Takami no Kago Chapter 26

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Chapter 26


I return to the blacksmith shop, it is best to ask Toto for directions to the Church.

「I understand that it is your first day in town, but the castle is a giant landmark, even a drunkard could find their way through this town.」

Toto laughs as she guides us through the town.

「It’s only my first day here and so much has happened, I just haven’t gotten use to the area yet.」

I make an excuse, that once I get to the Church I could find my way to the Silver Cup inn. An Adventurer is in serious trouble if they have a bad sense of direction.

However, Toto was genuinely surprised.

「Today, no until yesterday you were in the forest? Did you travel through the Demon’s Wilderness?」

「Ah, no I came from the town of Bureto. I haven’t traveled to the Demon’s Wasteland yet.」

「Isn’t it terrible? Hordes of Monsters have migrated into the forest from the Demon’s Wilderness. The Adventurers don’t know how to handle the situation.」

「That is true, there is certainly a large number of Monsters in the forest.」

The revival of the Maou isn’t publicly known. Despite Seira’s search, it is clear that a formal Hero hasn’t appeared either. After a Hero is selected perhaps there will be a public announcement about the revival of the Maou.

「I’d heard that the feudal lord and the Adventurer’s Guild are going to cooperate, it seems they are putting together a subjugation force soon.」

Is that how they are explaining why a rescue party is being sent to Bureto. I find it forewarning, although it is true that the subjugation force is being deploy it doesn’t change the fact that the Monsters are becoming more active lately.

「Anyways, the town seems to be lively.」

Perhaps it is unrelated but, the blacksmith Thill seems to not be doing well financially. He can no longer get by with the funds he has saved up from past clienteles.

It seems that the previous regulars, Adventurer customers, who knew of the quality of Thill’s goods have long retired. And every year the number of customers decreases.

「But you know sometimes a person like you appears, and buys things from my shop, so it’s possible to stay in business.」

Toto tightens her fist and looks my way.

「For now, I think you should try doing something about that unusual signboard in front of your store.」

「Unusual!? Where!?」

As I thought, that signboard is Toto’s handiwork.

「Is that so, all I see is a store with an unusual signboard.」

Toto looks at the other two. Ayla appears doubtful with an embarrassed expression, Amy apologies and slightly nods.

Toto must had taken quite a shock, she trudges along looking downcast.

I try to cheer her up.

「Why not try to market on the fact that your father is a skilled Dwarf.」

On hearing Dwarf, Toto tilts her head and bursts out laughing.

「Fufu, father is human.」


Just judging by appearance isn’t Thill what one would consider the standard image of Dwarf, a short man with a beard.

「Certainly, his does look like Dwarf.」

We continue to laugh all the way to the Church. Toto is also Laughing.
Beneath the lamplight, our arrival at the Church is filled with laughter.

「We’ve arrived.」

「I didn’t expect things to turn out this way, nonetheless, thank you for your help.」

「No worries, you’re an important customer.」

Toto bows, and then makes her way down the street.

「Bye, I’ll see you again in three days.」

I return her farewell with a big wave, then we make our way to the Church.

「Ah, hello.」

The guards reply by waving their hand.

「Thank goodness Hibiki, you’ve finally arrived.」

We are greeted by Lux, he appears to be exhausted.

「What’s wrong Lux, you look dead tired.」

The cause is probably the K.Y. Sister. (K.Y. is the acronym of the Japanese terms that stand for “unable to read the situation/mood”/”Not able to take a hint”)

「Ah, you see Seira just won’t leave me alone for even a minute.」

It seems after she showed Lux to his room, she never left him alone.
He hasn’t gotten the chance to speak to Barra and his other companions. If she is purposely being a nuisance, she sure is clever.
I wonder if she is a nosy person by nature? Likewise, I definitely don’t want to be involved with that type of person.

Lux must have left the room to get some fresh air, that’s probably when he noticed our arrival.

When we enter the Church with Lux, I see Seira. She may have followed him. Her clothes look similar to before but are less ragged, they must be a new pair.

「Huh, have you already arrived. It would had been fine even if you took your time, though.」

And yet again I meet this unpleasant and sarcastic person.

「Ah, if it isn’t the person who recklessly rushed ahead without any plans.」

While ignoring the growling Seira, Lux and I move towards the dinner party area.

Apparently, the dinner party is set-up as a buffet. A lot of guests had already arrived and they seem to be enjoying their meal.

However, when we entered the hall, all the men turn towards our direction. Anyways, most of the participants here seem to have a relation with the Church. Several of the people here are probably nobles, but judging by their clothes they aren’t high ranking nobles.

Their eyes seem to be appraising us, or perhaps Lux. I wonder if they had been informed of who the Hero is. Ayla is hiding behind me, she fears their rude stares. Amy is tightly gripping my sleeve, she is probably too anxious to separate from me. I caress the heads of the two, to help them relax.

