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The very next day after I had passed the Magician’s Guild’s exam, I woke up with a headache.

Ayla and Amy were pouring their affection, oh-ever-loudly, that the Innkeeper’s granny would probably tell me with a serious face, 『You quite enjoyed yourself last night.』.

I’m planning on going to Thill’s shop this afternoon, to get new equipment.

As an adventurer, I can’t really ignore our equipment. Pushing myself to move, I was able to creep out of the bed.

However, the first scene that greeted me right after getting up, was a quarrel between Ayla and Amy.

Apparently, there was an issue with deciding the dates’ schedule. (Light: But of course, you horny protag.)

Because there were no methods to calm them down, I taught them rock-paper-scissors.

「Please wait a second! You slowed down earlier, didn’t you! I demand a rematch!」

「…You’re pretty sharp.」

I explained the the rules of rock-paper-scissors, and Amy instantly developed the 『Pulling out late』 trick. Ayla was able to pick up on it, because of her wonderful dynamic vision.

After redoing it a few times, the result has been decided. I’ll be going out with Ayla tomorrow, while Amy’s turn will be the day after tomorrow.  

While we were heading to Thill’s shop, I noticed that Ayla was cheerfully following along.

「You’re seem to be in high spirits.」

「Yes, I apologize. It’s just that, I’m very happy.」

Ayla who kept on smiling, apologized by lowering her head. I only smiled in response to her attitude.

Amy directed a warm glance at Ayla while smiling wryly. Probably, she was looking at Alya’s attitude as well.

「Ruby~ Tomorrow, I’m going out with Master~」

Ruby’s expression, who stood by Ayla, was hard to understand.

This might also be a form of communication. Ruby, who was a devoted listener, was occasionally trembling to himself.

To think that she would repeat things to this degree, that even a slime would cringe in disgust…

Our pace slowed down a bit due to the fact that we’re all paying attention to Ayla. To be honest, we still haven’t decided the time yet. (Raizu: For the date tomorrow.)

「Good morning~ It’s Hibiki. Thill, Toto, are you both there~?」

「Yes. Please, come in. My father has been expecting you.」

Toto came out from behind the counter, and answers my greetings. We then proceeded past the counter and entered the office inside.

「Oh, you came.」

「Hello, Thill.」

「Your equipment are almost done. It only needs a bit of adjusting, to your physique and Maryoku.」

There were weapons and armors created, off to the side of the office, from Monsters’ materials on the wall.

Thill came in front of Amy while holding a complete set of armor from his worktable.

「For the small lady, the armor that’s made from the shell of the Armor Mantis. Their shell are both strong and light. It’s so light in fact, that even without wings, it’ll feel like as if you were flying.」

The shell armor, which was shaped to cover the vital points of the body, was curvy. Amy received the armor, and gave the breastplate a shake.

It’s really lightweight.

「For a weapon, I’ve prepared a magic bow that is able to shoot repeatedly.」

「A magic bow?」 

Because it’s my first time hearing those words, I ended up reacting.

「Huh? Can it be that you don’t know? It’s a type of a bow that uses Maryoku instead of a bowstring. So, it’s close to a gun. But it’s called a magic bow due to it shooting arrows.」

Guns seem to exist in this world. In the future, let’s make sure to try it. But for now, let’s focus on the magic bow.

「How do I put Maryoku into the magic bow?」

「You just need to extract it from a Magic Stone. When it is empty, just replace the Magic stone.」

「What type of magic can we use on it? It seems like it’ll cost a lot for replenishments, because magic is quite rare.」

「Yeah, it’s 【Wind Magic】 and 【Fire Magic】. You can use a magic sword, right? Then you can just replenish it yourself.」

Even though it’s a bit different, a wind magic bow and a fire magic bow seem great. I’ve also been told to carry around short arrows, for convenient use.

「Amy, are you fine with that?」

「E…ahh…Yes. Wait, wait, the magic bow’s  got to be very expensive…」

It certainly is. Around 2 to 3 times more so than a shortbow. Moresome, we need to buy the materials ourselves, so the price will probably rise even further in the shop.

「Still, our party’s offensive power will increase.」

I often survived battles, due to our logistical support, thanks to Amy.

Furthermore, this time, we will have both Wind and Fire magic for support. It’s been decided, we’ll be creating both of them. (Raizu: ‘Them’ as in arrows.)

