Slave Harem – 115 – The Condition

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The Condition

After seeing the Sacred Spear at the auction, I subconsciously uttered a cry.
I did so because the weapon had 5 empty skill slots.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!
This Sacred Spear holds 5 empty skill slots.
It is quite spectacular to see this number of skill slots.

I was not prepared for something like this to be exhibited.
As expected of an auction, there is a higher probability of seeing items with multiple empty skill slots here.
No, this hypothesis might be wrong.
As I am the only one with the [Appraisal] skill, only I can see the skill slots and not be deceived.

“Well then, to start the bidding of the Sacred Spear, the minimum bid price is 150,000 Nars. Please, let’s start.”

The auction is starting.
The minimum bid price is 150,000 Nars.
Is this expensive or not?
A subtle air is flowing through the hall.

As time passed, the atmosphere became heavier.
Not everyone can afford to bid here.
It was natural for other brokers not to have a go, but even the broker who bought the Kobold Monster Card didn’t try to bid.

“Is the price high?”

I asked Luke.
If it is too expensive, there is a possibility that it won’t find a buyer.
If nobody bids, I’ll go for it.
It seems that the brokers all agree not to compete for it, but is it okay if no one buys it?

“I don’t think so.”

Luke was negative.

“150,000 Nars. Someone?”

As the seller’s expression changes, the auction officer looks to confirm the bidder.
Was the strategy to bid at the very last minute?
It’s normal to jump at such a bargain price. That no broker actually went for it is weird.
It would be a different story if it were an expensive item.
The seller displays an expression of relief.
Nobody follows up on the bid.
As it stands, it will be sold at this price.
150,000 Nars might really be a low price.
I want to raise my hand so much but I endure it.
I can not antagonize all these brokers.

“150,000 once, 150,000 twice. Nobody else…? Then… the Sacred Spear goes to the bidder with the bid of 150,000 Nars.”

Hence, the 150,000 Nars bid was declared the winning bid for the Sacred Spear.
The seller dropped his shoulders in disappointment due to the low selling price.

“Which one is more expensive, Sacred Spear or a staff with [MP Absorption] skill?”

I made sure that the person collecting the Sacred Spear went to the backstage and asked Luke in a low voice.
Assuming that the fusion of a monster card succeeds once out of ten times; adding the price of ten Kobold Monster Cards and Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Cards, and the price of the staff; shouldn’t a staff with [MP Absorption] skill cost about 150,000 Nars?

“In any other case, a Sacred Spear would fetch more, of course.”
“What about this Sacred Spear?”
“Considering its price, 150,000 Nars, a staff with [MP Absorption] skill would cost more.”
“Is that so? I need a favor from you, then.”

150,000 Nars is a fairly low price, after all.
Then, after having made up my mind, I approach Luke.

“I’d like to propose an exchange to the successful bidder of the Sacred Spear. The Sacred Spear vis-a-vis a staff with [MP Absorption] skill.”
“No way! Do you have it?”
“I can arrange one.”

I already have a Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card, a Kobold Monster Card, and a staff with an empty skill slot;
So it is possible to make a staff with [MP Absorption] skill.
The Sacred Spear is now being replaced by the next item of the auction.
Ah, I should have bid.
It’s too late now. I can only remember the sweet embrace of my mother’s arm.

“I understand.”
“I would like to exchange an [MP Absorption] weapon for the Sacred Spear. As the spear’s price was low, there might be some room for profit. I entrust the negotiation with the other party to you, Luke. You can take the commission from the difference.”

The Sacred Spear went for a low price.
Hence, Luke could come up with the offer of a staff with [MP Absorption] skill plus 10,000 Nars in exchange for the Sacred Spear.
I leave the details of the deal to Luke’s discretion.
He would not go for it if he can’t make any profit out of it.

“Are you fine with it?”
“Whether you can get any money out of the deal or not depends entirely on your skill. I would rather go with the one-to-one exchange.”
“I see. Although the Sacred Spear is a good weapon, this time, it went for less. As a wand, staff is adequate. Now, if you absolutely want a weapon with [MP Absorption] skill, would you choose a staff with [MP Absorption] skill or a Sacred Spear, the fusion in which case may or may not be successful…?”

Luke calculates the prospects while muttering.
If the goal of the bidder is not the Sacred Spear but a weapon with [MP Absorption] skill, he will agree to this deal.
As a matter of fact, they would be able to get a weapon with [MP Absorption] skill if they try since the Sacred Spear has empty skill slots.
Well, the other party doesn’t know that, so they should not decline the deal.

“How about it?
“Certainly. Let’s talk later, then. The successful bidder is also a broker. Because it is necessary for him to report it to his customer, I don’t expect a quick answer.”
“Contact me if there’s a reply. For now, I will return home. This auction served as a good experience. Thank you for today.”
“Same here. Thank you very much.”

