Slave Harem – 129 – Oyster


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon


We resume heading to the boss room.
On the way, we encounter three Clamshells and one Bitch Butterfly.
It is the one Roxanne mentioned first.
I ambush them with [Sand Storm], while Roxanne heads out to take the vanguard’s position.

“Wouldn’t it be better if I head to the front?”
“Ah, I guess. Sherry, change places with Vesta.”
“I will do my best.”

Sherry and Vesta swap positions.
It would have been better if she just observed up till 18th floor, but since she herself proposed it, I guess it would be alright.
Being motivated really is great.
Since Sherry uses spear, she can attack even from the back.

“Since you are going to the front, take this.”
“Okay. Thank you very much.”

Sherry covers Vesta’s head with Strengthened Hard Leather Hat, which she was wearing.
Vesta lowers her head and receives it.
It is indeed better for them to exchange it if they are to swap positions.

Starting from the left; Vesta, Roxanne, and Miria line up in front.
We wait for the monsters to arrive.
You can imagine how powerful my vanguards are.
The big Vesta in front is quite reliable.

At some point in the future, I will try placing Vesta in the centre.
Presently, Roxanne evades monsters’ attacks and stays half-a-step forward to draw monsters’ attention. It is not certain whether they recognize her as the main vanguard or not.
It’s logical perspective.

“Here it comes.”

Roxanne’s voice resounds.
I wonder if it’s water attack from the Clamshell.
That guy, huh?
The Clamshell opens its shell.

Good timing.
Now who is it aiming at?
The shell spits water.
Roxanne tilts the upper half of her body a little to her right, and dodges the water.

This time, there were many for it to aim at, but it aims at the main vanguard, Roxanne.
The monsters seem to be able to properly determine which one is the main vanguard.

Sherry in the back evades the water that Roxanne dodged.
Sherry thrusts her spear through the space between Roxanne and Vesta.
There’s no problem for me since I can use magic from anywhere, so there is no reason for me to move away from behind Roxanne.
It’s an unexpected problem to this formation.

“Are you alright?”
“I managed to dodge it, somehow, so there’s no problem.”

Well, ‘do your best, Sherry’ is the best I can say to Sherry.
Two Clamshells and one Bitch Butterfly close in on the vanguards.
The Clamshell in the back, who spat water, turns around.
The vanguards block the monsters. Sherry thrusts the spear. I cast spells.

[Sand Storm] finishes off the Clamshells.
I managed to kill them before it could fire a second shot.
Vesta is able to play a vanguard role safely, too.
We seem to be able to fight properly, don’t we?

I sweep the remaining Bitch Butterfly right after.
It wasn’t a problem, at all, since it was surrounded by everyone.
After defeating one group of monsters, we enter the waiting room.

“This time, I will have you experience a boss battle. There is no need to deliberately receive an attack. Also, since I will be taking care of the small fry, you will confront the boss with Roxanne and the others, Vesta.”

While I give instructions to Vesta, we head to the boss room.
To suddenly experience a boss battle on a higher floor… it would have been a better idea to let her gradually gain experience.
Currently, Roxanne will take on the boss from the front while the rest will surround it from the back.
However, the degree of difficulty will depend on the monster that will appear with the boss.

Smoke gathers, monsters appear.
An OysterShell and a Clamshell.
I go around to the opposite side for it may spit water.
While glancing at the four of them fighting the boss, I finish off the Clamshell with Durandal.

Vesta seems to be doing well, huh?
Roxanne dodges the boss’ attack by a hair’s breadth. She slashes at the same time.
Just by being large, she stands out.
And she is strong as well.

After sweeping the Clamshell up, I go next to Sherry and join the attack on the boss.
Sherry takes a step back and thrusts her spear from the back.
All of us surround it and attack.

No matter which floor’s boss it is, once it gets like this, it becomes one sided.
Oystershell can’t even land an attack.
As long as it is aiming for Roxanne.

Vesta strikes the monster from behind with her steel sword.
I heard ‘bokuu’ sound, the shell might have got dented. Anyways, the Oystershell has collapsed.
Did Vesta finish it off this time?
As the number of people increases, it will be harder for me to land the killing blow, I guess.

“You did it.”
“Yes, thank you very much. I am satisfied with the current level of my attack. Ever since I became a dragon knight, I have been noticing that some of my attacks are stronger than the rest and do more damage than I normally do. Perhaps, this attack was one of them.”

