Oshiete D-sensei! Lesson 1


C-c-c-combo breaker!

Teach us D-sensei! Lesson 1

This must be the Maid’s turn.
That’s a lie.
D 「Greetings.
It’s everyone’s loved one, D」
Mei「You’re the most hated being in the world so what are you saying?
Or rather, why are you making fun of my name? What is ‘Mei’? What is it?」
D「It’s ‘Meido’ so it can’t be helped」(TL: ‘Meido’ is written as 冥土 here which means ‘Hades’ or ‘Realm of the Dead’. In short it’s a Japanese pun on maid.)
Mei 「What do you mean by it can’t be helped! I don’t get it!」
D 「Don’t mind small details~! For now, our new corner, Teach us D sensei is starting!
I will answer all your doubts in this world, it’s a splendid corner that will reveal the truth」
Mei 「It’s a so-called explanation time」
D「Could you use an indirect expression instead? It’s a bit too much if you say it directly」
Mei「We didn’t come here to play.
Let’s end this quickly and return to work」
D 「It’s troublesome to have a workaholic partner.
What should I do?」
Mei 「I think you should work」
D 「Sob sob」
Mei 「Making an expressionless pretend cry is disgusting, please stop it. 」
D 「Yes~ I stopped!」
Mei 「…」
D 「It hurts.
Please don’t give me the silent treatment」

D 「Coming back, This is the first time we’re doing this, so we will discuss Majutsu and Mahou」(Pun: Both mean magic, so let’s keep it as is)
Mei 「What unexpectedly proper content」
D「When I joke, I joke with all my might, compared to that, when teaching people I do it seriously too」
Mei 「Ah, you really do love giving away knowledge」
D 「It’s not knowledge.
It’s the truth of the world」
Mei 「Yes, yes.
that’s good」
D 「It’s troublesome to have an ill-mannered neighbor.
What should I do?」
Mei「I think you should remain troubled」
D 「Sob」
Mei 「Shut up!」
D 「Even if I am noisy, it’s not a good idea to hit me, so stop it!」
Mei 「Yes, yes.
It was painful wasn’t it?
If you don’t want to be hurt further, then let’s take this seriously shall we?」
D 「Can’t be helped.
Let’s do it seriously」
Mei 「You should have done that from the beginning」

D 「First, what is the difference between Majutsu and Mahou? They’re very similar anyway」
Mei「Which means?」
D 「Majutsu gives assistance to the system, which is called Mahou」
Mei「In short, you’re saying that Mahou and Majutsu are of the same kind of thing」
D 「That’s right.
Not just Mahou, Majutsu’s power also resembles a Skill.
Think of Majutsu as the larger framework and Mahou as the smaller one.
The system is simplifying Majutsu to make a easy to handle Mahou.
Majutsu itself can’t accomplish all without exception, but Mahou can do it from 1 to 10 completely」
Mei「That’s convenient」
D「It is convenient.
Furthermore, without the blessing of the system, what you can use in a situation is limited」
Mei 「By the way, what is 1 to 10?」
D 「Choice and Invocation
Choosing what magic to use, and using it.
Just this」
Mei 「Oh, that’s simple」
D 「As for Majutsu, it’s choice, activation, catch, construction, conjunction, injection, saturation, change, invocation.
These 9 are the basics and the last remaining 1 changes according to the user.
Activation is the preparation stage to control magic.
Catch is about recognizing the magic.
Construction is the most important and is the one making most of the work for Majutsu.
Connection connects the constructed Majutsu.
and then, when the Magic(Majutsu) circuit is completed, you inject magical power.
And fill it up.
And with that, it’s ready for invocation.
You can still change the circumstances, but you can already invoke it.
This sequence can be seen in chapter 103.
Thanks to Magic Extremity, you don’t have to go through all that trouble, as a matter of fact, the system assistance does all the work, Magic power perception, Magic power operation, and Mahou Skill are the only thing you need, and the Mahou invocation depends on your skill level.
Well, they can understand Majutsu because of this method, it is possible to remember the magic by the way you had it in system and learn it」
Mei 「Then the last from the 10 would be, Memory, Interruption, and Reproduction, it does resemble a school」
D 「Among the ten fundamentals, an experienced magician could process them simultaneously.
Kumo performs Activation to Conjunction as a set, and she shortens the injection to invocation.
The spider itself thinks that Magic Extremity contributes to the Magic. It was true at first, but the time she spent exercising the majutsu of the same class speed of the system for auxiliary and equivalent to invoke it.
Even Gods would be surprised to see a spider performing magic like it’s a habit. 」
Mei 「That may be because your soul is mixed in」
D 「That may be so, but it’s just a fragment that blended with her」
Mei「Is that so?」
D 「That is so.
It’s true that it was blended, but the influence is only small.
Kumo’s soul is as big as anyone else’s, increasing a suitable amount of skills learned, even she herself knows it.」
Mei 「Then, are you saying that it’s the talent of the person herself?」
D 「You can say it is, but I think otherwise.」
Mei 「What is with that vague answer?」
D 「It’s true that her aptitude with skills is high, but when it comes to being out of the norm, her Pride Skill had a great influence」
Mei 「Oh, if I remember correctly, it’s the skill that makes growth easier」
D 「If you heard the explanation of the effect. It may seem to be inferior to other sins or virtue skills, but in reality, it’s the most outrageous skill.
That skill pushes the soul to it’s limit.」
Mei 「What is that? If that happens, normally wouldn’t the soul would scream and disappear?」
D 「It will.
The rapid growth will distort you, the pride skill will eat you up completely and it’s not funny.
But, Kumo did it without any difficulties.
With Pride and her own talent, she made an exceptional leap」
Mei「It’s your soul’s influence after all?」
D 「I would say no, but it did a little.
Then, we took too much time, we’re about to end soon.
Till next time」
Mei 「Then, we’ll return to our work」

