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    Slave Harem 120

The Auction Trap

Today is the day of the auction after our usual morning trip to the labyrinth while eating breakfast I confirm again the plans of everyone.

“So Sherry you are sure you want to spend your holiday at the library and not do anything else?”

“Yeah I have much more books I want to read, so it will be enjoyable.”

I look at Sherry with mixed emotions is it really alright to not do anything else.

I hand over the deposit amount over and at the same time hand over even more money.

“Since it is a holiday and we made more then I intenionatly wanted to make, I know you like to drink so enjoy yourself some more.”

“Are you sure master? You might need the extra money if you get into a bidding war.”

I rub Sherry’s head and smiled at her. “It’s ok even if that happens you guys happiness is just as important.”

With that I also give a sizable amount of money to Roxanne and what I felt was enough for Miria to help enjoy herself.

“Master you don’t have to give me this much I’m fine with much less.” Roxanne then tries to hand back the money.

I push her hands back into chest and give a kiss and whisper into her ear.

“Its ok get something nice for yourself you deserve it.”

I think to myself just make up for it in other places, like on those nightly missions we go on.

I look at Miria who was all smiles.

“Now don’t cause any troubles while fishing.”

“Fishing, Desu.”

I just shake my head and hope everything goes fine.

We all part ways and I make my way to the auction site. I keep a low profile trying to not draw attention to myself. There was a lot of people entering, the chances of me running into someone I knew was low.

After making my way in the auction soon started. Since this was a bigger auction they announced the order in which they were going to announce the items for auction. (Since I was here for a new night partner) I mean a new party member to help bolster our strength. I was not paying much attention to the other items.

In a short time the auction for slaves soon started. The first category that appeared on stage was for concubines. These slaves was very pleasing to the eyes and had high specs in both knowledge and skills as to not loose out to the first wives. Since I was here for the fighting type I only enjoyed the eye candy and not paying much attention to the auctioneer.

Soon after the auction moved towards the fighting section of slaves. One after another of buff male fighter slaves came to the front to be sold. The prices was really high but with in the amount that I had which was a relief.

“Michio!” Just as the final bid was accepted for a buff wolf tribe slave I jerked around to see Gozer coming strait to me. “It is a surprise seeing you here michio. Are you here by chance to purchase a slave to bolster your party?”

“Yeah” Thinking to myself that this guy just keeps butting in at bad times. “What brings you here today sir.”

“Oh I am just here to see if there is anything I can get for a decent price last time I found some jewels that Cassia just loved.”

“Is that so, well hope you have some good luck this time.”

Just as Gozer was about to say his farewells and move on the I noticed the crowd suddenly go quite. When I turn around to see why I found out quickly as to the reason. On stage was a combat

slave that had long white legs that reached up into a very short skirt. When I continue upwards to the chest it was flatter then even sherry. (thinking to myself that is not a deal breaker.)

Then my gaze fell onto the face, it looked like it was sculpted to perfection. From what I could see there was not a hint of makeup. Their lips was still cherry red with clear big reddish eyes and a small nose. They had shoulder length white hair like fresh snow, and on top of their head was long floppy bunny ears.

I had missed the introduction and the bidding had already started. To my surprise the bids was not sky rocketing up fast. Everyone must still be shocked from such a beauty that could also be a fighter. As Gozer was leaving I heard him say under his breath what a shame and shaking his head. I thought the same what a shame someone so pretty was now a slave.

As the bidding started to fall off I made the decision to buy this beauty. I’m sure they will bolster the night fun.. I mean bolster the fighting force.

I raise my hand and bid the 100 gold increase.

The bidding war only went on for a times before it stopped and I was the winner.

The final amount was high but it was only around 80% of what I had saved up for this auction.

I head my way to the back room to make payment and confirm the product while forming the contract.

When I get there the staff led me to the receiving area and prepared the to form the slave contract with the beauty.

“Alright let me rewrite the intelligence cards.” After confirming payment the staffer came over as I extended my hand out.

Kaga Michio | Male | 17 years old | Explorer | Free

Owned slaves : Roxanne | Sherry (to be free upon death) | Miria (to be inherited upon death) | Chris

Upon seeing the name Chris on my intelligence card I new from games in my original world that girls can be called that also but most of the time it was a males name.

I then decide to use appraisal upon Chris, when I saw what was displayed it took felt like I was hit in the back of the head by a heavy hammer. Chris | Male |16 years old | 37 Trap | Slave (Owner Kaga Michio).

Now I understood why Gozer said it was a shame because he paid enough attention to the auctioneer and heard the introduction enough to hear that Chris was male.

“It is a pleasure to meet master I hope I can help you out in any way possible.” Chris said with a bashful look as he turned his feet inward and looked upward with a flushed face. Not only was he more beautiful then most girls even his actions out did most. Even more on top of all of that his voice was clear and cute sounding.

