Alice Tale ~ Chapter 38 ~ Speculations

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Fairy: This is a long chapter with tons of plot! Enjoy the 2/5!

Morning, after breakfast at the dining room in the lodge, we gathered in one of the rooms.
I was invited to a meal by Francesca in the afternoon so I was quickly instructed not to depart for the unfamiliar streets.

The me now, is now combing Til’s hair.

「……And.. Til isn’t coming?」

「No, I’m not. From your words, that person is some sort of a noble? Lining their own pockets, forgetting about their responsibilities, making their citizen impoverished is their raison d’etre(reason of existence). Aren’t humans just rotten creatures. I am disgusted with them.」

「But Francesa herself has a noble atmosphere around her has nothing of that sort.」

After finishing combing her hair I started tying her hair into her trademark pigtails.
By the way, am I her disciple?
or her maid?

「Nay, tis not I, from what thou sayeth, thy person thou describes is of noble bith? Lining thy pockets with riches not of thee, doing not they duty, for they raison d’etre to gift despair to those of common bith. Tis not a man, nay bt a foul creature to be disgusted with!」

「However, today we are not particularly going to talk about politics.」

It seems like an informal social meeting to show gratitude for the other day.
As it is grandiose, I thought of refusing but refusing the invitation from that kind of person is also rude.

「Tis a girl with high-spirit, putting thought upon the reason of thy invite.  Such a maiden witnessed thy power and chose to use it as if her own, yes?」

「Yeah…. After listening to Til’s words, I will probably develop a distrust of humans」

「Kufu, for sure」

I do have my own self awareness….

「Well good Dragon lass, do thou understand?」

「Yes, Oshishou-sama. I will protect Alice-sama.」

You are that worried about me??
Speaking of which, Ilya, in order to find out about the ongoing rumors circulating in the royal capital, went to inquire along the streets and buy information from the information broker yesterday. As expected, it seems that the current situation is pretty tense.

Just like what the merchant Oji-san had said.
The friction with the republic has *bore fruit*, or discrimination, which is the reason for the tense situation.
As the republic is a country which insists on freedom and equality, it seems like one is able to choose the reasons as they like for their official stance.
(ED: they pick a cause and fit the reasons behind it. Think United States politics)

As I thought, the point is the beast tribes huh..
Due to that, the extent of comparing the freedom in Western Republic to the discrimination faced in the royal capital made the beast tribes feel ashamed.
Putting the cart before the horse is also a good thing i guess but that’s not a reason.
(Ed: the cause of the friction is the discrimination, because of the friction there is discrimination. A “self fulfilling prophecy” so to speak.)

As Saira warily disguised herself with a hat yesterday, it seems like she did not receive any harassment.

「However, wearing the hat… everywhere… is somehow or another suspicious.」

I glanced at Saira who is still wearing her hat now.
「About that, Ojou-sama. From the money I was entrusted to, I had used it to purchase Saira’s hairband. I think it’s somewhat necessary. 」

After speaking, Ilya took out the wrapped item from the desk and passed it over to me.
As the same time, she passed me the remaining change from yesterday.
After breaking the gold coin, it became a huge amount of silvers and copper.
To what extent did she go to persuade someone to write a handwritten memo.

「I think you are too forward but….」

「Ilya… Magnificent!」

As expected, I want to hug her, carefully and gently.
But due to the public gazes, I will not do it.

「Saira, try using it?」

「Y..Yes.. Is it okay?」

I peek at Ilya’s expression and timidly move closer to Saira.

「Ara? I think it’s perfect for Saira ? i wish that you will try wearing it. I chose it for you.」

Ilya smiled kindly at her.
She is really … kind?
Well, even if it is not said, we know that she is kind.
But she is definitely mischievous.

「Saira , will you stay put? I will tie it for you.」

「Ye…Yes.. 」

Sparkling as she comes over, I unwrap and took out the hairband to tie her hair up.

The tinge is a warm light brown so the embroidery is cute.
It’s a cloth type headband.
If it’s attached, will be it become a turban?
(Ed: meaning the ends are left to dangle down the neck/back rather than tying them up into the headband)

As it is wide, it substituted as a hat to cover Saira’s ears.。
The appearance of her ponytail unexpectedly suits her.
I can feel the girl power of Ilya!

「Ho.. How is it?」

「It suits you! You are cute!」

「Ehh, it fits you really well.」

The headband substitute for the hat really fits her well.
Different from the unfashionable hat used to cover her ears, it looks truly fashionable and it will not stick out like a sore thumb from the crowd.
However, strictly speaking, wearing nothing and entering in naturally is the best option.
In any case, with this, our preparation is done.

「Well, shall we go? What about Til?」

「She is sleeping」

「Throughout the day!?」

Talking about it is useless.
This is called living in luxury!
And I had just tied her hair up nicely!

「…Well , it’s okay. So we are only left with the formalities of tonight」


With three in a company, we face out back towards Til who is yawning loudly.

