Alice Tale ~ Chapter 40 ~ Preliminary Preparations


Rumanshi:  I organised this post >.>   Anyway, I don’t read this.  It’s sad that I enjoy traps and their stuff, but if it’s yuri or gender bender, I shy away.  I think it’s caused from watching R-15 and Kampfer.  Blegh.  4/5

I entrust the matter of gathering raw materials to Ilya and Saira and I have things I want to investigate.
As I do not have time, I must walk in an efficient manner(I must go quickly). * I must not dilly dally.

Thinking about that, in the neighborhood just slightly out from the main street, I turned up at the slave firm.
In regards to buying and selling of slaves, it is considered, for the time being, a respectable business.
Therefore, it is not built alongside the brothels in the side streets.

At the nearby reception after entering, I tried to inquire whether or not Betrand-san is around.
Just as I thought, he is in his room.

Therefore, I requested to have my name conveyed over to him. I was led into a room bigger than the one in Rinnal a while back――

「Well well. Ojou-sama. It’s been a long time.」

「Betrand-sama. It has not been a long time.」

「Fu, that’s true」

After returning an appropriate reply, I sat on the opposite couch.
As usual, Bertrand-san with his eyepatch is full of vigour, I reflexively look around at the surroundings.

「Salt-san’s job has finished. As he was requested as an escort to this street, if you search for him, I believe you will be able to meet him.」

Fu~n Is Kuro Zukume also here? Kidal translated him as black but well, the literal translation is Kuro Zukume which is completely black.

「And, may I know your official business? Is that useful to you?」

Giving me with a scheming look with his eyepatch on, I pulled myself together.

「If it’s Ilya, she cannot be more useful than what she is now. I am not here for such dull businesses like customers complaining and so on. 」

「Is that so. I am sorry for my rudeness. Ojou-sama」  「No, The things I want to ask are the inside stories of this royal capital. Bertrand-sama, don’t you seem to know a lot about this neighbourhood? 」

「Business related stuffs, I plan to grasp an understanding in it.」

The way of a snake is to talk to a snake. I am not particularly looking down on him.

「Recently, your beast battle slaves are not selling that well, aren’t they?」


He bowed his head in assent and his eyes are covered with the eyepatch. Same as usual, this Ossan who is difficult to read.

「That direction, if possible, I look forward to hearing from you.」

「Since before, it is said that trust is an important point when doing business.」

「I remembered. 」

「Something like confidentiality, I believe you can treat it as an imagination?」

Can you treat it as an imagination?
I believe that you can imagine what’s called obligation of keeping secrecy?
Although the things I am doing now is vicious, this is a sense of duty.

Without that, his business will not succeed huh. The extent of my admiration is two-sided.
Professional huh. If I try to peek whether this person is stocking up or training, i will be experience something like a nightmare.

「Then, let’s talk about business.」

With great interest, his eyebrows was raised above his eye patch.

「For now, I wished for some beast battle slaves. Sex and age etc does not matter. It must be a battle-capable beast slave. Do you have them on hand right now?」

「Fufufufu~. Ojou-sama is truly a terrible person.――The answer is no.」

As I thought. Well, you don’t say. Elves and dragon tribes are rare. Not to mention, this is the royal capital slave firm. It’s not something like the countryside in Rinnal. As far as it’s concerned, I am not able to do some preparations…..

「Well, as the sales contract has been taken care of. Moreover, is there anyone who is fulfilling the shipping of slaves around?」

「…..If I were to say there are?」

「Negotiations with the direct purchaser, discussions of the possiblility of transfering over of *ownerships*」 The wrinkles on his face deepens and smiled quietly.  「May I know the purchaser’s name?」

「Ojou-sama, You are truely an interesting lady.」  「Your answer?」

「No. An act that goes against my virtue is without saying not beneficial. 」

「As expected Bertrand-sama.」

That eye patch is so good. My personal valuation of his character is soaring through the roof, on the contrary.

