Slave Harem – 118 – Defense

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Please note that there’s a correction in chapter 117. Instead of a Kobold Monster Card and a Scissor-esque Carnivorous Plant Monster Card, there are two Kobold Monster Cards.
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After returning from the labyrinth, I head to the Harz duchy to sell the third mirror to the Duke.
For now, this is the last mirror. The duke doesn’t have anything to say.
Do you not like Roxanne anymore?
My warning him about taking the matter up to Cassia seems to have taken the desired effect.

Having returned from Bode, I head to the merchants’ guild after eating breakfast.
Because I’m not directly acquainted with that weapons merchant, I call for Luke. Two people come over shortly after.

“Ah, I have been waiting for you. Well then, let’s head to the guild temple?”
“Guild temple?”
“Yes. It was late yesterday but if the broker is registered, the temple can be used for verification.”

The weapons merchant says.
I have an idea what a temple is but what are we verifying? The monster cards?
You can’t tell if it’s a monster card from just looking at it.
I can tell, however, because I have [Appraisal].

Generally, people use the guild temple for this purpose.
The guild temple can be used for verification, or so I heard.
The reason as to why we couldn’t complete the transaction yesterday was not because he didn’t have the monster cards but probably because it was evening.

There’s a chance for the [Monster Card Fusion] to fail.
The fusion may fail because of a counterfeit monster card. However, it’s difficult to distinguish whether the fusion failed because of a counterfeit monster card or not.
For this reason, retaliation can’t be completely avoided.
Does Luke not sell counterfeit monster cards to me because he’s afraid of retaliation?

We go upstairs, to the backroom on the second floor.
The guild temple seems to be located here.
It’s the backside of the auction hall.
Which reminds me, he said earlier that the verification during the auction takes place backstage.

“Here it is. One usage costs 100 Nars. Because there are two cards to be verified, it’ll cost 200 Nars. The principle is for the buying side to bear the cost. I’ll be the one operating it as only the registered brokers can use the guild temple.”

Luke opens the door to the room.
So I have to spend money, huh?
Because I have [Appraisal], I can tell it’s genuine without getting it verified but I can’t think of an appropriate reason to decline.
Do I really have no choice but to be grateful and use it?

There’s a white box in the room.
It’s the same guild temple as the one I saw at the Duke of Harz’s place.

“Do you want to use the guild temple? Welcome.”

When we enter the room, a villager receives us.
I take out two silver coins.
[30% Discount] is not applicable on villagers.

The weapons merchant takes out two monster cards, too.
The Kobold Monster Cards.

“Because you gave me the Soul Sucker Staff, I’ll give you a special discount. Two monster cards for 5,600 Nars.”

With the other party being a weapons merchant, [30% Discount] is effective.
Because it wasn’t I whose bid was the winning bid at the auction, it’s barely applicable.

Since I already know from [Appraisal] that the cards are genuine, I don’t really care about the verification.
Luke places the first monster card on the guild temple and presses a button. The word ‘Kobold’ comes up in katakana.
Katakana, huh?
Just like in case of an Intelligence Card, it seems to show the letters that are easy-to-read for the reader.

Is this device same as the device used earlier by the order of Harz knights to verify the Intelligence Cards?
The manner of use and the mechanism of operation seems to be the same.
I don’t know what exactly the mechanism is, though.

‘Kobold’ comes up in case of the second card, too, of course.
I said ‘of course’ because it was a matter of course.

“Indeed. It was nice doing business with you.”
“Likewise. Thank you very much.”

I express my gratitude to the weapons merchant and return home.
I take out of my Item Box the newly purchased Kobold Monster Card, the Butterfly Monster Card and the Damascus steel forehead protector.
And hand them to Sherry.

“I just bought a Kobold Monster card, Sherry. Can you please fuse it?”

Because I have only just bought it, there can be no mistake about it.
Is that why Sherry doesn’t show uneasy expression when I ask her to perform [Monster Card Fusion]?

“Ooh, as expected of Sherry.”
“Thank you very much.”

The fusion was a success, of course.

Wind Resistant Damascus Steel Forehead Protector | Head Equipment
Skills | Wind Resistance | Empty | Empty | Empty

Three skill slots are still empty.
I put the forehead protector on Roxanne’s head.

