Slave Harem – 130 – Miniskirt


Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon


Thereafter, we fought on the 18th floor.
Is Vesta having trouble?
She received many attacks, but she isn’t complaining.

“Alright. I know it is a little early but how about we call it a day? We have yet to go shopping.”
“We are going shopping?”

Roxanne jumps at it.
I was thinking of buying some stuff for Vesta.
Will Roxanne be fine with it even if the stuff is not for her?

I must buy a maid outfit and apron for Vesta.
Because of her large body, I’m not sure if a maid outfit will look good on her or not, but an apron will fit nicely.
It is also necessary to buy her a nightgown.

“We will go to the clothing store in the Imperial Capital first.”
“A negligee for Vesta is necessary.”

I can clearly see Roxanne’s desire to choose.
It is better than complaining, though.

“For me?”
“I am going to have various outfits made for Vesta.”
“Thank you very much.”

Vesta bows her head.

“I know there was a lot of trouble today, it being the first day and all, but I look forward to your help from now on.”
“Yes. I thought the monsters inside the labyrinth would be extremely tough, but they weren’t that strong. I think I will be okay.”

She is neither complaining nor whining.
When her Dragon Knight’s level increases further, it will get even easier.
It is terrific, really.

I warp us to the Imperial Capital.
We head outside the adventurers’ guild.
Vesta is not gawking around that much.

“Has Vesta visited the Imperial Capital before?”
“No, I haven’t.”
“Is that so?”
“It is because I am merely accompanying you.”

I wonder if it’s just that.
We proceed to go to the clothing store.

“We are here.”
“Umm, but this is such an extravagant shop.”
“It is alright.”
“Is it really alright?”

I wonder if she will follow me inside.
I enter the shop.
Vesta, who was admiring the the entrance, follows me inside.

“Welcome. Great to see you back.”

The usual male attendant approaches accompanied by two female assistants.

“Is it possible to make another apron like the one I ordered the other day?”
“Yes, of course.”
“She will be the one to wear it this time.”

I place my hands on Vesta’s shoulders.
It will be quite large, about up to my face.

I don’t think it will be problem, though, for it is Order-Made.

“Thank you very much. I will need to take the measurements, then.”
“Here, please.”

When the male attendant winks, the female assistant steps in front of Vesta.
She curtsies.
And shows Vesta the direction using her hands.


I thought for a moment and concluded that it would be better for her to do it individually.
It’s not like both of them need to try clothes on.

“Next is this one. Is there a size that will fit the girl from before?”

Roxanne and the rest move to satin camisole section.

“These are all ready-made, so these are all the sizes we have.”
“This one? Looks like she can put it on, probably.”
“I think the shoulder width is good enough.”

The female shop assistant answers.
They didn’t have a small one for Sherry either.
There can’t be that many sizes.

“Let me think.”
“But the hem seems to be a little small.”
“Hmm, what should we do?”
“If you need a different size, then you will need to place a special order.”

Is the hem short?
That is good in itself.

While Roxanne was in a dilemma, Vesta comes back.
Roxanne tries the camisole on Vesta’s body.
The hem of the camisole reaches Vesta’s knees.
Isn’t that a good length?

“As expected, it is too short, isn’t it?”
“It is indeed short.”
“Too short, desu.”
“I guess it is.”
“For now, let’s buy it. It is better than going to the trouble of having one made.”

I cut in a hurry as they were voicing same opinion.
No, No.
This length is long enough.

“Is that so? But it will be useless to expend on something she can’t wear.”
“It will be fine.”

There’s no such thing as ‘she can’t wear’, at least.
In this world, there is no schoolgirl wearing miniskirt.
Neither there is onee-san wearing miniskirt, nor onee-sama wearing miniskirt.
Like hell I will let this chance slip away.

“Only white and black colors are available for this size, however.”

Isn’t that good? Black.
Bewitching aura will match big Vesta perfectly.
As if I will let me myself get manipulated by the shop assistant into placing an order.

“Is black good, Vesta?”
“Is it alright?”
“It is alright.”

Sherry wears white.
Roxanne plays the central role, and picks black camisole.
Roxanne brings the item I chose.

