Slave Harem – 126 – Cold Body


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon

Cold Body

Engulfed in a sweet euphoria, I wake up filled with ecstasy.
Roxanne’s soft skin feels so pleasant.
Smooth, elastic, I can feel such a weight on my arm.
I almost subconsciously bent over to please myself.

N-Not good.
Which reminds me, I left Sex Maniac on.
Well, with Roxanne sleeping in my arms, I would assault her even if didn’t have Sex Maniac on.

Roxanne notices that I have woken up, and gives me a kiss.
It makes me think that she is seducing me to do her again.
Even though she’s doing it per my instructions.
I can feel her soft lips on mine, and her moist breath on my face.

C-Calm down.
Calm down.
It’s okay.
It won’t be long before the night falls again.

I used Sex Maniac last night.
Like I thought, with four people around, it is a little difficult without using Sex Maniac.
However, when I use Sex Maniac, even the four of them are not enough.
It is a vexing problem.

But then, it’s important to show them that there’s still room for more.
In the future.
It’s important to show them that we need more party members.
So, even if I’m left unsatisfied now, it’ll pay off later.

Roxanne’s tongue can make up for the unsatisfied feeling.
I push my tongue in Roxanne’s mouth, and stick it to her tongue.
I move my tongue around and taste her mouth.
I didn’t let go of her mouth until I was fully satisfied.

“Good morning, Master.”
“Good Morning.”

I release Roxanne. Next is Sherry.
There’s more to come.
I fully enjoy the lovely mouth of petite Sherry, until our lips separate.

Thereafter, I receive a kiss from Miria, who had changed places with Roxanne.
It’s still dark inside the room, but Miria can move freely regardless.
I enjoy Miria’s wildly moving tongue to my heart’s content.
After fully enjoying her mouth, I let my lips part from hers.

“Good Morning, desu.”
“Good Morning.”

I waited for some time after Miria’s turn was over, but Vesta’s kiss did not come.
Huh? Where is she?
The size of the bed, since two are adjoined, is big enough.
There is enough room for Vesta to join in.

When Vesta entered the bathtub, it became cramped as I had expected.
It felt like we were potatoes in a bag.
To be sandwiched between Roxanne and Vesta in the bathtub.
It was godly.

I move my arm around the bed, searching for Vesta.
Is she still sleeping?
She is…

“She is cold.”

I pull my hand back the moment I touch her body.
Vesta’s body, who was sleeping naked, was cold.
It was very cold.

Is she alive?
Don’t tell me…
Is she dead?

“As expected. Because she is a dragonkin, her body is cold in the morning.”

Sherry explains.

“…Good morning, Master.”
“Good Morning.”
“I am sorry. I feel a little weak in the morning.”

Vesta seems to have woken up.
She is alive, thankfully.

“Your body is cold. Are you alright?”
“Yes. When the temperature during the day is high, I lose warmth, and my body becomes cold during the night. My body regains its warmth after I wake up, so it’s fine. Conversely, if it’s cold during day, my body becomes hot, so I don’t freeze while sleeping. However, I wake up tired and exhausted in the morning. We, dragonkin, are weak from late night till early morning.”

Dragonkin, for one reason or another, always seem to be troubled.
Now I get that they don’t have such a cool chuuni name without any cost.
Vesta raises her body, and touches me.
Chilly Vesta is pleasant, too.

“Are you fine with moving? Don’t push yourself too hard.”
“Yes. But I may be slightly cold.”
“I don’t mind. Rather, I am actually happy.”

The temperature is high because it’s summer.
Vesta’s cold skin feels good.
I can rub her skin to warm her up.

Doesn’t that make Vesta, who becomes cold at night, the best body pillow you can dream of?
If it became any hotter in the summer than it already is, it would be uncomfortable to sleep together like this, I’m afraid.
With Vesta, however, there is nothing to fear.

What’s more, she can conversely be used to keep the body warm when the temperature drops.
Ice pillow in the summer. Hot water pack in the winter.
I may not be able to part from her anymore.

Vesta puts her lips on mine.
She sucks my mouth, and pushes her tongue in.
Her cold, refreshing tongue moves around.
Her tongue reaches every hot corner inside my mouth, and intertwines with my tongue.

