Slave Harem – 114 – Experience

I’m tired, someone take this.


After hearing some information from Luke, I returned to the adventurers guild in Palmasque.
Three people meet me as soon as I arrive.
Each of them has a mirror.

Sherry has a smiling face.
The necklaces seem to have sold without any problems.

“Welcome back. It looks like things went well.”

Without listening to a reply, we returned to the house via Zabir’s labyrinth.
Sherry gives a report as I put the mirrors in the store room.

“First of all the bosses wife in Palmasque introduced us to the woman who was formally a representative on the council committee. She lives in a simple yet elegant mansion.”
“It was amazing.”
“It was big, desu.”
“After seeing the mansion, I thought I might be able to get 40 gold coins, but it didn’t work out. As a special price for being introduced by the bosses wife we accepted 38 gold coins.”

Originally the plan was for 35 gold coins, but you got 38.
As expected of Sherry.
Additionally she gained favor with the bosses wife, she’s quite shrewd.

“Well done.”
“The second was sold to the bosses wives friend for 25 gold coins as promised. Everything went well, and both of them were pleased. I told the bosses wife this one was a little smaller, and it went perfectly.”

Even if they are friends, will the friend be happy with a slightly smaller necklace?
It seems complicated.

“That’s good. You’ve done well.”
“Thank you.”

I received 63 gold coins, and 20 silver coins from Sherry.
The silver coins are the price of the small boxes.
She seems to have sold them without mercy.

I have made a great deal of profit with this.
I don’t need to rely on the white crystal anymore.

“It happened when I stopped worrying about it?”

After hunting the following morning, I checked the rucksack when we had a break at noon.
Light will be followed by shadows.
No, this isn’t something bad.
But, bad things might happen in the future so I should be prepared.

“What happened?”
“Do you want to see it?”

I pulled out the magic crystal which had turned white, and showed it to Roxanne.
The white magic crystal.
It’s finally been completed.

“It’s amazing. As expected of Master.”
“It’s the first time I’ve seen one.”
“As expected, desu.”

This will be really good.
If anyone extremely good shows up in the auction I will be prepared.

“I’ll go and sell it in the guild this evening.”
“Um, yes.”

Roxanne looks puzzled.
The three of them don’t understand what happened.
Sherry, I want you to stop looking at me with suspicious eyes.

In the evening I went to Quratar’s explorers guild to sell.
Quratar’s explorers guild is the largest, and that’s part of my plan.
The evening is the busiest time.

I put the white crystal and the yellow crystal on the tray with all the items I collected.
I add to that the nourishment medicine and strengthening medicine I had in my item box.
Selling the white crystal and yellow crystal together will give a 30% bonus.
[30% increased sale price] works when selling in the guild.

There is a white gold coin that has the value of 100 gold coins in this world.
I haven’t seen one.
A white magic crystal is worth one million nars. A white gold coin.
If I sell a white magic crystal, I might receive a white gold coin.

If I sell the white magic crystal with something and get the 30% bonus, 30 gold coins will come back with the white gold coin, instead of just the white gold coin on it’s own like normal.
The staff of the guild might think it is strange.

If I sell a white crystal with a yellow crystal it would be 1 white gold coin with 43 gold coins.
It might still be noticeable like this.
I need to sell enough other items to conceal the bonus.

I wait in front of the counter.
The female receptionist returns with money on a tray.
She doesn’t appear to be suspicious.

There is one white gold coin.
It has an appearance similar to a silver coin.
It’s amazing for a gold coin.
The size is also different, and you can notice it’s not a silver coin straight away.

This is a white gold coin?
I feel like I suddenly became rich.
Well, actually I did.

I quickly put the white gold coin and the gold coins in my item box.
The remaining silver coins and copper coins I slide into my rucksack, and then leave the explorers guild in a hurry.
I went to the adventurers guild at a quick pace.
I’m behaving suspiciously because I’m not used to having so much money.

“I don’t think anyone is coming.”
“Right. I think it’s fine.”

As I entered the adventurers guild I kept checking outside to see if I was being followed.
Even I dislike how timid I’m being.
It doesn’t look like anyone is following me at the moment.

“Should I do some shopping before I go back?”

There is no known magic or skills to steal items from someone elses item box.
There shouldn’t be any problems.
I can go back after shopping.

“Master, there is a message from Luke. He seems to have made a successful bid for a green caterpillar’s monster card.”