I see. Critical, huh?
So this was due to the Dragon Knight job’s Critical Outbreak skill.
The one using it seems to be able to notice it, too.
Because it is not an active skill, they don’t know about it being the Critical Outbreak skill.

And there is no apparent effect of the Critical Outbreak skill.
Had I not heard the loud sound from that spectacular attack, even I’m not sure if I would have noticed it.
Do only those receiving the critical strike notice it?
I would prefer not to notice it, then.

“Such an overwhelming attack it was. Can anyone else deliver such an attack beside a dragon knight?”
“I haven’t heard about it.”

I tried to ask Vesta if other jobs beside Dragon Knight have Critical Outbreak skill, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of any such job.

“I didn’t hear anything authentic, but if you are talking about a strong attack, then anyone can do it.”
“It is fine even if it is a rumor.”

I wonder if there are any rumors.

“Does Roxanne-san know anything related?”
“I don’t know but…”
“Apparently, when a beast warrior undergoes training for a long time, they can get the Beast King job. As for the King of Beasts, I have heard stories that he was able to do a massive attack.”
“Is that so? I didn’t know about that.”

As expected of Sherry. To know something that even Roxanne, who belongs to the wolfkin tribe, doesn’t know about.
Absolutely bewildering.
However, Beast King seems to be an advanced job for beast warriors.
Would it do even if you’re a wolf?

“As expected of Sherry.”
“But I don’t know if it is true or not.”

Is it possible that the Beast King job has the Critical Outbreak skill, too?
It is a racial job since it is an advanced job for beast warriors.
It is regrettable that I can’t get it.

However, both Dragon Knight and Beast King have it, seemingly, so it won’t be strange for other racial jobs to have it, too.
Wouldn’t it be possible for the advancement of Sex Maniac job to have the Critical Outbreak skill, too?

“Ah, give that volley to Vesta.”
“Yes, desu.”

I tell Miria as she picks up the item dropped by the Oystershell. Miria takes it to Vesta.

“Is that fine?”
“You probably need it.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

Vesta receives the volley from Miria.

“Onee-chan, desu.”

For some reason, Miria is proud.
Well, it doesn’t matter either way.
She is looking at me as if she wants to say something.

I wonder if she wants to say something regarding the Beast King job.

“Let’s move to the 18th floor, then?”
“…Yes, desu.”

We leave the boss room.
Miria has her head drooped.

Ah, I see.
I get what Miria wanted to say.

I am supposed to let Vesta experience 17th floor’s boss battle after 16th floor’s.
And she wants Quratar’s 17th floor instead of Haruba’s.
It is about Black Diamond Tuna.
That’s what it’s about.

“Ah, I just remembered something. I still have the lean tuna from the last time in my Item Box. Miria, we will use it for tomorrow’s dinner. Do you want to make something with it?”
“Yes, desu.”

This should be good enough for Miria to regain her enthusiasm.
However, from now on, it will be more difficult for me to land the killing blow on the boss.
I can promise to keep killing in Haruba until we get fatty tuna, but would it be alright?
It will be hard to keep killing Black Diamond Tuna until it drops fatty tuna.

How do I do it is the main problem.
Is Cook’s ‘Increased Rate of Rare Drop’ effective only if I deliver the finishing blow?
Or maybe I should change everyone to Cook and then challenge it?
But it will require a lot of work to reach Explorer Lv30.

Would the rate of rare drop increase by 5 times if everyone in the party is a cook?
Or not?
Even if I can’t confirm the rate of rare drop increasing by 5 times, I can confirm if it will work without my delivering the killing blow.
For future Black Diamond Tuna battles.

“Sherry, does Oystershell drop oyster?”
“To celebrate Vesta joining our party, how about we have Oysters for dinner tonight?”

I propose.
Earlier, I fought Oystershell without selecting Cook.
My objective was volley.
Now I will select cook, and see how many oysters it drops.

“Because oyster is expensive, it is common for a master to sell it or eat it themselves. The possibility for us to eat it…”
“No, everyone will be eating it, of course. Vesta, too. You don’t want to eat it?”

Because Sherry starts spouting strange things, I ask for Vesta’s support.
It is useless to solicit Miria’s support for anything beside fish.