As I looked at Chris with mixed emotions, I realize its to late to do anything else but bring him Home.

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Miria Slave Harem v1




Miria´s way of “fishing”:

After being brought to the sea Miria is told by Roxanne that their master will pick her up in about eight hours.
Until then Miria can do what she wants but needs to be back at the rendezvous point at the promised time to be picked up.
Then Roxanne and Michio leave Miria alone there,

(Sister said fishing means catching a fish with the fishing rod and then pull it out of the water when it is caught on the hook of the fishing rod, desu. Afterwards put the fish in the bucket with water and carry it home,desu. So as Sister said I will catch fish by fishing, desu.) [Miria]

Miria goes to the sea with a fishing rod and a bucket.
Then she puts down the bucket at the beach and enters the sea with rod in her hand.

She swims into the open water for a little distance and then dives down into the deep water.
Once she finds some fish she stealthily approaches it as the skilled diver she is.
Once she is 3 meters away from the fish Miria extends her arms holding the fishing rod backwards like a quarterback about to throw the ball in football.

She takes aim and throws the rod like a harpoon.
The “harpoon rod” pierces the fish.

(Yes, desu! First part completed, desu. Fish caught with fishing rod, desu.) [Miria]

Miria retrieves the fishing rod with the fish on it and swims back towards the beach.
However she stops in the shallow water.
Here Miria removes the fish from the rod while both the rod and the fish are still underwater.

Next she takes the hook from the fishing rod and puts it into the fish´s mouth.
After being sure that the fish is fixed on the hook she loosens the fishing line and leaves the water.

Now standing next to the bucket Miria reels in the line with the fish at its end.
Once the fish has left the water and is hanging directly in front of her she grabs onto it at lightning speed and places it carefully into the bucket.

(Yes, desu! Second part completed, desu. Fish taken out of water while it´s hanging on the hook, desu) [Miria]

Miria´s eyes begin to sparkle so brightly that it would put the stars in the night sky to shame.

(Fishing is fun, desu. And there are still 7 hours and a half hour left till master comes topick me up, desu.) [Miria]

Thus Miria with the “fishing rod” in hand returns into the water once again…

the time passes by while Miria repeats this progress again and again…

again and again and again…

Finally it´s evening and Miria´s bucket is loaded with more than 20 fish.

(Now to complete the last part, Miria will take the bucket filled with water and fish and return to the meeting place to be picked up, desu.) [Miria]

Shortly after Miria had arrived at the meeting place Roxanne and Michio come to pick her up.

After seeing the the bucket overloaded with fish that each have a hole inside their bodies Michio tells Roxanne to ask Miria if she followed the rules for fishing.
Roxanne asks Miria to what Miria replies.

“Yes, desu! Miria followed ALL the rules, desu. Miria first catchs fish with rod, then pull them out of the water with the hook and finally puts the fish into the bucket and brings them home, desu!”

Thus it came about that for the next four days the meals in the Michio household were centered around fish.


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Crossover: Mysterious Encounter

“Well this is strange.”

Looking around the town, it had no resemblance to the one we live in. Sherry and Miria had gone to the library and fishing spot respectively, and that just left Roxanne and I to shop for clothes. While I say that, it was more of a date than anything and I was looking forward to it. After reciting the chant for [Field Walk], I use [Warp] and leave the fishing area with Roxanne. As soon as we stepped inside, a shattering sound could be heard and we ended up in this place.

“Where is this, Master?”

Roxanne stared at me quizzically. No, even if you look at me like that I have no idea either. Even when I tried to use it after that, [Warp] just took me to the same spot every time. Looking into the town there were other humans and beastmen, maybe this was a nearby town? But that would be strange, seeing as I haven’t been to this town in particular before. For now let’s try gathering information. We walked over towards a person who appeared to be patrolling the area. As we walked through the crowds, people would point at Roxanne and whisper to one another. I know she is beautiful, but she belongs to me.

“Hello, can you tell me which town this is?”

Walking up to the dubious man, he glanced at me, then stared at Roxanne intently. Does he not speak Brahim?


“Um, excuse me?”


Responding to Roxanne’s question, Guard-san recollected himself and looked at me approvingly.

“Hello you two. My name is Claude Shuraizer. No need for an honorific. As for your question of which town this is, we are in the Imperial Capital Terviel.”

“Etto, Roxanne, do you know where we are?”

“I do not, Master. I thought since it was your skill that brought us here, you knew where we were.”

Well regardless, we need information about this new place. For now, I guess we should see if they also have a guild.

“Sorry to bother you, Claude-san—“

“Just Claude is fine.”

“—But is there a guild we could go to?”

Eh? What happened? The smiling ossan’s expression had immediately turned into a Noh mask, and a groan sounded out when his face regained its color. I heard him mutter “Not again”, but decided to ignore it.

“Let me just warn you to brace yourselves before entering that place. If you ever need help or consultation for that, then feel free to come over to my place. Please don’t hate the town because of what you may see in there.”