「――Alice, do not be used.」


When I turned around, Til has completed slipped into the bed,
If I were to say as I thought it to be, it would be so, but…

Using the map received from Francesca, the place we finally arrived at is a magnificent mansion.
Or rather, the place we are now, we can see everything else except the gate.
When we pass the invitation letter from Francesca to the doorkeeper, it was immediately conveyed *to her*
TL: there is no subject. it just says immediately conveyed.

After being guided around the huge garden, we reach a chalk-colored building.
The garden is being well maintained and there are multi-coloured flowers blooming in the flowerbed.
How to say, I have been invited to such an inappropriate place.
Ilya’s usual calm atmosphere remain as it is.
Saira followed close to me nervously.
Umu, this is where I can do nothing else but imitate Ilya.
For example, my heart is jumping like a rabbit for now.

「――Please wait for a while. Likewise for Alice’s companions 」
*Do note that these are servants talking. They talk in a very polite tone.

In the guest room is where Francesca is.

But naturally, she is not wearing a sword now.
Due to her figure in a sparkling dress, she immediately transforms into a noble from yesterday’s *battle shoujo*.

「Fracesca. Thank you for inviting me today. Ahh, noo, Francesca -sama」

As I was being glared at by a supposedly expired butler, I corrected myself.
Excessively beautiful but for that reason, the grim face is terrifying
Ikemen ?
Is the butler a Ikemen?

「Alice, I had told you yesterday no? It’s okay to address me without any honorifics.」


Even if you are okay with it, it seems like there are many characters who do not think it’s nice, no?


「Fr…Francesca…. sama」

The honorific, the honorific!
Francesca and the honorific!
That butler please.. by any means!!
With a glance that can kill people, looking at me!

「Muu! How old are you, Alice?」

Francesca who is puffing her cheeks inquired.

「15 years old.」

「Maa! I am also 15 years old desuwa~」

With a sparkling expression and rushing into approaching me, the girl was gently restrained by the butler.

「Hime-sama, the preparation for meals/lunch has been completed. Please proceed to the table.」

「Muu… if it’s that sort of pal.」

With the exception of the person herself, I was not welcomed.
….. I am getting tired.
It is a soiree which requires table manners
But, as for me who was well-informed with miscellaneous knowledge, I did not say that this set-up is easy!
Regarding information, my heart was pounding hard as I partake in the meal.
Frankly, things such as taste is secondary.

「How is it, Alice? Is it tasty?」

「Ye…Yes. It is really tasty.」

Each time being asked for my thoughts and so on , I broke out in cold sweat.
I am getting tired.
I am not able to resist my respect for Illya’s prim and proper face.
Her manners are also perfect.
The problem is Saira.
For some reason I have a feeling that I am unsure if it’s good. When I look at her, she looks like she can’t bear to be here.

「Saira, is that your name? Do not mind, please eat the food as you like. The long awaited lunch, if each and everyone of you enjoy it, it will be good. 」

Francesca followed up so it’s was really helpful.

Yeah, personally, as expected, this girl has a likeable personality, i guess.
But the butler standing behind gave a twitch.
Well, it’s preferred rather than being told about his unnecessary disagreement.
That butler view me as something like Ilya, i guess?

「Well now, There are also other reasons to call out for Alice. I have a small request for you.」
Once everyone has finished …the meal, we are having after lunch tea? A little early?
For the time being, while the red tea was being served, Francesca began to talk.

「Judging from what I saw/witnessed. Alice skills are outstanding」

From that words, I saw Ilya’s eyes narrowing beside me which made me understood.
I knew that, at those words, Ilya, who was sitting besides me, narrowed her eyes and looked at me

「But I do not have any recollections of doing anything …..」

「Humble desuwa. Who else is able to use magic in that manner ? As far as I know, only a handful bunch is able to use magic at will. “Ice and snow” or “Magic flame” to that extent, just to say desuwa~」

Ooo, at such a place, my master name is……

When the person who I like was being praised, why did I become happy?
However, I were to give a single comment, I believe I do not have the level to match with them.

However, i do not know who “Magic flame” is ….
The application of magic is not normal?
If that’s the case, I was too careless.
For Til did not even say anything.
….No, Ilya did not say anything as well. This is due to me lacking in general knowledge. Well, I didn’t believe that I do not understand that sort of thing. That kind of pattern huh?


I secretly look at Ilya.
Her face is full of smiles.
――Ojou-sama, didn’t I say it before?
Such an eye-contact.

「……We…well. As I do not have that amount of ability that you have proclaimed exaggeratedly, that little flattery is making me embarrassed. 」

It can’t be helped if my secret is out.
The way of *hiding my claws* is uninteresting
I want to live carefreely in this world.

「Alice has a likeable personality desuwa~. Ever since the time I saw you, I felt that it was fate. 」

「What a ter..terrific simple fate…*Hiih*.」

I should stop saying unnecessary things for I am being stared to death.
That butler has a ferocious impression.
Francesca smiled bitterly and in order to control her subordinates, she raised her hands.
The butler’s expression dulled.
…… What the, she knew?
Francesca is also unexpectedly shrewd.

「Speaking of the favour, Alice. I want you to take part in the battle tournament. As my representative」

「Battle Tournament?」

I don’t think I will answer that here.