“Then, can I order this as well? Also, take care of these rabbit furs.”

From my Item Box I take out rabbit furs, and leave them at the counter.

“Ah, was the dear customer not a member of the order of Harz knights?”

The male attendant mutters.
Did he think of me as a member of the order of knights.
My identity was discovered at the unlikeliest of places.

Is it about the timing of the rabbit furs?
Is it possible that a member of the order of knights is not supposed to sell at a store?
Nope. I have sold rabbit furs before.
Is there something else?

Because I don’t think it is a good idea to ask, I checkout and leave the store.
It could cause trouble if backfired.

“That attendant seems to think Master is a member of the order of knights.”

Roxanne speaks proudly as we came out of the store.

“I wonder what it was about.”
“It is natural for anyone who sees Master. That attendant could see Master’s greatness.”

I am afraid as to how easy it is for people to deceive Roxanne.
‘Click here to see the great Master’.

“Most of the people doing exploration are rude. Because you were showing proper manners, he assumed that you belong to the order of knights.”

It sounds rational if Sherry says so.
What is considered manners by modern Japanese people, is considered proper manners here?
It is probably so.

“Brahim language, desu.”

No wonder.
It is perhaps because I can speak Brahim.

“Ah, that’s it.”
“Yes, desu.”

It is something only Miria, who is struggling with Brahim, can think of.
I pat her cat ears to praise her.

Next up is the armor shop.
I warp us to Quratar’s adventurers’ guild, then walk from there.

“Is this platemail?”
“Yes, It is.”

After we enter the store, I confirm with Vesta as we look for platemails.
Steel platemail.

It is not full armor. Rather, it is basically a metal cylinder covering from shoulder up till waist.
As for the waist potion, there’s something, which resembles a skirt, fluttering. I’m in luck.
It’s not separate but integrated.

I wonder if she will look like a badly designed robot when she wears it.
But then, I wonder how you can even wear it. Maybe it can open up into two from the side?

It looks heavy no matter how you look at it.
I try to lift it by hand.
It is not to the point where I can’t hold it, but it is heavy.
Can you go around the labyrinth wearing this?

“Oh, this one here is frilly and looks better.”
“It has tassets, too. Other than that, it doesn’t look much different from mine.”

Sherry tells me about it.
Even if you say it is different, I don’t see any difference.
There are only three empty skill slots on it.

“It’s Heavy. Vesta, will you be able to wear it?”
“Let me see. I think it will be alright.”

Vesta raises the steel platemail.
That’s strange.
It seemed lighter when Vesta lifted it.
Maybe it gets subjected to correction when someone from the dragonkin tribe carries it?

“Will this armor be fine?”
“Yes, it is plenty. Thank you very much.”

I move to other shelves.
I choose steel gauntlets and steel demi-greaves to go with the platemail.
They are bracers and footwear made of steel.

Steel demi-greaves have knee-length leg guards attached to them.

From the equipment containing free skill slots, I let Vesta choose.
I pass on the head equipment.
She would look like a proper knight if she were to wear a full-face helm.
However, Strengthened Hard Leather Hat will go to waste if that happened.

“Choose the one you like.”

I leave it to Vesta, and go back to the counter.
I hate carrying heavy objects.

“Large shield, you have any for sale?”
“The shield for dragonkin, eh? Sadly, I don’t have them here in my shop.”
“I see. In that case, I am good.”

I tried to ask the shop clerk, but as I suspected, he doesn’t sell large shields.
Since it is not here, there’s nothing I can do.
There doesn’t seem to be much damage on the 18th floor, so Vesta’s Dual Wielding is good for now.

“I would like this one.”

Vesta and the others bring protective gear over.
Sherry had steel gauntlets, Miria had steel demi-greaves, Vesta was carrying steel platemail in her arms.
She couldn’t carry them all?
It is quite difficult, indeed.

I pay the amount and put them in my Item Box.
Even the big platemail fits nicely inside the Item Box.
I am grateful.

“How about buying food ingredients after this? Since I will be cooking the oysters, can I ask of you to make another dish?”
“Please leave it to me.”

