Slave Harem – 123 – Because it’s Master


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon

Because it’s Master

“Did she make it herself?”

While I was binding the Sacrificial Misanga, Vesta asks from the top.

“Sherry is a master smith.”
“She’s a master smith… sama?”

Vesta says in a strange manner.
A sama that’s not exactly sama.

“That’s right, but stop with this sama”
“Eh? Umm, is that fine, Roxanne-sama?”

Vesta looks toward Roxanne and asks.
She is again being overly courteous.

“Please call me Roxanne. Both Sherry and I are Master’s slaves like you.”
That’s the normal reaction.
Had Roxanne proposed calling Roxanne-sama and Sherry-sama, a punishment would have been in order.

“Are you slaves, really?”
“How can a master smith be a slave? For us, the dragonkin tribe, the auction is really a great place to be sold at, and because of that, we are taught to properly serve. But for a master smith to be a slave…”

Which reminds me, I was told before that it is hard to get a master smith.
It is really amazing to have a master smith as a slave.
And probably, they will fetch more than Vesta if put on the auction.

And what does Roxanne being the number one slave in such an amazing place mean?
That will make her sama, surely.
Won’t it?

Is being the number one perhaps a source of pride in this world?
Or a source of pride amongst slaves?
Which means, it is the same for our house.

It is necessary to have a set of good equipment, but ordinary slaves don’t get to have one.
When you use slaves, you can blaze through the labyrinth. Consequently, the income from the labyrinth increases.
Considering this, Roxanne will surely be called sama.

“Well, just don’t act so formal.”

I stand back up once I finish binding the Sacrificial Misanga.
I lightly pat Vesta’s shoulder.
When I thought about patting her head, I felt embarrassed.
Because she’s taller than me.

“Okay. So this misanga was made by Sherry, right? and you are collecting them?”
“It is not like I am collecting them.”
“Then, is there some reason behind keeping it?”

Vesta asks persistently.

“No particular reason. It is just a precaution.”
“Is that… so?”
“This is a Sacrificial Misanga.”

Roxanne explains to Vesta.
I see.
So she was wondering what use equipping an ordinary misanga is.
She didn’t expect Sherry to make a Sacrificial Misanga, I guess.

“Oh well, it’s alright. It’s to protect you.”
“Eeh? Is this really a Sacrificial Misanga?”

Vesta is shocked.

“It really is a Sacrificial Misanga.”
“I heard it’s a very valuable accessory. I remember my former master trying desperately to get one.”
“Very valuable, you say?”
“Yes, I never saw one until I came to Master’s place. Ordinary slaves can not afford to have such a piece of equipment.”

Roxanne confirms Vesta’s words when I look at her.
For me, it’s merely attaching a skill to a piece of equipment.

“I see.”
“Is it alright for me to wear such a precious thing?”
“It’s fine.”
“Is it, really?”

I don’t know how much a Sacrificial Misanga costs, but I’m sure Vesta’s cost is higher.
If a cheap Sacrificial Misanga can prevent me from losing the more expensive Vesta, It’s better for her to equip it.
It’s rational.
If it’s a norm in this world to not allow a slave to wear a Sacrificial Misanga, then what I am doing is an out-of-the-box idea, I guess.

It is quite rational.
I am certain that Sherry will approve of it.
This slave’s price, however, is higher than that slave’s price. I hope it won’t lead to conflict.

“It’s fine because it’s Master.”

Roxanne seem to support my idea, too.
There is no problem, then.

“Then, does Roxanne-san have one, too?”
“Yes, I have it already.”

Roxanne pulls the hem of her trouser up.
She shows her Sacrificial Misanga to Vesta.
The misanga is tied on her gorgeous foot. It’s making her ankle shine.
Should I head to the bed with them both right now?

“Ok, wait here a minute.”
“Okay. Umm, thank you very much.”

Vesta bows down.
I’m not going to the bedroom but the storeroom.
I take out an Iron sword.

“For the time being, keep this sword.”

