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P.S: Magic Energy, MP —> Maryoku

On the morning of the next day, I met up with Kuesu at the church, as we had promised. The house-sitting was left to Ayla and Amy.
I told them that today was a free day, because we didn’t get enough rest yesterday. We’ve also gone through hard times during these past several days. I left them with enough money for a meal and some more, for their own use. (Light: pocket money.)

「Good morning, Kuesu-shishou」

Kuesu, who looks even sleepier than the people that I had walked passed earlier, was waiting for me in front of the Church’s doors.

「Good morning. I wonder, why do we have to feel so sleepy in the morning?」

She uttered philosophical words as a morning greeting. I’ve already known from several days ago in the forest that she was not a morning person.

「Wouldn’t have it been better if we started it a bit later?」

「No, I’m alright. I’ll be sleepy no matter when I wake up anyways.」

「I see」

This conversation has already been repeated many times in the forest. It has already become our usual morning greetings.
Well, the promise is still being kept, and any issue that has appeared had been disregarded without a problem.

「So, why did you pick our meet-up point at this place?」

I looked up with, complex feelings, toward the K.Y. Sister who stood nearby.

「I-I’m only here on lookout… because, there has been a suspicious person coming into the Church’s area recently…」

I can only sigh in response.
「Hey you. If you hate me, so much, then is it not pointless to waste your time with me? That way, both of us can be happy.」

「I-it’s not like all, this is pointless!!」

The reason she picked a quarrel with me is because she couldn’t accept my opinion. She blushed and screamed.

「Ah, understood. Shishou, let’s just hurry up and go.」

「Yeah, this place is too noisy. I can’t even go back to sleep.」

Kuesu interrupted. She is still trying to sleep… and thus, we left the Church. What the heck, she really likes to sleep.


Seira seemed to have wanted to say something, but I pretended to not noticed and kept walking. Listening to verbal abuse isn’t a hobby of mine.

It’s been decided that we’ll have magic practice near the forest, where we tested our skills yesterday.

「You are able to cast Fire and Water spells, right?」

「Yeah, but I still have a long way to go with Water magic.」

Although the power of Fire magic is quite formidable, I’m a bit insecure with using Water magic for attacking.

「Then today, we’ll be practicing magic attributes. After all, to be my apprentice, you have to pass the exam for both Fire and Wind magic.」

I confirmed Kuesu’s status.

Kuesu El Manaroad Lv.32
Magician Lv.16

【Fire Magic】★★★★

【Wind Magic】★★★★

【Earth Magic】★

【Water Magic】★

【Magic Enchantment】★★★

【Support Magic】★★★

【Magician Bloodline】★★
The descendant of magician, able to learn magic easily.


Kuesu’s Fire and Wind magic are amazing. I’ve never seen anyone who had four stars on their skills.
Also, she is able to cast both Earth and Water magic, even though they’re at level 1. It seems I had become the student of an amazing magician.

「For starters, I’ll cast Wind magic.【Annihilator】, Try to sense it. That way, you might be able to manipulate the wind the same way I do.」

After that, a sudden gust blew in our surroundings. And then, the wind slowly swirled around us and became a small tornado

「Ahh, Shishou. Pretty spartan.」


「It’s fairly harsh!!」

「Is that so?」

My voice is now being obstructed by the noise of the wind, and my voice can’t quite reach Shishou unless I loudly shout. However, I can still hear Shishou’s voice clearly, even though she’s not shouting.
This is the result of manipulating the wind completely, huh.
I concentrated on the tornado that Kuesu created. I am able to somewhat feel the Maryoku
flow that caused the wind.

「This is… amazing」

The Maryoku is knitted into the surrounding wind. The strings of Maryoku gather and thickens, but it doesn’t become thin nor does it tangled at all.
I tried to experiment by extending more Maryoku into the threads.

「Uwa, it’s being pulled!?」

The moment when the Maryoku came into contact with the thread, it was quickly pulled by the rotating strings. It felt like my Maryoku was being woven, as if it was attached onto a sewing machine.

「Can you see the strings? The Maryoku within each strand isn’t much. The entire magic is being controlled by each individual thread, that each contain a small amount of Maryoku.」

I see, Kuesu created a tornado by visualizing an air vacuum. I guess my imagination wasn’t good enough.
She really is an amazing teacher, if I don’t show good results, it’ll be fairly wasteful. (Light: Wasteful. As in, having a great teacher yet still sucking bad.)
If that were the case, I won’t be able to be seen with respect. I quickly disconnected the Maryoku flowing to the threads; I imagine my Maryoku quickly filling the spaces within the tornado.

