Slave Harem – 122 – Vesta


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After my bid on Vesta was declared winning, we move to the backroom.
As I thought, it is the same room where the guild temple is.

“Thank you.”
“Thank you, Master.”

Vesta bows in gratitude following the slave merchant.
I don’t know if she’s really grateful or just being courteous.
Nah, she really is grateful, I think.

“We will wait here inside the room. You can go back if you want to participate in the bidding.”
“Ah, let’s go together.”

After your bid has been declared winning, you can go back to the auction hall to participate in the bidding.
Let’s forget about the wizard, I wonder how much I can buy that young lady for.

However, I’m afraid of what Roxanne would have to say if I were to bring two women at the same time.
Honestly though, looks aside, that young lady is not fit for combat.

Give a man an inch, and he will take a mile.
I have managed to acquire Vesta.
I should be satisfied with just that.

“I will be in your care from now on.”
“Likewise. Please take care of me.”
“I will be relying on you.”

I send my message to the top.
Vesta really is a beauty.
Big, red eyes.
Tight, lifted nose.
Long, slim legs.

Being looked down at from the top is not that bad.
And I would love to greet the beautiful cups in front of my eyes.

I head to the meeting room.
However, there is a strange feeling of intimidation when I am near Vesta.
It is the feeling of pressure.
Don’t walk behind me, please.

I go inside the meeting room.
Vesta stands next to me.

“There is a 1,000 Nars compensation when you successfully purchase a slave from the guild organized auction, so I will deduct 1,000 Nars from the bid amount of 640,000 Nars. This time, the auction was a great success for me, so the total amount to pay shall be 447,300 Nars.”

30% discount unexpectedly worked.
I thought it would be inapplicable in the auction.
Oh well, it isn’t this slave merchant who’s paying.
It’s I who’s paying.
It’s my win to have gotten the 30% discount skill to work.

“My bad.”

I finish the payment before the slave merchant changes his mind.
There’s not even any need to use the white gold coin.
After the necessary changes to the Intelligence Cards and a long explanation, Vesta is finally mine.

“Thank you very much. Please take care of me if I need something in the future.”

After bidding our byes to the slave merchant, both Vesta and I walk out of the room.
The slave merchant stays in the meeting room.

“Does the merchant have something else to do?”
“He said he’s meeting with someone.”

Vesta mutters.
It seems he still have some errand to run.
The auction is an opportunity for slave merchants to meet, after all.
It’s not strange for acquaintances to exchange information after the auction ends.

“First, try to wear these.”

I take out hard leather shoes from my Item Box.
Unsurprisingly, Vesta is barefoot.
Even if they are combat slaves, slave merchant won’t provide them with appropriate equipment.

“Okay, thank you very much. Are we entering the labyrinth right now?”
“We are not.”
“Then, what are they for?”
“To keep them on.”

Even though Vesta is big, it should be fine because of the magic incorporated in the equipment.
After all, it fits Sherry perfectly.

“Okay, thank you.”

Vesta bows and wears the shoes.
Her ass easily reaches my chest.
Is she bragging about her long, slim legs?

I so want to shove it in her ass, but I control myself.
Such a kid I am.
It’s not like Vesta is really bragging about her long, slim legs.

It’s alright.
I’m an adult.
There is a way for an adult to handle another adult.
There will be a lot of ‘spanking’ later.

“Let’s go, then?”
“I heard that there is a famous labyrinth in Quratar. Even if it’s the current me, I will probably be alright.”
“We will be entering soon anyway. For now, just follow me.”

I add Vesta to my party, and head back to the waiting room.
I can go back to the auction hall, but I pass on that.
I don’t want to take Vesta there along with me.
Also, the bidding for the young lady has most likely finished already.

Since the auction is still ongoing, there are less people on the first floor.
That said, there are still a few people in the waiting room.
All of them seem to be adventurers.

Since there’s an entrance fee, only party leaders need to participate, huh?
Come to think of it, I always thought of adventurers as masters, but there could also be adventurers who are slaves, too.
It is more probable for an adventurer to be a slave to a wizard than a wizard to be a slave to an adventurer.

