Alice Tale ~ Chapter 37 ~ The Capital’s Darkness


Hi everyone. Fairy here. I am sure there are questions about why I didn’t post any chapters for the past 3 weeks. I had started a new job recently and this event came up. I am also helping out the other series a little so this is slightly delayed.

TL(Fairy): *Deep breathing*
ED(Desmerit): Like in Neverland, beware of fairies as they will lead you about all night (seriously…didn’t get any sleep).

王国の闇~ The Capital’s Darkness

Moving back time a little.
After I left the room and jogged down the street looking for the guild.
I know it’s good if I slow down and walk and look around but as for now there are tons of shops around.

Restaurants, General Stores, Clothing shops, Arms and Protector stores, blacksmithing.. If I enumerate the list, it is going to be endless.
From daily living to adventures, they have everything. That kinda feeling.

However, to take for example the weapons shop, there are countless of them. Trying to compare them is also probably going to be interesting.
But, how can we tell which stores are for beginners?

Is there any building that looks like the guild house?
I can’t recklessly enter the buildings as well.


The incident happened while I was strolling aimlessly trying to find the guild.
On the street right ahead of me, three guys crashed through the crowd and ran with hats concealing their faces.
Behind them are a bunch of people brandishing their weapons chasing after them.

The escaping suspicious people and the chasing troops of knights?

A large scale round up in broad daylight?

「Step aside!」

Brandishing their knives, the three man group forces the crowd to scatter, paving a way for them.
The crowd parting like Moses’ miracle was a strangely spectacular sight. (ED:Moses parts the red sea in the Bible)

Me doing nothing about it is uncool/terrible.
However, raising such a ruckus right here in the middle of the town, where the heck are they planning to run away to?

Approaching the corner, this one time I let it slide.
―― But.. when I saw a kid fall down after being pushed by the crowd, I started to rethink. .

「….To pointlessly injure people, even if there is a reason it’s not something I can accept now is it.」

Using my magic is also bad.
There might possibly be an accomplice hidden among the people in the street.

If that’s the case…
I manipulate my magic and kick off the ground.
With my starting agility, the effect is amazing in combination with thunder magic.

In an instant, I caught up with the group of three.
As the path was opened, there were no obstacles. So it was easy.
With that force, I rammed into one of them from the back.


In the midst of running away at full speed. the suspicious guy ended up being rammed defencelessly from the back and tumbled spectacularly.
With just a fleeting glance, the remaining two of them quickly ran past him.

“What should I do?”,  I thought to myself. But the suspicious guy who tumbled stood up holding a knife. Therefore, I can’t move off from here.

I immediately strike his back with my palm.
…Coated with thunder element.

「Gii!?」 TL: SFX

Although I tried my best to go easy on him, he fainted.
I see. Well, something like a stun gun, i guess.
I don’t quite understand it and not killing is just perfect for me.
(ED: Alice did not realize the thunder she was using to move would also act like a stun gun)
If I use 「Thunder」 to attack, even if I go easy, I get the feeling that I will kill him.
And thinking about it over and over again, as expected, Thunder attribute suits my character.
Using the image of thunder circulating through your body, you can lower the consumption rate.
(ED: Athletes use visualization, seeing the action in their mind, to better their performance.  Same thing here)

It is economical.
If I become proficient in regulating my output, looks like I will be able to cope with drawn-out battles.
What the.. it’s easier than expected.

「……As expected, the opponent during the journey is too tough huh..」

Completely unable to compete with me huh..
If you were to consider him as standard, I have a feeling I will be able to deal with most issues

「――You! Are you okay!?」


During the time he was stunned, we are surrounded by the chasing party of knights.
From the atmosphere, my eyes happen to meet the girl’s in pink hair who seems to be leading those knights.

The colour of her pupils are purple.
Hanging on her eyes, in particular, below her left eye, there is a black mole.
It strangely fits her…
Somewhat erotic~ish.