「Oh, like this…huh.」

I noticed that my Maryoku was slowly covering the wind from the outside.
The parts of the wind that was being covered with my Maryoku was gradually increasing, until it thoroughly covered its outer layer. Now, I am able to move the tornado according to my will.

「You are able to control the tornado? Then now, try to cancel it.」

I tried to cancel out the tornado by reversing the flow of Maryoku that is fueling it.

「It’s impossible to cancel it immediately. Unlike fire, it doesn’t disappear in instantly. I try to imagine the strings being untied, the collected winds began to disperses.」

Obediently listening to Shishou’s advice, the strings that were amassed were: resolved, then untied, and lastly the winds dispersed.

「Fuu, it took quite some time…」

Kuesu shook her head as she mutters in relief.

「That’s not true at all, You’re really excellent. Normally, conquering a tornado can’t be done in a single day.」

「…then why did you make me do that?」

「Because 【Annihilator】 is my student, so it’s pretty obvious that you’re excellent.」

It’s impossible to complain when you’ve seen Kuesu nodding several times in a pretty happy mood.
And besides, I was able to acquire 2 stars for 【Wind Magic】. So I don’t really have any complaints.

We finished learning 【Wind Magic】 around noon, so we decided to return to the town and have lunch together. It’s my first time eating together with Kuesu, with only the two of us. Although, I’ve understand that it’s unlikely for there to be any more development in our relationship.

「Want to head to the Magician’s Guild after this?」

「Sure, it seems around noon is the best time to take the exam anyways.」

「Why? Is it that you don’t remember any Wind magic?」

「Un? When the time comes, I can always use the fifth class 【Fire Magic】 I have learned.」

「But still, why is it, you must have a student that is good at both 【Fire Magic】 and 【Wind Magic】?」(Light: Have no idea what’s going on here, tbh. I’m just an editor, i promise!)

I feel as if I’ve already asked that of Kuesu this morning.

「To begin with, it can’t be said that my Shishou is not amazing. Rather, she is waste on someone without talent.」

After all, it’s because of the 【Sage’s Egg】, that now I am able use any type of magic without a problem.
「Well, you usually choose your first student from amongst your relatives, since the options are quite numerous. And besides, my expectations are too high. 」

「Huh? Didn’t you say that I was your first student?」

「That’s right. You are my best student, so turning out to be an imitator isn’t allowed.」

When she says that with an usual unfocused look as she’s eating, it sounds fairly serious. However, I’ve seen her face enough times to know that it’s just her own idea of a joke.

「Then why didn’t you chose a student from your relatives?」

After she heard that, she went silent. I regretted saying that. She probably has her own reasons, like Lux and Barra.

「T-that, was something I shouldn’t have mentioned… It was insensitive of myself, because 「I don’t really have any relatives」」

Although my question was answered, I still haven’t heard her circumstances yet.

「I see, Then it couldn’t have been helped.」

I didn’t ask any further, and our conversation came to a halt.

There doesn’t seem to be many Magicians that belonging to the Magician’s Guild in the town of Bureto. When we finished with our meals, we headed to the Magician’s Guild. According to Kuesu, the Magician’s Guild is supports Magicians, even those who become Adventurers. When I asked Kuesu where the Guild is located, there was no response.

「The Magician’s Guild’s atmosphere isn’t anything like downtown. The Magician’s Guild’s management isn’t very orderly, after all.」(Light: the original line said ‘is very orderly’ rather than ‘isn’t very orderly’. I think, that that’s an error on the Author’s side if you continue reading.)

The basic policy for the Magician’s Guild seems to be to not pursue any who leave it. It’s pretty much a place where you are free to come and go. It’s also a place where individuals with strong Maryoku gather.
Such individuals will, of course, be regarded as important within the Magician’s Guild.
There are two sides that are responsible the Guild’s employment system.
However, the section that is taken charge of the management of Magicians is also in charge of all talents being employed within the kingdom.

When the Magician’s Guild was first established, its intent was to gain favor of Magicians.
However, the royal family at the time explained the dangerous side of being a Magician, so that management went to hell almost immediately…

「Therefore, in the town of Bureto, only a few Magicians belong to the Magician’s Guild. The Magicians who are also working as Adventurers won’t even approach that place.」

「I see.」

Therefore, I wanted to finish my Magician’s exam in Welburg.

When we arrived at the Guild, I noticed that there were many people wearing robes, both young and old.

「Why do all Magicians like wearing robes?」

「Because robes are universal! They can be worn anywhere and anytime.」

There’s another robe believer here! (Light: Robes fever?!)
The insides of the Magician’s Guild is exactly the same as that of the Adventurer’s Guild. There are reception desk, inside, so we probably need to head there and explain our business.

