Slave Harem – 124 – Breath


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon


“I will be preparing the bath, then. Please take care of Vesta.”

After arriving at home, I escape to the bathroom.
I entrust Roxanne with Vesta.
However, the two of them come running after me.

“Master, if I may, please.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Vesta said she doesn’t know what a bath is.”

Did you come to see the bath?
Well, if you’ve no problem with it, I don’t have any problem either.

“You don’t know what a bath is?”
“I am sorry. I have never seen one before.”
“This is the bath.”
“We submerge ourselves in a tub filled with hot water. It seems to be a luxury only nobles can afford to enjoy.”

Roxanne explains it to Vesta.
Since it is something reserved for nobles, there is no helping if she doesn’t know about it.
You would of course want to see it if you never saw it before.

“Is that so?”
“My only concern is that if Vesta joins in, it may be a bit small.”

Vesta freezes.
Don’t tell me she doesn’t plan on going in.

“Well, I intend to have you join in. Don’t tell me you don’t like a bath?”
“A bath is something only nobles can enjoy, isn’t that right?”
“It’s alright.”
“It’s fine, because it’s Master.”

Does she still have something to say?

“Is it really alright?”
“There’s no problem. It will be a little small, however, since everyone is going to join in.”
“Okay. I think it will be alright.”

I am glad.
Looks like Vesta will be joining in with everyone.
‘With everyone’ is the most important part.

When I say ‘with everyone’, it is different from when I say ‘with me’.
That’s wonderful.
I can hardly wait.
It is frustrating, though, that I can’t go in right now.

“Then, I will start preparing it, so you can have a look.”

Instead, I decide to show her how I prepare the bath.
I cast [Water Wall].
The water starts filling the buckets I arranged on the floor of the bathroom.
It is a wall of water made by magic.

When I cast [Water Wall], Vesta let’s out a surprised sound.

“What do you think?”

Cool, no?
I must really look cool right now.
Vesta must really be full of respect toward me right now.
I must really look like a chuuni king.


Vesta is surprised.

“That’s right, that’s right.”
“Because it’s Master.”
“It’s my first time seeing someone from a tribe that can produce water.”

Her line of thought is wayward.

“What do you mean by ‘tribe’?”
“Is it something different?”
“This is magic.”
“But Master’s job is not Wizard but you’re an explorer… ah, is that perhaps the job you call Master?”

She has already been inspired by Roxanne.
I wonder if it’s alright to leave it at that.

“Yes, it is. Because it’s Master.”

Instead of a confirmation from me, she is looking for confirmation from Roxanne.

“Is that so? Amazing.”
“Is there a tribe that can produce water?”

Is there really a tribe that can produce water?
Merman, maybe?
It is terrifying that there’s such a possibility in this world.
Well, there already are monsters that attack using water.

“I don’t know if there is a tribe that can produce water, but those from the dragonkin tribe can make fire.”
“Eh? Really?”

As you would expect from a tribe that has such a cool chuuni name.
Because they are from the dragonkin tribe, is that why they can breathe fire?
That’s great.

They are on a completely different level of chuunibyou compared to someone like me who merely uses magic.
Just like a chuunibyou that manifests on the first day after summer vacation.
Matured over the vacation after experiencing the heat of the summer and all that resolution bullshit.

Compared to that, my chuunibyou is at a level of someone who experienced the opening ceremony for the first time.
I am barely a chuuni.
The most I can do is look down upon other freshmen.
I understand, yet I don’t.

“Is it okay to show it to me?”
“It’s okay. It is not that big a deal.”
“Can you heat the water in the jars using your fire, please?”

I point to the jars filled with water.
If it goes well, it will become easier to prepare the bath in the future.

“I don’t think it is possible to heat them.”
“Is that so?”
“I can try, though.”

It doesn’t look like it will become easier.
Vesta steps inside the bathroom, and stands in front of the jars.
She bends down, and brings her face closer to the jars.
She blows fire from her mouth.


The flame sticks to the water surface.

“I can make about this much. It is a skill which is normally used to attract enemy’s attention. Continuous use is not possible.”
“I see. Still, It’s amazing.”
“Thank you very much.”

The flame goes out in a few seconds.
It didn’t persist for long.
It felt like a fire dancer dancing with a torch.
It can be used for a street performance.

“Huh? Can’t everyone from the dragonkin tribe become a wizard since they can produce fire?”