When I return to the living room, I pass the sword to Vesta.
I usually hang a steel sword on my waist, but I don’t really use it in the labyrinth.
If Vesta is going to use a two-handed sword, then it’s obvious that she is going to use the steel sword.
But, if I give Vesta the steel sword, I will be carrying the Iron sword. Which means, Vesta’s equipment will be better.
That will probably not be a good idea.

“Okay. Umm…”

Vesta anxiously looks toward Roxanne.
I don’t see any problem. This Iron sword is of lower tier compared to my steel sword.

“It’s fine. Because it’s Master.”

It seems to be alright.

“Let’s go, then?”

We are going out shopping.
Facing a wall in the living room, I cast Warp.
This is the second time, so I hope Vesta won’t have any problem.
I jump to the adventurers’ guild.


Roxanne and Vesta follow after me.
It looks like Vesta is still surprised, but she is keeping quiet, at least.
Good girl.

“Where are we going now?”
“If we are not going to the weapons shop or the armor shop, then we should go to the grocery store first. I think it will be best to save the clothing store for last.”

After stepping out of the adventurers’ guild, Roxanne says.
So the clothing store is for last, huh? She seems to be suggesting that it will take long.
Oh well, that’s fine, I guess.

“If it’s about my clothes, I already have clothes.”
“You will need a change of clothes, too.”

I reject Vesta’s suggestion.

“It’s fine, because it’s Master.”

Roxanne’s way of persuading her sounds funny.

We go to the grocery store first.
We look around for various items.
It’s okay to leave this matter to Roxanne.

“This backpack, is it small?”
“I think so.”
“Is that so?”

Regarding the backpack, it is the same, normal-sized backpack we are using but it looked like it would snap any moment.
It doesn’t fit the big Vesta.

“How about a large one?”
“That would be better.”
“Yes, I think it will be better.”

We pick a large backpack.
Since it is large, it should be able to hold more items. However, the burden of carrying it will be greater.
Forgive me for doing this, please.
That said, it’s a perfect fit, and it looks good on Vesta’s shoulders.
Sherry, on the other hand, looks like she’s climbing a mountain, carrying a large bag on her back.

“I apologize for this.”

We purchase the backpack, a cup, a shiyukure branch, and various other items from the grocery store.

We put everything we bought just now inside the backpack.
The backpack is being carried by Vesta.

“Excuse me, I would like to buy this.”

When I was paying the amount, Roxanne hands something to the shop clerk.

“Did we forget to buy something?”
“No, this is for me.”
“I see.”

Roxanne pays for it herself.
It seemed to be one silver coin.

“This brush is a present from me.”
“Wah, thank you very much.”
“I am glad I still had some money left. Today, I also bought something for Miria and Sherry, too.”

So it was a hair brush?
Roxanne shows it to Vesta for an instant, then puts it in Vesta’s backpack.
We head to the clothing store next.

“Do you have clothes of her size?”
“Yes, we do.”

After I asked the shop clerk, we were led to the inner part of the shop.
They seem to have clothes for her.

“They will become fairly large when worn.”
“They will?”
“We don’t have many customers from the dragonkin tribe, so we don’t have much variety.”

I don’t know how far this inner part extends, but there seems to be a fair number of clothes.
Is it similar to how dwarven adults wear childrenswear?
The male slave from the dragonkin tribe was huge, too, so I guess all the dragonkin are tall.

“With these many, it’s not bad, at all.”

Roxanne steps forward.
Roxanne’s eyes seemed to flash when we heard there were not that many.
Do you really plan on going through all of them?
If clothes were allowed to be tried in this world, it would be a great hit.

“Three each of these two, please.”

Because I felt sorry for the shop clerk, I show him that I’m actually a buying customer.
He will not complain if I buy.

“I understand. Vesta, look here.”
“Is it alright for me to get so many?”
“It’s alright.”

I urge Vesta to move by pushing her shoulders.
Roxanne’s struggles with the clothes had already started.
Roxanne carefully examines every piece herself, then checks how it looks on Vesta.

