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Chapter 32

I am watching the flow of people on the main street, while feeling slightly drowsiness, as I wait for my companion to arrive for our date.
Yesterday, on the previous date, I made the other party (Ayla) waiting. Therefore, I leave Thill’s shop early than usual.
Although there are a lot of people on the main street, compared to before, it had settled down.

「Sorry to keep you waiting, Hibiki.」

At the meeting spot, the person I had been waiting for arrived five minutes later.

「Good morning Amy, I also just arrived.」

「Really? I thought, I had mistaken the promised time?」

Lucky, I arrived at the meeting place ahead of time. It seems that Amy was planning to arrive before me, and thus she thought, she had mistaken the meet-up time.

「Sorry Amy, I couldn’t wait for the date with you.」

「I’m glad to hear it, I would feel bad if I had kept Hibiki waiting for too long.」

「Waiting is also ‘one’ part of a date in my country.」

「What do you mean?」

Amy understood the feeling of a long awaited date, but she doesn’t understand the enjoyment of waiting for the date to begin. I gave her an easy-to-understand explanation.

「I was looking forward to the date with Amy. For example, I thought about: where would we go?, what would we do?, and what topics would we talk about? When thinking about all the possibilities, I became happy. I really am looking forward to the start of our date.」

Amy gave a slight nod.

「Well, let’s go look around the shops in the main street.」

Amy noticed my intention, when I presented my right hand, she held my hand without hesitation.
At first, I felt a little disappointed by her reaction. But when I saw Amy’s reddened face, I couldn’t help be think, she sure is cute.

「Are we going to the main street? What kinds of shops are we going to?」

For the time being, I proposed to look around the main street. Amy misunderstood my intentions.
She seems uncomfortable with merely window shopping.

「Although, I do feel bad for the shops, but wouldn’t happily chatting about what items to buy be fun?」

「Will we also visit shop with inventory we have no need for?」

「It’s the same as what I mentioned before, it similar to the enjoyment of waiting. It’ll be fun to simply look around with Amy. If there is something you wants, I’ll buy it for you.」

「I see, there is more to a date than I imagine」 (TN: Date is a serious business)

「There is no such thing, after all, as long as two people enjoy it, it’s called date.」

We walk toward the main street while happily chatting.
Along the main street I see rows of accessories, and shops that are sell miscellaneous goods line-up in rows. Now that think about it, why is this called window shopping. There are no windows?

「This shop has a lot of miscellaneous goods, there is even silver tableware.」

「So many amazing items. I couldn’t possibly craft them.」 (TN: Amy felt inferior)

Amy muttered while examining the silver tableware.
The silver tableware seems to be the work of an Alchemist. Normal silver tableware could be made by processing metal, but since the decoration is complex, it’s better to leave it to an Alchemist.

「Create it? Amy, you can’t?」

Amy is capable of crafting anything that a normal alchemist can’t make.

「I can create most practical items, with similar functions, but I am not good at crafting items with a lot of decoration.」

「Is that so.」

Certainly, up until now Amy only crafted items, without complex decorations, such as potions and equipment.

「Amy, do you want to try to craft this?」

「Yeah, someday, I want to try crafting it at least once.」

After listening to her, I decided to bring Amy to that place. A while ago, I had something prepared for her at the workshop.

「Okay, want to try making it?」

「Eh!? Where are we going?」

「Save your excitement until after we arrive.」

I lead Amy to that place while still holding her hand.

「Welcome, oh it’s Hibiki. Hello, Amy. Is it just you and Amy today?」

Last night, at Thill’s shop, I had him assist me with a project.

「Um, I’m on a date. Is Thill here? I want to borrow the workroom.」

「Dad is still sleeping, it seems he spoke with you till very late last night.」

Last night, we talked about the types of armaments used in my country. Well, at least what I could vaguely recall.

「Well then, can I borrow the workroom?」

「Sure why not? I’m sure dad won’t refused if you’re the one asking Hibiki」

「I don’t want to be unreasonable, well then, I’ll borrow the workroom for awhile.」

When I arrived at the workroom, I took out a box and placed it beside the wall. I call Amy over to the worktable and place something down in front of her.

「Now then, Amy, try making a plate.」

「Eh? What is this? It’s neither wood nor silver? Am I suppose make a plate with this?」

What I placed in front of Amy is 『White Clay』.
Ever since the dinner party at the church, it has been bothering me. In this world, there seems to only be tableware made of either wood or silver, but nothing else.
Earthenware (pottery) doesn’t exist at all. I had an idea, to try crafting other pottery with alchemy.
If I’m not mistaken, in the western countries, Alchemist are somehow related to the creation of white porcelain.
From there, the clay is necessary for the material so I ask Ruby to use 【Selection】 to make it. I tried make an 『Imitate』 to the best of my knowledge.
We tried various things, such as kneading the clay with ash and water. Or mixing in powder made from Magic Stone. Well, it won’t be problem if we fail on this experiment anyway.