I have a bad feeling about this, but for now this is the only option we have. As I received Claude’s information from him and say goodbye, Roxanne and I walk towards the direction of the guild, followed by stares the entire way.


“Not happening.”

Upon opening the guild door we were greeted by quite an erotic sight, but I’m not into that, sorry.
A woman and man in bondage gear were engaging in such an act right inside the building. I couldn’t read the words of this town so I decided to, against my better judgment, go back inside and ask the woman who was currently stepping on the man for the true location of the guild. Roxanne had never seen this type of play before, and was red up to her ears. Roxanne is always cute, but seeing a new side of her is a blessing as well.

“Um, sorry to bother you…”

Hearing my strained voice, the woman who was whipping the man turned around and started walking towards me. She slung the whip over her shoulder and started to speak.

“Ara, a guest? Do you have any business with the guild? My name is Eris, and I am the receptionist.”

What kind of twist is that! What happened to the image of a helpful onee-san!? Calm down, there should be a reason for this. She also said this was the guild, didn’t she?

“Y-yes, I wanted to know how far we are from the town of Vale.” I start describing the town to her.

“Hmm… I don’t know about that town, but there is a similar area outside of town. Are you registered with a guild?”

She doesn’t know? Are we on a different continent? For starters let’s show her my Intelligence Card. When I take it out, her eyes widen and her eyes dart back and forth between my face and the card.

“Put that away. I can see that there are some… circumstances. You aren’t the first people to come here from a different place. I can tell by the color of your hair.”

Eh? My hair? So it wasn’t Roxanne they were looking at but me? I didn’t realize that black hair was unusual here, but come to think of it I haven’t seen anyone else with the same color.

“Now, if this were a normal case of being lost I would say to meet the guild master. Unfortunately he is not here right now, so I recommend traveling. Apparently there are similar people in a forest close by, so you should explore that first.”

Thus, Eris-san gave us information on the forest. Surprisingly, this onee-san was helpful. I’ll ignore the time the man called out to her and she responded with “Silence you pig! Humans are talking!” and proceeded to go back over and whip him, much to his delight. Yup, I’ll ignore it. While we were walking out of the guild, I reflected on my surreal meeting with an S receptionist onee-san.


“Master, there are strong presences in front of us.”

We had been walking for two days. Staying a night at the Imperial Capital, we departed after saying goodbye to Claude and thanking him for his guidance. Still, what kind of guild was that?
Roxanne looked on edge as she glared at the two figures approaching us. As they grew closer the dark silhouette faded from their figure. What we were left with was a breathtakingly beautiful girl. She had long red hair and was wearing a white one-piece dress. And next to her was… a chuuni? What is that? The boy was wearing a rider-like helmet. He looked like he was having a hard time in life. My condolences.

“Seiichi! How much longer?”

The boy-Seiichi- looked troubled. That name is surprisingly Japanese though. Could he be one of the people that Eris-san talked about?

“Hopefully soon, Saria. Oh look, other people!”

Seiichi had spotted us and walked up calmly. For some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was some sort of power difference between us. The hair on Roxanne’s tail was standing on end. Even though we were clearly looking at humans, I felt like I was being sized up by a monster.
Seiichi walked up to me and started inspecting my face, clothes, and equipment. He then looked at Roxanne and stared for quite a bit, which earned him a whack from Saria. His helmet visor covered his face, so I couldn’t make out what kind of expression that Seiichi had.

“You, are you from Japan?”


“Ah, I thought so. My name is Hiiragi Seiichi, and this is Saria.”

Introducing himself, Seiichi held out his hand. I shook it and introduced myself.

“I’m Kaga Michio. This is Roxanne.”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Roxanne. I am Master’s slave.”

I cocked my head while I tried to think of what to make of the strange duo before me.

“I’m Saria! I’m Seiichi’s wife!”

Wife! At such an age! I’m just having amazing encounters one after another today. Well, since he seemed to be like me, I’ll try to rely on him. Telling the story of our travel through dimensions,for his sake I omitted the part about the S onee-san. I also didn’t mention Claude by name. At the end of our tale, Seiichi looked towards me.

“What were you holding when you used [Warp]?”

Does it matter? I don’t think anything I own could affect-


“What is it, Master?”

“Well, I was holding Durandal…”


No, stop with that pitied look! I know I forgot, but the end result is the most important, right? I took out Durandal and activated [Warp]. When I look out on the other side, I still see the city that we had just come from.

“Is the magic in the sword too low? Hey Seiichi-san, are there any dungeons around?”

Seiichi stared at me, and shook his head.

“The forest was technically a dungeon, but Saria and I cleared it. I have a better idea. May I see the sword?”