「This….. Are you the one who did this?」

「Ummm…  it was just a coincidence…  When I took my leg out it got caught.」



Such an excuse is not accepted at all?
Not accepted at all huh…

「Restrain this suspicious person and send him back to the guardroom. I will chase after the rest with this person.」


Although I was surprised, the knights were more surprised than me.


And also, I was even thinking and hoping someone would just blurt it out.

「Let’s go!!」

ED: Shortened form for wait.

I whose arm was pulled, was unable to refuse her. In addition, I was unsure of the current situation and was added to the hunting party.

And we arrive to our current situation.

「Proceed without hesitation to the back alleys after…those thieves」

Immediately after the capture of that person, we begin the delayed pursuit of the remaining two into the alleys of the royal capital.
Different from the main street, the dim street we are currently in is narrow and surrounded by buildings.

There are not many people but, the tired-looking guy in tattered clothes was huddling in a corner, the poor looking guys in a group whispering with their backs to us.  A place which made me super tense.

In front of me pulling my hand is a girl who is worthy of being called brave.
Although Francesca’s running speed is not slow, but neither is it fast as well.

Probably, Agility 2?
We will never catch up that way.

Also, no matter how many times you say, running long distance is impossible for me!

「Fr.. Francesca! Please hold on! We will catch up in one shot!」

「Ehh? What do you mean?」

Explaining is hard, therefore, I embraced her.

「Kyaaa!! Buuu. Impolite….」

Before she could finish her words, I used my magic power and jumped.
Due to the sudden lack of footholds, Francesca felt insecure and hugged me too.

It’s helpful.
My strength is non-existent, therefore jumping while embracing Francesca is frankly tiring.

For the sake of the girl’s honour, she is slim and by no means fat.
ED: Women care about weight hence honor but it’s essentially saying she is heavy and carrying her is tiring.

Somehow or another, we have suddenly decreased the distance between us and the thieves.

「Awesome… desuwa~」

Despite not being able to hear her murmur, the thieves turned back to verify the situation. When they saw us, they frantically escape into the side street.
Or rather, isn’t that a 90 degree corner!
Drawing close to us is a huge stone wall.

Oh no. There is no reason to be crashing!!
I do not want to experience Til-tono’s special training!


I regulate the magic power on my feet and immediately decrease my speed. Like a ninja, I experienced landing on the wall.
And I re-regulate my power again and jump off one more time!


We jumped over the thieves.

「――Now!! Descend, Alice!」

Without waiting for my reply, Francesca jumps off in mid-air to land in front of the thieves.
Landing in a splendid manner, the girl quickly draws her sword…. is that thing what they called a rapier?
She drew out her sleek sword.

「 You have come this far desuwa~! Surrender quietly,if not…. 」

Before Francesca could finish her words, both of them resolved themselves and rush in to attack.
I who doesn’t know her true ability, felt a little chill in the guts. But…

「Look and experience the pain!」

Francesca without rushing, calmly took a stance.

And she stepped in earlier than a thief and stabbed his weapon hand!
That accuracy of the stab!


Therefore, without stopping, Francesca rotated her body smoothly like a river while drawing her rapier.
ED: drawing it out of the guy’s hand

In a flash, as if she was dancing, she attacks while dodging the attack from the other thief.  Making use of her centrifugal force, she visits a strike on the thief’s head with the solid looking hilt of the rapier.

Anyway, the opponent’s level…. That movement, the accuracy of her judgement.
Francesca…. I am not mistaken.. She is strong.


The way she lightly swings her rapier and sheathes, it is magnificent.

Is that the knight’s conduct?
What a different atmosphere from Shion-san and Ilya.

「Do not shout. Facing me with your weapons, do you regret it desuwa~? Am I wrong?」

Francesca declared coldly to the writhing thief whose hand was pierced
I who landed slightly away from the scene, approach the girl’s side after the dust has settled and looked at the thieves.
The thief who fainted after getting hit on the head and the thief whose hat was forcefully removed.

On that head…

「….. The beast tribe.」

Ears that resembles a dog.
As if looking at something unpleasant, I look down at that thief with complicated feelings

During that night, I returned to the room after having dinner and gazed out of the window gloomily.
In the end, I did not go to the guild.
After that, we hand over the two thieves to the knights who were delayed and the round up has finished for now.