「Now, Amy, try crafting a new tableware with this.」

「What could I possible make with this stuff?」

「Well let’s see, the master craftsmen in my country could make tableware that was apprised to be more valuable than jewels with this stuff.」

「I-I won’t be able to make such things.」

「It’s alright, I believe Amy won’t give-up easily.」

Timidly holding-up the white clay, Amy used 【Item Create】.

「Okay, let’s wait until the liquid drains.」

I let the 『Imitation』 clay dry.
Amy focuses and uses 【Item Create】, the clay shines brightly and then light dissipates.
When the light subsided, there is a mass of dry and smooth white clay.

「As I thought, there is no way I can make an amazing plate.」

I examine the mass of clay. If I had to say, the vitrify process has gone quite well. Although the lump of clay form wasn’t altered by 【Item Create】.

「Amy, give it another try. Let’s focus on the smooth parts, like over there. We’re just one step away! Next, you’ll try to create the plate with 【Item Create】.」

「U-understood, I’ll work harder.」

I, continued to chat with Amy while working on our plate. Although, my work is beautiful it is still a bit distorted. The one created by Amy was beautifully made probably due to her dexterity.

「Somehow, it started to become fun.」

「Is that so, I’m glad」

While coversating with Amy, I drew a picture on the plate.

「What are you doing?」

「This is? When it’s glazed, the picture will remain on the plate.」

「That’s cheating!! I want to try it too.」

Afterwards, patterns were drawn using a thin cord. Amy said I am crafty, because I made decorations in the clay.
I’ve been called out for cheating, by Amy, because I had used a thin cord to draw patterns on the clay.

「It’s cheating because only Hibiki knows about it!」

I don’t know how many times Amy said that I was cheating. Everytime, she says it, her expression is cute. I also want to tell her that she’s cheating.

「Well, my best regards, Amy」


With vigor, the item creation skill was used to renew the plates. The clay materials was splendidly turned into white porcelain.

「You did it, Amy!!」

「Am I really the one who made this?」

Amy carefully touches the curve of the plate. She confirmed the feeling with her tip of finger, and then slowly lifted the plate with both hands.
The plate that she holding is the one create. She flips the plate around and examines the drawn picture.

「Thank you, Master. I can’t believe that I am able to make a beautiful plate such as this.」

Amy felt so excited, that she reverted to calling me Master.

「No problem, it’s all good. Oh yeah, do you want to appraise this plate at the Alchemist Guild?」

The Alchemist Guild has always encouraged people to create new things. Therefore, there is a section made in order to appraise the new items created by the alchemists. That section can estimate the value of the new things they created.

If the value were to be appraised by the Alchemist Guild, then it’s price would be considerably trusted by other Guilds and merchants.

「Is that okay? We still need to submit a sample in order to register the product.」

「Why not? Even if someone notices the 『White Clay』, they won’t be able to reproduce it」

To appraise a new product within the Alchemist’s Guild, we need to submit a sample first. So there is a possibility where, that sample would be reconstructed.

In this world, a patent does not exist. So, it’s only natural for a product to be copied.

However, a new product can monopolize the sales up until the copies are released. After all, the products registered in the Guild are endless.
Crest’s 【Jade Fabric】 is a perfect example of successful monopolization of the sales. After it was appraised and set at a high value by the Alchemist’s Guild.

「Certainly, it’s impossible, because the clay will often get so slimy.」

「At first glance, this might seem to be more like a mineral.」

A while later, Thill came to the workshop while we were talking about the Guild’s appraisal.

「Oh, you guys came, huh.」

「Good morning, Thill.」

「Good morning.」

Me and Amy replied with a greetings, and yet, he only returned a ‘Yeah’.

「What’s with that plate, it has an interesting color.」

Thill noticed the plate on the worktable.

「Yeah, it’s the new plate that Amy created.」

「Hee, the young lady seems to be an Alchemist with a great skill.」

「S-such a praise..」

「No need to be modest. I never saw this kind of plate, it’s kind of amazing」

「We’re planning to submit it for appraisal at the Alchemist’s Guild.」

「Yeah, doesn’t it seem like it’ll get a great value?」

「Do you think so?」

「It’s very beautiful, the Nobles seem like they’ll love it.」

We got Thill’s approval, even if it doesn’t seem anything reliable.
In the end, we spent the whole morning creating plates.
To thank her for lending us the workroom, I gave several plates to Toto. Toto looked quite troubled while accepting them.