“Maybe something like this?”
“Yes, it looks great.”
“How about this one?”
“Yeah, It is lovely.”

Both of them are choosing excitedly.
I am patiently watching.
The shop clerk is watching helplessly, too.
I occasionally share my opinion from a distance.

“This one, and this. Then, how about this one?”
“Yes. It’s alright, I think.”
“Then, can I have this one as well, please?”

This time, they choose it without asking me for my opinion, thankfully.
Once they finish choosing, I pay the amount.
I bought them at a generous, 30% discount.

We put the clothes in Vesta’s backpack.
Large size is quite convenient.

“Thank you very much.”

Vesta bows again when we leave the store.

“Glad you like it.”
“Yes. But this dress is brand new, don’t you think so?”
“Seems like it.”
“I-I can’t have you buy new clothes for me.”
“It’s fine. Because it’s Master.”

While walking, I overhear the conversation between the two.
It looks like used clothes are sold, too.
The people who wear new clothes seem to be less than I thought.
After having gone to the grocery store and the clothing store, next is buying ingredients for dinner.

“Vesta, can you cook?”
“I can cook something simple for myself, I think.”
“Something simple?”

I wonder how much she eats.
I shouldn’t expect too much since she doesn’t look that confident in her skills.
Maybe eggs or probably rice?

“As for me, I can cook for everyone.”
“For everyone? I am not confident in my skills to cook for everyone.”
“Let see… how about you first try to make one dish?”
“Umm, I don’t think I can make something to Master’s liking. I can only make soup with potatoes and leftover vegetables, or stew mixed with bread crust.”

Comes a disappointing reply, even though I was expecting a motivated answer.
Since both her parents are slaves, she doesn’t have any confidence, is that the reason?
Stew mixed with bread crust?
Actually, it sounds somewhat delicious.

If I think about it, may be everything so far has been going extraordinarily well?
Roxanne can cook. Sherry had a rich grandfather. Miria’s life centres around fish.
It would be too much for a daughter of two slaves, who was herself sold into slavery, to be expected to cook as well.

“Then, can someone help me and Vesta when we cook later.”
“Yes, I’ll be able to, I think.”
“Then, can you please make soup today, Roxanne?”

I have no idea how many fish Miria managed to catch. I’m also not sure if she hasn’t eaten them all already. For this reason, I am making additional preparation.
I’m sure, Miria will cook the fish she catches herself.
So, leaving the fish for Miria, should I cook some meat?
Grilled rabbit meat would do.

I have some rabbit meat inside my Item Box.
As to how much I should cook, it will decide it later, depending on Miria’s catch.
I also need to buy other ingredients, such as vegetables.

“I guess you eat a lot, Vesta, no?”

I ask her while picking up bread in the bakery.
I guess it would be better to buy more bread.

“Since I was called a cockroach all the time, I think I’ll be fine.”
“I-Is that so?”

I wonder who that person is who said that.
Slaves’ kids really have it tough, it seems.
I don’t know when I may step on a landmine, but I get it.

Well, since she maintains that she’ll be fine, even though she was called a cockroach, she will probably be fine.
Actually, a cockroach’s vitality is incredibly high, so it can also be taken as a compliment.
Even I was called a cockroach in the past…
It reminds me of hateful memories.

“This much should be enough.”

I purchase the bread per Roxanne’s advice.
I bought more than usual for there’s one more person now.
Would this much really be enough?
“It looks so soft and delicious. Can I really have the leftovers?”
Vesta asks Roxanne when we step out of the bakery.

“Everyone here eats together. Please eat without hesitation.”
“Wah, is it really okay?”
“It’s fine, because it’s Master.”

Is Roxanne really trying to persuade her like this?
I don’t even have the energy to follow up anymore.

“Since we enter the labyrinth, we need to take care of our health.”

To escape from this, I go inside the adventurers’ guild, cast Warp, and return home.

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