「Now, on to the big lady.」

Earlier, he called Amy a『Small Lady』 while now, he called Ayla a 『Big Lady』. He wasn’t talking about their height, I know that for sure.

However, I’m not getting any perverted vibes from Thill, so I’m not quite sure what type of sizes he’s talking about…

Most likely, he needs to know about the body’s bumps and dents to make an armor.

A scale armor, made from the scales of the Poison Boa, was handed over to Ayla.

When we defeated the Poison Boas its scales and its husk would usually remain. It was then  processed, and made into this armor.

He also passed on a gauntlet and a leg protector, which were embedded with a metallic plate, in order to increase the defense for the vital points.

To start with, the scales of the Poison Boa’s shined with a wet-like luster; giving the armor an excellent resistance against stab attacks.

This time around, a knife was passed on to Ayla. It was decorated with a Magic Stone on the blade and the black handle.

The knife’s blade was around 50cm, and it’s probably larger compared to my mental image of a knife. (Raizu: He’s imagining a normal knife, which length is around 30-40cm)

Actually, he prepared two weapons. One is a straight blade and has a ledge in its grip. This is a parrying blade, used for defense.

The other weapon is a sword with a curved blade. It’s a kukri knife.

As I explained to Thill regarding the two blades, Ayla was adjusting the grip of swords. As expected, there doesn’t seem to be any problems with them.

「The last ones are for you.」

Thill passed a breastplate that was made by the same material as Amy’s armor. He also passed along a gauntlet and the leg protector, which were exactly the same as Ayla’s scale armor.

「Your armor order is really wonderful, because they’re all created from superior materials.」

When I took a closer look at the armor, I noticed that there was a great pattern drawn on its surface. There was also something similar on the gauntlet and leg protector.

「I applied these patterns for various effects. With that, a carved seal appeared on its surface.」

The carved seal, is something that appears when creating weapons and armors. For equipment to have carved seals appear while being manufactured, means that they are of an excellent quality. There are also some cases where a blacksmith would carve the seal on their equipment, as a fraud.

「And here, this is your sword.」

Thill then passed a sword that’s sheathed like a Japanese sword on to me. Oh… it’s actually a western sword that simply resembles a Japanese sword.

「This fellow was created from the Armor Mantis. While taking a look at the sickle of the Armor Mantis’, I ended up getting the idea to create this sword.」

I tried to strike the part of the sickle that came out of the sheath. And so, I faintly shot magic at it for that purpose.

When I told Thill that I liked this sword, he nodded in satisfaction and then passed me six throwing daggers.

「It has been a long while since the last time I’ve gotten into work like this. When I finally came to, I ended up creating these too. If you’d like, you can have them.」

After receiving the knife, made from Sharp Fang, I once again thanked him.

However, Thill refused to accept my thanks, because he has yet to complete my request.

We were driven out of the office after our talk ended, and then we asked Toto about the custom-made equipment prices.

The total estimate of the custom-made equipment order, was different than Toto’s first estimate. But since it seemed like the honest cost, I decided to pay everything right away.

Unexpectedly receiving a full cash payout from me, Toto was really surprised.

「Amazing, to be able to pay this amount of money all at once…We should’ve overcharged a bit more…」

Toto jokingly laughed.

「I’ve already figured out that I’ll need money for today. And to start with, having this amount of money in reserve is normal.」

「That’s unexpected. For Adventurers, whenever they get their hands on gold, it never leaves. Or so I thought.」

So it’s like that!! I’d better remember that well.

「May I ask one more thing?」

「What is it?」

I asked Toto a favor, in preparations for the date. I made sure our talk was not overheard by Amy and Ayla… Toto was grinning at me, but I decided to ignore her.

Our equipment fitting ended just before noon. The two of them said that we can pick up our equipment after four days.

It seems like there were a few things that we could’ve taken right away, but I ended up deciding to leave them there and keep looking forward to receiving them all at the same time.

Because we didn’t have any plans after we finished with our business at Thill’s shop, we decided to go for a meal for the time being. And we stopped by a coffee shop that sold snacks.

So, what do we do now? Looking at Ayla’s and Amy’s clothes is getting me quite a bit worried.

Today, Ayla is wearing an armor. Beneath that, was a long sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers.

Besides, the girls aren’t wearing tattered clothes, so I don’t think it’s a problem for an everyday wear.

However, another question about their everyday clothes appeared.

I immediately spoke to Ayla.

