Slave Harem – 131 – 19th Floor

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Translated by airsblue
Edited by mranon

19th Floor

The last night was hot.
I was clinging to Vesta when I woke up this morning.
Her cold body felt good.
After spring, comes summer, apparently.

Under the dim light, I get up.
Miria brings my shirt in a frenzy.
Vesta required her help putting on her equipment.
Vesta expresses her gratitude.

“Miria, thanks.”
“Okay, desu.”

After I put on my equipment, I express my gratitude, too.
After having confirmed that everyone was geared up, I cast Warp.
Vesta is fine, apparently.

We move to the labyrinth.
It’s not particularly hot inside the labyrinth.
Temperature here seems to be maintained, somehow.
It must be cold outside Haruba for it is situated in the north.

Michio Kaga | Male | 17 years old
Explorer Lv44 | Hero Lv40 | Wizard Lv42 | Monk Lv42 | Bounty Hunter Lv1
Equipment | Rod of Offerings | Hard Leather Hat | Alba | Dragon Leather Gloves | Dragon Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Roxanne | ♀ | 16 years old
Knight Lv24
Equipment | Estoc | Steel Shield | Damascus Steel Forehead Protector | Dragon Leather Jacket | Hard Leather Gloves | Hard Leather Shoes of Willow | Sacrificial Misanga

Sherry | ♀ | 16 years old
Master Smith Lv33
Equipment | Steel Spear of Authority | Hard Leather Hat | Chainmail | Water Resistant Leather Mittens | Hard Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Miria | ♀ | 15 years old
Diver Lv33
Equipment | Rapier | Iron Shield | Poison Resistant Hard Leather Hat | Chainmail |
Hard Leather Gloves | Hard Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Vesta | ♀ | 15 years old
Dragon Knight Lv11
Equipment | Steel Sword | Iron Sword | Strengthened Hard Leather Hat | Steel Platemail | Steel Gauntlets | Steel Demi-greaves | Sacrificial Misanga

Because Vesta now has better equipment, there’s no need for Plating.
I decide to remove Alchemist in order to level up Bounty Hunter.
If I use Fourth job, I can reduce Required Experience to 1/20th and increase Gained Experience to 20x, but it can’t be helped.

I can’t do without Monk.
Explorer, Hero, and Wizard are indispensable, too, so I can’t remove these four.
For the time being, if I need Cook or Warrior, I will select it as Fifth job.

“Vesta seems to be able to fight. For now, during the exploration, let her stand in the center of the front. There is no need to be worried about the number or the type of monsters.”

I issue instructions to Roxanne.
Instead of adding a Fifth job, I decide to change the activity pattern in the labyrinth.
Since all the party members are here, there’s no need to take it slow, is there?

My jobs hardly level up after going past Lv40.
Also, both Sherry’s and Miria’s jobs are leveling up slowly after hitting 30s.
It is probably because we are not challenging floors appropriate for our level.
The only difference between Sherry & others and myself is the Required Experience 1/10th skill, If I’m not wrong.

As someone level 30-40, I am sure we are supposed to challenge higher floors.
If we move up the floors, the experience we gain will increase, and so will our level.
I was well aware of it but I put our safety first. However, it is about time to advance more aggressively.

During boss battles, we usually surround them, while I finish them off from the back.
When I step forward and use Durandal, I can use HP Absorption skill.
Roxanne, naturally, and Miria, too, hardly receive attacks.
It is perhaps more logical for us to challenge higher floors.

Even so, that doesn’t mean I have to jump to a higher floor right away.
I will continue to move up one floor at a time like I have been.
I will have to speed up a bit, that’s what I mean.

We advance mechanically along the wall of the labyrinth.
Roxanne is still guiding us, but I don’t care about the monsters now.
We can change the direction according to the monsters ahead, but there is no need to stop.
The encounters with the groups of monsters have decreased. We are encountering lone monsters more.

One, or maybe two?
Or sometimes, a group of two Fly Traps and one Clamshell.
I am deeply moved by how Roxanne has managed to avoid them thus far.

I cast [Firestorm] on a group of two Fly Traps and one Clamshell, and prepare for the encounter.
The Clamshell is resistant to fire magic, but the Fly Traps are weak against fire. Since there is more of the latter, it is probably better to use it.
The vanguards and the monsters clash.

Roxanne with her estoc, Miria with her rapier, slash at them.
Vesta cuts them using her dual swords.
Vesta receives the counter attack of the Fly Trap using the steel sword in her right, and using the iron sword in her left hand, she smashes the monster down.
When the monster attacks her from the left, she blocks it using the iron sword in her left hand, and using the steel sword in her right, she smashes it on the ground with a swing from the top.