「Wait here, I’ll head over there and finish up your application.」

Kuesu approaches the reception desk. After exchanging a few words with the man behind the counter, she returns.

「Let’s go. And take out your Guild’s Card.」

Kuesu took the lead, we made our way through the building, to an underground room. There, I handed in my Guild’s Card to a staff member nearby, to begin the exam.
The Guild’s staff member gives an explanations about Guilds’ Cards. It seems that those who haven’t registered with the Adventurer’s Guild can still have a Guild Card issued straight from the Magician’s Guild.

「The exam shall now begin. Hibiki-san, please come forward.」

A, 30-years old, female magician said toward me. How do I know that she’s a Magician? Simple. Because she’s wearing a robe!! (Light: Added ‘Simple’ on my own. Felt it was better that way, no?)

「Over here, we can measure your level.」 (Light: Stats)

There was some sort of 30cm cube next to the woman. This cube can be used to measure Maryoku levels, it seems.
My 【Fire Magic】 was collected into my right hand. Then, it dispersed, and flames covered my whole body.

「Yes, that’s excellent. I see that your 【Fire Magic】 is fourth class. Can you also use other types of magic?」

「I can.」

My results are the following: I used 【Wind Magic】. A tornado gradually appeared from the ground, similar to the one from this morning. As of now, I am able to make this tornado using 【Wind Magic】. Moreover, it’s impossible for me to control it all at once, because the winds of a tornado are quite violent. So, I need to take this very seriously.
The instruction that I received was to make the tornado exactly the same as Kuesu.

「Great. 【Wind Magic】 is at the Fifth class. As expected of the Flame Whirlwind’s student, to be able to unleash the full power of a whirlwind, at such a young age.」

The Flame Whirlwind seems to be Kuesu’s nickname. Kuesu had advised me not to use any other magic during the registration’s time, because being able to use various types of magic will attract a lot of attention.

「Now then, we will register the result of this exam on your Guild’s Card. Please take a seat in the waring room. In a separate matter, Kuesu-san, the requirement for the promotion to 1st rank has been achieved, congratulations!」

With that, we returned to ground level and move to a waiting room.
The Guild Card was delivered about five minutes later.

「With this, our promise has been fulfilled. Thank you very much for everything!」

「I’m also really grateful for everything. Here, a commemorative gift for my best student.」

She took out a silver earing from within her robe. It’s an elaborate small earring, which had a small red and green colored jewel on it.

「This, please accept it.」

「Are you sure? It looks fairly expensive…」

With only a single glance, I can tell that it’s a high quality accessory. It’ll be pretty understandable if it was even gifted on a dinner date between two lovers.

「It’s fine. This is proof that you’re my student.」

She turned a bit red when I accepted the earring. (Light: Dere dere~)


Earring of the Flame Whirlwind

Proof of being the student of the Flame Whirlwind.


「Is this jewelry related to magic as well?」

「It’s a 【Magic gem】. Its has an effect similar to 【Magic Stones】, in the case that they both respond to magic. This, has my Maryoku stored within.」

「Hee~ It’s my first time seeing it.」

「【Magic Gems】 are rare after all. This time though, it’s a special occasion.」

「I’ll make sure to cherish it」

「Please do.」

Because we already finished up with the Exam, we ended up walking through the streets. After we ate dinner together, I escorted Kuesu to the church.

When I arrived back at the inn, Ayla and Amy asked me about the earring. So I ended up telling them that it’s a gift from Kuesu to her student.

「For a magician, they show their way of affection by transferring their Maryoku into a 【Magic Gem】. I wonder, why did Kuesu do that?」

Amy explained with a confused expression.

「Eh? No way, this is just a commemorative gift. There’s just no such feelings…」

While I didn’t know how to respond to Amy’s question, Ayla was…

「Went together with Kuesu-san, I’m jealous…」

When Amy heard that, she was quite surprised.
It seems that finally, Amy understood that I was alone with Kuesu.

「If you want, we can go out, the three of us together.」

「But with Kuesu-san, it was only the two of you, right?」

With that being said, I promised to go with Ayla to the Monster Tamer’s Guild. And I promised Amy, that I would take her to the Alchemist’s Guild.
When I asked them where they wanted to go, both of them answered.

「We’ll leave it to Master.」

That’s being their answer, I finally noticed that going together to the two guilds might not be their true purpose.
Alright then, let the date wars begin!

I remember. I still need to head over to Thill’s place tomorrow, so I’ll end up dragging these two with me.
The two girls were so excited, they were rolling in their bed throughout the night.

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