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Maiden of Happiness Liliana 2



Now, this time the magic lesson really begins.

「Think of your own magic as a numerical value of 100. Out of that 100 decide on the percentage of your magic you wish to use in order to fulfill your desire. The amount of magic you put in determines the effects of your wish.」

It’s like the gauge that appears a lot in games right?

I guess it is okay to think about it like a graph of your remaining magical power in order to determine how much more you can endure.

「Hai, Sirius-sensei, what happens if you use up the entire 100 percent of your magic power?」

Even though I’m the only student here, I raise my hand in order to ask a question.

「If you use 100 percent of your magical capacity you will become extremely fatigued. However, this is not a problem since your magical power will recover quickly if you rest. The risky thing about using magic is if you attempt to use magic after you have reached your limit, this leads to sleeping for several years, or even death. Which is why it is important to know your limits, please be very careful Liliana-sama」

Scary! Even though magic has a fantasy like image, reality is horrifying!!
And, I have a bad feeling about those last words of warning!
The right hand I had raised, lost its power and returned to rest on my knee.

「In order to prevent that from happening, there are ways of lowering the magical power required in magic. Since magic is based on your desire and imagination, imagining weaker effects will lower the amount of magic power used. With that said, depending on the strength of the magic you want to use, a directly proportional amount of magical power is consumed. While the amount of magical power you hold is important, what is even more important is your ability to imagine and specify the effects of the magic you use」

Imagination is amazing
In other words, delusional people have the advantage here.

「For now you won’t know exactly how much magic power you have. Slowly using one magic after another you will determine the amount of magic you have through practical use」

Finally, I can see the path of actually using magic.
I also want to use magic like Miina-chan
Speaking of which, Miina-chan…

「Hai, Sirius-sensei, when Miina-chan healed my wounds with magic, if I remember correctly…she used a cool sounding phrase. Does magic have specific words for each type of magic?」

I ask another question while raising my hand.
Because, this is very important.
I have zero confidence in remembering chants.

「Healing magic is rare in its own way, the proper term for magic words is called chanting. A chant is different depending on the person, it is used to form a proper image of the magic you want to use, for example−」

Sirius-sensei suddenly extended his right hand towards me, so I am able to see it. At that moment I wasn’t able to hear the exact words he said, but I felt an intimidating aura.


While saying that, a ball of fire appeared on his right palm.
Sensei is on fire−−!!

「Sensei! Are you okay!!」

Becoming surprised, I stood up from my chair and didn’t realize that I had knocked it over, I rushed over to Sensei.


Once Sirius-sensei said that, the flames disappeared as if they never existed.

「Sirius-sensei! Please show me your right hand!!」

I stood next to Sirius-sensei and extended both arms towards his right hand.
However, due to my lack of height, I could not reach his hand.
Noticing this Sensei brought his right hand down to my height and using both hands I grab his hand that was on fire previously.

I inspect his right palm thoroughly but there are no signs of any burns on his hand.

「That’s amazing, there isn’t even one burn. However, please refrain from doing that so suddenly, I was worried」

I said this while still squeezing his hand with both of mine and looked up at Sensei.
I thought it was human spontaneous combustion, so I got anxious.

「…While you can heal or harm others with magic, you cannot harm yourself or heal yourself with magic so do not worry」

「Thank goodness…」(Echo: The ‘not being able to heal yourself’ would freak me out)

Looking at Sirius-sensei, he was making a somewhat puzzled face.
Not clearly understanding the problem, I separate from sensei and pick up my chair.

At that moment, he went back to the usual Sensei.

Was being touched by me that unpleasant?
As expected that makes me sad.
Well, he does seem like the type that dislikes contact with other people.

「In this world a short chant is all that is needed in order to use magic as long as that chant allows you to properly form an image of what you want to happen. There are many people that do use specific chants for magic like you said because it gives the feeling of using a special power. It is also used due to the fact that many people think that it is cool. You should use your own favorite words for your chants Liliana-sama」

Ah, as expecting everyone else had the same idea.

「You understand the general information now right? Let us move on to practical use Liliana-sama」

We move to a place in order to practice magic, It was the small pond in the back yard.
The pond is wrapped in serenity, the water is clear and serene while reflecting the sky like a mirror.

In other words, a sky blue classroom.

「Liliana-sama, for now I shall have you make a ripple in this pond」

Ripples? So I am going to start from something that simple.
Since we went to the trouble of going to an open space, I was expecting flying practice or something.
I involuntarily make a disappointed face.

「Please do not become so disappointed. While you may think it is an easy task, this is the first time Liliana-sama will be using magic. While I could have you make a flame just like I did before, if you managed it then all would be well. However, if you fail and your magic goes out of control something terrible may happen. While magic is a very convenient thing is it not good to forget that it goes hand in hand with danger and can cause a lot of damage」

「I’m sorry, Sirius-sensei」

I apologetically bow towards Sirius-sensei.

Honestly, I was underestimating it.
And, was becoming elated.

Sirius-sensei was planning and making sure that I would be safe while learning….

Just previously, Sirius-sensei said that you could not hurt yourself with magic.

In other words, when magic goes berserk, the ones that will be harmed will be those around me instead of myself…

That is the worst punishment.

「I will do my best to make pretty ripples!」

I tightly clench both hands and increase my fighting spirit.

「It is good if you understand. Now, please chant while having a proper picture of what you want to happen, once complete the wish will become magic」

「Yes, Sirius-sensei」

I close my eyes, and picture creating ripples in my mind.
Ripples huh….Now that I think about it, I used to throw stones at the river with my friends.
Hmm, was it called skipping stones?
But since I had no talent in skipping stones, once I threw the stone it just plopped into the river. I remember being very frustrated…
My friends had a lot of stones make it to the other side.
I became stubborn and began to throw stones a lot, but since I had to do housework, I never really got better at it.

Ah, no good, no good.
I need to focus on magic!

By the way, I wonder how much magic I should use.
Since Sirius-sensei said that making ripples was simple, I guess I don’t need to use that much.
Then, I guess I’ll imagine using 10 out of 100.

Ripple, ripple, plop, plop, 10, 10.

I open my hands that were tightly clenched, extend both hands in front of me, then put my wish into words.

「My wish is to create ripples in the water!」

How is it? Did I make pretty ripples in the water??

I timidly open my eyes, on the pond there wasn’t even one ripple, It was clear and serene.


An unexpected failure−−!!

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