Takami no Kago Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


As we had planned, our party departed early in the morning and arrived at Welberg before evening.

At first, Feryu was surprised to see Knights after exiting the tent, but everything was sorted out after Lux explained the circumstances. It wasn’t my place to meddle.

「She, umm, the Shinto Priest is from Bureto. They were informed of us by the Tri-Sword, and then we just happened to meet them by chance. Since they just happen to be there we took the liberty to ask them about Welberg.」

Half of the story seems to be true, at least the part about where Tri-sword informed them of the Monster swarm approaching the town of Bureto.
However the part about Seira, the oracle, and the search for the Hero was left out.

At that time, a member of the search party that was looking for Lux caught up with are group.

「I heard a little about you from Furon-san. Hylux-sama, I am convinced that you are the Hero.」

The fact that Seira can nominate a Hero doesn’t seem to be wrong. A Shinto Priest is selected to be the representative of the Church. The Shinto Priest therefore has the right to choose the Hero as foretold by the mandate of the Oracle. The probability of becoming a Shinto Priest is low, but it is not zero. It is akin to buying a winning lottery ticket.

The lower wall of the castle circles the border of Welberg. In the same manner as the town of Bureto. There is a gate on both the west and east side.

The main street of the castletown is paved with stones. We enter from the west gate, there is a crowd of people. The castle is in the center portion of the town with a moat surrounding it. It must be for an emergency defense.

When we enter the town we part ways with Feryu, although her wounds have healed she wants to let Nico rest in a genuine bed.

We promise to meet up at the Adventurer’s Guild, to distribute the reward.

「Hero, we are preparing a meal at the Church, you are welcome to join us.」

「We are Adventurers, first of all, we need to go report to the Guild.」

「Is that so, does that mean you’ll stop by after?」

Seira is persistent, Lux states his conditions and accepts their offer.

「I want to have a meal with Hibiki, if he agrees to attend then I’ll accept」

Seira looks displeased.

「They are my companions, if my friends are not allowed then I must refuse your invitation.」

Lux is trying to use us as an excuse to refuse the lunch invitation. I don’t want him to involve me. Baara gives me an apologetic facial expression.

Gary is grinning, while Kuesu appeared to be absent-minded.

「I understand, I will also have their portion prepared.」

Seira looks displeased with us also attending. It’s not like I wanted to participate.

The conversation ends, and we head to the Adventurer’s Guild. The Guild and the castle are similar in design. I heard the reason is because the founding feudal lord was an Adventurer.

News of the Maou’s revival from the Church must have spread because the Guild was in an uproar.

Someone had submitted a detailed report about a swarm of insect Monsters that were headed for the town of Bureto. The rumor of the revival of the Maou may have some credibility based on the recent Monster activity. The Guild is preparing to send a subjugation force to rescue Bureto.

Lux was asked to participate, I was not. For those who wanted to take part in the mission they have until the following day to sign up.

We received our reward.

While deciding which inn to stay at, Seira appears.

「Hero, there is no need for you to find accommodations, I have arranged a suitable room for you at the Church.」

Lux is looking in my direction for help, I didn’t think they would go to all this trouble.

「While we look for a hotel, will the dinner invitation be scheduled for tonight?」

「Yes, you may have dinner at the Church tonight, but you extras don’t have to come.」

Seira sarcastically reveals her truth feelings.

I was planning to tell Lux I would refuse, but by the time I’d noticed we were already approached the Church.

「I bide you farewell.」

「It’s not like we will meet again.」

I part ways with Lux and head towards the inn the Guild had recommended.

「The 『Silver Cup』, is it this place?」

The Silver Cup inn is constructed in this world’s orthodox design. The first floor is a tavern and the second floor is the lodging area.

When we enter, despite it being in the late evening there are still customers.

「Welcome! Are you here for a meal, or to stay the night?」

The person who calls out to us is an Aunty with a stout physique. Her hair is dark red and she smells of liquor. I don’t see any other employees so she must be the owner of this place.

「We would like a room, do you have a room for three available?」

「We do, for how many days do you plan to stay?」

I had to think about it but, perhaps three days.
We are guided by the Aunty to the corner of the second floor.

「Breakfast is included, but guests must pay extra for midnight snacks.」

「I understand.」

The Aunty leaves the room after explaining the rules.

「Ah, I would like hot water to wash my body.」

「Okay, please wait a moment.」

After 10 minutes had passed, a tub of hot water had been filled.

「This is free, but next time you will be charged extra.」

This small tub isn’t enough for three people. But with magic, providing water and fire is no problem.

I could even fill a large tub if needed.
The three of us take turns washing, and refreshing ourselves.

「I wonder are the clothes we’re wearing are suitable for the dinner invitation.」

Now that think about it, I feel self-conscious and decide to wash our clothes.

「Usually one would wear better clothes when attending an event at a Church, but exactly how formal should we dress?」

My clothes are a long sleeve shirt made of cloth with a pair of trousers that extend to the ankles. The trousers are made of slightly thicker cloth. Our clothes we have on now are fairly common in this country.

It’s comfortable but it is our casual attire, thus it is not for formal events. Amy judges that the dinner party will not be overly formal.

We had finished washing our clothes. There is still time until the dinner party, we change into our clean clothes and had decided to look around town.