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Thanks for the chapter.


so….kumo was a cheat after all?


All the reincarnated were cheats, they all were healed on lvl up, Kumo pushed her limits, grew her skills and power to the point of tearing her soul apart. She barely survived the push to godhood.


thats because they where humans of a higher plane…but kumoko wasn’t a human, she was a spider…..

wich is why she only had 100 skill points


The skill they all had in common, the one used to track them, is the reason she shed her skin every lvl, and why Wrath racked up the body count he did. The skill points gave them some free skills, for Kumo those 100 points aggroed everything in the area, so she had to struggle to live constantly.


Include the Heresy Resistance. Her soul takes minimal damage because of it.


Actually, it was Appraisal-sensei who aggroed everything around her.

And healing on level up if I remember correctly, only applied to non-humans.

Her cheats (Before becoming a god) were:
-Idaten, an end-game she had since birth.
-All her skills that were based on the 7 sins/7 virtues.
-Having a fragment of D’s soul to prevent her soul from being torn apart by the Pride skill.


Great Points!!! SO Kumo is a Genius!!!


Kumo’s 100 points were used to hire Appraisal-sensei. Healing applied to the others, as well, but D cuts them off at some point. Probably when their stats get high enough to make them too expensive to support, which happened quickly for those heavy skill point spenders, and Shun who trained his magic too human limits before learning to walk.


And that 100 skill point is nothing compared the (i think) 100k skill point that Shun got. Even Katya got 50k and i don’t know the others but they probably got thousands too


I think they all got tens of thousands, Yuugo and Katya were on the high-end, but Shun had half a million and no ambition to spend, at first.


though one might think that Pride isn’t that much hazardous compare to the other sins that greatly influences one’s soul to do the sin of their ruler skill, in fact the main reason she kept on doing reckless things such as tackling the mid layer despite the geography is killing her and challenging the dragons is the side effect of Pride. If she didn’t become an administrator i bet she will continue to challenge powerful foes till she dies


To be fair, even before aquiring the Pride skill, she was extremely prideful (as first seen for real when her first “home” got destroyed) … which might’ve been influenced by D’s personality (as well as – to some small degree – Ariel#s influence urging her to get stronger and thus to leave her home) … anyway, the skill costs of ruler skills depend on one’s affinity with them so her obtining it fo only a “few” points implies that her affinity with it was expectionally high.


「Coming back, This is the first time we’re doing this, so we will discuss Majutsu and Mahou」

you might want to change that to sorcery and magic
Majutsu means sorcery / witchcraft

Nguyen Gia Thai

That would require retroactively changes to the previous chapters which is a huge pain~


No matter how I try to look at it, this most definitely is not the lyrics in that vid…

Leeching Scum

i thought it was a new story.. then i noticed d sensei


Kumo : nai wa
D : sob

OK, now we got those two’s signature word!


Thanks for the pun ,
I just noticed there a manga on kumo..

Neko MK2

reading this make me remember Mondaiji Tachi “Teach me Shiroyasha-sensei” 😀


I fucking hate D

P.S. In a good way

Thanks for the chapt~


Sob Sob….

Thanks for the chapter~~


What is this manzai skit?


Basically, Kumo-chan is amazing. That is all.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


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This was quite informative.^^XDD


Thanks for the Chapter 🙂
D-sensei …. work hard~
D: Nai wa~


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Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work.