I ask of Roxanne after we left the armor shop.
Since no one seems to know how to cook oyster, I have to be the one to do it.
When we arrive at home, I wash the oysters well, then dredge them in wheat flour and sauté them in butter.
Once I apply the lemon juice, which I will ask Vesta to squeeze. It will be done.

Vesta squeezes the lemon with ease.
It feels like a small mandarin instead of a lemon that is being squeezed.
From now on, I will have her help me to the utmost of her ability.

The butter sautéed oyster went quite well.
The oysters were cooked pretty nicely. The inside is soft and rich in taste.
The sour tinge of the lemon added a good accent to the taste.

“The cooking of Master is absolutely the best.”
“It is as good as expected. I really feel like it had the same kind of taste as back then.”
“Tasty, desu.”
“Is it really okay for me to be eating such extravagant food?”

It seems popular with the four of them.

“Vesta, try on your protective gear after the dinner is over. It will be a problem if you get confused tomorrow morning.”
“Okay. Understood.”

I talk while eating an oyster.
Albeit large, because there was just one for each of us, the oysters vanished right away.
There is nothing I can do about it.

After the dinner, I had Vesta try on the platemail.
When I thought that it would be dark in the early morning, it is better to have her try it out once before that.

“How is it? You think you can wear it alone?”
“It may be difficult to wear it alone.”
“I thought so.”
“Do, desu.”

Miria opens the platemail and lifts it up.
She’s puts it on Vesta’s body, and closes it.
She seems to have fitted into it.

“Miria, thank you.”
“Onee-chan, desu.”
“Thank you very much.”

Vesta expresses her gratitude.
Next, she wears the demi-greaves.

“I should have put on the demi-greaves first.”

Vesta rues.
She puts the gauntlets on as well.
I guess it was hard for her to bend her body after wearing the platemail.
It was a good decision to have had her try it now.

The steel equipment are more stylish than I thought.
I was wrong to think she would look like a badly-designed robot.
Her body lines are being emphasized, without it being too tight.
Her figure is gorgeous.

No matter how you look at it, she looks like a reverse-trap.
There’s probably no such thing as reverse-trap in this world.
I would like to call her Oscar.

“It fits you well. Is it heavy?”
“A little bit, but I believe I will be fine.”

So it is heavy, after all, huh?
Is she perhaps not able to do anything but stand there?
After having her try them on, I make her take them off immediately.

Thereafter, I have her take off her clothes, and go to the bathroom.
To wipe the sweat off with hot water.
After cleaning the sweat, she puts on the camisole negligee.

“So, how is it, Vesta? You were able to put it on?”
“Yes. But umm, the hem is short.”

When I enter the bedroom, Vesta was wearing the black camisole.
Because of her big chest, the camisole looked more lifted than it was supposed to be.
Just like… a pyramid?
I would like to call it King Khufu.

“Ooh, Isn’t it better?”
“Thank you very much. But it is embarrassing since it is too short.”

The hem was a little above her knees.
It isn’t that short, even though it is called ‘mini’.
She will be embarrassed if her knee caps were visible, especially since miniskirt is not known in this world.
I would name it Twiggy.

That’s how enchanted I am.
In Japan, pushing down the girls wearing miniskirts was unthinkable.
I can’t wait.

I make her sit down on the side of the bed.
Her thighs get exposed further when she sits down.
And because of the black colored camisole, her charm blooms even more.
This extreme charm can’t be imitated.

I pull Vesta into my embrace.
I touch her knees.
The soft and smooth feeling between the satin hem and her bare legs is incredible.

While my hands were feeling her body, my lips go for hers.
As for the order of kissing before going to sleep, Roxanne is last.
Which makes Vesta first.

I’m grateful for this order.
Good job me, who came up with this order.

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Thanks for the clarification, I had though it was tell us her proportions compared to him, making everything inconsistent.

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the house is actually big, thats how they managed to get the bathtub inside even though it had 2 meter radius
also it means her legs is long (slim long legs like model) she is a little over two meter
Michio would be around 170-175 if not less


Thanks for the chapter.

“I would like to call it King Kufu.”
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