「Although you had spared your precious time to me,,it appears that I had inevitably spoken selfishly. 」

Fu, to respond to a ladies selfishness is part of a gentleman’s ability/job.

「Ara? May I think Bertrand-sama as a gentleman? 」

「Now then…. speaking of which, just a few days ago, it seems that there is a person with good appearance who visit my business. Of course, with this sort of business, it is natural that those who come here are rich. However, this person by chance seems to a special class of customer. Ah, My heart is burning. 」

He twisted his head as if feigning ignorance.

「Fufu, I say your loose tongue will destroy you? Mister Bertrand. 」

「In that situation, it’s cause of Ojou-sama’s beauty. 」

「Really, you twist your tongue really well.」

I see however. After that, we chatted for a short while and I left the firm. Is the gathering of raw material going well? As Ilya is around, I believe they won’t do something reckless. But if there aren’t any in the street, they must go out to the nearby harvesting areas to harvest personally.

Well, Ilya is different from me, therefore Saira will probably not be exposed to danger When I was in deep thoughts, I bumped into someone.

Or perhaps I should say, that person suddenly jumped out from the side alley so as one would expect, I couldn’t avoid it.

The other party fell grandly and seems to have grazed her knees and began *wan wan*crying. A girl whose age is so young that I might be able to count her age with 1 hand. Pitch black short hair.

Her wet eyes are also black. This trait…. No no, more than that.

「Wawa, I am sorry!? I was looking away!」

「Onii-chan~~~ It hurts~~~ Eguuu!」

The surrounding people were gathering at a distance looking at her bawling The place I am presently at is different from the main street. As it is a little run-down, there is few pedestrians traffic. Anyhow, I must treat her grazed knee. 「Pain pain go away~」


When I crouched down to apply heal on her, the grazed knee healed at once.
With the wound healed in the blink of an eye, , the girl now have a incredulous face.

「Onee-chan…. Magician- san?」

Although there is no mistaking it, the nuance like word magician that the kid uses is like a fantasy where someone came out from a fairy-tale.

「Yes.. Onee-chan is a BIG magician. I am a disciple of a magician.」

Why am I saying such nice truth here to the girl

「Deshi? Onee-chan, Deshi, what’s that?」
TL: Deshi is the romanji for disciple. That girl don’t understand.

「It means nibbling here completely. … yeah. That’s Deshi.」

「Fueee, Cool~」

Such a pure girl. Ahh, disciple is not particularly cool? It seems like I have provided her with wrong information.

「――Oi, what are you doing.」

「Ahh, Onii-chan!」 When a guy’s voice rang out from the same road, the girl frantically stood up and jump towards him. I too stood up and confirm the owner of the voice.

「…. Ahh~ Ehhh. Even if you do not glare at me like that, ____」

「That’s normal.」

「I see.」

As usual, the expressions on his eyes are bad. ――Kuro Zukume。

「It seems like this brat has troubled you.」


*Gushi Gushi* as Kuro Zukume caress the girl’s head gently and the girl happily smiled. It was an unexpected scenery.

「As for the collision, I am also in the wrong. So I am sorry?」

「No! Deshi is cool! Onii-chan!」

Deshi, it is established.

「By the way, Salt-san, what are you doing here? Kidnapping?」

「…. What the hell are you talking about?」

Are, was I mistaken? As I couldn’t understand the relationship of this girl and Kuro Zukume at all, it’s beyond doubt.

「Ehh.. That so called high-level play?」

「You…. what the hell are you talking about.」

Onii-chan is not a play?

「You don’t understand me….」

「It’s your remarks.」

When we are continuing our unproductive chatter, the girl rammed into me.

「Wa!! Quite a tomboy she is!」

Now, she is hugging my legs.

「Deshi ~, Onii-chan’s lover?」

「Ehh? This person has an interest in humans?」

「Do you want to die, bitch.」

「Kyahaha, Onii-chan is angry~」

The girl hides behind me, using me like a shield Calm down.

