Slave Harem – 125 – Pafupafu


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon


We put all the dishes on the dining table and take our seats.
Vesta sits right next to me.
I pour the soup in order.
The last one to receive some was Vesta.

“S-Sorry. Is this really okay?”
“It’s alright. Then, let’s start eating. Miria, do you have any recommendation regarding the fish?”
“Haddatts, desu.”
“Then, I will try it first.”

Miria points at a fish fillet, coated. She puts it in the saucepan.
Delicious ‘Juwa~’ sound resounds.
It looks good. I hope it tastes equally good.

“I think this fish is called Barudea.”

Sherry informs me. It is a fish that doesn’t exist on Earth, I think.
I don’t really care whether or not there is a translation or a Brahim equivalent for it.

“Roxanne, which one do you want?”
“I would like the same one as Master, please.”
“Barudea as well, please.”

It seems to be quite popular.
I put their shares in the saucepan.
Do I even need to ask Miria?

“Haddatts, desu.”

For it to have two names is really confusing.

“The name is Barudea. Barudea.”
“Barudea, desu.”
“Is it Barudea?”
“Do you know about it?”

Vesta mutters, so I confirm with her.
Vesta is looking curiously at the tempura saucepan.

“Yes, I heard it is a very delicious fish.”
“Then, why don’t you try it, too, Vesta?”
“Is it alright?”
“It is alright.”

After putting Roxanne’s, Sherry’s and Miria’s fillets in the saucepan, I take out mine.
Because there is no wire mesh, I drain the oil the best I can and take a bite.
My manner may be unsightly for I’m using the chopsticks (to drain the oil).

“To sit at the same table as Master, to eat the same food; is this really alright?”
“It’s fine, because it’s Master.”
“Master, thank you.”
“You should rather thank Miria, who caught them. They really are tasty.”

Crunchy coating.
Delicious, springy meat inside.
This fish really tastes great.

“Onee-chan, thank you very much.”
“Onee-chan, desu.”

Miria repeats proudly.
She coats Vesta’s share of fish and puts it in the saucepan.
Thereafter, I take out the fillets of the three using the chopsticks and drain the oil before putting it in their platters.

“It is even more delicious than Barudea I ate back in the days.”
“Delicious, desu.”

Quite popular, it seems.
Lastly, I put Vesta’s fillet in her platter.

“I have never eaten such a delicious thing. Thank you very much, Master. Thank you very much, Onee-chan.”
“Onee-chan, desu.”

I wonder if she knows what ‘Onee-chan’ really means.

“Then, should we try mushroom next?”

I put the fried mushroom in Vesta’s wooden bowl.
It may be different from the shiitake mushroom last time; but this mushroom is delicious, too, nonetheless.

“I would like the mushroom, too.”
“Then, I would like the rabbit meat, please.”
“Barudea, desu.”

You guys trying to act important, eh?

“What do you want to try next?”

I ask Vesta while putting the fried mushroom in her wooden bowl.

“Eh? Is it okay for me to choose?”
“If you have never eaten it before, I recommend you to try clams.”
“Clam? What is that?”
“A really delicious food.”

Roxanne recommends it as well.
Since Clamshells appear frequently on Haruba’s 18th Floor, my Item Box is full of clams.

“At my former master’s place, they used to make clam broth on special days. It surely was delicious, but I didn’t know that it is possible to eat the clam itself. If it is alright, can I have clam, then?”

I wonder why she was not given the boiled clams.
Is it perhaps possible for the soup to be delicious without it?
But never have I heard before about discarding the clams after making the soup.

“Onee-chan, too, didn’t eat good food before coming to Master’s place, desu.”
“Is that so?”
“Delicious, desu.”
“I look forward to it.”

Half of Miria’s remark didn’t get through.
It is not bad, though.

While picking up a mushroom and putting it in my mouth, I coat a clam and put it in the saucepan.
Thereafter, I put a mushroom in Roxanne’s platter, and a piece of rabbit meat in Sherry’s.
Now that I think about it, this is the first time I made rabbit meat tempura.
I should take responsibility and try it, too.
Hence, I put a piece of rabbit meat in my wooden bowl.

“I will be trying this next. How is it, Sherry? Is it good?”
“Yes, it’s delicious.”
“Then, I would like to have a piece of rabbit meat, too, please.”

