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223 The end of the journey

The destination of our journey is the Demon King’s castle.
If you heard it like that, we’d sound like a hero party, but regrettably we are the Demon King party.
In my opinion, what kind of bad game has an encounter with the Demon King outside of their castle?
The Demon King should be in the Demon King’s Castle!
If she isn’t, then her name is a fraud!
Furthermore, her objective for going out isn’t to defeat the hero, it’s to defeat me, what the hell!
Just thinking about it made me irritated, so I hit the Demon King lightly.
The Demon King had teary eyes while holding her head as she makes a ??? face.

I’m talking about this because we’ve reached the Demon King’s castle.
I’m just adding significance to the end of our journey.

The Demon King’s Castle is a pretty big castle.
It doesn’t have the atmosphere of a certain RPG’s final dungeon, rather it looks like a castle from the land of dreams which is influenced by a mouse.
It may be natural, but the castle isn’t like a den, the castle has a town around it.
Or rather, I can’t see the castle from outside of the town.
I can’t see it if I don’t use clairvoyance.
That means that the castle town is huge.
Of all the cities I’ve travelled to so far, this town is the largest.
It would take days to travel around this town.

We continued to advance on foot through the castle town.
The townspeople don’t even notice the return of their Demon King.
No one has come to receive her.
Demon King, do your subordinates not miss you?
No one searched for you when you went out.
Even after entering the Demon territory, there was no word about the missing Demon King.
I looked at The Demon King with pitying eyes, she was looking at me in a ??? state.

And after walking around the town, we finally reached the Demon King’s castle.
But we didn’t go inside the castle, instead we visited a big mansion in the neighbourhood.
And after talking to the gatekeeper, we entered the mansion.

「Only a small portion knows that I’m the Demon King. We would be shooed away if we entered the castle」

She said.
Even though you’re the demon king you can’t enter the Demon King’s castle?

The mansion appears to be the residence of a prominent demon family of which only a few influential people inside the mansion know the Demon King’s true identity.
Before coming to my place, it was said that the Demon King had lived at this residence and an employee of this house knows the Demon King.
When we entered the residence, each of us were given respective guest rooms.
The master of the mansion rarely returns home I guess.
A messenger went out just now, it seems they went out to inform them that the Demon King has come, because they seem to be busy they don’t know how long it’ll take to return.

Because there was a lot of spare time, I talked to the Demon King.
We decided to admit the vampire child to the demon academy.

She’ll be trained in the demon academy.
It’s no different from the human race’s.
Or rather there isn’t much difference between Humans and Demons.
It’s just that their life span is longer and their status is higher.
Even though they have longer life-spans, their fertility is inferior when compared with humans, that’s about the extent of their differences.

The vampire child will enter an elite school as a noble demon.
Well, I’m sure the vampire child will understand.
The Demon King foresees that in the future the vampire child will need to gain personal connections and education.
If I let her stick with a clone then unskillful things won’t happen at the very beginning, however rather than being in this closed off world with us forever, information about going to school would benefit the vampire child.
I didn’t object.

The problem is Mera.
To be frank, I don’t care either way, but Mera won’t be able to serve near the vampire child.
It’s not impossible, but the Demon King doesn’t think it would mutually benefit them.
Should I say co dependence?
If Mera lost his right to protect the vampire child, he would lose his purpose for living.
The vampire child blindly trusts Mera as he is her last connection.
It’s good as a relationship in it’s own right, but when either is damaged, the other may become that way somehow too.
If they don’t separate, they won’t become independent, so the Demon King thought.
Since I didn’t depend on anyone I don’t understand it.
And with that, the Demon King took Mera as her subordinate.

And so, the Demon King started Demon King-like activities.
First, preparing the armaments of the military.
In order to wage a war against humans.
Perhaps, this will be the largest war in history.
To the extent that the casualties are too great.
That is the aim of the Demon King.

I honestly thought that Demon King would go in as a lone horseman and act violently.
Both armies will wage war against each other until they can’t continue.
The demon king having overwhelming strength and making the demon race win against the human race, that kind of impossible situation could occur.
I inwardly think, that if continuing is dangerous I’ll have no choice but to do that.
It’s similar to the reason why I’m doing as D told me.
When the Human race and the Demon race conspire together, it would be hard work to bury the pile of them both in a ditch.
I can’t see a peaceful solution.

To avoid that it is necessary to make the Human Race and Demon Race fight to the bitter end.
Because though it’s troublesome, it is the rule of this world.

Well, that could also become pointless though.

My eating tour is over and I will begin to move in earnest soon.
The preparations are proceeding smoothly.
The clone that I threw into each place between trips does good work.
I didn’t just simply eat and walk.
I left clones in the places we visited in the human territory and the demon territory and my intelligence gathering range is considerably large by now.
To observe this world with my eyes.
It’s still an old story that the Demon King starts a war.
Meanwhile I observe the world and finish my preparations.

The preparations to disturb the world.

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Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 222
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? 224

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