I was cautious, but handing over the sword to him, the sword glowed in his hands. It seems as if the sword was happy to be touched by Seiichi. With a brilliant flash of light, Durandal glowed and thus the sword was handed back to me. Using [Warp] again, the scenery on the other side opened up to the Imperial Capital, but then a shattering was heard and the scenery switched to the familiar town of Vale.

“Thank you Seiichi-san, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Thank you very much, Seiichi-sama.”

“No problem, I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we meet.”

Bidding farewell to Seiichi and Saria, we head through [Warp], carrying our memories of that world back with us.
Seeing Michio off, Seiichi and Saria stared at the sky. They cuddled next to each other while thinking of the pair from the different dimension.


“What is it, Seiichi?”

“They could have warped us to the Imperial Capital.”

Crossover: Mysterious Encounter-End



The Explanation
“Roxanne, can you get Sherry, Miria, and Vesta and meet me at the table?”

I’ve been preparing myself for this.
I hope I don’t sound foolish.
How does gravity work again?
It’s a force that pulls towards the center of an object, right?

I don’t know.
I’ll tell Roxanne to ignore what I said earlier.
I don’t want to sound foolish.

“Yes, Master?”

I jumped.
When did Roxanne get over there?
Oh, Sherry, Miria, and Vesta are also here.
That was fast.
I made a mistake.

“Do you think we’ll be okay on Quratar’s 20th floor?”

Good job, me.

“I don’t think there will be many problems.”
“If it’s like the 19th floor, we should be alright.”
“No problems, desu.”
“I think we’ll be fine.”

Although I asked Roxanne, everyone chimed in.
This is good; problem averted.
Aside from that, they feel the same as they do about the 19th floor, huh?
It makes sense when I think about how long it took the adventurers to beat the boss the other day compared to how long it took us to beat it.

Sherry has those cold eyes again.
She seems suspicious of me.
I hope it’s just my imagination.
I hope she’s not onto me.

“Also, today’s dinner will be whole fish and tomorrow we’ll have volley so Vesta doesn’t get weak. Is that alright with you, Vesta?”
“Yes, I’m just glad that I get to eat such delicious food.”

Vesta bows when she says so.
I want to embrace her.
I want to see her when she’s weak.
But I’m patient, I can wait.

Plus, it would probably be a disaster in the labyrinth if she were weak.
As sad as it is, I don’t think I can see her when she’s weak.
There are the holidays, though.
It takes ten days for a dragonkin to weaken, right?

If I time this right, then…

“Drop dead.”

My imagination must be going wild today, because it seems like Sherry is mouthing ‘drop dead’ again.
That’s two times already, first was her cold eyes and now this.
At least she’s not onto me anymore. I hope.

“That’s all. Since it’s morning, let’s get ready to go to Haruba’s labyrinth.”

Everyone put on their equipment and prepared to leave.
I cast [Warp] and off we go.

Since it’s Haruba’s 19th floor, the battles should be easier and better for a warm up.
We should go to Quratar’s 19th floor if we want to practice as a group before going to the higher floors.
Let’s see how the others feel about this.

“Let’s warm up on this floor before going to Quratar’s labyrinth. We could work on our teamwork there by fighting against the Pig Hogs, Ma Breams, and Rtoll Trolls. We should be prepared for the higher floors.”
“That sounds like a good plan. As expected of Master.”
“Three different types? It will be a longer fight than usual.”
“Fight, desu!”
“It should be alright.”

Roxanne’s reply sounds a bit strange, but Sherry understands what I’m thinking.
It looks like everyone’s looking forward to it.
Alright, let’s start off nice and easy.

“Roxanne, can you find a group of Rub Shrubs and Fly Traps, please?”
“Certainly. This way.”

Roxanne already found a group?
As expected, I wouldn’t know what to do without her.
Since Rub Shrubs and Fly Traps are both weak to fire, it should be an easier fight.
Our first fight is a group of three Rub Shrubs and two Fly Traps.

Although it’s a bigger group than I thought it would be, it shouldn’t be a problem since I can hit all of them with [Firestorm].
I finished off the group after several [Firestorms]. No one was hit.
Can this even count as a warm up?
I shouldn’t think like that, otherwise I could get careless.

We encountered several more groups after that one, the hardest being a group of one Clamshell, one Flytrap, and two Rub Shrubs.
Even then, it wasn’t that hard.
Since we didn’t have a lot of trouble with the monsters, we decided to go to Quratar’s Labyrinth earlier than we planned.

“Since we’ll be fighting a group with three different weaknesses, could you find a group with one of each?”
“There is a group around here, but it seems to have multiple Rtoll Trolls. Is that alright?”
“Yes, lead the way.”

After casting [Warp], I ask Roxanne if she could find the best group to start off with, but it seems like that was asking for too much.
After walking for a bit, we came across a group with one Pig Hog, one Ma Bream, and two Rtoll Trolls, just like Roxanne said.
I cast [Firestorm] since there are more Rtoll Trolls.

