Elf Tensei: Chapter 2, Episode 6 (V2C6)

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Chapter 2: Wind, Fire, and…

Episode 6: Firefox Traditional Food(火狐の伝統料理)

Kuu and I along with a number of Firefoxes entered the old workshop.
It is considerably cramped with all the equipment that was taken from enemy soldiers. I want to make a third workshop, but getting the materials for that is going to be a bit harsh. I have to think of another plan.

We came to the old workshop to take out cooking appliances and the foodstuffs that were stocked in secret.
The cooking appliances were meticulously made and was originally intended for the potato harvest festival.

While I prepared the cooking appliances, I instructed the girls to butcher and fabricate the wild boar and deer.

「It’s an amazing amount of weapons and armor… This seems like it’s for war.」

Kuu while looking around seeing the armor and swords, raises a surprised voice.

「There were crudely made arrow holes, but now it’s used for the raw materials. Anyway, Elves hate heavy equipment.」

Elves favor agility and speed. To be killed while being wrapped with iron armor is something they don’t want to think about.
First, Elves fall behind in proficiency to soldier’s, it’s the same as fighting the empire and just waiting to die.

「umm, I want that iron pot, and that pot, also that large bowl, and that iron plate, I wonder if I can make that…. Oh and then that pot over there, and other various stuffs.」

Since there is a lot of considerably heavy things, they took it out with multiple people.
Taking the cooking appliances from the workshop, I make a landmark and divide the girls into several groups of people.
I need to issue instructs to every group. My first instructions was for everyone to gather iron pots.

「You guys in the potatoes squad. what you will be making is potato chips and pommes frites.」[Pommes Frites]

It was the most common method to prepare potatoes on earth, so it’s surely going to have the best taste in the world.

「Were going to heat the fat we got from the wild boar meat, after that the rest is simple. Toss the potatoes in and finally salt it. Let’s first start with preparing the fat.」

The Firefoxes give back a healthy answer.
This group has Kemin and many other relatively young girls.
With me in the middle of it, my big brother act is certain to come out.

While the cooking appliances are being taken out the girls fabricate the wild boars, removing the back fat. The mass of back fat above all is hard sinew which is something you can’t possibly eat.
Usually Elves toss it away without eating it. If it was processed though it would be one of the best ingredients to use.

「Let’s start melting the fat. Put the scrapings of the back fat in the pot there. Now, everyone heat that pot now.」

To easily melt the back fat scrapings that were put into the pot. The girls nod and hold their hands toward the pot.
The Pot turns red and the back fat sizzles, bubbles and melts.

「uwaa~, it’s getting really hot. It’s hotter than boiling water.」
「Yep, the temperature is important. Water can’t reach this super high temperature to cook the potatoes, that’s why we need to use this oil.」

One of the girls stares inside the pot with great interest.

The oil temperature rises to 200℃, when I look at it, the white mass of back fat that was spewing out oil was rapidly getting smaller. The leftover meat and sinew fries and changes into a fox color and floats to the surface.
The oil initially had water in it, but that water will soon evaporate and what will be left over is pure oil.

「Yep, it looks good now. It will be ready when you scoop out all the fox colored masses that are floating.」
「I got it, Cyril-sama! Do we throw away this floating stuff?」
「Throwing it away would be ridiculous, it’s very tasty and even has a long-shelf life.」
「is this really that tasty?」
「Ah, it’s because the oil and fat is packed with flavor that gets absorbed by the meat. You can’t even eat that sinew even if it’s baked or even boiled. But, frying it in oil…. When you fry it in oil that is overheated, it becomes crispy and crumbles in your mouth, becoming very tasty and edible.」

Actually, stuff made from frying with oil is often tasty. Of course even though it’s only stuff fried with pig oil. In the Heisei-era Japan, 100 grams of fried meat stuffs was a high-class item that was around 300-yen. Naturally, you can’t place a price on wild boar stuff here right.
It can be an ingredient in sandwiches, it’s good in soup, it’s also the best when used in fried rice and yakisoba.

The firefox girl tilts her head in doubt, she takes the iron ladle and scoops out all the fried stuff.
Shaking off the oil, she nervously put it in her mouth.

