Slave Harem – 117 – Memory

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I returned to the merchants guild with the Soul Sucker Staff.
Two brokers were waiting in the waiting room.
They look relieved when they see me holding the cane.

Were they worried that I wouldn’t come back?
You can see that they were concerned.

It took a little time since I had to get Sherry to fuse it.
They might have thought I ran away because I didn’t have the staff with [MP absorption] prepared.
I’ve got Sherry so it’s fine, you don’t need to think anything bad about me.

“Sorry, it took me a little time to find it.”
“Let’s go back to the room.”

We entered the conference room, and I passed the Soul Sucking Staff to the weapons merchant.
He recites the incantation of weapon analysis.

“This certainly is a Soul Sucking Staff. There’s no doubt.”

There can’t be any doubt.

“The name of a weapon with [MP absorption] becomes Soul Sucking.”
“Soul Sucking? I’ll remember it. I have a good memory.”
“It’s in good condition too, not even a scratch. There’s nothing to hinder our business, so here.”

The man recites another incantation and opens his item box.
He takes the Sacred Spear out.
I can see the five empty skill slots.
They haven’t swapped it.

“How shall I confirm the Sacred Spear? I don’t want to risk a counterfeit item since I am a broker. I can call an acquaintance weapons merchant if that suits you?”

Luke makes a suggestion.
I know that it’s the Sacred Spear because of [Analyze], but normally someone wouldn’t know.
Do I have to confirm it?
There is a weapons merchant here, but he’s on the sellers side.

Can an acquaintance of Luke be trusted?
The acquaintance might be conspiring with the seller.
Even Luke is a broker, so there might be the possibility they are cooperating together.
The doubts are endless.

“There’s no need to go that far. There’s no mistaking that shape and shine. This is definitely the Sacred Spear I desired after seeing it in the auction hall. My memory is quite good.”
“I don’t have a problem with it, are you sure it’s alright?”
“You checked it after you bought it right?”

I ask the man.
When he bought it from the Baradam’s exhibitor, he would have checked it with [Analyze Weapon].
After he bought it, and Luke spoke to him, there would have been no further contact with the Baradam house.

“Of course.”
“Then there’s no problem.”

I received the Sacred Spear.
The Sacred Spear with five empty skill slots.
It’s annoying, but I used the incantation when I opened my item box.
The man also put away the Soul Sucking Staff in his item box.

“I was quite impressed with the way you handled yourself. You weren’t surprised when I checked the weapon at all. Quite splendid. I was part of a good trade.”
“Is that so?”

I knew that he was a weapons merchant.
Should I have been surprised when he suddenly checked the weapon.

“Well then, I’ll take my leave.”

The man greets Luke, and then turns to leave.

“Oh, before you go, did you have the Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card, and the Kobold Monster Card?”
“The Monster Cards? I have them.”

He has them?
The two monster cards are required for the skill [MP absorption], but they don’t always appear in the auction.
If you wanted to fuse them, you’d normally have at least one already.

“You got the Soul Sucking Staff, so you probably don’t need them anymore, right?”
“That’s right.”
“While we are doing business, could I possibly buy those monster cards?”
“Hmmm. I no longer need them. I bid quite a high price for them, but I was already prepared to sell them at a loss if I returned them to the auction.”

The man looked to Luke as he informed me.
Luke gives a nod to say “I don’t mind.”.
Should I assume that it’s bad for a guest to make deals without permission?
The brokers maintain their strength by standing together.

“I have both the Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card, and the Kobold Monster Card. You can have them for 4,000 nars each if your interested.”
“I’d like to buy them both.”

He has them both?
I’m lucky.

“Thanks, that will help me out. It’s already quite late today, so lets handle this business in the morning.”
“I’ll see you in the morning then.”

He doesn’t seem to be carrying the monster cards at the moment.
I thought he’d have them in his item box.
The date for our business has been decided, and he leaves the room.

“I’m sorry to have business without permission.”
“No, there’s profit in being shrewd. I have no problem with it.”
“Is that how it is?”

I apologized to Luke when only the two of us remained.

“His house seems to be quite wealthy. Was it alright that you didn’t have the item checked?”
“It’s fine.”
“I’ve heard that the people of their house are quite talented.”

There’s that too.
Should I ask?
Maybe we should talk about that.

There’s no problem for me since I have [Analyze], but how does someone act that doesn’t have it?
It’s good to check in a situation like this with someone I can trust a bit.
Thinking about retaliation after the event might be more common.

If it turns out you have a fake item, you can just retaliate.
On an evening with moonlight.
Well… there’s no moonlight in this world.

Even if it wasn’t an especially dark night, I could have a duel because I’m a freeman.
I can take revenge legally if I am deceived.
This might be a common idea in this world.
Luke never brings fake monster cards either. Does he fear retaliation?

But, the opponent is a wealthy house.
When you issue a duel to them, they can substitute a person with a representative.
If you are rich, you can get a strong guy.
Is it possible to take revenge?

I don’t need to worry about it, because I know it’s alright.

“I heard that they are a quite strong house, and they are likely to increase in strength more in the future. That’s why they want the weapon with [MP Absorption].”
“I see.”