「Aye, to tell the truth, I’d rather participate myself, but I have almost no freedom of choice on my life 」

As if she is tired, Francesca shrugs her shoulders
I can see the displeasure from the butler who is restraining himself at the back.

「……So it’s come down to a representative. Rather than me, whom you know from just yesterday and today, shouldn’t there be other capable people closer to you? 」

「Strictly speaking, I am not able to conclude who is able to receive my confidence or not. If I take time, I might be able to do so, but it’s one week to the battle tournament.」

Such strange words.
The battle tournament is not something that takes place unexpectedly today or yesterday.
Moreover, she was unable to prepare accordingly for the event.….
In short, recently, a sudden change in event?

……. Suspicious.
「The butler behind me who is too rude is worthy of my trust but he will not leave from my side.」

Francesca added in a bitter manner in some way..
But the butler did not change his expressions even once.

「In the battle tournament, either way I do have some interest but…..」

I cannot make a judgment now.

「Alice, I understand your anxiety. This is also me with a one-sided request. If our positions were reversed, I will not be able to agree obediently as well.」

The troubling thing is this.
Francesca who totally knew all the weird conditions to it upon making the request.
I dare say, immediately after my rejection, she have another plan no?

Because of that those unrelated people have hardships. In addition, they will have a guilty conscience.
…… Crafty.

「――Excuse the impertinence of an unrelated party」
*Ilya is saying very very very politely.

When I was lost, Illya who was keeping silent until now opened her mouth.
In addition, Francesca did not even get angry and was waiting with a small smile.

「You are called Ilya?」

「Yes, I am Alice Ojou-sama’s aide. Please pardon my intrusion into the discussion.」

「I do not mind desuwa~」

Francesca seems to nod in a happy manner.
It seems like from the start, she has also placed her sights on Ilya.

「First of all, Alice Ojou-sama originally has planned to take part in the battle tournament. Will there be some merit to be Francesca-sama ‘s representative?」
「Such fitting words. If Alice were to be my representative, I will prepare one platinum coin. That is not limited to winning the tournament. It is just solely her agreement desuwa~」

Platinum coin!?
What the!

「I see, It is increasingly becoming more suspicious.」

Ilya’s terrifying pleasant smile was directed at Francesca.
….. Oi Oi
The butler is also become terrifying too?

「I am preparing the reward that matches the risk desuwa~」
「Then, second point. Can you enlighten us about the specific risk pertaining to it please?」
「That is a secret desuwa~ . I want you to understand that that ambiguity has been included in the reward」
*additional rewards for the ambiguity*

「FuFu, I see.」

Don’t give a completely understood look, Ilya!?
Moderately, Moderately!?

「Third Point, in the first place, may I inquire about this request’s rough objective ?」

With this question, Francesca gave a single clap.
With the cold look which Ilya is giving during the exchange, the expression of the girl who is answering in a happy manner turn somewhat serious.
「In order to grill the Republic 『Dog』 desuwa~」

Saira *bikuri * shivered.
And then she directed a cold gaze at Francesca.
This person…..!

「……I see, I have considerably understood your 『Objective』. It seems like you know that Ojou-sama is 『Someone’s』disciple 」
「That person has no intentions to hide herself, no? 」
Francesca calmly replied.
Ahh~ , certainly
As long as her ears are not hidden.
Well, that sort of thing is in the same direction as my objective, carefreely living.
There are also immigration checks when we enter

I understand that my looks and appearance stands out from the rest.
In addition, yesterday’s incident.
If it doesn’t not leak out, it will be strange.

「Alice,I have a strong interest in you. That successor to Einshaura has appeared. What sort of event has happened?」
TL: this is very vague. It literally meant. That sort of something has happened.
Til’s family name?
…… No?
Is there some special meaning to it?
「….. Even if I was baited, Til will not stir. As she is as always sloppy.」
「Fu, Fufufufufu! That ice and snow.. that sort of…..」
It seems that for some reasons I had struck a point.

Does Francesca know Til?
「Sorry for my rudeness desuwa~. Fufu, however Alice, after talking until this point, I may not be able to gain your trust. But it is true that I find Alice herself very likeable desuwa~ 」

「But you have just met me ……」

「Things like meeting amiable people are really non-existent. I do not have that sort of time no? To entrust trouble to someone in advance is hard but, I want to be friends with you. Isn’t that shameless of me? 」

(ED: read Ar-eh || implied meaning like Ehh?)

I, in this world have …. friends?
Onee-chan is Nee-chan.
Ilya is …… somewhat different.
Saira is like my imouto….

「That sort of Alice is very desirable desuwa~」


For some reason, Francesca laughed strangely.
Ilya gave an astonished expression.
「Well… I understood. For friendship, just this once, I will listen to your selfishness.」
The butler returned my answer with an intense stare while Francesca on the contrary is sparkling.
Ilya gave a small sigh.

「Alice! I am really honoured desuwa~」

Leaning forward his body, even now from the opposite side of the table. As expected, I am being warned not to do something by the butler.
「Just this one time.」
Oh dear oh dear….
You will never know what might happen
Although I do not quite understand but, the remuneration is definitely enticing.

The Battle Tournament, I will do it!

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