「Uhwaaa~, it’s tasty, the flavor from the meat is very rich.」
「Ahaaa~, why only Yukino, that’s not fair!, me too! me too!」
「It’s just like Kurone to just go past like that!」

Everyone who was near the pot, while raising a racket started to pluck the fried stuffs.

「Okay, thats enough. You’ll eat all the stuff we need for the get-together. I think there is also those who want to eat too, so I want everyone to be patient. The left over stuff can be stored in bottles. They will make for splendid preserved foods. 」

The girls obediently obeyed me and started to stuff it into bottles.
Anyway, frying with oil reduces the moisture in the food. After if we put salt on it, it should keep for about a year.
After filling the bottle full of fried stuffs. Salt was put in and it was sealed and shaken to make sure the salt packed in there tightly.

「Now since there are still various uses for the oil let’s preserve it. It’s already warm.」
「So then, we can stop putting power, right.」

After the oil became cooler a handful of salt was put in.

「Next I wonder if it’s okay for oil to be at room temperature?」
「It’s easy business, right!」

Fire magic in essence is not making things hot, its regulating and managing the heat.
Therefore, you can also steal or move heat around.
After confirming that the oil has become room temperature, I pour the oil into a bottle.

「Okay, well please make this bottle cooler.」
「This time i’ll do it!」

The girl who called out earlier, Yukino cools down the bottle. The oil turns into a white cream inside the bottle.
Removing the impurities that formed in the oil, makes it become very smooth.

「Here, it became clean and soft right? This cream like stuff is called lard.」

Putting the ladle in, it sinks nearly without resistance.

「From the next one on just make the oil a little warm, when it’s like that it can be used as a tasty seasoning. I wonder if there is any bread from breakfast left? I wonder if it’s okay if I have them bake it.」
「Yukino probably did it earlier. I’ll do it next!」

Earlier some other girls baked bread. Anyway, the lard that was made can be stored in a bottle.
The warmed up lard has a sweet scent and can be melted and spread over the bread’s surface.

「Here, each of you take a turn trying it out.」

After saying that, the girls take turns eating the bread.
As everyone tried it their eyes brightened with surprise.
The wild boar fat was tasty.
It became something akin to butter.

Even though it’s pretty much just straight fat, it has the taste of meat as well as a strong sweet taste to go with it. Its warm this time, but it’s tasty even when cooled down.
Cow fat melts at around 48℃, but wild boar fat melts at 30°C. At that temperature it melts in your mouth making it easier to enjoy the taste of it.

If I were to rate them in order it would be: wild boar, Berkshire pig, common pig, and then cattle. Wild boar lard has a extraordinary taste to it.
Because of its scarcity, its a super high-class item that is rarely obtained on earth.

「Well, shall we get going to the production?」

I instruct everyone to start making lard, but since it’s going to be used soon I tell them not to bother bottling it.

「We are going to first make potato chips, for this we need to make ultra-thin slices of potatoes. Then we are going to put them in the piping hot lard.」

I had made a slicer for the potato harvest festival, at the time I was thinking for the elves to be able eat them on the spot. So I needed to make a slicer that anyone could handle.
When you pushed the potato against the blade and moved it, it would make slices that were thin enough to see through. It would get thrown out of the bottom and fall straight into the pot.

In a blink of an eye, one potato was completely sliced apart with the slicer.
The thin potato slices turned quickly into a fox color and floated to the surface.
It was scooped up and served on a dish.
Crushed rock salt from the Firefox village seasoned it to make it complete.

「Next is pomme frites, we make it a larger cut.」

Without using the slicer, I cut the potatoes that still had skin on them into 8 equal parts.
Pommes frites with skin are a bit large and this is a shortcut of making them.
I don’t recognize pommes frites that is the boiled, crushed and then molded stuff. That is not pomme frites.

「I wonder if you could lower the temperature just a little?」
「is this much okay?」
「that feels about right. remember this temperature well, kay.」

First we carefully raise it from a low temperature, to see if it’s enough to penetrate the potatoes.