Is this the dual sword style?
It is terrifying.
What would I do if I were against an opponent like her?
There will be no problem if she can fend off monsters’ attacks in this fashion.

After I finish off the Fly Traps using fire spell, we surround the remaining Clamshell.
It’s especially scary when it attacks from the side.
Vesta takes it down using both her swords at the same time
The spectacle looks like someone beating a drum.

The Clamshell desperately hurls its body.
It tries to attack Vesta from the side, but Vesta receives it with her sword.
Rather than receiving the attack, it was more like offsetting the attack with a slash.

Had it attacked Roxanne instead, she would have dodged it lightly.
You can’t tell if it is a Clamshell anymore.
I shoot a [Sand Ball]. The shell collapses.
It was settled immediately.

“It was a long battle but it didn’t look like anyone had a hard time. I guess it will be fine if we advance to higher floors as we are.”
“Yes. As we are, there should not be any problem.”

Roxanne says.
Rather, if there were an enemy strong even for Roxanne, everyone except her would get wiped out.

“Vesta doesn’t seem to have any problem.”
“Yes, I am fine.”
“It was an impressive attack.”
“Thank you very much.”

Because I have changed her equipment, I am not using Plating anymore. I should perhaps let an attack hit Vesta on purpose, but I don’t want to make it a habit.
Receiving an attack is not a pleasant experience.
It is better not to force her do it.
And I made her do it only yesterday.

Judging from yesterday, I feel that she would be fine even if received several attacks.
At the very least, there is no chance for her to die from a single blow.
The way she fights, she will end up receiving an attack anyway.

Even though I was of that idea, we reached the boss room of Haruba’s 18th floor without Vesta having received a single attack.
Is it thanks to the change in our pattern of exploration?
I should be happy about the fact that she didn’t receive any attack.

I bring Durandal out, and enter the boss room.
I knock down the Kettle Mermaid and the Animal Trap.

During the boss battles, I could transfer Durandal to Vesta and became a fort myself. But it might not be the most offensive formation.
Since I can use Rush, it’s not a waste.
Even though I can make Vesta a warrior, too, I can use Incantation Interruption myself.
In addition, if I have Durandal, I can move freely in case something happens.

Now that I think about it, because I use Durandal, the boss battles feel naturally easier.
I wonder how the boss battles will go if I don’t use Durandal?
Will it be a tough fight?
As long as Roxanne continues to dodge.

In short, we seem to be able to win.
I mean, it’s not like there’s a need to use our maximum firepower.
As far as attacking capability is concerned, I can also use Durandal while casting spells.
Currently, however, there’s no need for that.

“The monster native to Haruba’s 19th floor is Rub Shrub.”
“It’s weak against fire magic, right?”
“That’s right.”

We proceed to 19th floor while Sherry briefs.
So, following Fly Traps on 18th floor, there are Rub Shrubs on 19th floor, both of which are weak against fire.
It looks like the battles on Haruba’s 19th floor will be relatively easier.

“Roxanne, can you first guide us to a place with just Rub Shrubs, please?”
“Certainly. This way.”

While advancing under Roxanne’s guidance, we come across three Rub Shrubs.
Because there were only Rub Shrubs, I baked them well.

“What was that? Can’t it fight, at all?”
“As expected of Master.”

Not at all. Whether it can fight or not depends on whether the vanguards can take on its attacks or not.
That and my magic create a good balance resulting in this extermination speed.
As we move up the floors, the number of magic attacks required to finish them off will increase, too.

“It is still early but how about leaving the labyrinth for now, and then break through Quratar’s 18th floor before the afternoon?”
“Very well. I guess it will be better.”

After I obtain Roxanne’s consent, we take some rest.
Vesta has yet to receive any attack.
I can safely bet on Quratar’s 18th floor.

“Roxanne, along the way, try to find a place with a lot of Ma Breams.”

I hand Roxanne the map, and take us to Quratar’s 18th floor.
I remove Bounty Hunter Lv25 and select Cook.
As expected, Bounty Hunter leveled up quickly.

“Miria, we will be having lean tuna today, so how about having whole fish for dinner tomorrow?”
“Yes, desu.”

I shouldn’t spoil her too much.
I should avoid having a fish everyday.
We head to the boss room of Quratar’s 18th floor.

We advance under Roxanne’s guidance.
We fought a large number of Ma Breams.
We encounter a group of three Ma Breams and two Pig Hogs.
Pig Hog has resistance against earth magic, which is the weakness of Ma Bream, but the items they drop are important.