I parted with Luke and got out of the auction hall.
At the reception desk, I submitted the papyrus, the proof of my participation in the bidding, and left.
I arrived at home from the living room’s wall.

“I am back.”
“Did something bad happen? It took you quite some time.”
“No, don’t worry about it.”

I have spent an unexpectedly long time in the merchants’ guild, but I quickly psyche myself up as I enter the labyrinth.
We went hunting on Haruba’s 17th floor.
The exploration progressed quite smoothly.
The monsters we encountered the most on 17th floor were Kettle Mermaids paired up with Clamshells, that are both weak against earth magic.
Hence, this level can be classified as easy.
It is not as easy as Quratar’s 16th floor, though.

Since I had already obtained a white crystal, there was no need for [Crystalization] skill, so I was able to reset the bonus points.
I allocated the points toward [Increase in Gained Experience] skill, obviously.
Thanks to that, Roxanne finally leveled up to Warrior Lv30.

I check Roxanne’s jobs via [Party Job Settings].
Roxanne has acquired the Knight job.

As expected, Warrior Lv30 seems to be the condition to acquire Knight job.
That’s great.

Warrior Lv30, Beast Warrior Lv32, Village Chief Lv1, Monk Lv2, Villager Lv8, Farmer Lv1, Swordsman Lv1, Explorer Lv1, Herbalist Lv1, Merchant Lv1, Assassin Lv1, Knight Lv1.

What is this frightful job called Assassin?
I’ve never seen it before.
When did Roxanne get involved in assassination?
Actually, It might not be farfetched if it is Roxanne.
Many warriors seem to have already died at her hands.
Roxanne is a scary girl.

“Umm, what is it?”

No, wait.
It was also assassination when I killed those thieves.
For Roxanne to become an assassin now, it might be that Warrior Lv30 is required like in case of Knight.
That said, because I am a Warrior Lv30, too, assassination does not seem to be the condition to acquire this job.

“Let’s go home and rest.”
“Yes, certainly.”

I dodged the question and return home at once.
What is the condition to acquire Assassin job?
Before that, I should immediately get the Village Chief job.
I take all the contents out of my Item Box.

“Is there something wrong ?”

Sherry asks me with cold eyes.
No, it’s not her eyes that are cold.
It’s I who’s being paranoid.

“A little experiment. Does Sherry want to take part as well?”
“Then I have to take all the items out of my Item Box, too?”

Sherry accepted quickly.
Is it okay for her to accept so readily?
She’s still giving me those cold eyes.
I should distract her or she‘ll be even more suspicious of what is coming next.

“Wait a moment.”

I remember that I have a Caterpillar Monster Card and a Misanga.
It is one of the Misangas Sherry made and I kept it because it had an empty skill slot.

I take it out from my Item Box and pass it along with the monster card to Sherry.

“You want me to fuse it?”
“Please do. Well then, Roxanne, face me and say Appointment.”

I asked Roxanne to say that after I had changed her job to Knight Lv1, of course.
Making her do it will be quicker than explaining it.
An incantation should float up inside Roxanne’s head after saying Appointment.

“Appointment… What?”

The expression on Roxanne’s face changed.
It seems to have gone well.

“This is a knight’s skill. Roxanne is a knight now.”
“Err… am I a knight?”
“This skill allows a knight to appoint someone as a village’s chief.”

Addressing the confused Roxanne, Sherry who had successfully fused the monster card, handed the Sacrificial Misanga over to me.
As expected, Sherry seems to know about the [Apointment] skill.

“Is that so? Thank you. As expected of Sherry.”
“I thought that to become a knight, one needed many years of training as a warrior. But Roxanne has been a warrior only for a short period of time.”
“As expected of Master.”
“Master, desu.”

Roxanne and Miria overwhelmed the skeptical Sherry.
Sherry looks at me with doubtful eyes.

“No, that must be so because it’s Roxanne.”
“Indeed, if it’s Roxanne.”

She agreed on that.
I can understand why.

“As expected of Onee-chan, desu.”
“Umm, do you want me to appoint you, Master?”
“Please do.”
“Rule of the emperor who rules the world?…”

Roxanne tried the incantation.
It didn’t work.
There seems to be a problem with Brahim words.

“I’ll try it first, so listen well.”
“Okay, understood.”
“The emperor who rules the heaven and the earth, let them reign without resistance — Appointment.”

I was facing Sherry while I recited the incantation of the [Appointment] skill out loud.
Since I had cancelled [Incantation Omission] skill before selecting the Knight job, i was able to see the incantation.
Sherry’s job is now Village Chief Lv1.

“As expected of Master. I will try to repeat the incantation now.”

Roxanne recited the incantation while facing me.
When I checked, my first job was Village Chief Lv1.
Just like I thought, [Appointment] takes the first job’s place.
In case you have Explorer as your first job, your Item Box needs to be empty. I was right to have emptied it.