「Yep! This time quickly raise the temperature in one go」
「like… like this?」
「more power!」
「Okay, this is good. The trick is to begin with a simmer and to end it with high heat.」

While I stroke the head of the young girl. I take out the pommes frites and put it on a dish for serving. The high-heat toward the end of frying gives it the crunchy exterior that makes it taste way better.

「Okay, next is your turn, place the potatoes from where I did it before.」
「O… Okay. 」

They didn’t say it with confidence, but I allow them to try it themselves. Starting from low heat and ending it with high heat.
With this it seems leaving it up to them looks okay.

「This! I want to treat everyone to this potato cuisine! I want to make a hundred portions. Cooled down potato chips are also tasty, like a hundred can be prepared on request. We will be offering freshly prepared pommes frites. Now that you know how to make potato chips and pommes frites, cut the potato! See, you can do it!.」

Everyone gave me a nod from my question.
With this the potato squad will be alright.
Next is the steak squad, and then my cloths was suddenly caught at the hem.

「ummm, Cyril-sama is it ok if I try tasting it once?」

The girl, Yukino embarrassingly asked.

「ah, okay. Both parties only get one though okay.」

When I said that everyone’s eyes light up and they started to stuffing their cheeks full of samples of potato chips and pommes frites.

「These potato chips are crunchy and interesting!」
「I like soft and flaky pomme frites.!」
「Either one is super tasty!」

It being popular with the Firefoxes is good.
It’s all from simple ingredients. But the ingredients are super high-class stuffs, so there is no way it’s not going to be good.
The ingredients being natural homemade wild boar lard, potatoes raised with only organic fertilizer, and rock salt taken from the Firefox village.

A normal store couldn’t place a price on it for sure.
Potatoes completely absorb the wild boar fat flavor along with the minerals and flavor from the rock salt. It is the ultimate meaning of luxury.
I felt comfortable leaving those girls after seeing their smiles.
From that I left that place.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Next is the steak squad.

It will be the main dish that will be served up today. Even though it’s wild boar meat I would rate it about the second softest. The meat most suited to be steak would be the loin which the girls head for.

From one boar you can only take nothing but several dozen Kg of meat. You must use this amount of meat to make steak for sure.
The peach sheen and rose meat is actually below a level in taste. I want to use sirloin, but there aren’t enough people to help prepare it so I gave up.

The girls gathered a huge iron plate and a huge pot. This squad has a higher percentage of average ages in this age group. It gives me an image of gathering of housewives.

「Sorry for the wait, well then, today I will show you a special way of making steak!. It will be the Plat de résistance, so it’s a heavy responsibility.」 [Plat de résistance]

I say that aloud, but everyone here seem to be in low spirits.

「I wonder why you’re down. you all seem unenthusiastic.」

I inquire and one of the firefoxes raises their voice nervously.
There is a woman in her early thirties blushing and emitting sexual appeal. I selfishly name her miboujin-san. [miboujin-san]

「Cyril-sama baked wild boar will be hard and sinewy, and it won’t be liked very much.」
「That is true, isn’t it. I also might like it better when wild boar is cooked well.」

Everyone nodded their head in agreement. It’s certainly as the women said, only housewives would have that deep knowledge of cooking.
Muscular wild boar have hard and large meat and muscles. Without a scheme, just baking it would make it hard to eat.

「I said we are making it a special way right? The steak I am going to show is going to be soft and easy to chew. Well let’s just try with one and then sample it.」

The proof is in the pudding.
Rather than repeating what i said earlier it’s faster to just let them try it.
I take out meat that was soaking in the pot that had red-purplish liquid and set it beside the iron plate.

Before I left to hunt, Lucie and I prepared the stuff to distribute with the meat.
The thickness is about 1 cm.
My way of cooking is the best.

「Sorry, but can you warm up the iron plate for me?」

With my direction, the miboujin-san warmed up the iron plate.

「I drop a drop of water, if the water beads that is when it is the best temperature. everyone do remember this.」[Leidenfrost]

I put a drop of water down and it beaded and then disappeared from evaporation.
Then I melted lard on the plate and set some meat upon it. The smell of meat and cranberry started to spread.
The red sauce I used on the meat is diluted cranberry fruit juice.

