Takami no Kago Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

When I check my Status the number of my Skills had increased.
I was a Swordsman when I entered the forest. After I left the forest, I got the Skill 【Swordsmanship】.

I didn’t have that Skill before.

I experimented with changing my Job Class to Magic Swordsman. I acquired various Skills for that Job Class. I switched my Job Class to Magician, and I gained the Skills: 【Magic Sword】, 【Reinforcement Magic】, and 【Support (common magic)】.

When I previously changed my Job Class to Magician I didn’t acquire any Skills, perhaps, I hadn’t yet fulfilled the requirements. The Skills acquired seem to be saved in each Job Class category, the Skills are not lost if I change my Job Class.

If my theory is correct 【Magic Energy Sword】 should be similar to the 【Magic Sword】 that Feyru uses.

However, 【Magic Energy Sword】 unlike 【Magic Sword】is not an attribute enchantment. But rather 【Magic Energy Sword】 is a materialized blade of a selected attribute.

When I slash with the magic blade, the area where I had cut is burnt.
I am able to manipulate the fire that is coated on the sword.

I try out various attribute experiments. I coat my sword with Recovery Magic Energy and seem to have created a technique that will heal injuries after being cut.

Next I try, 【Support Magic】. It seems to be a type of magic that buffs Status or inflicts a Status ailment.

I have an idea. I try using the Monster Flute on my Monster companions. It worked, the Monster’s Stats have increased.

Is the reason the Item works because I have used a Demon Ore in its production?

However, there was no effect when I tried using Fire Magic to buff them.
Perhaps the problem is solved during the process of infusing Magic Energy into the Demon Ore.

Before making the Item, I need to transfer Magic Energy into the Demon Ore and give it an attribute.

The Item operates similar to the ring. Magic Energy needs to be stored in the Item, and the user has to be aware of the effect.

Every time I blow the flute Magic Energy is depleted. It works, how fortunate.

Hibiki     Jinno                     Lv.25
Magic Swordsman           Age 16

【Wiseman’s Egg】★
Can acquire all magic.

|-【Fire Magic】★★

|-【Water Magic】★

|-【Recovery Magic】★

|-【Reinforcement Magic】★

└ 【Support Magic】★

【Job Class Revision】★
Can change Job Class.

【Master’s Knowledge】★
Can use one’s Slaves’ Skills.
Effect dependent on Skill’s Level.

【Magic Sword】★
Can enchant a sword with a magic attribute.
Strength dependent on Skill’s Level.

Bonus points to Stats when a sword is equipped.
Effect dependent on Skill’s Level.


Ayla’s new Skill 【Monster Knowledge】 combined with my Skill, allows me the right to use our Monster companions’ Skills.

The 【Trainer】 Skill is very good, it lets us decide the growth of our Monster companions.

Thanks to the Monster Flute cooperating with our Monsters is made easy. The new Skills may be a blessing in disguise.

Ayla       Lv.22
Monster Tamer                Age 15

【Monster User】★★
Can befriend Monsters.

【Monster User Bonus(Divine Protection)】
Bonus points to the Stats of Monsters befriend.
Bonus point to growth Stats of Monster befriend.

【Monster Knowledge】
Can use the Skills of Monsters Befriend.
Effects equal to target Monster.

Can manage Monsters growth.


With Amy’s new Skill 【Refinement】 she is now able to make ingots with higher purity from the raw materials.

As a trial, I try refining a Demon Ore. A Demon Ore +4 was created.

Amy       Lv.16
Alchemist            Age 14

【Item Creation】★★★
Can create Items.

【Item Creation Bonus(Divine Protection)】
Bonus effect to Items created.
Effect Dependent on Skill’s Level.

Grant an effect to a weapon or armor.

【Enchantment Bonus(Divine Protection)】
Grants bonus to enchantment effect.
Effect dependence on Skill’s Level

Processes the material and raises its quality, increasing the material’s Rank.


I thought to myself, if Skills can be acquired, why doesn’t everyone change their Job Class?

When I ask Amy, she tells me that people who constantly switching their Job Class will make themselves an enemy of the Guilds.

Even if they are able to peaceful resign from the Guild in most cases they will have to pay a heavy penalty.

By the way, “Adventurer” is not a Job Class, the Adventurer’s Guild is a business. For example: there are Magician Adventurers, Alchemist Adventurers, and etc.

After testing out my new Skill, I experiment with my companions’ Skills.|

I evoke 【Selection】, under 【Master’s Knowledge】 I choose Ayla’s 【Monster’s Knowledge】. From my understanding 【Selection】 allows one to search for various things. For example, among all of my possessions I can narrow down the search to a specific item.
I am able to find a Potion +4 a midst all the Potions among Amy’s belongings.