I knew it would be like this, so I had already coated two.
Miria places fish above everything else, so she unsurprisingly ignores the rabbit meat.
I put a clam in Vesta’s platter.

“This is… this is really delicious. I didn’t know it would be this good.”
“Glad you like it.”
“Yes, Roxanne-san.”

Vesta seems to be delighted with the clam.

“What would you like next, Sherry?”
“I would like to try this vegetable.”
“This fish, desu.”

I can’t predict what these two would choose, at all.
Because Miria caught various types of fish.

“Vesta, what would you like next?”
“Umm, can I really choose? Hmm… what should I get, then? Let me see… Then, I would like the same food as Master.”

Vesta orders fried rabbit meat.
Including Roxanne’s order makes it two.

“Got it.”
“It really is great to be able to choose what to eat. All of these are so delicious. I seem to have been purchased by a great person, certainly.”

I had no idea she will be deeply affected like this.

“Don’t cry…”
“Yes. I am sorry.”
“Here, you can have some bread.”
“The soft bread from before… to be able to eat it, too…”

It made her cry even more.
It was not the right thing to do.
Vesta is gradually becoming Roxanne version 2.
She is eating the same food as me.
Even though she can choose whatever she likes.

However, the freedom of choice ends now.

“Alright then, how about we enter the bath?”

Now that we are done with eating, and the dishes have been cleaned up, it is time for the main (forced) event.
There is no way out.


Roxanne, Sherry and Miria start undressing as they are used to it by now.
Roxanne’s big mountains pop out the moment she removes her shirt. Sherry is cute as always. And it is hard to leave Miria’s body out.
When there are cat ears and tail, the level of joy jumps up 10 times.
I can’t pick one.
I am glad from the bottom of my heart that I am their master.
They are wonderful.

Vesta takes off her shirt, revealing her large body.
Huge melons. More like basket balls.
Really huge.
Even bigger than Roxanne’s.

Large. Intense. Strong.

Not allowed.
It will not be tolerated.
They must be wrecked.

Then, let’s wreck them.
With these hands.
With this tongue.
What’s left is to add some salt.

We enter the bathroom. First, I wash Roxanne’s body.
I cover her whole body with foam, then wash it thoroughly.
I firmly wash her sacred mountains.
They always feel great, no matter how many time I do them.

“Roxanne-san, what is that?”
“It is soap. When Master will wash your body, you will feel good.”
“I will be washed?”

It will be I who’ll feel good, though.
Of Course, I have every intention of carefully washing Vesta’s body.
She doesn’t have a choice.
With Vesta standing in the middle with her large body, the bathroom felt over-populated. Even so, I am happy.

“Next is Sherry.”

It’s time to wash Sherry’s lovely body.
Today is the day I am supposed to wash Roxanne’s hair, but I will postpone it for now.
I remember that soap is not good for hair, so it is better to wash their hair once every three days.
It would become greasy if it were to be left alone for long. So, If it’s this much, it’ll be fine.

I wash every nook and cranny of Sherry’s small body.
Rubbing her petite body, I feel like I am doing something forbidden.
Whatever, it feels great.

Because her body is small, her breasts feel good, even though they’re small.
I don’t need to be humble.

Miria is next.
I wash her slowly and carefully in order to fully enjoy it.
The cute Miria obediently settles in my arms.

“Wash, desu.”
“Alright. Lastly, it’s Vesta’s turn.”

Vesta comes in front of me.
Basket Balls right in front of my eyes.
First, I cover her with foam.
I though they’ll will be saggy considering how big they are, but they are quite firm.
They are more elastic than I imagined. To the point that they pushed my finger back.
So very supple.

They’re full of meat and fat, of course, but not hard at all.
I bend down in the middle of washing her, and sink my face until it was halfway in.
Not too hard, not too soft.
I won’t get bored in here.

I wash the rest of her body since I got scared of the eyes on me as I was only washing her breasts.
I cover the whole of Vesta’s large body with foam, and wash it thoroughly.
The color of her skin is light brown, so it doesn’t seem to have tanned.

I place one of my hands on her chest, and stretch her arm to wash it.
Sometimes, I grab it with both my hands.
Wow, amazing.

What is it filled with?
Is it filled with dreams and hopes?
If I remember correctly, it’s filled with air.
If I am not mistaken, she said something about air sac.