「Grilling it half way is the best. From this heat, looking at it from the side when the color changes turn it over on the iron plate to the other side.」

After saying that I turn the meat over to the opposite side and wait for it to turn to the same color and then transfer it to a plate.

It’s only really searing the surface, but in the case of the wild boar, its fat melts at a low temperature, instead of beef steak it’s tastier when it’s close to bleu.[bleu]
It’s different from beef fat that doesn’t melt at a low temperature, raw wild boar is tasty enough by itself.

I cut up the steak with a small knife and gave it to the miboujin-san. She took it in her hand and put it in her mouth.

「I can cut it with just my teeth. It’s the first time tasting meat this soft!」

Seeing that, the other women scrambled to get a taste.
Inside their mouths the meat softly broke apart. The women became slaves to the specially made steak that overflowed with melted fat and Jus. [Jus]

「Here, it’s tasty right? But since we took out a step from the production it actually can get even tastier. Well, let’s get to it. We don’t have much time after all. We have to prepare enough for 260 people.」
「Okay!, please!」

Until earlier, everyone including the miboujin-san were reluctant, but they all became excited from the steak and how it was different.

「There are two parts to the secret of this steak being this soft, the first is this.」

I took out a cooking utensil.
It has the appearance of brass knuckles, with a row of countless chisel like blades, it had a fiendish appearance.

「You can tenderize the meat with this. But first the meat has to be cut to the appropriate thickness. It is important to remember it, okay.」

The miboujin-san stands behind, holding the special kitchen knife.

「Here, carefully hold down the meat.」
「o~, okay.」

With a slightly red face, the miboujin-san faces the meat.

「Like this, here this kind of thickness. This kind of softness if best. Well, let’s quickly cut it and remember, cut it about ten times.」

With a serious expression they cut the meat.
The finished steaks were about 150 grams, this should make it considerably easy to eat.
While doing so I release what I was doing, and let them do it themselves. It seems though they had already gotten the knack of it cause there wasn’t much different between the steaks I made and theirs.

「Now I am going to show you magic. The utensil I took out earlier is the tenderizer that I will use.」

I put on the brass knuckle cooking utensil.
And hit the meat…
Countless chisels pierce and shred the meat.
I shift points slightly as I hit the meat.

The reason wild boar meat is hard is because of it being muscular with a lot of muscle meat. It can be softened from being tenderized. I have a hammer that is used to make minced meat, but it smashes the animal cells and it would change the flavor. I prefer steaks to be softened through cutting.

「And then next is the first real magic.」

I throw the meat into the pot that has the cranberry juice.

「The cranberry juice has the effect of breaking down the ligament proteins and amino acids. The meat becomes softer and you get a stronger taste of the proteins and amino acids. It’s killing two birds with one stone. Hitting action from before helps increase the surface area and penetration of the juice, doubling the effect. 」
「uhh, we have absolutely no idea what you just said.」

While giving a bitter smile, I scratch my head.
I overdid it… it would only make sense they wouldn’t know half of what the hell I was talking about.

「The meat getting softer, and the taste getting better is what it all means.」
「If it’s just that then I get it!」
「Okay, because the grilled meat is going to be freshly provided, the meat has to be cut into the right sized pieces then tenderized. It then has to be soaked in cranberry juice. I know it’s bad that we need enough for 260 people and if we don’t hurry we won’t make it. Are you able to manage?」
「We will try.」
「You only have the people here to help you.」

They returned a reliable answer. I expressed a smile and started to talk.

「Okay, so with that being the case that is the final process. Earlier I said we skipped a step, but we are going to do that now. It is the process of making the sauce.」

Yep, after taking great pains to make the steak. there is no way you should eat it with just salt right.

「To make it, first we pickle the meat in the cranberry juice. It’s soaked and mixed to make the meat soft but no matter what part of the meat flavor bleeds into the juice. Since it would be a shame to waste it we will make the sauce out of it.」

I pour the cranberry juice into a small pot and tell the women to warm the pot to the point just before it boils.

「When the cranberry juice is boiled down the sourness and sweetness gets stronger making it actually quite tasty. For it to be even better we need to add more stuff in it.」[Demi-glace]

On top of the iron plate there is a perfect mass of muscle that no matter how you look at it can’t be eaten. I set the unusable meat on top.

