Takami no Kago Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

As soon as we had returned to the Silver Cup Inn my fatigue had finally caught up with me, I fell fast asleep.

The next morning I awoke to Ayla’s surprised face.

「Good morning, Master.」

「Good morning, Ayla. Is there something wrong?」

「Yes, there is something going on with Ruby, her appearance is strange.」

I was curious to see what was so unusual? I looked around the room and found Ruby in the corner.

「Huh, what is it doing over there?」

「I don’t know, when I had awoken it was already there?」

So it has been there since who knows how long. I turn back to look at Ruby who is in the corner of the room. Ruby is still the same color and shape, but compared to before it is amusingly large in size.

Ruby’s original size is comparable to the average size of a soccer ball, but its present size is comparable to a fitness stability ball.

「Do Slimes normally grow this much overnight?」

Amy answers my mutter.

「To my knowledge, Slimes of this size do exist. But I have never heard of a Slime growing to this size overnight.」

「However, Ruby is a Slime variant, perhaps it is possible.」

「Although, it is a Color Slime, it is still a Slime thus it cannot change its attribute.」

「Color Slime?」

「Eh, isn’t Ruby a Red Slime?」

「Ruby’s full name is Gluttony Slime, though.」

「I have never heard of that type of Slime.」

Amy claims that Slimes have many variant and subspecies. The Color Slime variant seems to be the most well known.

At first what appears to be color on a Slime’s translucent body is actually the primary color of a magic attribute. Amy recognizes that Ruby, the Red Slime, has the attribute for Fire Magic.

「However, Slimes variants do have the possibility of becoming this large.」

Ayla converses with Ruby. Apparently, they are still able to understand one another. Ayla is relieved.

「Ruby is still itself.」

Ayla reports. I check its Status as well.


Ruby (Gourmet Slime)   Lv. 22

Able to store items inside its body.
The capacity of Storage depends on the skill’s level.

Able to sort stored items.

Able to search for and manage items stored.
Effect can search for items of the same type, or quantity.


「Huh? It isn’t a Gluttony Slime anymore. And it has additional Skills. 【Organize】 I guess its effect is what the name implies. 【Manage】 I’m not sure what its effect is. Did Ruby undergo a metamorphosis into a Gourmet Slime because of all the materials it consumed?」

「Amy, does a Monster’s name change after it has undergone a metamorphosis?」

「Isn’t Ruby’s name, Ruby?」

「That isn’t what I meant. For example, does a Slime after it has transformed, is it re-named a Red Slime.」

「Ah yes, the name of its species does change. When a Slime variant absorbs Magic Energy and undergoes a metamorphosis its species changes to that of a Red Slime variant. Did Ruby undergo a metamorphosis? 」

「Ruby has become a Gourmet Slime variant.」

「The name sounds as if it would cost us a fortune in food expenses. How is it that Master knows which Slime variant species it has become?」

「Didn’t I tell you? I can see various things in my Status Menu.」

「Was that so, as I thought a person with the Divine Protection of many Gods, is capable of various things.」(Echo: Roll Credits)

「Is there anything you can’t do?」

Today was the planned day-off but because of the Monster Ruby’s sudden metamorphosis we decide to check on the other tamed Monsters.
I travel to the forest area outside the west gate, it is about five minutes from town. The other tamed Monsters appear.

「Now then, I was procrastinating on giving them a name but it is about time I decided.」

「Remember, they were very helpful in the forest.」

「Yes, they were all very helpful.」

First the two Sharp Wolfs, one is male the other is female. How about Fenrir… I would’ve suggest but I stopped myself because it was too embarrassing. Ayla has an expression of anticipation, it is similar to when the first time Ruby joined our Party.

「Uh? The male will be “Duo”, the female will be “Luo”.」

「That’s perfect. How romantic, just like in the old fable of the married couple who traveled the continent.」

It seems, from long ago when Monsters had ruled the continent, there is a fable about a married couple whose home was destroyed. The married couple’s names were, Duo and Luo. Without a home, they were forced to wander the continent in search for a place to live in peace.

However, in the olden times when Monsters inhabited all over the continent. Everyday their companions would disappear one by one. It is said that Duo and Luo, defended their companions until they had exhausted their strength and died.

Even in this era, it is common for a Wolf Beastman to have the name, Rou. For women, there are also many names based on, Luo. In this world the names Rou and Luo are similar to my world’s, Taro and Hanako.

「Ah, so we’ve reach an agreement on the names, Duo and Luo.」

What name should I give the Armored Mantis?

「This one is a female Monster, right?」

Ayla answers.

A female Mantis is generally stronger than the male, is that correct?

「Huh, a female? How about Queen?」(Queen is in English)

When I examine the Mantis, she somehow resembles a Queen-sama.

「Queen, huh?」

「What kind of name is Queen?」

「Ah, is it no good?」

「No that isn’t so, the name is definitely easy to say.」

「I see then, pleased to meet you Queen.」

And thus, all the tamed Monster’s names were decided.


Duo (Sharp Wolf)             Lv.17

A loud shriek that has a low probability of inflicting Panic.
The success rate depends on the Skill’s level.




Lou (Sharp Wolf)              Lv.16

Can call for reinforcements from Monsters of the same family.
Range and the number of reinforcements gathered depends on the Skill’s level.



Queen (Armored Mantis)            Lv.22

【Poison Resistance】★
Has resistance to poison.


「Okay, on to the next task.」

「Ah, you mean that item?」

It was about the Item Ayla and I talked about this morning. Ayla had told me that she wanted to go find more special Monsters to Tame.


Monster Flute + 4
Only Monsters can hear the sounds produce by this flute.


It is similar to a dog whistle. Anyway, an Item such as a Monster Flute did not exist. At least that is what Ayla has said.

By using the Monster materials from a Monster’s horn I made the Item Monster Flute with only sounds Monsters could hear. For the time being, the Item is only experimental.

I used the Item, and I was surprised that it works. I wonder, how am I able to create an Item that doesn’t exist.

Well, it is a fantasy world.

「For now, Ayla try using this flute.」


A faint sound is heard. Based on Queen’s reaction to the sound, the Monsters in the surrounding areas must have also heard it.

「Can you hear it Ayla, if so, why don’t you try to command the Monsters with the flute. It could be very helpful from far away.」

「Yes, thank you very much for your suggestion.」

Alya walks towards the Monsters and gestures something.
She is probably giving instructions with the flute.

As I watched them I’m amazed. The Monsters seem to be moving in coordination with one another. That reminds me, all the Tamed Monsters have Skills.

I wonder, did they learn the Skills because of their experiences, or is it because they gained Skills when they are Tamed.

While we were still traveling through the forest, I didn’t bother checking their Status. I was more concerned about Ayla and Amy’s Statuses.

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