When I look around I see Baara in the corner of the room, holding a wine glass. At times she takes a sip but the amount in the glass never changes. Gary is chowing down on a heap of food. Kuesu is also there, but she is quietly eating, surprisingly they both have about the same amount of food on their plate. Although Kuesu’s mouth hardly opens, the food quickly disappears at the same rate as Gary’s dish. Is that some sort of magic too. I join up with Baara and Lux.

「So. Hibiki, Ayla, and Amy was that some sort of “play”.」

Baara makes a shady smile while greeting us.

「Mumu~ Hibiki, the food here is delicious.」

Gary who is eating greets us as well.

I mumble to myself “don’t talk with your mouth full.”
Kuesu mutters something. As I thought, magicians are oddballs.

「I had enough today, I can stand another hour of being around that Shinto Priest woman any longer.」

「It’s not like we enjoy being around her either.」

「Is that so?」

After all the guests have arrived, the K.Y. Sister gave a short speech. After she finished everyone began to chat among one another. I thought it was over but now she is making rounds to greet everyone.

Meanwhile, our group happily spent the time enjoying the food and drinks without being bothered.

「What is up with the silverware?」

I muttered something that was bothering me.

「Because silver has a good affinity for magic, it is metal that has a special connection to the Church.」

Baara answers.

This is for the first time since I arrived in this world, that I’d seen tableware made of silver. At the cheap inns and taverns I visited, they all had tableware made of wood.

「It must be because silverware is expensive.」

「Silverware is troublesome to maintain. If it is not polished regularly it will rust. The Church only uses the silverware on special occasions, such as when nobles are visiting.」

Kuesu answers this time. She gave a detailed explanation about silverware.

「As stated, silver has magic properties, if a Magician has a silver Accessory it can be used as a catalyst for their magic.」

「Is it similar to a Demon Ore?」

「I don’t think I’m wrong, but a Demon Ore is only used for storing and retrieving magic energy, while silver can be used to amplify or draw out latent magic energy.」

「How is it used?」

「For example, if a veteran Mage, equips a wand made of silver, they would notice an increased difference in their Magic Energy.」

「I see.」

「There are some Magicians that do business in silver Equipment, but it is better to request high quality silver.」

Furthermore, I couldn’t expect to hear this from anyone better than a Magician? It is best to hear information from a specialist.

「Hibiki after you join the Magician’s Guild, I’ll help you finds some quality silver Equipment.」

「If that is fine with you?」

「I am your Shishou of course.」

With that said, two days from now, I have made a promise to join the Mage’s Guild. Until then, it is decided that magic training will be in the morning.

「Hero, are you enjoying the party?」

Seira returns to us after her rounds of greeting everyone. Gary and Kuesu both show an unpleasant expression. Barra is looking down.

Lux returns a light reply. Seira continues talking without noticing the mood.

「I want to introduce everyone who has assembled here to the Hero. Can you associate with them?」

「N, no. I was never your chosen Hero…」

「Eh, then I will just introduce you as my friend.」

Even though Lux declined he was taken away by Seira before he could finish his sentence. Barra and the others were unable to leave Lux alone, they also followed along.

I continued to enjoy the food and drinks after Lux’s Party had left.

「Ayla, this meat is delicious.」

「Yes, this chicken is the town’s specialty.」

「Ayla, is chicken your favorite?」

「Yes. The meat is juicy and tender, the flavor is also rich and very delicious.」

「Is that so, Amy why don’t you also try the chicken?」

「Yes, thank you. Ah, truly delicious, this is not like any other meat I have ever tasted before.」

I pledge to the two, someday, when our earnings are high enough, all our meals will be this luxurious.

「Thank you everyone for gathering here.」

Seira is making a closing speech.

「Hibiki, sorry, I’m back.」

「No worries, the last half was just me eating.」

「That is certainly true.」

We all laugh.

I promised to meet again with Kuesu, but it is uncertain as to whether or not I will meet Lux and his other Party members again.

「Well, don’t go forgetting about me now.」

I don’t know what will happen but I can’t seem to put my thoughts into words.

「Ah, this is our problem you don’t have to concern yourself about us. Anyways, thanks for coming.」

「I look forward to our next meeting, for now I wish you well.」

「Hibiki, we will probably stay in town for another week.」

If they plan to stay here for one week that would mean that Lux’s Party is planning to participate in the rescue operation.

Although Lux refuses Seira’s request to be the Hero his actions are surely that of one.

「We will also be staying in town for a while.」

While feeling awestruck by Lux’s heroism I say my parting words. My Party and I exit the Church.

「Tomorrow is a day off, I want to spend my free time with Ayla and Amy, is that alright?」

I give the two some time to think things over. Perhaps, they don’t want to spend their free time with me? Anyways, we make our way to the Silver Cup inn.

It appears to be around late mid-night. Unlike Bureto, the streets were lit by magic powered lights.

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