Slave Harem – 121 – Auction


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon



The woman who stood up was significantly taller than me.
Isn’t she about two meters tall?
Maybe taller. She possibly exceeds even 2 meters.

And her chest is so huge.
Two huge watermelons are popping out of her clothes.
More than a meter… seriously…?

Calm down. Don’t panic.
Maybe they look big because of her body size.
If the whole body is big, other body parts will probably be big, too.
That must be it.

Considering this, could her proportions be same as Sherry’s?
After all, there is a significant difference in height.
Isn’t she just twice the size of Sherry’s?
I knew it. There’s no doubt.

If her height is nearly twice as long, it is not strange for her breasts to be twice as big.
Yeah, they’re merely double.
If her height is double, that makes her chest four times bigger.
And if you take the volume into account, then it is about eight times bigger. TN: Hx2 Wx2 Lx2

Eight times…

“Nice to meet you.”

She bows eight times.
No, wait.
They move up and down eight times.
Vesta’s face should be a little bigger than Sherry’s. Shouldn’t it need to be double, too?
Considering her height, it is rather small.
There are various parts that change in size as you grow.

Vesta’s legs and arms are long and slim. She looks like a model.
Simple multiplication won’t work, I guess.

Her skin color is light brown.
Her hair is red and short-cut.
Her eyes are red like her hair.
And those big irises make her eyes even more beautiful.

When Vesta raises her head, it can be seen that she is more than one head taller than me.
Her chest is at the same level as my eyes.
That’s exactly where I want to look.
What is her cup size? [TL: i think he talks about the movement, moving this and that]

“Her name is Vesta, she is from the dragonkin tribe. As she just turned 15 and can therefore be sold, I brought her here.”

The slave merchant approaches me.
You have to be 15 years old to be eligible for the auction?
Well, I am not particularly looking for a slave any younger than this.

“Since she is from the dragonkin tribe, she must be able to fight in the labyrinth, right?”
“Of course. Although She was not specially trained, her combat abilities are the best in my house.”
“I’ll be fine, I think.”

Vesta says while standing.
She is Villager Lv2. Well, I can see that she hasn’t fought much.
Just like the Dragon Knight Lv1 before, but she doesn’t have a newly acquired job, at least.

“Have you been to any labyrinth before?”
“No, but I have killed a monster in the vicinity of one. It didn’t hurt at all, so I don’t think I will have any problem.”

Well, Slow Rabbit Lv1 did have considerable offensive ability.

Whatever. If she says that she can fight, then it shouldn’t be a problem, I guess.

“However, there are a few weaknesses of the dragonkin. They are not good at night, so please avoid fighting late in the night. Also, there is a special instruction regarding their meal.”
“Is there something you can’t eat?”
“I don’t have any particular likes and dislikes in respect of food, so any food will be fine. However, dragonkin need to eat volley once every ten days.”

I sent my question to the top, and the answer came down from the top.
In the physical sense of the word.
It doesn’t mean ‘looking down’ from the top.

“Volley is an item dropped by Oystershell. You can either kill Oystershells or buy it from the guild. The dragonkin, especially the females, become physically weak if they don’t consume volley.”

The slave merchant adds.
He even made the demerits known. What an honest merchant he is.

“Isn’t that a problem?”
“She is a virgin sex slave. It is her first year as slave since she just turned 15, so you will definitely enjoy it. Don’t you think so?”

She has a beautiful face, and she doesn’t have a problem with fighting in the labyrinth.
She has a gentle personality, too.
Vesta here meets all the requirements I had in mind.

“She is not bad.”

Rather, I really want her.
I really want to buy her.
Her beauty and her big chest.

However, I am pretending to be troubled, so he doesn’t get his teeth into it.
But it shouldn’t really matter since I can just bid on her.
Or perhaps, it’s in order to have a higher starting bid?

“I am thankful for your time.”
“Thank you very much.”

Vesta expresses her gratitude.
Although it was pleasant, I am not happy since it was directed to other visitors.
Her attitude is similar to an attendant’s since all the visitors in the shop are potential customers.

