Takami no Kago Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

The number of Monsters we encountered increased after meeting the swarm of Monsters. It was only a little bit further until we reached Welberg, but we were founded before we could get there. By the time we had noticed, 20 Monsters had already surrounded us.

「Kuesu, concentrate your attacks onto the three upfront.」


「Gary can I leave my left to you?」

「Ou, leave it to me.」

「Baara, support with Recovery Magic.」


Lux’s Party quickly organizes for battle. They stop the advancing vanguard of Monsters with magic, and then their shield successfully defends their left flank. To effectively support the Party, Baara moves toward the center of the formation and readys her incantations.

「Shakunetsu, protect the rear.」

「We’ll try.」

Feyru replies, although she is the most exhausted. Only Aru and Feyru are still capable of fighting, the other two members can barely walk.

Lux orders the two to move over toward Baara, while maintaining command he fights against three Armored Mantis.

「Hibiki, may I leave the right flank to your Party?」

Lux entrusted the side with the most Monsters to us. He doesn’t see us as his sacrificial pawns, instead he believes in our abilities. Although the few Armored Mantis that Lux is engaging is the strongest Monster I have encountered in the forest.

「Yea, we’ve defeated all the Monsters on the right side.」

My Party had lost several of our Monster companions. The ones that had survived are: Ruby, 2 Sharp Wolf, and 1 Mantis. There are 8 Fragrance Ants on the ride side. Just as its name implies, they are capable of releasing spores that bewitch its opponent. It isn’t something to be challenge alone.

「Ayla stay close, Amy I’m counting on your support.」


「I’ll be careful.」

「Understood. Also my ring ran out of Magic Energy.」

「That can’t be helped, you’ll have to do without it.」

During these past several days, we had over used our trump card. The four fire rings we’re equipped with allows us to use Fire Magic.

Lux and Feyru had also used their reserved Items. Lux’s reserved Magic Potion can completely recovers the user’s HP. The effects are comparable to Amy’s Recovery Potion +4. Feyru’s reserved weapon, a Magic Sword, allows the user to infuse Magic Energy into the sword to raise its sharpness. Feyru doesn’t possess the Skill but the sword has Fire Attribute.

Ayla and the Sharp Wolf engage the Ant. The Ant is unable to keep up with their speed.

「Go flames! Be careful everyone!」

Amy shoots a mass of fire directed towards the Ant. The ring is only capable of a simple attacks such as a mass of fire.

「Yoshi~, over here.」

At times, I can control the flow of Magic Energy. Several times before, I had manipulated the power of flames produced by the ring. The Magic Energy is originally mine so perhaps that’s why I can control it. Anyways, it is useful.

I take control of the flames Amy produced and shape them into four flame spears. I aim and shoot them at the location furthest from Ayla.


The four spears of fire pierce the Ant and burns it to death from the inside.
I wanted to use eight spears of fire but four was the best for eliminating the spores created by the Fragrance Ant.

The Fragrance Ant’s spores will attract and draw forth other Monsters if not eliminated, so I made sure to get rid of it. A chance to breath came once the remaining Monsters were defeated.

However, nearby more Ants are approaching.
With great speed an Ant presses it fangs at me. I was unprepared and thus unable to avoid the attack. At that time everything turned bright red.

「…Ruby you saved me.」

Ruby had engulfed the Fragrance Ant. It used its body to shield me from the Ant. After Ruby had gradually returned to its original size it purred and jiggled happily. That is when we knew it was safe. Later, I’ll give it a Demon Stone.

Now, there are only three Ants remaining.

Somehow, it seems that the spores were suppressed by Ruby. If I can immobilize them I can have Ruby consume them just like before.

While I was searching for nearby allies, from behind, I hear a woman scream.

「Nico?! Are you safe??」

A Party Member of Shakunetsu a Shrine Maiden name Nico had fallen. A dark red wound can be seen on her stomach. She was shot from a distance by a Shooter Bee. The Shooter Bee is capable of launching long range attacks that is both powerful and venomous. Nico took a Shooter Bee’s stinger to the stomach. Feyru tried to reach her but is blocked by two other Shooter Bees.

「Baara, I’ll leave it to you!」

With merely a glance Lux gives Baara perfect instructions. Baara begins her Recovery Magic.

However the Shooter Bee that assaulted Nico had prepared to attack her again. With the purpose of distracting the Shooter Bee, a rushed fire spell is shot but it had no power behind it.


A critical side sweeping slash connects with the Shooter Bee’s torso causing it to stagger, however it wasn’t a deathblow. Baara turns pale when she noticed the Bee had switched its target to her. The Bee buzzes around her, as if taunting her. It had realized that Baara is the real threat and had prioritized her as its main target.

The next moment, the Bee is attacked by an Armored Mantis. The Shooter Bee’s left wing is chopped off by the Mantis’ sickle, and its head is bitten, dealing a fatal blow to the bee.

This Armored Mantis is one of Amy’s tamed Monster. Compared to a normal mantis its body is slightly smaller. Its right sickle is somewhat bigger and a little distorted than its left.

While looking for the next opponent, I heard a voice from the rear.

「This can’t be, I don’t have enough Magic Energy!?」

When I turn around Baara is trying to give treatment to Nico. Apparently, her Recovery Magic alone is insufficient. The detoxification and treatment are done, but she is too exhausted to completely heal Nico. I signal to Ayla, and entrust the rest of the battle to her. The reminding enemy numbers three Fragrance Ants, it shouldn’t be no problem for her.

「Can you use my Magic Energy?」

I still have some stored Magic Energy in my magic ring. I offer to assist Baara.