She is the most aggressive one amongst the four of them.
It looks like Vesta’s senior taught her how to do that.
I really want to thank this senior of hers.

While locking lips with her, I try put my hands around Vesta’s back.
She is too big, to the point that I can’t pull her into my embrace.
Even so, she is great.

I somehow manage to hug Vesta’s cold body.
Because her body is too big, she didn’t wear nightgown.
I am sandwiched between her enormous breasts.
Vesta moves away after finishing with her tongue and breasts assault.

“I wonder if it felt good. I was told that you would love it if I did it like this.”
“It was amazing.”
“Master’s warm body was great, too. It might not have felt as good since I am still not used to doing it, but I will try my best from now on.”

You are going to try more than that?
I look forward to it in the future.
After Vesta left, Miria came and helped her put a shirt on.
With the help of Miria, she put on her equipment.

“Are you done changing, Vesta?”
“Yes, I am done.”
“It’s time to go, then. Vesta is coming with us, too.”

From the bedroom, I warp to Haruba’s 18th floor.
This time, in addition to the other three, who are used to it already, is Vesta.

“It is still early in the morning. Vesta, are you fine with moving around?”
“I am okay now, I believe.”

Inside the small room, I hand her a hat, a shield and also a magic crystal.
I hand Vesta the wooden shield and a spare black magic crystal I had.
I am sorry for Vesta’s equipment being only spares for the time being.

“Also, use this steel sword for now.”
“M-Master will not have a sword, then? Are you sure?”
“I will be using a different one.”

I take the steel sword off my waist and pass it to Vesta.
Vesta is using both her hands. She’s holding the two-handed steel sword with her right hand and the wooden shield with her left.
It indeed seems that the big Vesta can one-handedly swing the two-handed sword easily, without any problem.

“Oh right, Sherry, can you make a large shield?”
“The dragonkin tribe uses large shield. The present me cannot make it. Also, higher-tier material is required for plate, either steel or Damascus steel.”

Like I thought, the current Sherry can’t make it.
If it uses steel, then it will be either equal to or greater than the steel shield that Roxanne is currently using.
Is there a way to obtain it?

“There are fewer monsters on the right than on the left. Where would you like to go?”
“The left will be fine. It should be safe enough for Vesta.”

Under Roxanne’s guidance, we advance through the labyrinth.
Roxanne is the vanguard, followed by Miria and Vesta.
Sherry is the rearguard, behind me.

“Umm, can Roxanne-san track the monsters by their smell?”
“Yes, I have to be of use to Master.”

While Roxanne and Vesta were having a conversation, we reach a group of monsters.
Three Fly Traps, one Kettle Mermaid and one Clamshell.
In order to take out Fly Traps first, I need to use fire magic.
I cast [Fire Storm].

“Sherry, Miria, come to the front. Vesta fall back a bit, please.”

Roxanne commands the three of them into the battle formation.
Roxanne takes the central position, Sherry goes to her left, Miria covers the right side.
While sparks were dancing in front of us, Vesta takes a step back, and comes next to me.

“They may shoot water magic, so don’t lose focus.”

It is especially dangerous standing behind Roxanne.
Vesta and I line up separated by two columns.
I wait for the flames to go out, then cast the second [Fire Storm].
I follow it with the third one.

“Here it comes.”

Right after Roxanne’s warning, a water shot comes flying between Vesta and me.
I am glad I was not directly behind her.
The monsters in the front close in and attack her.
Two Fly Traps and one Kettle Mermaid.

Roxanne dodges the Fly trap’s attack easily.
While dodging, she hits it with her Estoc.
The Fly Trap, that spat water earlier, comes to the front.

The Clamshell seems to be falling back.
It’s probably planning to spit water from behind.
Sure enough, while it was being attacked, it spits water.
Roxanne dodges by a hair’s breadth.

While dodging the second Fly Trap’s attack, is it even possible to dodge an attack coming from behind it at the same time?
She’s terrifying as always.
I cast one more fire spell, and burn the Fly Traps to nothing.

Miria and Roxanne take on the remaining Clamshell and Kettle mermaid.
Sherry takes a step back, and uses her spear’s [Incantation Interruption] skill to interrupt their skill attacks.
Without taking a rest, I cast [Sand Storm] to tidy the remaining two up.
Without getting exposed to the enemy attacks too much, we finish the monsters off.