I thought of abandoning the idea since there are people around, but if I turned back now, it would seem weird.
I recite the incantation (of [Field Walk]), and use [Warp].
Thus, through the wall of the waiting room, I return home.

Vesta follows after me.
It looks like she has managed to get inside [Warp] without having to lower her head.

“Oh, you came here in one piece.”

Vesta has a doubtful expression about her face.
Earlier, after the contract was finalized, I showed Vesta my Intelligence Card.
So Vesta knows that I am an explorer.

Come to think about it, I never gave it a thought when I used [Warp] to go to the merchants’ guild.
What would I do if Alan were there inside the waiting room.
Even if I somehow managed to deceive Alan, I would have lost my winning bid on Vesta had the slave merchant, who brought her along, been there.

Actually, before I even made the bid, wouldn’t I have remembered if I had passed by him before somewhere?
It’s troublesome for me to walk after having gotten used to [Warp].
I don’t suffer much from the lack of exercise since I walk a lot inside the labyrinth.

“This is our home.”
At the same time, comes a creaking sound as the door opens.

“I am back.”

It is Roxanne’s voice.
Had no one been at home, I would have liked to fondle Vesta’s two melons.
However, I would be in trouble if she came back while I was in the middle of doing it.

“Welcome home.”
“Oh, great. Because I had a feeling that master was home, I hurried back.”

Roxanne comes trotting and greets me.
What are you, a dog?
A dog…?

“Let me introduce her to you. She is Vesta. From today, she is one of us.”

When Roxanne puts her luggage down, I introduce Vesta to her.
She seems to have just come back from shopping.

“You are so tall. You seem to be reliable.”

Roxanne admires Vesta.

“Yes, I would like to be of help in battles. Please take care of me.”
“Likewise. It would be my pleasure working with you.”
“Vesta, She is Roxanne, the number one slave.”
“Number one slave? that’s amazing.”

Is it really that amazing?
I seriously don’t get it.

“Even if you don’t listen to what I say, be sure to listen to Roxanne.”
“Umm, okay.”
“He is a nice master, he never raised his hand on us. Even so, you mustn’t grow arrogant.”
“Yes, I’ll be good.”

If the Sergeant is extremely strict, the commanding officer should wear a smile.
An effective troop management tactic.
If Roxanne is strict with Vesta, then there is no need for me to be strict with her.

It looks like I have made Roxanne assume the role of the ‘villain’.
It’s similar to Roxanne-Miria relation.
I am in Roxanne’s debt even more now.

“I hope you get along well.”
“Yes, Master.”
“Certainly, Master.”

If they don’t become friends, it will be troublesome.
I want it to be peaceful. For my health’s sake, too.

“You are so big and beautiful, as expected of someone my Master chose.”
“Roxanne-san is amazingly beautiful as well.”
“Thank you very much.”

Will it be fine since they are complimenting each other?
It seems she has broken through the first hurdle.

“Excuse me, Master is a explorer, right?”

Like I thought, it’s better for me to rest. Vesta asks Roxanne.
Why didn’t she ask me directly?

“But he used what seemed to be [Field Walk].”
“Ah… umm, please just think of Master’s job as Master.”

That’s an absurd pretence.

“Is that so?”
“You can’t be surprised by something of this extent. Don’t reveal these matters to others, please keep them a secret.”

I can leave the rest to Roxanne, I guess.
Vesta’s eyes are looking at both of us.
I nod when she looks at me.

“Then, how about the three of us buy what you need?”
“That’s a good idea.”

Roxanne agrees with my suggestion.
Frankly speaking, I would like to immediately go to the bed.
But it will be better to do it after the bath.
If I do it now, it may be problematic since Sherry and Miria are not around.

“Vesta, what type of weapon do you use?”
“Since I am not that skilled yet, there isn’t any weapon I prefer to use. But people of my dragonkin tribe usually wield any weapon with just brute force.”

Brute force, huh?
Actually, when I heard the word ‘brute force’ coming from the top, she did give that feeling.
She is certainly strong.