“This will be Roxanne’s.”
“Are you sure about this?”
“It’s fine.”
“Thank you very much.”

When I join the frontline, I alternate between Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat and Strengthened Hard Leather Hat.
Because you have to fasten a forehead protector like a headband, you can’t just put it on like a cap, which is bothersome.
Even before the fusion, it was Roxanne who was using it.
Unlike hat, it doesn’t cover her dog ears which I’m uneasy about. But in any case, Roxanne doesn’t get hit by the monsters’ attacks almost ever.

We gear up and enter the labyrinth.
Shortly after entering, we reach the boss room of Haruba’s 17th floor.
The exploration seemed to have advanced considerably.

“The Kettle Mermaid boss is called Bottle Mermaid. Because it shoots powerful water magic, it’s important to interrupt it as soon as possible.”
“Well then, I’ll ask of you three to engage the boss as usual.”

After Sherry briefs about the boss in the waiting room, we enter the boss room.
I take on the accompanying Kettle Mermaid.
I invoke [Rush] successively and take it out swiftly.
It tried to use magic during the battle but I interrupted it without any trouble.

Because it pauses its attacks while constructing a magic formation, this type of magic attack is welcome when I use Durandal.
Since it takes too long, even I can cancel it with [Incantation Interruption].

Thereafter, I join the attack on the boss.
Bottle Mermaid is a mermaid with sharp, pointed head.
Just like a bottle.
Unfortunately, Bottle Mermaid is a disappointing mermaid, too, just like Kettle Mermaid.

The four of us surround it and whittle it down.
With Roxanne in the front and Sherry behind her, holding a weapon with [Incantation Interruption] skill, there’s no chance for us to lose.
Still, we can’t drop our guard.

The Bottle Mermaid extends its left arm out.
Roxanne tilts her neck and dodges it.
The mermaid instantaneously swings its right arm.
Roxanne pulls her shoulder and dodges it.

The Bottle Mermaid hurls its head onto the upper half of Roxanne’s body.
Is the attack head butt or bite?
Since Roxanne swayed the upper half of her body and dodged the attack, its intention remains unknown.
Roxanne has successfully sealed all of the Bottle Mermaid’s attacks.

In the meantime, I whittle it down using Durandal.
The boss collapses.

I’m grateful for the fact that the boss battles will continue to be like this up to 22nd floor.
Well, if possible, I would like it to continue past 22nd floor.
We set foot on 18th floor.

“The monster native to Haruba’s 18th floor is Fly Trap.”
“Err… Fly Traps are weak against fire magic but Bitch Butterflies and Clamshells are resistant to fire magic, right?”
“That’s right.”

My memory is quite something.
The monsters that will appear the most are weak against fire magic but Bitch Butterflies and Clamshells will appear, too.
This floor is a bit difficult.
There won’t be any relief even up to 22nd floor, it seems.

“Well then, Roxanne, this floor may be slightly more difficult. I’ll leave it to you.”

The group Roxanne guides us to comprises a Clamshell, a Kettle Mermaid and a Fly Trap.
After taking out the Clamshell and the Kettle Mermaid in seven earth spells, I finish off the Fly Trap with fourth [Fireball].
With the level of the floor having moved up, the monsters seem to have become stronger.
Oh well, it can’t be helped.

“Like this?”
“That’s right. With Master’s power, there won’t be any problem.”
“It’s the vanguard, though, who’ll have to endure the most. Should we move to Quratar’s 17th floor, then?”
“Go, desu.”

Because the monster native to Quratar’s 17th floor is a fishkin monster, Ma Bream, Miria immediately gets her teeth into it.
We return home, grab the map and enter Quratar’s labyrinth.
We proceed through the labyrinth per map.

“Inside is the boss room.”

While looking at the map, Roxanne extends her arm to point out.
The boss room? Already?
On Quratar’s 17th floor appears Ma Bream, whose weakness is earth magic, and other monsters whose weakness is wind magic.
En route, we didn’t go out of the way too much.

“Until we get two whole fish, we will keep hunting in this area.”
“Okay, desu.”
“Then, I’ll guide to a location with a lot of Ma Breams. This way, please.”

We have yet to get our first whole fish.
For the sake of a delicious meal, we continue to hunt in the vicinity of the boss room.