「This meat is not really edible, even so this kind of meat when grilled produces wonderful Jus」

I press the mass of meat into the iron plate and it makes a very loud sizzling sound while a large amount of Jus flows out.
It’s not fat, it’s pure Jus. Using this for sauce instead of the lard is going to turn out much better. Even when reinforcing the taste of the meat with the sauce, it’s not even greasy.

The overflowing Jus had a alluring aroma, with it we were all put into a trance.

「This iron plate has a special feature build into it. It has a slight incline for the Jus to flow toward the edge through a grove. There is a built-in bottle for it to flow and collect in.」

The Jus flowed from the muscle meat and quickly accumulated in the bottle. I kept on squeezing the grill meat until the bottle was full.
In addition, I had magic that I refined that I took advantage of to polish the iron plate to a mirror shine. Thanks to that nothing gets stuck to it and the flavor of the Jus is perfectly preserved.

「And then, we pour that Jus into the reduced cranberry sauce then add salt to taste. We add mountain herbs with a good smell to it and voila the special sauce is done. The taste of the steak will be enhanced quite a bit when it’s covered with the sauce.」

The sweet sour flavor and the Jus taste that overflows from the sauce on the meat would make it incredible. But it would also go wonderfully with the pommes frites. Since we are serving both steak and potatoes together, that is one kind of way of eating it.

「Here, try tasting this.」

The women put their finger in the pot and lick their finger.
Everyone’s tail straightens out into a point.
Until now this has been the best reaction i’ve seen so far.

「Since the meat isn’t needed anymore, I want to try spreading this sauce on bread and eating it.」
「Me too, me too! I want to cover the steam potatoes we eat everyday with it. It probably will taste better.」
「Ah, that sounds good!」
「Cyril-sama saying so, tomorrow we will have access to wheat, would it go well with stir-frying noodles mixed with it?」
「That would be the best!」
As expected of the age group of housewives. Without the festival ending, it would be head spinning for ordinary life.

「Preparing the meat, if you can make today’s portion of sauce, it can be made in bulk for everyday use. It’s considerably effective with preservation, anyway the mass of muscle were using with the cranberry sauce is going to have to be thrown away eventually right.」
「「「we got it! we will a whole make a lot of it!」」」

To fill the dinner table from tomorrow, the older women of this squad will be ones to start making steak and sauce.
Preferably the latter will put in more strength in order to show off, but im sure its my imagination.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「Okay, next is the final squad isn’t it.」

Since the potato and steak squad ate up considerable amount of time, I speed up the pace slightly with the deer cuisine squad and the soup squad.
These two are a set.
I will get them to make the best soup using nothing but deer meat.

「Sorry for making everyone wait!」
「it’s completely okay. Cyril-sama.」
「yah, we also frequently mixed with the other squads to taste test. We also want to eat all the fried stuff and the meat until we’re full.」
「ah, Kona, that is a secret!」

This final squad, is a group of older teens and some in their twenties.
Up to now, they were the best, giving me a can do attitude.

「Well then, Cyril-sama, if you would please.」

In the midst of it all was Kuu who bowed.
All of the Firefoxes were honoring me, but as expected due to Kuu’s upbringing it came out a little more than others.
How should I say it, Kuu had elegance.

「Okay, from the soup we will make, well even saying that, it will take work but the procedure is simple.」

I take the hind leg of the deer.
Actually, out of a four-legged animal, the hind legs are much tastier than the front legs.

「First, we put a lot of water in the pot, in there we put the hind leg meat and the meat stripped bone that we put in crushed.」

As always, the girls help raise the temperature of the pot.
It’s not needed to prepare fuel before hand, to begin with they are raising the heat directly so there is no smoke.

At my house when I want to cook, I have to collect firewood and make the fire each time. It’s troublesome, smoke comes out and I also have to clean it all the time, it’s to the extent I am jealous of them.

And anyway, today I accidently entered the workshop while the girls were changing their clothes. It was warm inside there.
The girl’s fire magic is temperature regulation.
Conversely during summer, they can take heat for it to become colder. The girls in the room can easily maintain the climate all year round.

I want one of them in my family, namely the Firefox family head.