I don’t really understand it..

“Had you fused those monster cards a while ago?”

Luke asks about it.
That’s right. I said I made the weapon with [MP Absorption].
I didn’t buy the Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card from Luke.
He probably thinks I made it before I started dealing with him.

If I’ve done dealings before, then it’s likely I’ve been fusing for a long time.
If I’ve been fusing for a long time, then it’s likely I’ll keep making orders with Luke.
If I’m skilled at it, then he can expect more dealings in the future.
Is it natural that he’s interested?

Like the man who wanted a weapon with [MP absorption], there may be other clients who would request an item with a specific skill.
If he can use me well, then Luke would get a large profit.
I’d receive some of the profit as well.

“My fusing is… well, there are a lot of failures… it isn’t that easy.”
“Yeah, that seems to be the case.”

I deceived him.
I can’t be seen as that useful.
I can’t show off a 100% success rate, that would cause problems if I end up failing.
If I continue to deal with Luke for monster cards and equipment it’s a two way relationship and it will last well that way.

It might have been good before I managed to make the white magic crystal.
Now that I’ve made it I don’t have any trouble with money, so I don’t need to worry about it.
When you have no money, you won’t think of any good money making ideas. When you do have money you can think of a good idea without worry.
That’s how it works.

“It should be easier to get the Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card now, please try to get it.”

I placed an order for the Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card with Luke.
The price should settle down now that that house is no longer buying it.
After placing the order, I return to the house.

“Do nobles often receive items with skills attached to them as betrothal gifts?”

While having dinner with the three girls, I asked Sherry about it.
The Soul Sucking Staff was meant to be used as a betrothal gift.
The Duke of Harz also presented the Ring of Determination to Cassia’s parents family.

“I don’t know much about nobles. I haven’t heard of that.”
“The weapon with [MP absorption] was meant to be presented to a woman getting married.”
“Oh. I see. So it’s like that?”

It’s like that?
Sherry seems to understand it.

“I don’t know where she’s a noble from.”
“If she’s a nobles daughter then she’s probably a Wizard. She’ll be using the weapon with [MP absorption] herself.”
“Even though she’s the bride?”

It doesn’t seem like a regular betrothal present.
Maybe it’s more like a wedding ring?

“Their family is probably increasing in power.”
“You understand that much? As expected of Sherry.”

Luke said the same thing.

“Master, didn’t have to lower the price right.”
“Well I wasn’t really intending to lower it, but….”

I replied to Roxanne.

“Ah. For a party with a Wizard, their damage output is going to increase.”

Did Sherry start explaining because she noticed I didn’t understand?

“That’s true.”
“A Wizard is an indispensable piece for a party aiming to take an active role in the Labyrinth.”
“You’re probably right.”
“However, not everyone can become a Wizard. It is limited to children of nobles and very rich families.”

Did they use the suicide pill?
Becoming a Wizard seems quite difficult.

“I’ve heard about that.”
“And even if you raise a Wizard from a baby it takes tens or years for them to become a first class Wizard.”
“I understand.”

I see.
A Wizard with [MP absorption] will play an active role in the party.

“This is why they are increasing in strength.”
“She is probably already quite skilled, but now she will have a better weapon as well.”

I pull the Sacred Spear from the item box.

“A spear?”
“A spear.”
“Spear, desu.”
“It’s the spear Sherry said strengthens magic.”

I present the Sacred Spear to Sherry.

“The Sacred Spear? Yes, I remember saying that.”
“It was good to remember.”

I’ll be *punishing* you so hard tonight Sherry that you won’t even be able to think straight.
It’s going to be wild.
TN: The author used torturing instead of punishing, which I assume sounds more erotic in Japanese for this scenario.

“I think the Sacred Spear is considerably valuable.”

Sherry takes it timidly.

“I got it by trading the weapon you fused earlier Sherry, so you’ve contributed to getting it.”
“This is the first time I’ve seen one.”

You’ve never seen one?
There probably aren’t museums or exhibitions for this kind of thing.
There are a lot of things that I have never seen, even on TV.

The next morning we entered the labyrinth to check how easy the Sacred Spear was to use.
Last night, I don’t remember everything that happened when I started *punishing* the girls.
I found Sex Maniac active when I got up in the morning, so I must have *punished* them quite a bit.

The Sacred Spear is only slightly worse than the Rod of Offerings.
Still, that’s awesome.
If it’s only slightly worse with no skills, then it will be amazing after having [2x Intellect] added to it.

“I’ll use the Rod, and we need to keep using the Spear with [Incantation Interruption] as well. It’s a little bit of a waste, but I’ll have to put this away for now.”
“That’s right. Miria wouldn’t be able to use it as good as the one handed sword, and it wouldn’t be suitable for me.”

It seems that Roxanne and Miria can’t use it either.

“We don’t need [Incantation Interruption] for the Clamshell’s, but we need it for the Kettle Mermaids and Bitch Butterflies. We’ll have to put away the Saint Spear.”

I could give both Spears to Sherry, and have her drop the one she doesn’t need, but that seems a bit worrying.
I will just have to put away the Saint Spear.





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