“Any weapon?”
“It depends on the level of the floor and other equipment, but people of dragonkin tribe often use a sword and a shield. A powerful dragonkin can equip a two-handed sword in one hand, and a shield in the other one. By equipping the shield, one can increase their defensive capability. Even though I am not that strong yet, I can do that to some extent, too.”
“I see. A sword, then?”

It looks like Vesta’s offensive power isn’t that high.
Well, you don’t need to have high offensive power to be a vanguard in our party.
Taking experience points and magic crystal into account, it is more advantageous for me to kill the monsters.

“Or perhaps, I can wield a one-handed sword in one hand and a large shield in the other?”
“I have never seen a large shield before. What about Roxanne?”
“I have seen a big shield with a dragonkin before. Perhaps, that was a large shield?”
“The large shield is only used by people of dragonkin tribe, so it is not widely known.”

I’ve never seen it in Quratar’s armor shop.
Maybe he didn’t put it on display?
I wonder if Sherry can make it.
I won’t know unless I ask her.

“Would I be able to get it if I went to the village where dragonkin live?”
“I am sorry. I don’t know where dragonkin live, so I don’t know where to get it.”
“Is that so?”
“Because both of my parents were slaves.”

Upon Vesta’s words, I can see tears in Roxanne’s eyes.
Because both of their parents were slaves, is that why?
But it doesn’t look like Roxanne is surprised.
Maybe because Roxanne is a slave, too?

“……Oh, is that so?”
“I don’t know where a dragonkin can get a large shield from.”

Vesta doesn’t seem to be worried about it, too, and continues to talk.
I wonder if it is not rare for both the parents to be slaves.
It seems to be the case.

Which reminds me, the slave merchant said he bought her when she turned 15.
Was she sold because she turned 15?
I wonder if she became a slave because both her parents were slaves.
Whatever, it is her first year as a slave.
It’s regrettable but I understand.

“Well, it can’t be helped, then.”
“If I can acquire my racial job, Dragon Knight, I can wield a two-handed sword in one hand, and a large shield in the other hand. There are also dragon knights who wield a two-handed sword in each hand.”
“Dual wielding?”
“Yes, it is called dual wielding, apparently.”

As expected of a job a chuuni would dig.
It doesn’t look like they can ride a dragon or shoot with a gun, though.
“Regarding armor, since you have brute force, is chainmail fine?”
“Yes, I think it will be fine. Also, females of the dragonkin tribe can also equip platemail. We don’t seem to get tired while wearing a platemail. But not many females outside the dragonkin tribe can wear it.”
“Well, I think it would be better to ask Sherry about the equipment that would be good for you.”

Vesta looks a little puzzled, but nods.
It’s obvious that she didn’t understand what I meant by ‘Sherry’.

“Sherry is a knowledgeable dwarf. She knows a lot about equipment, and also about party formations and battle strategies. Nothing can go wrong if you leave it to Sherry.”

While I was lost in thought, Roxanne explains it.
Nicely followed up.

“Is that so?”
“Then, sit down on a chair, and show me your ankle.”
“My ankle?”

Even though she was confused, Vesta sits obediently on a chair.
I take her shoes off, rest her leg on the chair, and pull the hem of her trousers above her ankle.

Even when she’s seated, Vesta looks big.
Also, she seemed embarrassed as I touched her.
I will do plenty of that later, of course.
I take out a Sacrificial Misanga from my Item Box.
Since it was a piece of equipment with a skill attached, I had it inside my Item Box instead of the storeroom.
I feel like an idiot for occupying one slot inside my Item Box with it.
It is free now.

“It is a piece of equipment made by Sherry.”

I bind the Sacrificial Misanga on Vesta’s ankle.
Compared to her body, Vesta’s leg is not particularly large.
Her ankle is slim and tight.

There is something similar to scales on her foot, but they are not hard.
Apparently, the scales exist on her feet. Above the ankles, however, they look just like normal, human legs.
It really is a smooth leg.

I am not particularly uncomfortable with its color.
Healthy, light brown is sexy.
I don’t feel like going to the shop. I wanna go straight to the bed.

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