Although I was also on the verge of getting interrogated…

「――Inviting you to be a collaborator is rude of me. Alice, thank you for your assistance. 」

――Because of that girl saying so, I became a “no touch” to the knights

What kind of person is she….?

「Alice-san…? Are you feeling down?」

「…. Saira」

Saira saw that I was looking worried, sitting motionlessly at the window.

… On that head are her cute neko ears.

「Say, Saira? Will you come close to me?」

「? Okay.」

The girl who was curiously walking up to me….


With a surprise attack, I hugged her.


「Fufu, Saira sure is cute.」

Different from Ilya, times when she has an opening are cute.
She seems cuter than her actual age.

「A…Alice-san…. It’s embarrassing nya…」

I captured the embarrassed Saira and gently caress her head.
Saira is also feeling good for as it is, she was leaning on me.
Finally she rested her head on my knees as I sat on the chair. It was as if I was embracing a real cat.

Race does not matter, It is dependent on the person.
I recall the strife in the afternoon.
Eventually, what kind of disturbance was that, the reasons behind it are not understood..
There are probably no words spoken between the different species.
However from the viewpoint of the truth, there is.

…. that’s my reason for straining myself to chase after *them*.

Saira is a gentle kid.
And Saira is blessed greatly from the people around her.
However, what if she were to receive ill-will constantly like them?
Anyone would want to return the pain they receive.

That’s normal
That’s human.
For we are not gods.

Ermm… Alice-san. Today, I want to sleep in the same bed as you.
Timidly, Saira inquired
In that upward glance, a  nervous expression can be seen.

「――Saira, so pampered. Okay, I am good. 」

「Really!? Alice-san, I love you nya!」

I smile wryly at Saira who is clinging onto me.
This kid looks too much at people’s countenance.
I somewhat understood that.
Even if it’s a little, I want to let her have peace of mind

…. And, tomorrow I was invited to have a meal with Francesca.

I was given a map and address.
As there was that incident, bringing Saira along is somewhat uncomfortable. But If I were to bring my party members along, I was told to bring all of them..

I have also conveyed the number of people.
Though we have circumstances, as the party was invited, I do not want to leave anyone behind.
In addition, if I cannot bring Saira along, from now on she will be spending a lot of time confined at home.

….. It will be alright.

Saira has no relations with them.

「Saa, Saira, shall we sleep now?」

「Yes, Alice-san!」

「Fufu, I am too excited so I have no more mood to sleep now.」

「I am too happy…. Embarrassing nya.」

TL: *Ilya in the other room*

As I stick close to Saira who was being embraced and we move to the bed.
I entered the bed first and roll up the quilt. After which, Saira entered the bed like a small animal.

I didn’t experience anything like*dokidoki*

「Good Night, Saira.」

「Sweet dreams, Alice-san」



Suddenly, it dawned on me the smooth words that came out of my mouth.

―― Captured?

――So pampered?


Hey, am i okay?
The words coming out naturally from me, is not bad…..
As that was a little ecchi, it resulted in an uneasy night for me.



Fairy Notes

I am not sure if anyone reads this, but yeah let’s give this a try. Alice Tale is unique from the other series in the sense that there are many different kinds of dialogues within the chapter itself.

Alice, for instance is always using the standard Japanese.  On the other hand, I am pretty sure everyone knows but Til uses archaic form of the language which is pretty similar to Gabera in MoM. So we do have a little difficulties in understanding their speeches and writing it out appropriately.

As for Francesca, the new rapier girl. She is the Ojou-sama type who is forever using desuwa~ .. masuwa~. Recent references are Usagi-chan from Anti Magic 35th Platoon. Though there aren’t any meaning in it, I chose to leave masuwa~ within my translation.

As for Ilya, she uses the humble form which are usually used when talking to your superiors (Your manager / Teachers ). It’s pretty straightforward till the point where both Ilya and Alice are in the public. She became way more polite than usual and this is somewhat hard to bring the true meaning out in English. I had tried my best and hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

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