When I return to the house, there is a message from Luke waiting.
Roxanne reads the message.
It’s the green caterpillars monster card?
A spare sacrificial misanga can be made with it.

The next morning I sold a mirror, then headed to the merchants guild after breakfast.
I asked Roxanne to handle the washing and cleaning up.
I’m a little sorry because I haven’t been making the breakfast lately.
Though, I’m preparing the water used for the washing and cleaning.

I called for Luke the broker, and we went to the conference room.

“Yesterday after making a successful bid for the green caterpillars monster card, I also made a successful bid of 5,000 nars on a kobold monster card.”

Luke pulls out two monster cards.
I checked them, and they really are a kobold and green caterpillar monster cards.

“That’s great.”
“This one’s the kobold monster card. Since the holiday is close, the amount being exhibited might increase a bit.”
“I see.”

Is there more spending during holidays?
Are they making money to prepare for the auction?
The amount of rivals is increasing.

“Debt repayments are due at the end of the season.”

Is that the same as the story where people sold their items on new years eve in the edo period?
Since there is no end of month in this world, it’s the end of the season?

“Oh. So this one is the green caterpillar then.”

I confirm it out loud, and put the monster cards in my item box.
It doesn’t make any difference to me since I checked them with [Analyze] anyway.
I handle them carefully.
Someone who can’t use [Analyze] would handle them carefully.

I paid the price, and 700 nars commission for the monster cards.
I might be taken advantage of if I order the same thing over and over, so I didn’t order another kobold monster card this time.
The harem might increase because of the auction, so I didn’t cancel the order for green caterpillar monster cards.

“To repay their debt at the end of the season, the fallen Baradam family will be exhibiting a Sacred Spear today.”
“There’s am exhibition today?”
“Yes. The information about the Sacred Spear being exhibited has probably been spread to increase sales on kobold monster cards. They want to lure in more bidders.”

I could put [MP absorption] on a Sacred Spear.

“Is it possible to see the exhibition of the Sacred Spear?”
“Well… it’s not impossible.”

Luke hesitated.

“Is there a problem?”
“There’s a story. Can you keep it to yourself?”
“I understand.”
“The Baradam house seem to have brought the Sacred Spear to the brokers first, but the price offered was too cheap so they switched to an exhibition. The brokers have decided not to bid, except on orders of kobold monster cards.”

Luke exposes it.
Nobody will bid on it.
The successful bid will be a low price.

I already knew that brokers were nasty.
It wouldn’t be good to make them angry.
Maybe it’s a warning from Luke to me.
That this will happen to me if I do something selfish.

“Then, the first lowest bid will be a successful bid.”
“That’s right. Or if the starting bid is too high we might call everything off.”

Isn’t there a deposit they’d lose?
I’m interested in the Sacred Spear, but I probably shouldn’t go for this one.
It would be bad if I opposed the brokers.
The bid price might jump up if there’s a bidding war with a guest that wants to put [MP absorption] on it.

“I won’t bid on it. I just want to watch.”

I give Luke some reassurance.

But, what if the story that they were refusing to bid was made up?
If there is an item you want by any means possible you could spread a rumour about refusing to bid, so you get a cheap price.
It wouldn’t work if there are people aside from the brokers at the exhibition.

It would be cheating.
Have stories come out about such things?
Aren’t there brokers who commit fraud?

“Okay. You can come to the auction hall and watch. There is a registration fee that needs to be paid when you enter, though that is refunded if you participate in bidding. However, do not participate in bidding on the Sacred Spear.”
“So I can come?”
“Thanks for doing this.”

We go to the hall.
It will be good to experience this today before the holiday’s auction.

“I think the Sacred Spear will be shown in 20-30 minutes.”

I still seem to have some time on my hands.
I returned to the house briefly, and told Roxanne I’d be a bit late.
I turned around and went straight back to the merchants guild.
It only took a few seconds to travel because I was using [Warp].

I climbed the stairs to the second floor of the merchants guild.
A large conference room is on the second floor.
The auction seems to be held there.

“It’s here?”

Luke leads me inside.
It’s a considerably spacious room.
There is a stage at the front, and chairs facing it.
It feels like a small theater.

I sit down next to Luke.
There aren’t many people in the room.
Maybe 20-30?
Hundreds of people could fit if it was full.

“Then, I’ll start the auction. The first item today is the pig monster card. It’s been confirmed by the guild.”