If you can use magic, you can become a wizard.
Ordinary people, who can’t use magic, can’t become a wizard. However, since dragonkin can breathe fire, shouldn’t they be able to become a wizard?

But when I checked Vesta’s status, she didn’t have the Wizard job.
Maybe she didn’t use fire breath before?
Nope. Maybe she needs to be a Villager Lv5 first?
Or maybe, even if you can use magic, since it is not enough to deal a death blow, it is not considered adequate. This can be a possibility.

“It looks like it is different from a wizard’s magic. Even a dragonkin can’t become a wizard unless they use medicine at a young age. Master is more amazing since he can use magic.”
“It’s different?”

I wonder how it is different.
Can breathing fire not become an amazing magic attack?
I will consult Sherry later.
I cast [Fireball] to heat up the water.

“Wow. Really amazing.”

Vesta stayed for a while, but eventually went back to the kitchen with Roxanne.
I head to the kitchen after I was halfway done with the preparation of the bath.
Roxanne is boiling soup.

“Ah, are you going to the labyrinth?”
“…No, just taking a break.”
“Is that so?”

She didn’t come to me to light the fire, how is it already lit?
Ah, if I think about it, can’t Vesta light fire?

As Roxanne said, I wanted to go to the labyrinth. However, because fire has been lit, someone needs to stay here and keep watch over it.
Since I need Roxanne to guide me, I can’t leave her here, and I would be uneasy if I left Vesta alone.
I don’t think she will run away, but in case anything happens.
Even if Vesta does not intend to escape, there might be a temptation if she were left alone on the first day.

I would hate it if she escaped without me doing her first.
If she wants to escape, she can wait till tomorrow, at least.
Miria is currently alone. However, since she can eat fish, there is no chance for her to escape.

“Vesta, can you wash these and cut them to a size that is easy to eat?”
I change my plan, and hand Vesta the vegetables.
Tonight’s dinner will be tempura. If Miria manages to catch fish, that is.

“Cut these mushrooms in half. We will fry them for dinner. You can look forward to it.”
“It’ll be wonderful.”

If I say it like this, she will not run away before dinner.
I go back to the bathroom, and prepare the bath some more.
Stealthily from the bathroom, I head to Quratar’s 7th floor, and recover my MP.

It took longer with just one person, but there was no problem.
Luckily, I got rabbit meat. Therefore, even if Miria fails to catch anything, there will be no problem.
After having finished preparing the bath, I head to the kitchen.

“Once the soup is done, can you please put the fire out and we’ll go and pick Sherry up.”

After having finished preparations for tonight’s dinner, the three of us go to the library.
We jump to the lobby in the library, and walk halfway inside.
Sherry immediately finds us, and comes out.

“Drop dead.”

Sherry’s lip movement suggests so, but it must be my imagination.
I don’t know exactly what she said because her lip movement suggested it to be Brahim.
It’s an illusion.
By chance, is it possible to translate the lip movement?

“S-Sherry, she is Vesta. From today, she is a friend.”
“Drop dead… ah, are you perhaps from the dragonkin tribe?”
“Yes, I am. Please take care of me.”
“Is that so? Alright, please treat me well, too.”

What was that?
Sherry suddenly became gentler.
It would be a good thing, though, if both of them were to have a good relationship.

“Vesta. This faint smell of liquor is coming from Sherry.”
“Here is the deposit money.”

Sherry passes the gold coin to me.
She looks at me with eyes sharp as a bird’s.
There’s something wrong, after all.

“I ask of you to take care of her.”
“Of course, especially from a certain bad guy who is only interested in the large chest of a female dragonkin.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. Anyone who ogles them should just drop dead. It is not the female dragonkin’s fault. Dragonkin don’t breastfeed their children. Female dragonkin’s breasts are filled with air, they are just airbags.”

My hope, my dreams shattered just like that.

“The breasts of the females from the dragonkin tribe receive unfair treatment.”
“I see.”
“Because dragonkin females have a large chest, it’s normal for them to be made fun of, that they’re filled with air. It’s alright, though.”

Vesta takes over and explains.
Only dragonkin females are made fun of because they have a large chest? So it would be okay if Sherry had a big chest?
She seems to have a chest size complex.

“No, there’s no problem with Vesta, at all. It is the guys, that only care about a large chest, who should drop dead.”

Sherry tries to cheer her up.
It’s a rare sight.
A child comforting an adult.
If you look at Vesta and Sherry standing side by side, they look like a pair of aliens.

“Well then, let’s go to Hafen and pick up Miria?”