“Amazing. Everyone is Amazing.”

Vesta is in awe.
“Well, it’s not always like this.”
“Monsters can be taken out quickly using magic attacks. However, the monsters we fought were weak. It takes more time to defeat stronger ones.”
“I guess.”

Which reminds me, Vesta told me that she fought monsters in the vicinity of the labyrinth. She never entered one before.

“Roxanne-san was especially amazing. Absolutely wonderful. She will be my role model.”

Vesta goes to Roxanne while picking up dropped items.
Using her as a role model won’t help you.

“Thank you very much.”
“I wonder how you can move like that.”
“You will be good if you watch the monster’s movement closely. Then you move your waist like this to dodge.”

Roxanne shows her the movement.

“So you use your waist?”
“Right, desu. ‘Ba’, desu. Monsters sometimes move like ‘shu’, ‘shu’, ‘ba’, ‘ba’.”
“I-I will try my best.”

Vesta nods with doubtful expression.
Looks like Vesta has common sense.
Well, try your utmost to dance.

We will continue Vesta’s field trip until she becomes Villager Lv5.
If she becomes Lv5 during the morning, it will be great.
It took some time for me to become Villager Lv5.
The conditions, however, are not the same. The experience gained from 18th floor monsters is better.

Villager Lv5, Farmer Lv1, Explorer Lv1, Herbalist Lv1.

Oh well, it turns out that Vesta doesn’t have many jobs.
Both Explorer and Herbalist were obtained today.
Warrior and Swordsman did not appear. It shows she hasn’t trained that much.
It is admirable that she doesn’t have Thief.

“So this is basically how we fight inside the labyrinth.”
“Yes, all of you are amazing.”
“I am planning on having Vesta fight soon.”
“Y-Yes, I think I will be fine.”

She looks a little tense, but there is enthusiasm.
I move to Haruba’s 1st floor using [Dungeon Walk].
But the situation here is exactly what I feared.
The monsters here collapsed with the first spell.

“We went there the other day. Is it fine to start from the 10th floor?”
“The 10th floor will be a little tough, though. I don’t think the monsters there will be done in with one blow.”

I confirm with Sherry.
When I obtained the Assassin job the other day, one spell was enough to almost beat the monsters on 10th floor.
Then, should I avoid the 10th floor, after all?

If I am not mistaken, we went to the 8th floor when Miria joined. But Miria had the Diver job’s assistance against aquatic monsters.
That said, Vesta has leveled up to Villager Lv5, and there is the ‘Increase in Endurance’ effect of Miria’s Diver Lv33 job this time.
And she has the advantage of 5 party members against 4 in case of Miria.

But I feel uneasy going to 10th floor directly.
We should try one floor at a time. We can start from 2nd floor and advance to 9th floor in Haruba’s labyrinth.
It is a little troublesome to jump to Quratar.

“I will think about the 10th floor if it doesn’t work.”

I switch my weapons from the Rod of Offerings to the iron sword.
Cheep Sheep appears, and falls in two spells.
Is the [2x Increase in Intelligence] effect that big?
I should allocate bonus points toward Intelligence so much so that I can nearly kill the monsters in one spell.

“Next one is here.”
“Alright. Then, Vesta, can you try to finish off the monster with your sword if it is not killed in one spell?”

I instruct Vesta, and cast a spell.
The monster collapses in one spell. Wonderful.
The next one survives the attack.

Vesta raises her steel sword and runs.
As expected, her big body is really strong.
She doesn’t seem to fear the monsters. She has great war potential.
A two-meter-long soldier, who cuts monsters with their sword, is scary.

Vesta swings the sword down from above.
The Cheep Sheep charges at Vesta, but Vesta easily takes on the blow using her shield.
The monster’s charge was quite strong, but she received it easily with one hand and neutralized it.

Next, It cuts in from the side. She catches the second charge with the shield.
Once she stops the monster in place, she stabs it with her sword.
Cheep Sheep drops down.

“I-I did it.”

I open the Party Job Settings interface.
Villager Lv5, Farmer Lv1, Explorer Lv1, Herbalist Lv1, Warrior Lv1, Swordsman Lv1.
The conditions for Warrior and Swordsman were fulfilled at the same time.

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