「There, put in plenty of dried mushrooms I prepared and toss in rock salt.」

Even the dried mushrooms that were stored in the workshop was thrown in without reserve.
Since there were mushrooms that also looked like Shiitake, that was also prepared. With part of the mushroom being dry, it actually tastes better. The ingredients for the soup is considerably higher-class this time around.

「Just before the get-together begins, I want you to earnestly stir it and skim the scum off the top of the soup. If made well a tasty soup will be clean and clear. But if you cut corners it will become cloudy. I’ll know if you were slacking off so do your best.」

I show a smile. So that one of the girls can skim out the scum I hand over the ladle and the stick to stir the pot with.

「Other places are more even more showy, this is kinda plain.」
「I might be a little disappointed.」

As expected, they are still young girls and are very upfront about what they think.
I make a bitter smile and open my mouth to talk.

「it certainly is that, compared to the others it doesn’t feel like a feast, ya. But even so, people will be requesting things like this casual tasting soup.」

Do they even understand what I am saying… the girls tilt their head to me.

「Simply, when you ask for just the taste of the soup alone, you’re going to use more wild boar.」

It has more fat, it would be easier to understand that level of taste right.

「Even so, the potato and wild boar cuisines all have a lot of fat. They will get the feeling of it not being digested well unless they eat something simple like soup.」

Yes, the soup is targeted to brighten the lead role.
With that, deer is the greatest ingredient for that. The fat isn’t high and the genuine taste of the meat exceeds that of wild boar.
Taking time and working diligently to make the soup well makes the taste is worth the effort.

「Ah, I get it!. if it’s just the feast, they will want a cuisine that gives their stomach a break.」

To some extent the village chief’s daughter, Kuu who has had a rich life gave me a nod.

「And anyway. because it isn’t flashy doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty. shall we make try making a simple version?」

Putting the same ingredients in a smaller pot, and using wind magic to increase the pressure inside the pressure cooker. Kuu directly uses fire on it.
Not taking off the scum and because it was quickly made gave it a coarser taste that dropped its rank. You can still atleast make something decent with this method though.

「here, everyone it’s tasting time. of course some people seemed to have made this into a custom….」
「hauu~ i’m sorry」
「but, it has such a good smell though…」

Earlier the girls that confessed came to apologize.
I forgive it with that smile, and give out soup.

「Ah~ it has a gentle taste.」
「It really does doesn’t it. when I drink it, I feel relieved.」
「no matter what I want to just keep drinking…」

With steak, and a tired mouth it’s ideal food to eat while resting.

「Because it’s a simplified version, soup that is made carefully is going to be much tastier. cooking it well over a longer period is hard, so do your best. Even if you say it’s plain because it’s going to get lonely at this rate, prepare it like that. 」[Lonely]

I am going to prepare the ultimate weapon today, I take out bean sprouts.
Soy beans I stole from the empire and grew in a dark room in the workshop.

「this, what is it?」
「In this dark place are soy bean sprouts, they are full of nutrition and has a good crunchy texture. They will put the finishing touch and make the taste even better.」

Bean sprouts are a versatile vegetable, rather than eat the scarce soy means as they were I thought it would be good to make them.

「It’s just there are whiskers attached to it right? They make the tasty become murky and the texture also gets bad, with everyone can you take them out one by one.」

The whiskers on the root of the bean sprouts, whether taken off or not taken off completely change the quality.
It’s just it demands considerable patience. Honestly, if they were making and eating their own soup I wouldn’t bother taking it off for them.

But, I don’t want them to compromise them looking their best for everyone.

「I’ll do it. Please let me do it.」
「It does have a better taste doesn’t it. If that’s the case i’ll do it.」
「Yah, please allow me to return the favor. If Cyril-sama is going to eat it, I will do my best.」

Only obedient firefox children are good.
Kuu directed her gaze, which was a joyful gaze.

「If that’s the case I will leave the bean sprouts and soup to you. The rest that are left we will be making the supporting dish to the boar steak. The Firefox family traditional cuisine, deer sausages. 」

Daring to make this, I removed the deer’s internal organs.