「……Such a cute kid. Your imouto?」

「……Something like that.」

With a little sad look in his eyes, Kuro Zukume replied curtly.

「If this kid is with you, it’s better not to chase after Libra.」

「It is not related to you.」

「Do you think you and Til will win against her in a battle?」


「Perhaps, that level….」

If it’s possible, I do not want to see it. For the reason, I ran all the way to the royal capital. However, in the Royal Capital, yet another trouble pop out. This is really… After Kuro Zukume sank into silence, I saw Francesca’s butler coming out from the side street.

Yet to notice me here? If that’s the case, I want to get through without him noticing! I pulled Kuro Zukume’s hand and stuck close to the wall.

With my back pressed against the wall, Kuro Zukume who is in front of me pressed both his arms onto the wall in a bid to hide me. *Kabe don* With this, no matter what the butler does, I will be in his blind spot. I was under Kuro Zukume’s arms, so it gently became like this.

「That person, what is he….」

Francesca is not present. Moving separately huh. The butler who came out from the side street nochantanly look around the area. Although he look over here for an instant, he glanced with uninterestedly and walk towards the main street. Nothing is exposed. I guess.

When I was observing the situation for a short while, a guy who wore a hat, thrust something into his pocket and rush out from the same street as if bursting out into the sunlight. That guy looks over here one more time and thanks to the inpregnable black wall, it seems like my existance was not leaked out.

For some reason when my sights were cut off, I was glared at by a so-called face who was about to erupt. Iya, somehow when I saw that kind of look, something comes to mind. When I couldn’t see that guy anymore, I finally gave a sigh.

I was worried/nervous. I looked up to the place where the voice was coming from. A closeup face with a terrible expression. Not to mention since before, the looks on his eyes are bad.

「What is this about?」

This? I look at our current situation. With the back pressed against the wall, Kuro Zukume in a *kabe don* posture.

「….. What about it?」

Normally, a girl would *kya kya * and make a huge ruckus. Somehow or another, he seems happy. It seems like he does not good gentlemen education? TL: help plz. (Rumanshi: It seems as though he isn’t educated as a gentleman well.)

「Are you tempting me?」

「Ehh? Salt-san, you have interest in females other than small girls? 」



Before he completed burst out in anger, I quickly slip out from his arms. Unable to nurture friendships between the opposite sex? Although it’s completely okay for me, the other party….

「You are offended….」

Now Kuro Zukume who began slashing at me. However thanks to him chasing after a female, he did not spring onto me. If you come, come! Policeman, this person! I just got to say this. But, well.. the worrisome job has been investigated, yet another troublesome thing has popped out.

It has already been 3 days so it’s crucial. After hypothesizing about the possible scenarios, I will do my best to challenge them. 「Onii-chan’s. Offended~」 Ahh, it has been established. Sorry….


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「Onii-chan’s . Offended~」XD


Cryptic stuff to make for some easy to digest chaps is cool.
Thanks for the chapter


Is “Kuro Zukume” Salt-san?

For “seems like he does not good gentlemen education?”
May I surgert –
-“it seems like he does not know how to behave like a gentleman”
-“it seems that he was not taught how to be a gentleman”
-“it seems he doesn’t act as a gentleman should”

I prefer the top one but thought I’ll put in some choices based on what I thought she was trying to say

Thanks for all the chapters guys, really appreciate it.


Alright. Sorry for the confusion. So based on Kadi’s translation, it’s Black. I chose to leave it as the Japanese version of Kuro Zukume. The translation of Kuro Zukume is “Completely Black”. So Kidal’s translation is correct but in essence, he is not capturing everything.

Leave his name as ” Completely Black ” sounds super cool till my editor refuses to use it. So I chose to leave it as Kuro Zukume.

And yes, Alice address Kuro as Salt-san


thankyou kindly i appreciate the clarification, im happy for you to call him whatever is easiest for you 🙂 so far if i see blackie, solt, salt, completely black(fairly sure i read this in one of kadi’s when she met Ilya), and now kuro zakume i know its that guy 🙂


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