「I don’t know if I can use Recovery Magic without the aptitude but I’ll try.」

I look at Baara, it seems most people don’t have the affinity for Recovery Magic, but I have the Skill 【Wiseman’s Egg】.

「I’ll try, how do I do this?」

「Put your hands together, and visualize healing.」

「Is it similar to how other magics are activated?」

「Look for your Magic Energy. Try to collect as much as possible within both hands, and then try to activate the magic.」


My place my hands on top of Baara’s. The color of my Magic Energy becomes hazy white, this must be the color of Recovery Magic.

However, it doesn’t become a strong white only an incomplete grey.

「I’m sorry, it was far from perfect. Was it helpful?」

The Magic Energy I collected is transferred to Baara. When Baara sees the gray colored Magic Energy she is surprised.

「Eh!? Are you adjusting the Magic Energy? All of this is usable for Recovery Magic!!!」

The Magic Energy Baara received from me is quickly absorbed into Nico’s Body. When the pure white Magic Energy is returned to Barra’s hands it becomes dyed black.

Barra transfers the black Magic Energy back to me. I covert the black Magic Energy into grey and return it to Barra who then changes it back to white.

「Purifying Magic Energy, how well do you know how to use it?」

「Purification? Do you mean changing black Magic Energy into white Magic Energy?」

「 Simply said it is like that, you were very helpful. However, someone who has recently learn magic is normally unable to perform magic purification. It isn’t something that can be learned within one week’s time. Nonetheless, if someone who isn’t capable will never master Magic Energy purification even within a life time.」

「Is that so? Kuesu told me I have an amazing Magic Energy, perhaps, that is the source.」

Even if I can’t deceive her, at least, I won’t be asked why I’m able to.

「Well if you say so.」

Baara may not have believed me but she didn’t ask any more questions. Lux probably won’t say anymore either, he doesn’t want to upset me. If he badgers me with questions he may lose my trust.

「There seems to be two types to this magic, can you teach me about them.」

I try to change the subject to something else. I’m also curious about Recovery Magic.

「There are two parts to Recovery Magic: 『Recovery Reinforcement』 and 『Recovery Assistance』.」

『Recovery Reinforcement』strengthens the body by distributing Magic Energy and circulating it inside the body. It is used to mend wounds or heal cuts, bruises and etc. As it’s name suggests, it holds everything in place. The user can feel the body healing.

However, loss of blood is not recovered although the wound is healed. Limbs cannot be fully restored, if a wound such as a lost limb is blocked it will only heal around the severed area.

『Recovery Assistance』 creates a substitute body which can act as a replacement for loss blood or severed limbs. Although the substitute has the same functions as the original it is a deteriorate version thus it is not as good as the original.

In Nico’s treatment detoxification was first used to remove the poison. The problem occurred after Barra had finished applying Recovery Reinforcement to stop the bleeding. She had exhausted her Magic Energy and was unable to use Recovery Assistances to restore Nico’s stomach.

「Somehow we managed.」

Baara breathes out as a sign of relief. The surrounding combat seems to have ended. Ayla and Amy moves toward us.

「Ayla, sorry for leaving the rest of the battle to you.」

I pat Ayla’s head in show of appreciation to her.

「It was no problem, I’m glad you trust me.」

She smiles happily.

「Amy, thank you for covering me. But it could have been dangerous having the Armored Mantis separate from you.」

I thank her but at the same time I reprimand her for exposing herself to possible dangers.

「Sorry, I had no choice but to send the Mantis, my ring was out of Magic Energy.」

Amy bows and obediently apologizes. I pat her head.

「Even if I survived I wouldn’t be glad if Amy suffered injuries. I would rather you not get hurt.」

I remove my hand from her head, and take her hand. I transfer some of my Magic Energy into her ring. Although, it is far from being fully charged.

「Amy, use it only in case of an emergency.」

She seems embarrassed and replied with a simple nod.

「Yes, thank you very much.」

Before heading off to Welberg, I let Ruby consume the corpses of the Monsters. Although there is a large quantity of monster materials, there doesn’t seem to be any Demon Stones.

After the battle in the forest Ruby’s level seems to have increased. Perhaps the capacity of 【Storage】 had increased as well, I’ll be grateful if it did.

Several hours after the battle, the sky has become dim. We should find an open space to set up camp for today. Things should be alright if each member takes turns rotating guard duty every two hours. First shift will be Lux and I, the next shift will be Feyru, Kuesu and Aru, then lastly Ayla, Amy, and Barra. Nico from Feryu’s Party is exempted due to her injuries. Because Copper the Monster Tamer had lost all her Monsters her duty will be to watch the campfire.

As the first on watch duty, we sit around the fire.

「Hibiki, you really are amazing.」

Lux suddenly begins a conversation.

「Huh?, that came out of nowhere.」

「I heard for Baara, about your talent with Recovery Magic.」

「Ah, is that so?」
If I don’t want to be questioned too much, I can always change the subject. Lux seems to understand and doesn’t say anything more about the topic. We both become alert sensing something approaching.


「No, they’re human.」

「Is it an Adventurer’s Party from Welberg? Or perhaps someone from the neighboring area?」

「Ah, if that’s the case then we will arrive there tomorrow. However, they’re approaching from the opposite direction of Welberg.」

「-just in case, wake everyone up.」

「Are you sure we have enough time?」

As Lux says so, he draws his sword and prepares for battle. A little late, I also draw my sword. Footsteps can be heard. A large group of people are hastily running towards us.

Ah, 100m,



They’ve arrived! We ready ourselves and rush towards them.

「Please wait!!」

The voice of a woman can be heard. She steps out of the forest. Her attire is similar to Baara’s. But the color is more of a vivid scarlet than red.

「Blessings, I have been looking for the Hero.」

The person who appears is a beautiful girl.

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