The Pig Hog steps back and the Rtoll Trolls and Ma Bream rush towards us.
The Ma Bream charges towards Miria, but she deflects it with her shield while the two Rtoll Trolls go after Roxanne.
They both slam their arms down, but Roxanne easily dodges to the side while Vesta takes this opportunity to swing at them with both of her swords.
At the same time the Rtoll Trolls slammed down, a magic formation appeared beneath the Pig Hog, but Sherry was able to cancel it with her spear.

As I thought, it’s tougher to fight against multiple, different monsters at once.
After a few more casts of [Firestorm], the Rtoll Trolls collapse and I switch to [Sandstorm] to finish off the Ma Bream.
The Ma Bream took more attacks since it was in the front, so it should be finished off quicker.
It seems logical to go after the Ma Bream first.

After finishing off the Ma Bream, I switch to [Water Storm] and end the battle.
It took two casts to finish off the Ma Bream and three to finish off the Pig Hog.
Looks like I was right going after the Ma Bream first.

Just like I thought, a group with different weaknesses and resistances will take longer to fight.
I thought it was going to be harder, but it wasn’t much harder than going against the group of Ma Breams and Pig Hogs.
It really does seem like it will stay like this for a few more floors.

We finished up at Quratar’s Labyrinth after a few more battles.
There wasn’t a lot of trouble during any of the fights.
Although Vesta hasn’t been with us for long, she got used to fighting with us really quickly.
Are all dragonkin like this? Let’s ask Sherry later.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hope I didn’t make a mistake.
Everyone around me is quiet.
After getting back from the labyrinth, I had everyone go to the table so I could explain why [Warp] doesn’t actually change the time. I was trying to think of a way to explain it without sounding foolish.
I started off by asking Sherry if she remembered the talk we had about the round earth theory.

“Yes, what about it?”
“Well, the earth is actually round, not flat. That great old scholar was actually right.”

Sherry looks at me with questioning eyes.
Even Roxanne and Vesta look puzzled.
I don’t know if Miria understands what we’re talking about.

“Yes. Do you know about something called gravity?”
“Gravity? I don’t know about it.”

Maybe it’s the word that she doesn’t know?

“What if I say that it’s something that is always pulling you towards the earth?”
“Always pulling you towards the earth? There was an old scholar who talked about something like that.”

As I thought, someone had to have thought of gravity.
This is going better than I thought it would so far.
Sherry’s eyes are even sparkling now.

“That thing that pulls you towards the earth is called gravity.”
“Gravity, desu.”

Sherry repeated after me, but Miria unexpectedly did as well.
I really wonder if Miria understands this.

“Think of the earth as a huge ball. If I’m on top of the ball and I jump, I fall towards it because I’m being pulled towards the earth. What do you think would happen if I were standing on the bottom of the ball-like earth?”
“You would fall off.”
“Fall, desu.”
“Where would I fall to?”

Sherry looked down and away from me.
I got Sherry to think about this. Good job, me.

“What does gravity do again?”
“It pulls you… towards… the earth!”
“Pull, desu! Earth, desu!”

After pausing a few times in the middle of speaking, Sherry yelled out.
I think she’s starting to understand it.
Even Miria is really excited.

“But how does gravity work?”

Sherry asked a good question.

“Well, everything is basically pulling everything else towards itself. It’s just that the bigger something is, the stronger it pulls. That’s why we don’t get pulled towards each other and instead get pulled towards the earth. It’s a lot bigger than us.”

Sherry’s smart, so I think she could understand that.
Roxanne and Vesta still seem puzzled at what we’re talking about, but Roxanne’s expression seems to have softened.
She’s probably thinking ‘as expected of Master.’

“Why does the earth have to be round?”
“When you look at the sun, what shape is it?”
“A circle.”
“How about the full moon?”
“That’s… also a circle.”
“So the sun and the moon are round, but the earth isn’t round?”
“. . .”

I got Sherry thinking again.
I might unexpectedly be good at explaining things.
That’s not it; it’s just that Sherry is smart.

“So, the earth is round and this thing called gravity keeps us on it?”
“Yes, that’s the basics of it.”
“Gravity, desu.”

Sherry muttered something about ‘basics.’
I’m not too sure about much more, Sherry, so please don’t ask me more about it later.
Also, why are you nodding your head, Miria?

“Do you remember that when I use Warp, sometimes the place we go to is later or earlier in the day?”
“Are you talking about time and space magic?”
“Yes, but the time doesn’t actually change. It just seems like it changes.”
“Seems like it changes?”

Now that I have gravity out of the way, it’s time to explain the main problem.
I didn’t think too much about it because I thought it would be easy after explaining gravity.
Let’s stop right now. I don’t want to sound foolish.
Sherry looks at me with her head tilted. She looks so cute like that.
Sherry might respect me more if I explain this properly.
I want to be respected by a cute girl like Sherry.