When I cast [Sandstorm], three Ma Breams and a Pig Hog step in front.
The remaining Pig Hog falls back.
Roxanne makes a preemptive attack, and thrusts her Estoc.
Vesta strikes using her swords as well.

One of the Ma Breams charges at Miria, but she blocks the attack using her shield.
Vesta receives the Pig Hog’s head butt with her iron sword, and returns the favor with an attack using her steel sword at the same time.
Two Mabreams start attacking Roxanne, who was in the center, but Roxanne manages to dodge them perfectly.
How did she even manage to dodge the attacks coming from left and right at the same time?

Yellow magic formation appears under the Pig Hog, but Sherry cancels it using her spear.
Another magic formation appears under the Pig Hog in the back.

“Here it comes.”

The Pig Hog spits out mud.
Roxanne easily dodges it, so does Sherry.
It seems there was no problem this time around, too.

I finish the three Ma Bream off with another [Sandstorm].
I then switch to [Water Storm], and tidy up the remaining two.
It took some time, but that’s okay.
Fighting against a group of monsters with opposite weaknesses and resistances, we managed to fight without any trouble.

“Whole fish, desu.”

Miria brings over the whole fish.
Apparently, One of the three Ma Breams dropped a whole fish.
With this, I now have two.

“Are two whole fish enough?”
“Yes, desu.”

When I ask Miria, she replies energetically.
But that’s just her.
Are two really enough for everyone?
Well, Vesta doesn’t particularly seem to eat a lot.

However, it would be troublesome if they were to hold a grudge against each other due to reduced share.
That said, it will be difficult to increase the serving to one each.
Is two fine, then?
Well, it’s your Onee-chan who decided that.

“Since we have got two whole fish, we will now head straight to the boss room.”

I issue instructions to Roxanne, and remove Cook.
Vesta still hasn’t received any attack.
My next bet was on the small chance during the boss battle, but even that failed.

She did not receive any damage even during the boss battle.
Originally, during the boss battles, there is hardly any chance for anyone except for Roxanne to receive an attack.
Aside from me, who deals with the small fry at the start of the boss battle.
Incidentally, there is no chance for Roxanne to get hit.

“The monster native to Quratar’s 19th floor is Rtoll Troll. Its attacks don’t contain poison but there is a chance for its attacks to inflict paralysis. It is resistant to wind magic, and weak against fire magic.”

After finishing of the boss, we receive briefing from Sherry on 19th floor.

“Let’s try to fight at least once. Roxanne, please guide us.”
“This way.”

We proceed under Roxanne’s guidance.
Two hairy, grey monsters appear.
Rtoll Troll Lv19.
An ape man. No, it looks more like an old geezer you can find wandering on the streets.

I can’t tell where its eyes are since it is covered fully in hair.
Besides, it really looks bad.
It doesn’t resemble a human even a tiny bit.
It is a monster, after all.

I cast [Firestorm].
The Rtoll Trolls approach slowly with their big feet.
So huge.
Almost as big as Vesta.

When they close in, they raise their hairy arms up, and smack down.
Roxanne, with a sway, dodges it.
The second one attacks Miria.
Miria, too, manages to evade it, somehow.

Before we receive another attack, I cast another [Firestorm].
Vesta turns to it’s side, and attacks using both her swords.
Sherry pierces it with her spear.
Eventually, I burn them down using another fire spell. The Rtoll Trolls drop down.

“This is all, huh?”

It was a monster we fought for first time, but it wasn’t a strong one.
It will stay like this up to 22nd floor, I guess.
Until the battles become more difficult, it will be hard to raise level by even 1, it seems.
If that’s the case, I guess we can afford to move further up.

“Even this floor is not much of a problem. As expected of Master.”
“Rtoll Trolls don’t pose any threat.”
“Yes, desu.”
“I think it will be alright.”

Setting what Roxanne said aside, if even Sherry says there is no problem with Rtoll Trolls, it must really be the case.

“Today, Vesta did not receive any attack on 18th floor. Will you be alright fighting on 19th floor like that?”
“Yes. I barely felt any pain from yesterday’s attacks, so I think I will be alright.”

Is Vesta really alright?
Because she herself says she is alright, I guess she really is.
There is a possibility that she has high tolerance for pain.
Nah, she realized it probably when I was healing her. She stopped me after just one cast, so I guess it is not the case.

Even if it is 19th floor, I don’t think she will be done in with a single blow.
And if it does come to pass, Sacrificial Misanga will activate.
I guess we will be fine fighting on 19th floor as we are.

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