A man stood at the left side of the stage.
Another man entered, and put the card on the table at the center of the stage.
The pig monster card.
He must be the seller.

“If it is cheap I will make a bid for it. You can too. We will lose our registration fee if we don’t bid.”

Luke whispers in my ear.

“The starting bid is 1,000 nars.”

As soon as the man on the left side of the stage indicated, someone called out at once.


The bidding increments are 100 nars because it is less than 10,000 nars.

“Since it’s the first item shown, it has 100 nar increments so a lot of people can participate.”

The auction progresses.


I raised my voice boldly.


Luke calls out next.
Are you looking out for me?

A person in charge comes straight over, and passes a slip of paper to Luke & I.
It’s papyrus.
Something is written on it.

“What’s this?”
“You can turn this in when you leave the hall as proof that you participated and get your registration fee returned.”

I see.
It’s proof of participation.

The bid price kept increasing by 100 nars.
When it got to 2,500 the bids started slowing in speed.

“2,800. The current bid is 2,800. Are there any more?”
“As I thought, it’s gotten a little higher.”

Luke mutters as he watches the auction.


Someone calls out again, but then it goes quiet.

“3,100. The current price is 3,100. Are there any more bids? … No… The successful bid is 3,100 nars. The seller and the bidder, please make the exchange in the back room and perform confirmation on the item.”

The successful bidder has been decided.
The seller who appeared on stage leaves with the monster card, and the bidder also leaves through a door at the front right.

“This is an auction?”

There isn’t really any difference with auctions on Earth.
Since the purpose is the same, they turned out similar.

“The next item today is the coral monster card. It’s been confirmed by the guild. The starting bid is 1,000 nars.”

The next seller shows up and puts a monster card on the table.
The price increases in 100’s from 1000 nars again, and then at last it finishes.
This repeats several times.

“All the people in the hall have probably participated now, so the bidding gets serious from here.”

Luke whispers.
Bids increase by 10% for the starting range of 1,000 nars.
There wasn’t anyone that raised a bid by 1,000 nars, but there were plenty of people that raised by 100 nars.

“The next item shown is the Sacred Spear. Since it is a piece of equipment, the guild has not confirmed it, so please be careful.”

The Sacred Spear is finally here?
The seller appears at the chairman’s introduction.
The seller does not have a family name.

It doesn’t seem to have been brought by someone from the Baradam house.
A substitute has come to sell it.
Is it a servant or a butler?
The seller puts the Sacred Spear on the table.

Sacred Spear: Skills [Empty] [Empty] [Empty] [Empty] [Empty]


I called out by accident.


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Albedo's Ahoge


Albedo's Ahoge

Thank you~

Albedo's Ahoge

Oh oh oh!


Is there a girl to be auctioned? would Michio want to bid for this girl??

Thanks for doing this Chapter?


He IS going to an auction to get a new girl this is just practice for that


Nepu!!!comment image


Freed from slave status?


Yeah, just a few hours ago. (∗•ω•∗)


finally you revealed yourself huh. it’s always bothering me why a mask can read and comment. XD


Well I am a mask so I can plunder new body to replace the old ones.
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Are you related to Vanir, then?


Vanir-sempai is the one who teached me the art of body possession. Wonder how he is doing in some world in another dimension…

Albedo's Ahoge

Watch out Nepu nepu-chan.


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I am starting to get a weird vibe from Sherry, shes been giving the MC cold glances a lot more frequently in the past few chapters and has never been that affectionate towards him. At least from what i remember


Yea I’ve been noticing the cold stares too, but I think its just her glancing at Michio’s stupidity


Sherry likes to figure things out, she’s figured out that Michio is a cheat somehow, but he’s hiding it. And she has a strong sense of fairness.

What she needs to do is go drinking with everyone. Being Sherry, she won’t get drunk, of course, but when Michio’s suitably loosened up she can start asking questions….


I have never trusted her.


Shes not an emotional type of character, shes a logical kind. She criticizes anything that goes against general knowledge or anything that deviates from the norm. think the faces are more like this comment image?w=400

Jeffrey Palmer

What anime! Please.

Sherry keeps giving The MC cold glances. As the slavery will is set up, Sherry could inherit almost everything if Michio dies. Loyal Roxanne cannot prevent it because she will automatically die if Michio dies. Sherry will be automatically freed from slavery at the end and will be declared to automatically inherit Miria (as indicated in a prior chapter) who will remain a slave. So if Michio dies in the labyrinth, Sherry and Miria can loot the bodies of Roxanne and Michio and head back to the house. That would certainly be an atypical ending. Nepu. As for the auction.… Read more »

I think it was stated in the chapter,

“The Baradam house seem to have brought the Sacred Spear to the brokers first, but the price offered was too cheap so they switched to an exhibition. The brokers have decided not to bid, except on orders of kobold monster cards.”