「We still have a lot of time left. Ayla, Amy, let’s go clothes shopping.」

「Clothes? Muu, we already have enough clothes.」

「Yes, furthermore we recently custom-ordered armor」

「It’s not for everyday wear nor is it equipment. I want the two of you to buy cute, girly clothes.」

The two of them directed vacant stares at me. D-did I say something weird?

「If the two of you don’t know what kind of clothes are good, then let’s shop directly!」 (Light: As in, we can try them on and see how good they look.)

We aimed for a clothing shop on the main street, and thus we exited the coffee shop. The entertainment facilities for the rich seems to be enhanced within this town that is known as the Adventurer’s town.

We went into a clothing store that aimed for such a person.


As soon as we entered, a clerk immediately rushed to welcome us.

「I want so ask, if you have any suggestions for these two girls?」

「Understood. Please, ladies, this way.」



Both Ayla and Amy are staring at me, as if they can’t understand what’s currently happening.

「Because we’re all going on a date, I want the two of you to dress in lovely clothes. You can pick anything you like.」 (Light: Smooth~)

After hearing what I said, both Ayla and Amy smiled happily, and were taken into the fitting rooms by the clerk.

When the two disappeared, I sighed.

Even though Ayla and Amy behave so well, this clothing shop is a totally different world. They might feel too self-conscious about visiting here, since clothing shops in this world have such an unpleasant origin, after all. I’m just glad that there was a coordination clerk within the shop, or else I would’ve been asked endlessly about clothes by both Ayla and Amy. But this shop is the best, to keep a master’s dignity.

「How is this?」

The clerk brought out Ayla from the fitting room.

Ayla showed up, wearing an azure colored dress.

Her skirt’s hem is under her knees, so it doesn’t look vulgar at all. I felt desire welling up from within, as I looked toward her snow-white legs. They were dazzling.

Her neck was in full show, so both her collarbone and shoulders have been exposed completely.

An unusual straw hat was, riding, on top of her head, covering Ayla’s beast ears.

However, in spite of her wearing a hat, her tiger ears were still slightly visible through the straw hat.

「This dress is made from smooth fabric, which ensures that it’s very soft and comfortable, so it’s very popular. It especially suits those who are a bit short! As for the hat, it’s because some people look down on beastmen, and also because beastmen hate to forcibly cover their ears–but this kind of hat works just perfectly, comfortably covering the ears.」

The clerk then started her explanation regarding Ayla’s clothes. Although I was prepared to hear her long chatter, it suddenly came to an end. Just when I was starting to wonder about her sudden halt, she started explaining Amy’s clothes.

I see, so those two girls asked the coordinator to fairly give an explanation of their attire, without neglecting the other.

Not bad.

As for Amy’s clothes, she was wearing a white blouse that was dotted with frills. She was also wearing a black skirt with frills.

It might be the effect of the frills, but doesn’t she look a bit younger?

However, she didn’t look like a young girl, but rather like a 『Young Woman』. Is it perhaps, because she looks as if cosplaying as an elegant, young lady?

「You see, over here her body line is a bit plump, so frills quite suit her. This kind of fashion is only suitable for those who have a slender body. The appeal of this lady can’t be defeated by the frills. In fact, she looks are overkill.」 (Light: the frills is boosting her beauty to a frightening degree)

Even though the clerk is explaining her coordination, none of it even enters my head at all.

My eyes were completely glued on Ayla and Amy.

「U-umm… Master, d-does this meet your satisfaction…?」

「I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with these clothes, so I left everything up to the clerk’s recommendation, since I thought that none of this would even look good on me…」

「That’s not true at all!! This suits the two of you very well!!!」

I praised them in full force. To be honest, Ayla’s clothes suit her so well. I’m too impressed.

A new side to Amy can also be seen, for her new clothes.

I just have to tell them what I think. It’s that simple.

I kept on praising them, and told the clerk that we want to buy those clothes.

「Are you going to return back with those clothes?」 (Light: The clerk is asking them whether they want to change out of their new clothes or not.)

Although I said that it was okay to return back without changing to avoid further hassle, both of them simply couldn’t nod in agreement with me.

「These clothes, are for the date with master.」

So I have been told. Though, I didn’t feel sad at all. I went over to the clerk and asked her to bag the new clothes.

Tomorrow, is the day for my date with Ayla. Let’s gather our fighting spirit, and give it our best!

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