“Oh, well done, Roxanne.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Err… it should be prohibited for a knight to appoint a village’s chief without permission. Did I become a village chief, too ?”

Sherry interrupts.
Prohibited, huh?
Sounds logical.
If everybody appointed a village chief at their own discretion, it would cause chaos.

“No, not anymore.”

I had already switched her job back to Master Smith.

“It’s alright. It’s a secret, so no one will be able to find out. Okay, Miria?”
“Secret, desu.”

Well, nobody will find out as long as I don’t select it as my first job.
I am not even sure about selecting it at all as it doesn’t seem to be useful in combat.
Because it’s a useless job, is that why any knight can appoint someone as a village’s chief, perhaps?

“Well, that’s that, but…”
“Sherry, do you know about the Assassin job?”

I asked the bored Sherry.
Assassin seems to be more useful than Village Chief.

“It is a pretty unusual job. If I remember correctly, it deals with poison. It is said that assassins fight with a weapon imbued with poison.”

Poison, huh?
True, Roxanne has indeed killed many using poison already.
I have yet to use poison.
If poison is the condition, it is a given that I don’t have the Assassin job even though I am a Warrior Lv30.
I checked the Assassin’s job effects through [Party Job Settings].

Assassin Lv1
Effects | Small Increase in Intelligence | Small Increase in Spirit
Skills | Increased Chance of Inflicting Abnormal Status | Resistance against Abnormal Status

Since the job is related to abnormal status, poison really seems to be the condition of acquiring it.
It also gives two effects, both of which grant small increase in interesting stats.
Are Intelligence and Spirit the stats that are affected by abnormal status?

Intelligence is related to magic, too.
I have already tested that my magic attack power increases with the increase in Intelligence.
That’s great.
Since it also profits other party members, it is quite useful.
This [Resistance to Abnormal Status] skill looks really interesting.
It has two skills related to abnormal status. One is [Resistance to Abnormal Status]. Is the second skill, [Increased Chance of Inflicting Abnormal Status], related to attack?
You might need to use poison with your weapon for this skill to be of any use, though.
[Resistance to Abnormal Status] might become useless if we get some equipment with similar resistance.
We already have a hard leather hat that provides protection against poison.
It’s quite a useful job nonetheless. I should try to acquire it.

“That’s good. Let’s do an experiment.”
“Umm, what experiment?”
“The experiment is killing a monster using poison. Sherry, the monster native to Haruba’s 10th floor was NT Ant, right?”
“That’s right.”

I put all the items I took out back in my Item Box and head to Haruba’s 10th floor.

Kaga Michio | Male | 17 years old
Explorer Lv43 | Hero Lv40 | Wizard Lv42| Monk Lv42 | Alchemist Lv33
Equipment | Rod of Offerings | Hard Leather Hat | Alba | Dragon Leather Gloves | Dragon Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Roxanne | Female | 16 years old
Knight Lv1
Equipment | Estoc | Steel Shield | Damascus Steel Forehead Protector | Dragon Leather Jacket | Hard Leather Gloves | Hard Leather Shoes of Willow | Sacrificial Misanga

Sherry | Female | 16 years old
Master Smith Lv33
Equipment | Steel Spear of Authority | Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat | Chainmail |
Water Resistant Leather Mittens | Hard Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Miria | Female | 15 years old
Diver Lv32
Equipment | Rapier | Iron Shield | Strengthened Hard Leather Hat | Chainmail |
Hard Leather Gloves | Hard Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Roxanne’s job is now Knight Lv1.
It won’t affect her much, though, as she rarely gets hit.
This time, we won’t be using the increased resistance to abnormal status given by the Assassin job.
I expect the battles to be drawn out, so the Alchemist job is needed.

“Because you only just became a knight, Roxanne, be careful. Well then, guide us to a place with a lot of NT Ants, please.”

Well, it’s needless to tell Roxanne to be cautious.
We hunt NT Ants and collect the poison stingers.

“Can we really kill NT Ants using their own poison?”
“Of course.”

Apparently, the NT Ants’ poison will work on them.
Since the experienced Roxanne and Sherry are the ones saying so, it should work.
Because NT Ants have a skill attack, I need to avoid a drawn out battle.
If it becomes too troublesome, we’ll retreat to a lower level to rest.

I have no idea as to how many stingers I need to shoot in order to poison an NT Ant.
On Haruba’s 10th floor, there are Escape Goats, too, which is not particularly good as it will run away the moment the poison damage exceeds a certain limit.
NT Ant is a better experimental subject.

When we were collecting the stingers, I was able to take out NT Ants with just one shot of water magic.
I don’t think it would be possible to take them out with one shot even if it were weak against water magic.
I seem to have become stronger over time.

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Sherry looks at me with doubtful eyes.

“No, that must be so because it’s Roxanne.”
“Indeed, if it’s Roxanne.”

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