This is an unexpectedly convenient Skill.

After having a discussion about Job Classes and Guilds, I learn that apparently there is no 『Magic Swordsmen’s』 Guild.
Most 『Magic Swordsmen』 register at the Adventurer’s Guild, it seems only some of them belong to the Magician’s Guild.

There is a 【Demon Tamer’s】 Guild.
At the Demon Tamer’s Guild, one can buy and sell Monsters, or purchase Monster Equipment. They also offer a Monster Breeding service.

I wasn’t aware that Monsters had pedigrees.

At the Guild, there are Monster battle exhibition matches. Monster Tamers can have their Monster team battle against other teams.
A team can consist of 2-3 Monsters, 5 for a team of smaller Monsters.
There is a possibility of a Monster becoming wild once again and attacking its Tamer. Therefore, Monsters that become no longer useable are either sold off or released. The Monster Tamer’s Guild’s main line of work is probably buying and selling Monsters.

Currently it isn’t a problem but eventually I will need to visit the Alchemist’s Guild.

「How about we try doing some combat practice.」

「Yes, I’m always ready.」

Ayla replies, she sure is reliable. I take out a vial from my leather bag.
It is a bait bag(sachet), made from a Fragrance Ant’s odor. This can be used to lure Monsters. By using the Fragrance Ant’s odor I can create many other types of pheromones. The one I’m holding in my hand is a  『Monster’s Pheromone +4』.

As the name suggest it will draw Monsters to the user.

This mixture is created from low level 『Monster Pheromones』, it shouldn’t attract high level Monsters. Approximately five minutes after using the pheromones, 10 Goblins appeared from the forest. Perhaps, there is a Goblin nest nearby.

Upon seeing the face of the Goblin, Amy displays an unpleasant expression. She most likely remembers that incident with the Goblins, awhile back.

「Are you alright?」

「… I’m fine.」

She doesn’t seem to be pushing herself.
A Goblin approaches us, I try activating 【Roar】.


Although my throat hurts, half of the Goblins halted and began to cower.
The cowering Goblins obstructed the path of the Goblins that weren’t affected.

Using 【Support Magic】 I spray a paralyzing fog.
About 10 Goblins become completely immobilize.

「Huh, wasn’t that too easy? Do they have no resistances to paralysis?」

「It is probably because the Goblins are low Leveled.」

The Goblins had an average Level of 5.
Currently we can handle Monsters of this level with no problem.

I wonder, does the increase in low level Monsters have anything to do with the current events. Anyways, perhaps my Status affects the probability of success.

I use 【Selection】 and have Ruby capture a Goblin.
I check its Status, it doesn’t have any noteworthy Skill.

This time I active a Monster Tamer’s Skill. I want to try experimenting with my Monster companions. Under 【Selection】 I pick Ayla’s 【Trainer】 Skill. I test it on the captured Goblin.

I train the Goblin for two hours, and then I check its Status.


Goblin Commander        Lv.6      Age 2

Can command Monsters of the same race with a lower rank than oneself.
Effect dependent on Skill’s Level.


Its species has changed.

It has a Skill similar to 【Leadership】, but it was somewhat different.
Furthermore, it can only command Monsters of the same race.
Perhaps, it is a lower rank Skill of 【Leadership】.
Is it really alright to be commanding Goblins?

I cure the paralysis on the Goblins, and let the Goblin Commander take charge of the group of Goblins.




It wasn’t able to take command immediately. An hour later it brings the Goblins under its command.

It has some ability after all.

「Okay, from now on your name is LaLu, take this sword and work hard.」

I hand the Goblin Commander, LaLu, a spare iron sword and order him to take his squad to collect Monster materials.

I didn’t sense any intelligence from the other Goblins beside LaLu. He was the only Goblin who understood the significance of the sword I presented to him.

I try to not give them any impossible orders, and inform them to avoid contact with other humans. I didn’t order them to avoid humans because of a moral reason, but rather I feared they would be subjugated. Since, this place is nearby the Adventurer’s town.

Besides, I’m not expecting much from the Goblin Corps.
This is still an experiment. I’m testing the usage limit of my Monster companions. I blow the Monster flute and let LaLu remember the sound. I inform him to return to us when he hears the flute.

After confirming that I could combine 【Selection】 and 【Trainer】 to teach a Monster a Skill, we return to the Inn.

Tomorrow is magic practice with Kuesu, and registering with the Magician’s Guild.

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