So, pretty much means that they’re trying to lower the price, so that the Baradam family looks bad/doesn’t get a profit.


Edit: Odd, anyways, wrong reply wonder if it can be deleted.


I think it’s less she’s giving him cold glances and more his paranoia makes him believe they’re cold and calculating because he knows she’s smart and COULD possibly think that way. Which I highly doubt since he treats all of his slaves like queens so why ruin a good thing since it seems most slaves are treated like, well, slaves lol.


She’s giving him cold glares because he’s being chuunibyou level stupid for their world.

“I’ll put MP Absorbsion into my boots! And then stab the ground with every step I take to rebuild my MP!”

I mean, just think for a second what doing that would LOOK like. With EVERY step. She’d have to cover her face whenever she was near other people with a master like that. Sherrie is the only reason Michio’s dark history isn’t increasing.


She isn’t the only reason, I mean there is one character *boing*….. ummm what was i saying? …. and why am I looking about chest level again?


Thanks for the chapter! 🙂 Did anyone ever notice his 30% discount skill before? Seems he worries too much about it


if there’s someone that take notice of the discount skill, it’s sherry…there were a few times where she is asking why the total cost is lesser than what she calculated…


Thank u always for ur great work…


Thanks for the chapter nepu~~♡♡


He just accidentally bid…hes in trouble…

Albedo's Ahoge

Nope, he didnt state an amount~


why why why Luke asked him not to bid on the Sacred Spear? man that is lots empty. screaming what the hell… will he bid or wont he bid? bid bid bid bid bid, please.


Im guessing two reasons:

1. Some ruler type noble already wants it.

2. Don’t want help revive a known bad reputation clan.


Actually, the reason was already explained in the chapter.


it’s used to increase sales for kobold monster cards.

He is not allowed to bid because the Baradam family approached a broker about selling the spear, but their price was too low, so being the idiot Baradam family, they basically gave the broker the middle finger and decided to do it themselves. This has angered the Broker community, so they are cooperating like a Union to make sure the Baradam not only get no bids for their spear, but have to pay a default penalty when no one buys it. Now, Michio has to figure out a way to buy the spear without angering the Broker Union, and thus… Read more »

Hey is that spoiler?


No, first half of what he said is in the chapter. Second half is what he thinks Michio can or can not do.


Thanks for the new chapter!






Wow, awesome… now what!? Does he bid and betray Luke? Hmm, could always steal it. 😮


Thanks for the chapter!


Thanks for the chapter ^^


he clearly told you not to, now the brokers are probably angry
BUT WHO CARES, that’s an amazing spear and you gotta keep the harem safe

thanks for the chapter


That would be dumb. If he risk angering the brokers he can kiss his source of monster cards goodbye which would then leave him with a spear with no monster cards to fuse it with.


thanks for the chapter~


“The next item today is the Sacred Fork.Since it is a piece of utensil, the guild has not confirmed it, so please be careful. The starting bid is 10,000 nars.”
Sacred Fork: Skills [Empty] [Empty] [Empty] [Empty] [Empty]


Holy meatbun evolved to kawaii meatbun.
I wonder what’s inside.


Thanks for the chapter!
How so? He buy two necklaces for 84,000 Nars, and sell them for 63,000 Nars.
Where profit?


He bought them for 84000 Nars and sold them for 630 000 Nars. This is a profit of over 500 000 Nars. This is a loooot


Thanks for explanation, don’t notice


Thanks for the chapter


lol… is he gonna buy it? it would cause him problems with the brokers though…
Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂


Thanks for the Chapter 🙂




Thank you a lot!

Just a correction for future chapters as far as currency goes; the proper translation for “White Gold” is “Platinum.” Because most authors are surprisingly lazy, so they just use the standard periodic table trend of noble metals for currency; Cu => Ag => Au => Pt p.s. Because of the surprising laziness, I doubt most authors care that Pt is not truly discovered until well into the late 1700s, deep into an era of scientific revolution… But I digress. (p.s. I’d rather hope it’d be more plausible for them to make out a promissory note – considering they existed… Read more »

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