“Err… yes, if we can get one.”

Vesta can probably read the mood, too.
Good girl.

I use Dungeon Walk to move.
We jump from the small room to the waiting room. Before entering the boss room, I select Cook.
I leave Alchemist on, and remove Monk.

It is better to have Monk in case of emergencies, but with the way we are fighting at the moment, I don’t have to be worried.
And if I removed Alchemist, the Plating I cast would wear off. It would be a waste.
During the battle, I receive a body blow from the Clamshell. How amusing.
I can recover using Durandal’s HP Absorption skill.

This time around, I was the one to land the killing blow on the Oystershell.
The boss turns into smoke, dissipates, and leaves volley behind.
It didn’t work?

“Volley isn’t particularly bad.”
“I think it will be alright.”
“Vesta can have it, then. If it is about to run out, say so.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

I may forget how many she has in stock, so I tell Vesta to inform me.
Even if I forget, it will be fine to leave it to her.
It may be difficult for her to inform me, her Master, so I have no choice but to make her do that.

We try again.
This time, even though it was Sherry who finished it off using her spear, an oyster was left behind.
When the smoke dissipates, a milky-white, jiggling object remains.
It is an oyster.

Is it only the content inside the shell?
It would somehow resemble volley if the shell was attached.
When I use Appraisal, it properly appears as oyster.
I pick it up carefully, and put it inside my Item Box.

“So, is this an oyster? How do we eat it.”
“You can bake it. Or probably boil it? I had it once when I was a kid, so I don’t remember the details.”

Sherry seems to have eaten it before.
Can’t we eat it raw?
Would it feel disgusting?
It is an item dropped by a monster, after all. So far, I haven’t attempted to eat one raw.

It’s about my palm’s size.
Oystershell seemed large, but I am not sure if this one can be considered large.
I would like one for everyone.
Because it was killed by Sherry this time, it is perhaps possible for the effect of Cook’s ‘Increased Rate of Rare Drop’ to be shared by other party members, so I need not kill it myself.

I try it once more to get one for everyone.
I try it again.
and again.

I try it many times.
I try it once again.
I keep saying it because it is important.

“It dropped one more. As expected of Master.”
“Amazing, desu.”
“Is that so?”

Roxanne and Miria are praising me.
No, not at all. I did it twenty or so times before I managed to get 5 pieces.
Yet, it wasn’t that bad.

I still don’t know if the effect of ‘Increase Rate of Rare Drop’ is shared by the party or not.
It didn’t always drop oyster when I killed it. However, it felt more likely for it to drop oyster when I killed it.
In the first place, I don’t even know the drop rate of oyster.

Well, I guess it will be alright when we fight Black Diamond Tuna.
I will not need 20 rounds to get one.
I move to the 18th floor.
There was no problem with the 16th floor, so the 18th floor will be fine, too, I guess.

“Until you receive an attack, Vesta, you only need to observe. If one of the monsters remains, step forward and try to receive its attack. There may be many poison-type monsters, so be careful.”
“Okay. It will probably be alright.”
“There is a group of Fly Traps and Clamshell around here. There seem to be multiple Fly Traps, but only one Clamshell.”

I thought we could fight only poison-type monsters, Fly Traps and Kettle Mermaids, but Roxanne easily found a group with just one Clamshell.
Roxanne is amazing.
First I sweep both the Fly Traps using [Fire Storm].
The problem with Clamshell is that it is strong against fire magic.

While I cast [Sand Ball], we surround the remaining Clamshell.
Vesta steps in front.
She receives a body blow from the Clamshell.

I apply Plating again, and cast another earth spell.
I tried to finish it off right away using magic, but it didn’t drop down with just one.
Roxanne exchanges places with Vesta.
I cast another [Sand Ball]. The Clamshell collapses.

Like I thought, it took some time to deal with the shell.
It was fine, though, since we did not receive any other attack.

“How was it?”
“If it’s this much, there is no problem. It might have been the effect of this hat, but I think I will be fine even with more attacks. Also, the shield may not be necessary anymore.”
“Then, you do not have any problem with standing in front?”
“Yes. Ah, this much recovery is fine.”

Vesta asks for me to stop after just one Heal.
You don’t need a shield, even though it’s the 18th floor?
Damage Reduction skill is fearsome.
It is perhaps thanks to Plating, too.

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