“When you’re standing outside and the sun is out, you’re bright on one side and dark on the other, right?”
“Well, think of the ball-like earth again. The sun is on one side of the earth and that side is all bright, but it gets darker the closer you get to the other side of the earth.”
“But how does it change from day to night?”

As expected of Sherry, she’s full of good questions.
I just hope that she doesn’t ask how the earth is spinning.

“That’s because the earth is spinning. When the ball-like earth spins, a different part of it is facing towards the sun at any time. Since it’s dark on earth in some places and light on earth in other places, that means that it’s night time in some places and day time in other places. When it spins, the area where it’s night and the area where it’s day slowly changes.”
“I understand. So using [Warp] just brings us to a different place and that place could be closer to or farther from the side of the earth that is facing the sun.”
“Face, desu.”

After hearing Sherry say it, I understand why Vesta is still confused.
If I didn’t already understand this, then I don’t think I would’ve understood what she said.
As long as she understands it, then I succeeded.
And Miria, do you understand it or are you just mimicking Sherry?

“I find it amazing that you know all of this.”
“It’s just as expected of Master, he knows a lot of things that the old scholars knew.”
“As expected, desu!”
“I don’t understand, but it was something amazing, right?”
“Of course, because it’s Master.”
“Master, desu!”

I really seemed to have gotten respect from Sherry.
It’s a success after all. I was a bit worried there.
As always, Roxanne’s way of complimenting me is strange.
Let’s get everyone back on track for dinner.

“Alright, let’s get ready for dinner.”
“What were we going to have again?”
“Whole fish, desu!”

Miria wholeheartedly answered Sherry.
I’m just as happy as you are, Miria.
Actually, I’m more relieved than happy.
Everything seemed to have more or less worked out in the end.

Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World

Who Knew I Was an Evil Mastermind
(the final “party” member part 1)

The moment I first saw her I knew I wanted her, she would be the last member of “the party”.  As I stood there I must have been staring, at that time I realized the introduction of this Beauty by my acquaintance was swiftly coming to an end, but this guy sounds sooo smug, it’s from this point with all my determination I will make her mine.

Right now though I had best collect myself…  After all now is when the game starts.

Our greetings were short and … not unpleasant, my acquaintance offered to take me to a labyrinth I previously did not know about, as this would expand our hunting ground I accepted and so we departed for the labyrinth, it would have been so simple at that moment while I was in their party to assassinate him using [Party Job Settings] and set this guy to some level 1 job he had picked up along the way, that guy would be dead, he would be dead and that beauty be ripe for the taking.  But no I bitch out in the end, I recall they were able to check that the dead Thieves occupation on their [information card] when I collected bounty previously.  It looks like this may be a delicate operation, full of subterfuge and intrigue.

Once we arrive at the Labyrinth they offer to show me around but I decline but I decline, I don’t want to reveal my secrets to them and it would be too easy to slip up here.

After arriving home, I declare to Roxanne and Sherry the need to expand the party, this increases our battle potential you know, we need to survive the Labyrinth. Sherry looks at me with cold eyes, she sees something is going on but seems uncertain what. Roxanne nods and agrees that it would expand our battle potential, good Roxanne it seems she has quelled Sherry’s interrogating gaze I will reward her for it.

“Roxanne, I’m giving you some pocket money, why don’t you take Sherry out and enjoy the day.”

I reward Roxanne by giving her 100 nars despite her objection that it is far too much Roxanne has been working hard in labyrinth I say, Sherry doesn’t get any, learn to be supportive of the “party” expansion Sherry.

“Sherry” I call

“Today I would like you to tell me about the Slave market some more and how it runs, if we are going to expand the party’s battle potential I want to scout the best candidates”

“That seems reasonable Master, what would you like to know”

“Let’s start with their stock, are thieves who get caught the only way to become a slave without being sold by their family?”

Like this Sherry is interrogated for several hours and I learn all sorts of new and wonderful things, but because it would be troublesome if Sherry guessed what I was up to I asked about some useless things too….


“Because Sherry has been a good slave and answered all my questions I will give her a reward too”

I give Sherry 50 nars, and tell her to spend the rest of the day as she pleases.

Sherry looks sad, well she is the number two so she can’t have the same as the supportive number one, learn quickly Sherry.

Roxanne and Sherry have successfully been bribed into not prying me for details about the party expansion or making unreasonable requests.  After Sherry filled in some details went to see Alan to see if he can fill a specific order, it seems like it might not be the kind of request an upstanding [Slave Trader] like Alan would accept. But I need to know, and am wondering how many nars it would take to grease some wheels for me but bribery is a last resort, I don’t want Alan getting a big head asking for a tasty windfall every time I come shopping here


I arrive at the reception to the Slave Market and inquire to see Alan, the Oba-san at reception asks me to wait a moment.

“Hoo… Michio dono perfect timing I just got back from trip to a local nobles residence to inspect some incoming stock”.