There are various shops lined up along the main street. Above all, an Adventurer should familiarize themselves with the location of the equipment shops and the blacksmith shops.

This place is indeed an Adventurer’s town.
After reaching the center of the town, we arrived near the Lord’s castle.
I observe the roads, the area here seems to be designed to circle around the castle.

I turned left off the crowded main road and into a side alley.
When I turned around, there was man tending to a suspicious street stall.

Because I was looking around restlessly the man mistook me for a country bumpkin, and called out to me.

「Onii-san, take a look~. This here is an accessory that Adventurers in this town use.」

I see rows of accessories, they’re probably made out of ores.

I check the accessories with the Menu, they all appear to be low quality. At best they could be used as simple decorations. I glanced at the accessories and lost interest. I think Amy could make something like this.

The man grabs Hibiki’s arms to prevent him from leaving.

「Onii-san, please buy something from me.」

With the tone in which the man spoke, it was obvious he was trying to pressure me into buying something.

「Stop it, people don’t come to this town to be duped by merchants like you.」

When I look behind him, I see a woman standing there. She is carrying luggage in both hands. Although she wasn’t tall, the luggage she is carrying looks heavy. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail.

「What is it, don’t bother me little miss, I have business to attend to.」

「Do you mean selling those accessories that aren’t accessories?」

The owner of the stall seems disturbed.

「W-what are you saying!! These here are splendid accessories!!」

The man appears nervous, his true nature is showing. He never stated that the accessories were equipment. Even if the ponytailed girl claims those are fake accessories, the man has protected himself by saying they are “splendid accessories”.

「Like I said, those aren’t equipment! You’re nothing but a scammer!」

I know she was trying to help, but instead of shouting she could’ve been more civilized. She shakes off the man’s hand and pulls me away from the vendor. He shouts something back, but doesn’t move from his stall.

I caught up with Ayla and Amy momentarily, they appeared dumbfounded.

「This area is not the main street, be careful of strange shops.」

「Ah, sorry. You saved me.」

「If you have money, spend it at a proper shop, there is no need to waste it on random vendors.」

This must be her place. She does look like a shop employee. It can’t be helped, it’s a matter of courtesy, I’ll stop by her store.

「My name is Toto and this place here is my store.」

Further down the side street, we entered the shop, there is a sign that reads, Thill’s Blacksmith Shop for Adventurers and custom orders. There was also a slogan written on the sign, “Buy the equipment that suits you here”.

The shop has a simple wooden design. There are weapons and armors arranged in rows, it feels similar to the equipment shop in Bureto.

The woman with the ponytail places her luggage on the counter and turn to my direction.

「So, see anything you like?」

I’m surprised by the sudden conversation, I’ll start taking a look around. I look through the rows of weapons and armors, searching for anything that has a 『+』 quality. I come across a 『Sword of Iron +3』.

「This is great.」

I muttered, Toto also agrees.

「You can see its value, yes. This may seem like a rundown shop, but in the past we use to receive custom orders from the castle.」

So, I wonder why this place isn’t popular.

「Father is too stubborn.」

Toto shrugs, a loud roar can be heard from inside.

「Toto!! Did you buy the thing I asked for!?」

「Shut up you’re too loud!! We have guests!」

「Is it a customer!?」

A bearded man, shorter than Toto, with a well-built physique appears. Is this person Thill? This fellow, I wonder if he is a Dwarf.

「Ah, are you a customer? Ah, what do you want?」

I didn’t come here in search of anything in particular. But now that I think about it, I remember that my sword and armor were ragged, and I also want a new set of equipment for my other Party Members.

「Well now then, ain’t cha got a pretty good stance, just how strong are ya?.」

I guess he is referring to my level. I had Ruby who was in my leather bag in order to not seem suspicious to spit out the raw material we had accumulated so far.

「Oh, it seems like you can do some work, I can make some weapons or armor for y’all with this easily.」

This person is nodding arrogantly while confirming the material.

「How about getting something made with these materials?」

If it is possible, the armor created from this Monster material will be far stronger than the current leather armor I’m wearing. Not to mention it will also have higher magic resistance.

「Please, if you’re able to.」

I explain what I need.
I plan to use a magic sword in the future.

For Ayla I need equipment that is both sturdy and easy to move in, I don’t want to sacrifice her speed.

And for Amy, something lightweight. If possible, I want a better weapon for her, perhaps something made from the Shooter Bee material.

When I finish describing what I need, Thill raises an objection. There is insufficient material, so I take out more.

I’m told I will get an estimate of the cost the next time I visit.

「Since there is a good amount, come again in three days. This is a custom order, so I think it’ill take bout a week to complete.」

When I was planning to talk about the cost, Toto barges into the conversation.

「I’ll inform you of the price three days from now, I can’t leave the accounting to father. We’ll occur a loss.」

I laugh, and nod. I would have to decline if the price was too high. To break the ice Thill suggested that I didn’t have to pay the rest if I didn’t have enough.

Toto sighs. I tell her I’ll pay as much as I can before leaving the shop.
The time for the dinner party is approaching, I need to hurry to the Church.

「Where is the Church?」

「I don’t know.」(Ayla)

「I also don’t know.」 (Amy)

Oh my God. It sure is cold. (Oh my God is said in engrish)

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