I didn’t jump inside Hafen, but to the forest which is close to the seashore.
Miria is still at the reef.
There seem to be other people, too.
She seems to have attracted attention.

“How is it, Miria? Did you manage to catch anything?”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria responds joyfully.
It looks like she got a great catch.
Because she got a great catch, is that why she attracted attention?
Her clothes don’t seem to be wet.
It doesn’t look like she entered the sea.

“Let’s go, then?”
“Yes, desu. But…”
“She is saying she would like to share some of the fish with the others. It looks like she received their assistance in fishing.”

Miria says something. Roxanne translates what she said.
She wants to share the fish she caught with the others?
Miria seems to have grown up.

“It is Miria’s catch, after all. I don’t mind.”

“Okay, desu.”
“I am planning on making tempura, the dish we made the other day. I thought you should know, so you can share the fish that won’t be of our use.”
“Will do, desu.”

Miria lifts her rod, and heads toward the basket.
She is planning on eating them, after all.

Moderate number of fish were inside the basket.
There are several kinds of fishes inside, ranging from big to small.
She doesn’t know the concept of ‘catch and release’.

“It looks like Miria can see the movement of the fish. They are saying that she is an amazing fisherman.”
“Understand the feeling of the fish to catch it, desu.”

Miria is distributing the fish. She is receiving appreciation from the people surrounding her.
She is being treated like a fishing grandmaster.
Well, her attachment to the fish is extreme, after all.
When they had received the fish, the people surrounding her left.

“Miria, this is Vesta. From now on, she is a friend.”
“Please take care of me.”

After everyone disappears, I introduce Vesta to her.
Vesta bows her head.

“Miria, desu.”
“Vesta, she is Miria.”
“Onee-chan, desu.”

Miria sticks her chest out proudly.
Or perhaps, she stuck her chest out to buff her upper body, so that Vesta would look up to her?
I did tell her to treat Roxanne as her older sister.
I wonder if it makes Vesta the younger sister since she only just joined.

“Call me Onee-chan, desu.”
“Vesta, desu.”

Miria stretches her hand out and pats Vesta’s head.
It’s not like her hand didn’t reach, but it looked kinda funny.
Miria tiptoeing and trying her best to stretch out looked heartwarming.

Sherry probably would not reach, though, even if she tried.
Earlier, when I tried to pat her head gently to comfort her, I couldn’t.

“For the time being, the five of us are the party members. In the future, however, the number will increase further.”

I declare my intention to expand harem, so that Vesta knows, too.
Beginning is always critical.
The other three hear it as well.

“Good. Let’s go home and make dinner, then?”

Seeing Vesta nod her head, I decide to head back home.
We first wait for Miria to tidy up her fishing tools and then head to the forest where I cast [Warp].
Vesta is carrying the basket while Sherry is holding the colander.
I have Miria put the fishing gear in the storeroom.
“Have put it in, desu.”

“Then, can I ask of you to cook the fish, Miria?”
“Yes, desu.”

The quantity of the fish she is cooking is more than five people’s fill.
Is she perhaps cooking more because she’ll be eating a lot?
I don’t think there’s a need to make grilled rabbit meat now.

“I will warm the soup, then. Can you please help, Vesta?”

Vesta breathes fire and lights the wood.
Seeing it is great as ever.

“Apparently, it is not magic. Do you know about it?”
“Dragonkin can store a gas which can be burnt in a portion of their body. The gas itself is inflammable. Since you can light it even if you are not from the dragonkin tribe, it is not considered magic.”

I ask Sherry. She explains it to me.
Like methane gas?
Because you can light up the gas, it’s indeed not magic.
It’s a chemical reaction.
No wonder she is not a wizard.
I wonder how they light it up, though.

“Huh? Is that so?”

Somehow, even the person in question has a surprised expression about their face.

“As expected of Sherry. You know it all.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Sherry, can you warm the oil on the table, please?”

I ask of Sherry to do some work.
Apparently, she is not drunk, so she should be alright.
I pass a lemon to Vesta.

“Vesta, squeeze it.”
“We will use it with the food, so.”

I prepare the coating.
Thereafter, I cut the rabbit meat into bite-sized pieces.
After cutting it, I pre-cook it with salt and pepper.
Because there is plenty of fish, it’ll be better to have some meat alongside tempura.

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inflammable and flammable mean exactly the same thing – something that burns easily – so being used interchangeably is fine. It sounds stupid but it’s true. Something that is difficult to / can’t burn is nonflammable.