This could be an unexpectedly lucky break.

“A local noble you say? Are they selling some of their slaves, Alan by now you should know my standards are there any acceptable stock for me?’

Alan gives me a wry smile, he’s on the level he knows my needs when I go shopping for merchandise in his establishment.

“Actually Michio dono.  They are new slaves they will be purchased as former members of a nobles family. It seems they have some circumstances, but as to your request I cannot say they would be up to your standards.  One candidate is 27, and has already mothered 4 children, the other is her eldest, a 12 year old girl I would be unable to sell to anyone for 3 years.”

“I see the Mother-Daughter thing does interest me, but to wait for 3 years, no that’s too long. Say though Alan, what could possibly force a Noble to sell their own family.”

“Well… it’s not that I cannot say, but it’s not typically a polite thing to discuss”

Looks like its wheel grease time. I put a gold coin down in front of Alan.

Alan looks like he wants it.

Alan shows a face asking if this is really ok.

Alan picks it up

“ahh, that’s not to say it cannot be spoken of, well, so something like of if their debtors call everything due, there is another method, but its only available to high ranking nobles and they usually employ certain people to do it, it’s impossible even for me.”

“ohh, sounds interesting, how is that Alan”

I put down another gold coin

“well its like this….”

Alan sure does fill me in on the details


“Thank-you again Alan, I’ll be heading to the Royal capital soon, the reference letter from last time sure will be handy then.”

As I leave the Slave Market before my eyes is something unexpected but very welcome to see… But that appearance not at all what I was expecting. Descending from the covered carriage, without doubt the largest carriage I have ever seen is a silver haired beauty in front of me with eyes like citrine as if gemstones they seem to draw you into them. I appraise her.  I’m curious to what such a beauty is doing here

[Alice: Female, 15 years old, Halfelf]
[Mage Lv15]

But what a strange job, I wonder if there are different kinds of Slavers.

“Little girl” I call out to her

She clearly ignores me, I saw her softly pointed ears twitch, so softly pointed I doubt anyone would think she was any part elf if they didn’t see her status, not by her ears alone anyway, probably more by her beauty.

“Excuse me, Miss” I take a more diplomatic tone, it seems dangerous to get on her bad side…

“You, what do you want, get out of the way I have goods to move into this here shop and you’re standing in the door.  This will ruin my schedule I have places to be you know!”

The Beauty moves to the side of the Carriage and unbolts a door, inside there are numerous richly dressed men,  all chained down, she tells them to get out and with great fear they slowly start moving, I say slowly because each one of them is chained to an enormous weight which it seems they need to carry or drag along. They all move toward the door to the Slave Market.

“Alice chan, I see it’s you.”

It seems Alan has come to see what the ruckus was about.

“Alan, I have some more filth for you, these “peasants” don’t know when to stop annoying me so ill give them to you for a discount.”

I’m thinking even if you say “peasants” they don’t look like that

“Alice chan, the stock you have for me this time certainly doesn’t look like peasants.”

Ohh it looks like Alan agrees with me.

“well that was then and this is now, right boys”


Seems the boys don’t care to comment.

“They challenged me in the Labyrinth to take on the boss before me, they told me there’s nothing a little girl like me could do, so we made a [Contract], if they can beat me they can challenge the boss first, but if I can beat them, they would all become my slaves.”

A contract she says…. I wonder..   I have found some good news today, since none of them are acceptable stock ill head home.

“Well Alan, it’s a shame, but there isn’t any good stock here this time, but I look forward to our business next time.”

“Very well Michio Dono.”

“….Michio dono, such respect, and you address me with –chan, hmmph perhaps I should take my business elsewhere.”

Well since that last part isn’t my problem I’m just going to leave.


Things seemed to get quite busy for a while after my research.  First, Miria Joined the party, a cute and dependable cat-girl…. So long as we’re depending on her for something fish related.  Second, Vesta joined the party, Vesta is like a Steel wall and a Cannon all at once, I think it’s ok to call her a power idiot, attacks that hit her seem to only tickle a little bit, and she has reached the stage where she can kill a monster on the twentieth floor in only a single punch of her bare fist let alone her sword.

Sherry has been keeping up her research in the Library and has done a good job, next time I will give Sherry 100 Nars too, I’m sure that will make her happy…. Or maybe she will not be able to walk for being drunk.

Roxanne has always been my most loyal supporting my ambition to expand the party and being the glue which holds us together in the labyrinth, Roxanne changed her job again since Vesta joined due to Vestas defensive prowess and has taken on the [Assassin] job it seems to suit her and has made her even more nimble.

Lastly I’ve created an alter-ego, truly a [Summoned from Another World] cliché, I’m basically dressing in full black and harassing people in the Harz Duchy Labyrinth’s.  Its fun I freely change my jobs when I do it, to only use one or another, this seems to make the Harz Duchy knights think there is an organization involved in disrupting activities in their labyrinth.