But which air sac?
Or air sac? (TN: This is a play on kanji. All three have different kanji but they’re pronounced as ‘kinou’)

“Vesta, try to inhale air.”
“Inhale once again.”

I don’t fully understand it, but examining it closely, I kind of get it.
When inhaling, her right breast becomes larger; when exhaling, her left breast becomes smaller.
They’re definitely air sacs.
There are air sacs inside.

“Huh? Even if there are air sacs inside, why is the large chest of a dragonkin female called useless?”
“Because there’s only useless air inside.”

Is that really the reason?

“Is that really so?”
“The dragonkin females with large chest are not at fault.”

I try to confirm with Sherry if that is the only reason.
Because they don’t seem to be able to produce milk, they are unable to breastfeed, unlike human females.
However, she does have nipples (or so they look like) on her breasts.
Are they only for show?

“Because of the air sacs inside, the larger their breasts, the greater their athletic ability.”
“The great athletic ability of the dragonkin is due to the air sacs inside their chest.”
“It is just the air that goes in.”

Hearing Sherry say things like that, I don’t think she really fully knows the functionality of the air sacs.

“We, human beings, inhale air directly into our lungs. It goes out from the lungs when we exhale. In fact, it is somewhat inefficient. They, however, have two air sacs. When they inhale, the air enters the right air sac. When they exhale, the air goes out from the left one. The air flows in one way, from right air sac to the left air sac, so they can actually breathe air more efficiently.”

I remember what I learned in biology class about birds and use it to explain.
However, it wasn’t left and right in case of birds, but front and back.
The birds have higher air capacity thanks to the air sacs.
And thanks to that, they can fly high in the sky.

“To know such a thing, as expected of Master.”
“Regarding the efficiency being low, I really don’t get it.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“Is that so?”

Even though Vesta, who belongs to the dragonkin tribe, is nodding; Sherry is not convinced.
Sherry is a formidable adversary, after all.

“In case of human beings; since air is breathed in and out from the lungs, it is easy for the stale air to remain inside the lungs alongside the fresh air.”
“I don’t think it has anything to do with stale or fresh air.”

Sherry looks puzzled.
Haemoglobin, oxygen, carbon dioxide; she doesn’t know about any of those, of course.
How should I persuade her?

“Then, think of it like this. Put some water in a tub, and try to empty with a cup. After that, siphon the water with a tube. The siphon will be more efficient as water will be able to flow per unit of time.”
“That may well be true. Mumumu”

If she doesn’t know about the basic function of the fresh air, it’s not possible for her to understand it.
Sherry’s face looks troubled. I will try to deceive her forcibly.

“Due to the breathing efficiency thanks to the air sacs, dragonkin are highly athletic. The larger the air sac, the more the air goes in. With this, the concept that dragonkin females with larger chest have greater athletic ability can be explained.”
“Is that so? Even though I am from the dragonkin tribe, I never heard about this before.”

I need to make Vesta understand that having large chest is not a bad thing.
Not a bad thing, at all.
Actually, It can’t be more wonderful than this.

“As expected of Master.”
“You can feel the air going out of the sac if you touch it.”

I urge Roxanne to try.

“Well. Are you okay with this, Vesta?”
“Yes, go ahead.”

Roxanne stretches her hand, and touches Vesta’s chest.
The atmosphere has, somehow, turned lewd.
Roxanne’s soft hands gently touch Vesta’s breasts.

This is bad.
She bends forward on her.

“S-So, before I wash your hair, can you wash my body?”
“Certainly. It does feel like air is coming in when she inhales.”

It was okay for Roxanne to do what she wanted to Vesta’s body, it seems.

“Yes. Is it okay for me to wash Master’s body?”
“Yes, it is. All of us will be washing Master’s body.”

Vesta turns around and kneels down in front of me.
Roxanne rubs my shoulders, while Vesta approaches me with her kneeled body.
No way.
Pafupafu… please…
I’m an idiot.
It’s impossible.
There’s no way for Vesta to know such a thing.

“I heard from a senior of mine that I can make my master happy with this technique.”

A young girl who knows such an adult technique.
What have you taught her, Vesta’s senior.
What a great technique you have taught her, Vesta’s senior.
There is nothing that can possibly ruin this moment.
Absolutely nothing.

To be able to live this glorious moment, I, Michio Kaga, 17 years old, have received a tremendous favor. I sincerely thank you.
Pafupafu will live on forever.

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