“Which reminds me, Roxanne is a knight now, so we can make use of her [Defense] skill during the boss battles.”
“[Defense] skill?”
“On Haruba’s 17th floor, the door to the boss room immediately opened, not affording me the time to teach you the skill incantation.”
“But we don’t have any appropriate opponent around here.”

Regrettably, the battles with these small fries are not comparable to the boss battles.
They’re certainly not an appropriate opponent.

“You’re right.”
“However, there’s no knowing what we may come across against in the labyrinth. It’ll be better if I can use it. Can you please teach me?”
“I understand.”

While we were walking in search of Ma Breams, I cancel Monk and select Knight.
If I cancel [Incantation Omission] and call out ‘defense’, the skill incantation will float up inside my head.

“To serve my lord, to not only defend them with my body, but to worship them — Defense.”

While teaching the skill incantation to Roxanne, I cast [Defense].
I wonder if my defense has increased.
What troubles me is, I can’t feel any difference.

“As expected of Master.”
“Brahim language is amazing.”
“As expected, desu.”

Brahim language is superfluous — is what I want to say to Sherry.

“Serve, my lord, worship?”
“That’s worship, yes.”

I teach it to Roxanne.
*In Hokkaido dialect, it (まつろう) can often be confused with まつろ when spoken.
Which refers to those who don’t abide by, those who defy.
まつろ has negative connotation while まつろう has positive connotation, referring to those who worship, those who deify.* (TN: It was incredibly difficult to translate. And it’s still not confirmed to be accurate. You can’t expect a machine translator to be a kanji expert. I have requested help, though. I’ll edit it later when I receive a more accurate version.)
The essence of a knight.
I take a Ma Bream out after teaching Roxanne the skill incantation.
We continue to hunt until we eventually get two whole fish.

“Yes, desu.”

Miria brings the two whole fish over to me.
I receive the fish and put them in my item box.

“Alright. With this, we have our two whole fish. Let’s move on to the boss room, then?”

Roxanne walks ahead.
I know the location of the boss room.
But I can’t recall.

No, no.
As we were wandering around inside the cave in search of Ma Breams, I have completely lost track.
It’s not a memory issue.
Because we have already reached outside the boss room once, I can use [Dungeon Walk] to jump to the small room outside the boss room but…

“Sherry, do you remember the direction to the boss room?”
“I don’t.”

Thank god.
Even Sherry says that she doesn’t remember.
It’s not I whose memory is weak.

“Ah, I feel like I have seen this T-junction before. No, it’s probably different. Oh well, I can’t tell whether it’s the same one or different.”
“A while ago, I noticed the smell of a person disappearing from the other side of the door. They entered the boss room, I think.”

I see. Roxanne noticed their smell.
That’s a foul!
How can she even smell someone from the other side?.
There was a crossroads before the T-junction.

“After passing the crossroads, comes the T-junction. From there, you take left and keep walking. Shortly after, you will reach the boss room.”
“That’s right. If you turn right, there’s a group of Ma Breams. What would you like to do?”
“Let’s take them out if they’re close by.”

While we were on our way, we took some monsters out as well.
I pick the white fish up and return.
Unfortunately, they didn’t drop a single whole fish.
Because I had already cancelled Cook, it couldn’t be helped.

“The Ma Bream boss is called Black Diamond Tuna. Because its charge is powerful, we need to be careful. It can also use water magic.”

When I return, Sherry briefs.

“If we turn right, the place is brimming with the groups of Bitch Butterflies and Grass Bees. What would you like to do?”
“Let’s try.”

Both of them are weak against wind magic, so it’ll be efficient.
After taking out one of the groups, we proceed to the boss room.
In the waiting room, I pull out Durandal.
There’s no one in the waiting room but the door to the boss room is closed.

“The party that entered earlier is still fighting, it seems.”
“They’re taking time.”
“Umm, it’s normal. I think it’s Master who’s too strong.”
“Is that so?”
“That is so.”

When I look at Sherry, she nods, so it really seems to be the case.
Thereafter, we took two more groups out.

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Last chapter Michio was supposed to obtain the Carnivorous Plant Monster Card, and the Kobold Monster Card. Now he gets two Kobolds. Where’d the Carnivorous Plant go??? o.O