「Cyril-sama, traditional Firefox family cuisine… We do not know such a thing, you know?」
「It’s okay, Kuu. I will introducing it to the Elves like that. The elves have never actually tried eating it once, so they absolutely won’t know about it. Unless I direct it all it won’t have any impact now will it. In order for the Firefoxes to feel welcomed I think the Firefoxes need to make a traditional Firefox family traditional feast for them to be happy and excited.」

Potatoes on their own don’t appear in the firefox village, so to call pommes frites and potato chips Firefox cuisine is a bit unbelievable. You could insist that the steak is but, just doing a different process to steak that is already known is not going to give the shock effect I want.

But, until now nobody has eaten sausages. So nobody would doubt it being a traditional Firefox cuisine.
Anyway, sausages made from deer are quite tasty. If they taste deer sausages once without trying beer or pig sausages the won’t be able to eat any other sausages, and also because it’s an easily preserved food, it can be eaten regularly.

If I think about it just this would bring about a good impression of the Firefoxes in just one fell swoop.

「Even so, it feels like we are just taking credit for Cyril-sama’s efforts…..」
「That’s also good, you know. That is the whole point of this get-together. Involving the Firefoxes in Elucie for everyone to enjoy is first. The second is for you guys to get use to it, that is the whole intent of it. I want the Elves to be pleased with all the Firefoxes. That in itself is my achievement.」
「Really… Cyril-sama is really…..」

Kuu’s eyes turned red and she wagged her tail a little.

「Thank you so much…. Well then, can you please show us how to make it.」
「Later kay, Saying it’s a traditional Firefox cuisine is not really a lie, I will say that. We are just going to make it into a traditional cuisine, this time you will be telling the Elves, Kuu.」
「that…. that’s cruel! That’s just frivolous isn’t it.」

Kuu laughed aloud.

「You have to hold on, this is all about the Firefoxes. I will guide you so that your words match the meaning behind them. If it all gets ruined it won’t be funny, you know.」
「Of course, because Cyril-sama can’t afford to be concerned about this.」
「Well then! Shall we begin. First we will make this.」

I take out the deer intestines.
Since Herbivores only absorb some nutrients in their digestive tract, they have long intestines to help with that. It’s about twenty times longer than the length of the animal.
This being a deer, it was close to 40 meters.

「First we clean it.」

I know this is cheating a little but I use water magic. I collect water in a water jug and pour it all in one go in the entrance of the intestines.
From the exit of the intestines, while the water was coming out so did the leftover particulates that were inside.
The cleaning operation was done in about a minute.

After finishing washing the intestines, it was cut into manageable sizes and soaked in water.

「If I was going to simplify it, the point is we will be smoking the deer meat sausages. Since the intestines are ready we will next work on making the ground meat. Any portion of meat is okay in sausages.」

While saying that, I take out deer meat and place it on top the cutting board.

「First, cut it lengthwise and crosswise, strike it with the kitchen knife. Then put it in a bowl.」

I nearly mince all the meat and put it in the bowl.

「The basis is kneading in salt, and to pack it earlier into the intestines. After we smoke it till it becomes tender.」

Yes, the deer meat is almost without any fat, simple and a bit boring.
If the sausage stays as it is, it would be completely shadowed by the wild boar steak.

「That is why we must reinforce the taste, for that we will use this guy.」

Next I take out the deer’s liver. Yep, it holds the highest sweetness, it’s a gem that makes me want to eat it raw as it is.
I mince it up the same way, and put only a small amount in the bowl.
Rather than doing it like that, this amount is going to make a good bit of difference.

「In addition, we will add this.」

I put this in as the finishing blow and just a little bit of lard along with that.
Saying it’s the proteins, if I put it the other way around with any other meat, the other meat would battle with each other and make the flavor not come out, but deer meat is pretty flexible.
And also, about erasing the bad smell, I minced Yuri Wasabi and rock salt to put in, and put my waist into kneading it.

The liver and lard mix well together, along with that the meat stops being sticky.

「With this, the ingredients are done. Now we pack the intestines.」

I cut into it about 1 meter. I put the ingredients into the intestines that were soaked in water. Using a wild boar stomach filled with the filler I put the intestine on the opening on the bag. Pressing the tip of the intestines into it I squeeze the contents into it, filling it to the point of bulging.
Then I twist in regular intervals, making the familiar thick form of a sausage.