“It all comes down to whether they can make a successful bid or not. Don’t try to sell yourself to every visitor and flatter them.”

I shot back since I don’t approve of her doing it.
The slave merchant grins.

“Umm, I think it’s alright.”

How can it be alright?

“As for the other visitors, I will just tell them that I can’t enter the labyrinth.”

Because another visitor enters, I take my leave.
Even If you say that, I will still be troubled.

Thereafter, I visited other rooms.
As expected, the majority of the slaves are females.
Because it’s the auction, it’s full of beautiful women.

Even so, Vesta and the young lady from the room before her are the ones that stand out the most.
Since I have made my choice, it is time to get started.
I step into the next room while thinking that.

The room is full of visitors.
Is there some great slave here?
I walk to the front.

“So you participated, after all.”

As I went to the front, someone whom I know greets me.
It’s Alan, the slave merchant from Vale.

“Oh, it’s you.”
“We are exhibiting a wizard this time. It is the best job to improve party strength. I can recommend him with absolute confidence.”
“A wizard?”

Which reminds me, that old man was shouting something like this back at the reception desk.
So a wizard is really going to be exhibited in the auction, huh?
Certainly, Wizard is the best job a party can have.
Sherry, too, said that a party requires a wizard.

Well, I am the only one covering it for our party.
With two, our offensive ability will be doubled.
I would really love that.

If only he weren’t a man.

The man standing next to Alan was surrounded by the visitors.
His job is Wizard.
So he is Alan’s slave, huh?
Well, it doesn’t say ‘man’, it’s showing ‘♂’.

Is he really a man?

“Right before the auction, he was sold suddenly by a certain house.”
“To suddenly sell a wizard, they seem to be in a crisis.”
“Lately, his earnings had started to decline. It wasn’t originally the case. Over time, it reached the point where it was impossible for him to repay his debt.”

A person from Baradam family, huh?
Alan once said that having sources is important for a slave merchant.
Roxanne and that woman from the Baradam family were acquaintances in the past.
It is no wonder that Alan managed to get Roxanne if he has connections in the Baradam family.

This wizard, however, does not have a family name.
He doesn’t seem to belong to the Baradam family.
How can a commoner child even become a wizard?

“Probably thanks to an Orb he somehow got his hands on.”
“As one would expect, it is rare for a wizard to be exhibited. What does Michio-sama think about the wizard there?”

Is it really rare for a wizard to appear on the auction?
I have heard that only the children of nobles and rich people can become wizards.
It really is a shame that he is a man.

I can make a successful bid on him, and offer him in exhange for a female wizard. The problem is, I don’t know of anyone who has a female wizard.
It’s probably impossible to have two wizards exhibited on the same auction.

“He will sell for quite high.”
“That’s right. It won’t be surprising even if he goes for more than 1 Million Nars.”

Alan sticks out his chest proudly.
It will be ridiculous if that happens.
I politely decline him, and try to leave.

“Have you guys prepared your white gold coins?”

When I turn around, the old man from before was still shouting.
I see.
Is he making a declaration to everyone that he is absolutely getting him,
In order to lessen the competition?

I am not sure if it will turn out like that, though.
Still, I don’t think someone who gets scared from just that can compete with him in the first place.
I want to say that I have two white gold coins, but I decide against it.

“The order has been decided via lottery. Please move to the second floor as the auction will be starting shortly.”

Someone makes the announcement.
So it’s finally starting, huh?
I head to the second floor.

A papyrus is posted on the hall’s door.
Apparently, it has the order listed on it.
Since i can’t read the letters, I don’t know what’s written on it.
I should seriously start learning it from Roxanne.

“Good, the wizard’s turn is at the end, so you guys just go ahead and spend all your money.”

The old man is still shouting.
It looks like Alan’s exhibition will be the last.
It doesn’t matter to me either way.

I go inside the hall.
I pick a suitable seat.
I can’t say it’s house-full, but about 80% of the seats have already been occpied.
Quite a number of people seem to have showed up.