“Master I found it”

“Hmmm, Found what Sherry”

“The [Contract], I found out how to get it master.”

“what, why didn’t you say sooner, more like why did it take so long to find it feels like I told you to look into it three years ago, we need that to finish the party you know!!”

“Sorry Master sorry, it looks like the [Contract] is something made by the Scribe job, it took a while because Scribe job is very VERY rare, as only high ranking nobles employ them so not many people know about it.”

“I see, and how do you get the scribe job”

“It’s actually very easy to get, Master if you can write you can get it”

Hmmm that could be a problem for me, I can speak the Brahim Language but I cannot write it.

“Sherry bring me some paper and ink so I can write some things and then help Roxanne and the others with dinner”

“Yes master”

Once sherry got back with the paper I get started writing, but I didn’t want Sherry to see that’s why I sent her away, I didn’t want lots of questions about Japanese writing from the inquisitive sherry.

After a few hours and several sheets of paper I have written a variety of articles, a Diary Entry, a Letter, a Shopping List, a Writ of Passage (through the Empire’s lands in the Emperor’s name).  And after all that I checked my jobs.

And there they are [Scribe] lv1, [Forgery] lv1,

“wha, forgery?? Bonus job?”

Ok first ill use the scribe job.

Looks like scribe only has [Contract] that’s ok that’s all I need, and it doesn’t even need difficult ingredients just paper ink and mana.

[Contract] – A Geass roll enforcing terms on the parties recorded upon the settlement of the Conditions. Once a [Contract] is made it requires the blood of the participants to activate

That means I could make a generic scroll and use it later without creating one for every specific occasion.

Ok.  I know just what to make. How convenient that it does not need names



The loser of the contest demanded by the challenged will become the slave of the winner.
Condition 1. Only one person may be challenged at a time
Condition 2. If either of the Challenged or the Challenger break the terms or attempt to flee from it the individual concedes and victory goes to the opponent
Condition 3. The enslaved party cannot be freed
Condition 4. The enslaved party will be compelled by their new master’s words

In accordance with the terms I the challenger agree
(drip blood here)

In accordance with the terms I the challenger agree
(drip blood here)


“Roxanne, Sherry, Miria, Vesta”

“ “ “ “Yes Master” “ “ “

“Our next Party member will be a Wizard”

With this I will make her mine. Cassia that is.  The Beauty who is the wife my acquaintance the Duke of Harz, the leader of the Harz Duchy Knights.  With this the game has just begun.



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Takami no Kago Chapter 30
Elf Tensei: Chapter 2, Episode 7 (V2C7)

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Lol, I never thought I would be so embarrassed by my own art work. lol… well at least I had a good laugh. Thanks for the Slave Harem… made my day. 😀


The most active n fastest translating group, even on this holiday, what a freak
Anyway why RTD not translating LN but focus WN?


When we translate WN, there is almost no chance of getting DMCAed. In addition, raws are easy to find unlike LN


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In case you forget :>

Ren Lazkrovic

This is very nice overall. In my critiquing opinion, it’d be nice to distinguish the hair and dress more as the color blends the two or rather a different shade of color. Also, are there arms? But certainly you color better than me.


actually , I gave up halfway with that pic XD

Ren Lazkrovic

Overall a nice job imo for what it is.’

Ren Lazkrovic

I surely expected plenty of people to participate, myself included. As for me, I procrastinated but I can probably do something right now and submit it today. Thanks for all the hard work, RTD team~

Ren Lazkrovic

Here is my piece I did since commenting, hopefully the link will work.


HI, you do need to set it open to public. It’s restricted.

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Fixed, thought I set it to public already. Welp, should be open now.

Here we go, a compiled version of a proof of concept of my game, too early to even call it alpha. Temporarily called Tensei Simulator (without cheat). Code is python tkinter (and lots of reinventing the wheel), icons made with, map made with hexmapper. Use arrow keys to navigate, Z to confirm, X to cancel On main map, Z enters area, X brings up options menu (config, save and load aren’t implemented, sorry) On battlemap, Z edits actions for the selection character, X brings up battlemenu (use that to end turn after setting actions) The command prompt window… Read more »

New link. Fixed a crash bug that happens after some time (when towns attempt to start capture quests on their own)


New build.
Towns will craft items that you have previously crafted. Mercenaries will equip items that towns craft (but not spend consumables). Mercenaries now cost money to hire.
Various message windows added, including the intro window that explains the very basics of how to play. (but unfortunately still no battle turn summary)

Test Build 3

Merry Shadow

Will you be updating the list to include the new entries?


I didnt know about the competition till now, glad it got extended


Should I just post here my Entry?


Happy new year from Spain to the marvelous team of RTD and to my fellow parasites

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I love the banners!! I can’t read yet the fanfics since they are about Slave Harem.. special prize for N°3 ! The simplest = the best XD


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