「After we just hang this and roast it with smoke. We make an open fire, this is going to be easy since it’s just going to hang. Well shall we try it.」

Because the way of making it is unexpectedly easy everyone did it. If I just sometimes gave directions they would somehow figure it out and do it.

Usually sausages are made with pig and sheep intestines, but deer intestines have a better texture, the taste is better and it doesn’t have a bad smell. Since the intestines preserve the taste of the lard and liver that is mixed in there, the level of taste is certain to leave an impression.

「Cyril-sama, I hope we don’t disgrace him but…」

Kuu says nervously, if you look closely one girl was hiding in the back.
Surely that girl wanted to say it to Kuu, but was anxious.

「We of the sausage squad, would it bad for us to taste test it?」
「yah, you can sample it, but it does take about an hour to smoke… ahh wait a minute!. Anyway if it’s just sampling this might be good.」

While saying so, I take the packing meat out of the bag and use the iron plate. I borrow the girl’s power to begin grilling.
What I am making now is hamburger.
I give the lightly grilled stuff to the girls.

「It’s not sausage, what I made is hamburger. But since it’s made from the same stuff the taste should be about the same. Try tasting it.」

Saying so, just like before everyone gathers around.
When you really look carefully, there were several people from the potato squad.
Apparently, other squads are the same with sneaking some samples.

「It’s fluffy…」
「Rather than the steak I like this more.」
「The Jus just explodes in your mouth.」
「Without saying a mouthful, I want to eat it until i’m full.」

This also seems to popular.
Everyone from Elucie and also the Firefoxes usually don’t have this kind of complex cuisines. Because there isn’t any food like this, they will probably feel that this complex food is delicious.

「Saying you just used the ingredients inside the intestines and precisely smoke it. With the tasty soup cooked well with the sausage will make your cheeks fall off.」

I can hear the high tension in their excited voices, and everyone gulping down.

「I, I’m glad to be alive.」
「I know right, while thinking about it this much I was saying it would be better to die, but I really am glad I am alive.」
「But, it would be nice to have allowed my little brother to try it.」
「I said not to say things like that!」

The Firefoxes conversations took a dark direction.
I had a bad feeling, they were resigned together, then a loud sound gathered their attention.

「Come on, everyone break is over. We have to quickly make sausages.」
「Cyril-sama, how many should we make?」

Kuu was aware of my intentions, cooperating in directing the flow of the conversation.
I am thankful.

「I only have ingredients, so let’s make it. Because this can be preserved there can be portions after the get-together. I want you to make use this opportunity for other groups it’s going to be troublesome, so do your best, kay.」
「Of course we’ll be doing our best. If we hang in there from here, after the get-together we can eat delicious things right!」

All the girls have a can do attitude.
And with that, the complete lecture on the cuisines was done.
After that, adjusting the flavor of the sausage is going to be hard for the squad that is posted to it. If they ask for help it will be good if they follow.

Today the goal for the get-together is just food.
After, it’s the opportunity to leverage the Firefoxes.
A mistake won’t be forgiven.
Creating another opportunity with the same cuisines, won’t give the same impact as today.

Editor Note(s):

Translator Note(s):
Mise en Place: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mise_en_place
Pommes Frites: French Fries
Plat de résistance:

Zanza on 16th December 2015 at 10:42 pm said: Edit
“Plat de résistance” (http://www.linguee.fr/francais-anglais/traduction/plat+de+r%C3%A9sistance.html).

miboujin-san: 未亡人さん- miboujin-san – widow
Leidenfrost: essentially is talking about the leidenfrost effect… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leidenfrost_effect
Bleu: raw cooked
Jus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Au_jus

Zanza on 16th December 2015 at 10:42 pm said:
– “Au jus” is an adjective. It means “with the juice(of the meat being cooked)” for example you can say “steak au jus” and not “steak with au jus”.

Demi-glace: is kind making a demi-glace from the sound of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demi-glace
Lonely: no idea… about the lonely thing…

Alt: The lonely thing is referring to the soup on its own so is keying into the following ingredient that comes in the next passage.


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