“Gentlemen, thank you very much for you visit today. We will now begin the auction sponsored by the slave merchants’ guild. The order of the exhibition has already been decided via a lottery conducted fairly. The first exhibitor, please come forward.”

The auctioneer, who’s standing to the left, starts the auction.
Two men come on to the stage.
He is that man from the dragonkin tribe.

“Nice to meet you.”
“First exhibit, a 15 years old male from the dragonkin tribe. The minimum bid is 100,000 Nars. Then, please go ahead.”

Once the slave merchant bows his head, the bidding starts.


Someone bids.
It went up to 220,000 all of a sudden?
Shouldn’t the first bid be same as the minimum bid, and it’s then raised by 10%.
Is the auction not attended only by the brokers who are used to it?


However, the bidding proceeds without any complaint.


The auction continues as if nothing happened.


Eventually, there were only two people who were still bidding.
The first bidder is a man, and the other one is a man, too.


Both of them are increasing it by 10,000 at a time.
Then suddenly, a long line forms in front of one of the two men in the back.
I wonder what is that for?

At closer inspection, it looks like many people are lining up and putting money in front of that man.
Silver coins are piling up in front of that man.
And a good number.

“I will not lose to an asshole who breaches etiquette!”

The man, whom the coins were put in front of, raises his voice.
Is this donation drive in order to punish a breach of etiquette?
Although no one donated a gold coin, if a hundred people donated a silver coin each, it would easily amount to 10,000 Nars.
It is possibly a threat to the other man.

If I commit a breach of etiquette, will I receive the same treatment.
I put a silver coin, too, and go back to my seat.

“Guu… then, 395,000.”
“The minimum increment to the bid is 10,000 Nars. Anything less than that will not be allowed.”

The man who started the bidding gets his bid rejected by the auctioneer.
The breach of etiquette was allowed, but when it was a breach of rule, it was rejected.
If he didn’t know about the rule regarding the denomination of increment in the bid, is this the first time this man is participating in an auction?

“I understand.”
“390,000. The current bid is 390,000. Anyone else want to bid…? Since no one else wants to bid… then, the successful bid is 390,000 Nars. Please both the successful bidder and the exhibitor move to the room backstage.”

The winner gathers the silver coins and leaves for the back room.
The donation drive was serious. Really serious.

“400,000 for a dragon knight is not bad, but I would like to save my money for the wizard.”

I hear someone mutter.
It wasn’t particularly higher that the market price, it seems.
He is still just a Lv1, though.

Also, they don’t want to spend their money early on since the wizard’s turn is still to come.
It makes sense, of course.

One can not but hesitate about bidding if the second choice is exhibited before the first choice.
Is this how the order is decided via lottery?
I would be grateful if Vesta appears early for me.

Did my prayers get answered? Vesta is the third person to appear on stage.
Vesta and her slave merchant both come on to the stage.

She appeared before the wizard or the young lady.
If someone wants a combat slave, they can get the wizard. If they want a beautiful woman, the young lady awaits.
This is a cleverly designed order.

“Next exhibit, a 15-year-old girl from the dragonkin tribe. The minimum bid is 200,000 Nars. Then, please start.”

I bid as soon as he says ‘start’.
This momentum is crucial.


The bid increased by 10,000 Nars.
So I decided to increase the amount to 10 times.
Therefore, I bid 100,000 Nars.

“My bid is 530,000”

I increase it by another 100,000 Nars.
It is necessary to show them my determination in bidding, regardless of the amount.
Since I have white gold coins, this amount will not make me falter.


One person seems to have already quit.
But I still increase it by another 100,000 Nars.

“640,000. The current bid is 640,000 Nars.”

The man who bid 540,000 glares at me.
I keep up my poker face.

“Anyone else wants to bid…? If not… then, the successful bid is 640,000 Nars. Please, both the successful bidder and the exhibitor move to the room backstage.”

The man who bid 540,000 quit, after all.
What a weak man.
Looks like the strategy to increase the bid by 100,000 Nars worked.
I have successfully won Vesta.

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