「These plates seem very valuable, it’s kind of scary to use them…」

I explained to her that she doesn’t need to worry about it, and then we exited the shop.

After we went out of Thill’s place, we had lunch before heading to the Alchemist’s Guild.
We ate our meal slowly since the restaurant was still empty due to it being still early noon.
The Alchemist’s Guild is like a shop when compared with the Adventurer’s Guild.

In one corner of the Guild, they were selling items for each and every Job Class. Things for the members of, the Magician’s Guild and the Monster Tamer’s guild, could also be seen.
However, the main focal point of the Alchemist’s Guild is selling materials, so it also has a cash register function like the other Guilds.

「Is there anything you want?」

「Let’s see, I want some magic medicine materials.」

「Is that so, but let’s just keep the amount reasonable. We’re only here today to view things out; next time, let’s have everyone come along with us.」

Because Ruby isn’t here, I’ll have to carry everything. For those who don’t have an adventurer’s bag, they seriously need to carry everything on their own.


Amy and I are facing the shelf, which contained all the materials.
Although there was an Alchemist in front of the shelf, we didn’t worry about anything and just talked about what kind of materials we’re going to buy.

「The sap of an Auraune can make a potion that recovers Maryoku.」
「Is that so? Then, it’ll be really necessary since I’ll be using more attack magic in the future.」

「Yes, but compared to the stamina recovery potion and the healing potion, the materials are quite expensive.」

「The materials are expensive? Is the magic recovery potion even more expensive?」

「It’s ve~ry expensive, since magicians can use it as their last resort.」

While we were talking to each other, the alchemist from earlier was watching us.
No, not us. He is looking at Amy.

「Do you need something?」

I reacted to the man by asking him, as I stared at him.

「You, you are Amy, right? Why you are in here?」

The man started talking to Amy, completely disregarding me.
Amy was surprised when she saw the man’s face, it seems that he is her acquantance.

「Fred, why are you on this town?」

「I, came here to deliver some items to the Guild in this town. I was forced to stay here because I couldn’t find an adventurer to escort me back. Therefore, I regretted undertaking this job. Why am I, the son of Bull, doing this kind of peasant’s work?」

Fred seems to be a noble. It might be because of the rescue party that was sent to Bureto, that he wasn’t able to find any escorts.

「Speaking of which, why are you here? You were deep in-debt, and should have been sent to an excavation site.」

The man, or rather, Fred, seemed to have become annoyed just remembering the situation at Buero, hysterically laughed at us.

「Yes, but Master bought me.」

When she said that, Fred finally took a look at me. And then, started grinning because he noticed the slave’s mark at the back of Amy’s hand.

「Hee, you’re pretty lucky to have a person buying someone like you.」

「Yeah, I can’t express how grateful I am.」

Amy seems like she didn’t notice the unpleasant laugh from Fred. Amy, who is vulnerable toward malicious individuals, started to explain in-details about her situation after becoming a slave. (Light: It means that she thinks all people are good–the best prey for scammers)

By chance, I noticed malice from this man who didn’t seem to like Amy’s current situation. There is a possibility that this man took part in Amy’s incident, and based on his attitude, the chance is relatively high. (Light: Bad guy wants our cute Amy to suffer .__.)

「Surely, he has to be blind, because no decent human being would buy someone like you.」

「Let’s leave it at here, shall we.」

I intrude into their conversation. Amy seemed like she wanted to say something, but I stopped her for talking, so it became quiet.

「W-who are you!? I am talking with Amy right n-now. D-don’t disturb us!」

Fred snapped at me.

「You’ve been making fun of my belongings, so there’s no way I’ll keep my silence. Amy is an excellent Alchemist, so she probably became an eyesore for people like you.」

「W-what?! There’s no evidence for that! There should be no evidence that I was even involved!」

The bait got eaten. What an interesting catch.

「Huh? What are you even talking about? Evidence? I was just saying that Amy is an excellent Alchemist.」


The man turned silent when he realized his mistake, and then left in a hurry.

「Good grief, are all the children of nobles stupid by default?」

「Master, I’m sorry.」

「Why does Amy have to apologize?」

「Master was bad-mouthed because of me.」

Ah, it seems about what that fellow said earlier.

「Don’t worry, Amy really is excellent, I’ve already seen it with my own two eyes.」


「Ah~ Then, let’s prove Amy’s excellency.」

I took Amy’s hand as we went to the Acceptance section of the Guild.

「Sorry to intrude, But I want to ask for an appraisal.」

「Yes, please show the item that needs to be appraised」

The plate was uncovered from within several coiled clothes from the leather pouch.

