv1

And this is what came up.

「Excuse me, what kind of skill is this?」
「Yeah, it seems to be good. Please give me the details.」
「That’ll be difficult~. Do you really want me to? Okay, this is… a hidden skill. How did you come across it anyway~? Err… it’ll be too much to explain for a mouth. Wait a bit… there you go.」

Inside my head, some words floated up.
That’s convenient, hey!

Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper)
Can steal any skill from the owner of the skill.
The level of the stolen skill shall be same as when the skill was stolen. It is possible to train the stolen skill.
Following are the conditions of invocation:
① The skill to be stolen must be known and visually confirmed.
② The body of the target to be plundered must be in contact at the time of invocation.
※ Success Rate: 10% × Skill Level
※ (Total Lv of All your Skills Combined – Lv of the Skill to be Stolen) × 1% shall be added to the success rate. (No change in case of negative resultant number)
※ In case of failure, the same skill of the same target shall be permanently disqualified for invocation.
※ Usage limit per day: Depends on the skill Lv.
※ The stolen skill can be returned to the original owner.

Oh my god!
I’ve found a hidden skill.

I can smell it! I can smell it! I can smell strong Eighth Grade Syndrome, eeee!
This is it!

「Th-This Rio- Thief’s Godly Skill… Even if the person – whom the skill is stolen from – dies, the stolen skill will not be lost, right?」
「That’s right~. The owner changes for all purposes.」
「There’s a formula that mentions skill Lv. It means the Lv of Thief’s Godly Skill, right? Also, what does ‘total Lv of all your skills combined’ mean…?」
「Un, for example, you have Thief’s Godly Skill Lv1 and Sword Arts Lv1. In this case, the total Lv of all your skills combined will be 2. Now, let’s say, you are trying to steal Fire Magic Lv1. Basic success rate in your case will be 10%. Add to it the difference × 1%, the success rate will be 11%. Do you get it?」

I’m actually more confused.

「By the way, the total number of skills you can possess is limited to 10. It depends on race, though. So, would you like choose this skill?」
「Ye- no… Wait a minute, please.」

Let’s think about it carefully. Invocation condition ① The skill to be stolen must be known and visually confirmed. Isn’t it impossible? How would I know as to who possesses which skill? And I can’t plunder people indiscriminately, right…?

「What’s the matter~? To tell you the truth, there’s no need to think for you don’t get to choose☆ To the otherworld YOU GO!」
「Hey, I still haven’t decided if I’ll go to another world!」
「It’s too late to say that. Take this present, too. The otherworld, here he comes!」

Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge (Can appraise status and items)

Owa! I’m being forcibly teleported.
Well, isn’t it actually amazing?
Isn’t it a perfect combo?

「–Reincarnating in Iris.」

Thus, my connection with Earth was finally severed. With my heart jumping inside my chest, I was being reincarnated in another world.

「Thank you for choosing us~! Well then, let’s quickly get the procedure completed.」

I wasn’t scammed, right? It’s gonna be okay, right?

「Which race and gender would you like?」
「Race? What choices do I have?」

・Humans: Extremely high population in Iris. Balanced faction. Individual differences considerable.
・Dwarves: Skillful fingers. Suited to be artisan. Incredible strength.
・Beastkin: Cats, dogs, wolves, lions, etc.; Comprises various kinds. Enhanced physical abilities.
・Elves: The people of the forest. Possess plenteous magic aptitude. Suited to be rearguard.
・Dragonewts: A race that pursues a different evolutionary system from the dragons. Tough. Extremely low population.
・Demons: Hostile relationship with almost rest of the races. Superior in terms of abilities. Not recommended to a novice.

「This is basically it, so~」

Ah, the man opened his mouth before long. It’s bothersome, surely.
I mean, hey! Demon? Really?
And it’s not recommended!

「Umm, demon…」
「–So, is this what you want to choose?」
「No… I choose dragonewt.」

Because I could smell danger, I circumvented. But why drago-something?
I can’t even say it properly. How embarrassing.
It’s a dragon with a name… right?

「What about sex~?」
「Err… male.」

Man, of course.
I don’t even want to imagine being a woman making out with men.

「Al~right! With this, the procedure is complete. Well then… See yaaa.」
「Wait, isn’t there a manual… or an explanation about this otherworld?」
「Actually, you… will be reincarnated as a baby. Therefore, even if I explained it to you now, it’d be of no use to you in the otherworld. Also, explaining it to you is not part of my job, so~」
「Reincarnated — as a baby?」
「I know, right?」

I misheard it, right?

「I knew it — I want to reincarnate in a safe world. I can’t- I won’t enjoy such a world. It’s so absurd that I’m trembling.」
「That!? Eee! Again? But it’s about time for another change of shifts… and I need to achieve my quota through you.」
「Well, sorry.」

「–Good! …Well then, you will now reincarnate in the otherworld with the current settings. There YOU go☆」

How is it good!?

「In that case, I want to choose human race… can I?」
「Actually, this is the only option that doesn’t require you to start over as a baby~.」
「Well… human is even better then…」

It was extremely regrettable but there was no other way.

「Fuu… alright, if that’s your decision. Well then — take care.」

All of a sudden, I was in a man’s hands. At the same time, my vision blacked out and I lost consciousness.


「Hey, are you alright, hey!?」

My head was all muddled up.
It all felt like a dream.

–To think there was a time when I was like that.

「Have you finally woken up? How long have you been lying here?」

The first thing I saw in this otherworld was moustache and beard of a burly middle-aged man.
Ee, it’s an unforgettable experience that I’d rather forget.

I was sent to this otherworld for this?
No, I must see things from various angles.
From my angle and from others’ angle.

Name: Seiji・Agatsuma
Race: Human
Age: 18
Job: None
Unique: Scholar’s Knowledge
・Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper) Lv1 (0/10)

Name: Nicholas・Hoffman
Race: Human
Age: 35
Job: Sentinel
・Sword Arts Lv2 (24/50)
・Body Arts Lv1 (6/10)

Well then…

–Enjoy the life in the otherworld!

However, the fact that I had just one skill was saddening!
Still, the fact that this middle-aged man’s job was not 『Thief』 was reassuring.

Thank you very much. (Author’s note)

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