「Wait a moment, please be careful since it’s fragile.」

「Err, what is this?」

「It’s a plate.」

「Yes, I can see that. What I’m wondering about, what is it made of?」

「That’s a secret.」

「U-understood. Do you mind waiting for a little bit?」

「Sure, we don’t mind」

The plate was intrusted to the acceptance staff and we were then told to wait in the waiting room. After 10 minutes have passed, a 40-years old uncle suddenly came into the waiting room in a panic.

「Who were the ones who sent a plate to be appraised?」

Because there are other people who are waiting for their appraisal result, the staff might not know who was an item’s creator.

「It’s us.」

I raised a hand while answered the old man.

「I see, then please come with me for a moment.」

We were guided to the reception room inside the guild, the old man seems to be the head of this Guild’s branch. His name is Frank; it seems like his interest was piqued by the plate, which we brought to the Alchemist who at active duty. (Light: Was debating whether to stick to the raw with ‘Active duty’ or ‘working at the moment.’ I could have gone with a mix between the two, but decided to stick to the raw.)

「How were you able to obtain this mysterious plate?」

「It’s made by an Alchemist. Although, the way of creating it is a secret.」

「I want to meet that person!」

「She’s in front of you.」

And then I pointed at Amy. The old man directed a blank stare at me.

「Did this girl create it?」


「That’s wonderful!! The young alchemists who are overflowing with a talent are always welcomed!!」

Frank took Amy’s hand and shook it up and down. I pulled Frank’s hand away. Any more body contact isn’t allowed.

「Oops, sorry for my impoliteness. It’s not appropriate for someone of my age to get this excited. Young lady, are you alright?」

「Ye-yes, I’m fine.」

「Glad to hear that. By the way, how many more plates can you create?」

There’s no need to honestly talk about everything. When you apply the rarity of the product, it’s price will skyrocket.

「Let’s see. Honestly, we still need to collect the materials… How many do you need?」

「Hmm… In my opinion, nobles will immediately flock to buy this plate. There’s also an acquaintance of mine who collects such tablewares as well.」

As for the concrete number, it’ll be 20 plates as one set, the whole order is five sets. We will be delivering one set within a week as a sample to the customers. The 4 remaining sets will have to be delivered within one month.

And then, Frank asked for 20 sets to be prepared, because they would be sold almost immediately.

「As for the price, how does 10 gold coins sound for a single set?」

Although I was quite surprised at the price, but if you think about the rarity of utensil value, then it might make sense since this might be the first white porcelain in this world.

Although it’s some messed up calculations, but Ayla’s price was two gold coins, while Amy’s was 11 gold coins. It might be so expensive because of the demand by aristocrats and rich collectors.

「Alright, we agree with that price.」

「Okay. Oh, and please, you can request anything without any reservation. Although it won’t be free, but I’ll be able to help out a little.」

「Ahh, that’ll save me.」

Oh boy, even though he had the intentions to specify the necessary materials in order to figure out how it’s made and monopolize its commodity. But still, it’s a fact that he’ll be helpful. Still, it’s not like there’s a big demand on the materials needed to create the plates, so I’m quite relieved.

「By the way, what do we call this plate?」

「We called it White Porcelain.」

「Oh, I see, then allow me to call it that as well.」

The unexpected business was thus came to a conclusion. Even though the date with Amy was interrupted, I expressed my gratitude and apology to Amy.

「Not at all, not at all. I am very happy.」

Amy seems very happy that the white porcelain was evaluated as a “work of art”.

「Is that so? then it’s good」

The business conversation took a lot of time, so our vicinity has already darkened.

On the way back to the Silvercup alongside Amy, I remembered the present. I went to embrace Amy from behind, and passed her a small box, that which contains a Magic Gem.

「You’re also giving me one…?」 (Light: giving the same gifts to two different girls…)

Amy seems to have noticed that Ayla already received a Magic Gem from me. Even though I told Ayla to keep it a secret that I was also going to give one to Amy.

「When she returned, she kept on looking at a box while grinning unpleasantly. Even if I didn’t want to, I’ve been forced to notice it.」 (Light: I guess Amy was jealous~ purin purin~ Jelly jelly~)

Amy laughingly answered me. I cleared up my throat and said thanks to Amy for today.

「Amy, thank you for everything. Without the items created by Amy, then it’ll be tough to live on day by day.」

「No, I am only able to come this far thanks to Hibiki.」

That, would be Amy’s trust toward me.

「Even if that’s true, I’m really glad that Amy is with me. As a Master, I might not be reliable, but please accept my best regards toward the future!」

「…Yes, if you are fine with someone like me, then I’ll gladly follow you anywhere.」

Amy firmly grasps my hand. In return, I also hug her back tightly.

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